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0 It's five months before the next issue of Chalkdust Magazine is due to be released and you are the magazine's new lead editor. If you want to begin by looking for articles to publish, go to 13. If you’d rather start by visiting the Chalkdust website, go to 25. 1 Two weeks later than you'd originally planned, the magazine is finally ready for printing, but the printers cannot get it ready in time. You will have to throw a launch party for an imaginary magazine. Game over.

6 A week later, you get together with the rest of the Chalkdust team and discuss the articles. You pick six that you think are among the best and would combine to make a wellrounded magazine. You assign two people to each article to work through them and check that the content of their article is correct and clearly explained. Around a week later, you receive second drafts back from the authors. If you want to print the magazine, go to 27. If you want to read through the articles again, go to 21.

3 You share the articles among the team and start uploading them to chalkdustmagazine. com, so that people all over the world can read them. By the time you've done this, the printers have emailed you to say that the magazines are arriving today. Go to 31.

7 What do you want to do next? If you want to write a crossnumber, go to 19. If you want to write some terrible jokes, go to 30. If you want to pour tea on your laptop, go to 28.

2 You tweet a request for articles from @chalkdustmag. A few people reply to say they'd like to write something and will have drafts with you in around 2 months' time. Go to 14.

4 You get in contact with some people you follow on Twitter who tweet excellent puzzles (including @Cshearer41 and @puzzlecritic), and you email the presenters of the Odds and Evenings podcast to see if they've got any puzzles they'd like to print.

Together with a few puzzles you've written yourself, you end up with a small pile of top quality puzzles to fill gaps in the magazine. Go to 7.


5 You decide to write an entertaining article for the De Morgan Newsletter to encourage alumni to write for Chalkdust. Hopefully, they'll read it and send you an email (contact@ chalkdustmagazine.com) telling you they'd like to write something. Go to 14.

8 The article deadline has arrived, and a medium-sized pile of articles have been submitted. If you want to read all the articles and pick your favourites, go to 29. If you want to get your team to read the articles and help you pick the best, go to 6. 9 It rains and the magazines are turned into a soggy mess. Game over.

10 It's now three days until the magazine launches. If you want to bake cakes for the launch party, go to 32. If you want to write the quiz for the launch party, go to 17. If you want to tweet about how excited you are, go to 16.

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