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Expert media commentary by faculty Follow us at for the latest. Terrorism and National Security

Crime, Incarceration, and Drugs

MARK KLEIMAN plays the odds on profiling travelers: “Counterterrorism is a

MARK KLEIMAN featured in Natl Geographic’s “Taboo: Narcotics.”

fault-intolerant environment.” AMY ZEGART analyzes system failures regarding recent terror plots:

“In some ways, this case is worse than 9/11.”

—examines Christmas Day intelligence & asks “How can you conclude that it’s anything but a failure?” —“It could only have been more obvious if the guy had worn a T-shirt saying ‘I’m a terrorist’.” —Assessing the value of FBI counterterrorism threat squads. Amy Zegart: “Just chasing leads burns through resources.” —TIME places the spotlight on Obama’s national security team with the input of intelligence expert Amy Zegart: —breaks down the National Counterterrorism Center and intelligence

failures in recent weeks:

Social Equality A new study by PAUL ONG reveals that Asian Americans win the fewest minority government-contracting programs: ABEL VALENZUELA Jr. talks about how the proportion of U.S. born daylaborers has at least doubled since 2006: UCLA Public Affairs Dean FRANK GILLIAM talks about “group pride” regarding the lack of confidence in race relations: —NY Times discusses Judge Steven Alm’s Project HOPE and Mark Kleiman’s idea of less crime and punishment. JORJA LEAP discusses “disorganized crime” and the new trend of gangs collaborating for money in Los Angeles: —”When there’s unemployment & poverty & lack of external support, there’s gangs” (in AP, Somali Gangs in MN): LAURA ABRAMS discusses challenges for youth reentering society after incarceration (radio interview):

Public Health ARLEEN LEIBOWITZ looks at the potential impact of guideline changes by the Centers for Disease Control: A lifetime ‘Push hard, keep going forward’ now impacting aging for polio survivors, FERNANDO TORRES-GIL in the NYTimes: CHRIS TILLY on healthcare: “This is where jobs of the future lie.” http:// MARK PETERSON on Senate health care changes: “Everybody wants to bring down costs, but they don’t want to cut anything.” FRANK GILLIAM explains the furor over health care reform: ”The American myth is that any of us can be among the wealthy.”

Politics and the Economy DANIEL J.B. MITCHELL analyzes the relationship between California and Washington in case for financial assistance: CHRIS TILLY: “The Internet has made it a lot easier to relocate and disperse labor by location...” read more: Meg Whitman as the GOP candidate for CA Gov seat: Dean FRANK GILLIAM weighs in on her chances: FRANK GILLIAM on the AEG billboard dustup in city hall: “It’s bare-knuckle backroom politics...” DANIEL J.B. MITCHELL reflects on Schwarzenegger’s exit strategy and privatizing prisons in California:

Planning and Sustainability ALBERT CARNESALE leads nationwide project outlined by the National Academies and Congress on America’s Climate Choices: DONALD SHOUP lectures on “Performance Parking” and employer Parking Cash-Out(s)” at the University of Buffalo: BRIAN TAYLOR in LATimes: Biggest obstacle to world-class transit is creating incentives to get Americans out of cars: MATT KAHN on the cash for clunkers tradeoff: U.S. households and carmakers benefit, but the developing world is worse off.

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