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School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences School Report Response – Semester 1 (March 2014) We note that comments from students show a broad spread from negative to positive feedback. While encouraging students to make the positive feedback more substantial via the SU awards, we note that in some cases the student’s perception is not consistent with what happened in practise. As ever we strongly encourage students to raise any concerns early on with module tutors, course leaders, or via the SSLC, making use of Course Reps or the Student Liaison Officer as appropriate. This allows us to resolve issues in a timely manner to the benefit of students.

Response to recommendations: 1. Our approach to supporting student success and achievement, for example monitoring engagement with the course, allows us to target additional support at individuals or groups as required. We have recognised that induction for part-time and direct entry students has to better serve their needs, and are already undertaking some changes. For example we are improving our engagement with students at Partner Colleges prior to their progression to UCLan.

2. Some assessment schedules were provided later than planned this year, as we worked to minimise changes after publication. The School has agreed all programmes will publish an assessment schedule at the start of the year, or Semester as appropriate, and this will be reviewed ahead of the next academic year. We will continue to work with module tutors and course leaders to improve our approach in this area. This is also an aspect of a Student Voice research project the School initiated in collaboration with the SU.

3. The need to monitor changes in assessment schedules will be reviewed in light of progress with Item 2. We restrict changes to those intended to benefit students, in light of changing circumstances. It is important to note that number of changes is not in itself a key measure of the effectiveness of an assessment schedule. No systematic issues have been flagged up with changes, suggesting that these are appropriately dealt with by the course teams. Again students are encouraged to raise issues in a timely manner so that we can resolve them.

Computing, engineering and physical sciences semester 1 response (final)  
Computing, engineering and physical sciences semester 1 response (final)