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Job/Graduate Program Preparation Asian American Studies Alumni are are involved in diverse fields including but not limited to the following: Advocacy Arts Designers, artists Creative writers, poets Film and Performance Directors, editors, animators, and actors Business Community-Based Organizing Labor Organizing Education (K-12 & higher education) Engineering Journalism • Broadcast • Social Media Law Medicine Doctors and nurses Public Health Community health advocates Public Policy Public Service Urban Planning Social Work Technology Computer programmers Web designers

JOBS/INTERNSHIPS LISTING FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES funding-opportunities The mural shows scenes of Civil Rights struggles from the Battle of Wounded Knee to the 1994 UC Riverside student fight for an Asian American Studies department. “Education Through Struggle” Asian American Studies Center 25th Anniversary Mural by Darryl Mar Darryl Mar received his M.A. in Asian American Studies at UCLA and spearheaded the Anniversary Mural project as a graduate student.

GET INVOLVED Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Undergraduate Association (APIUA) Part of the Asian Pacific Coalition, APIUA serves as the undergraduate association for Asian American Studies majors, minors, and prospective students interested in Asian American Studies at UCLA. APIUA represents Asian American Studies students to the Asian American Studies Department and provides majors and minors with resources to aid them in their studies. APUIA Contact Information

CONTACT US Academic Advisor Kristine Jan Espinoza 310/267-5593

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor Keith Camacho Visit the Department website for the complete listing of AAS Faculty!

Undergraduate Study 3336 Rolfe Hall, Box 957225
 Los Angeles, CA 90095-7225 t: 310/267-5592 | f: 310/267-5590


Asian American Studies @ UCLA The Asian American Studies program performs the following missions: (1)conducts teaching that enables students to learn, think, and practice in a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, (2)equips students with theoretical and p r a c t i c a l k n ow l e d ge , a s we l l a s analytical and communicative skills reflecting the excellence of the faculty, and (3)prepares students either for advanced graduate studies or for life after college as artists, citizens, community workers, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and professionals. As an interdisciplinary field, the Asian American Studies curriculum examines the contemporar y realities, diverse experiences, and histories of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. The topical range of such examination includes community work and development, cultural production (including digital media and creative expression), gender and generational dynamics, immigration and diaspora, political participation, social activism, and transnational encounters.

Major For admission to the major, an overall average GPA of 2.0 or better is required. The major requires a total of 14 classes: 2 lower division and 12 upper division.

Capstone The AAS major is a designated capstone major. Students are required to complete either a community-based applied team research project or an independent scholarly or creative expression project.

PILIPINO STUDIES CONCENTRATION This curricular emphasis with the AAS major allows students to delve into Pilipino [American] studies further. Completed concentration courses may count towards major requirements.

HONORS PROGRAM Through the AAS Honors Program, majors can undertake a year-long thesis or its equivalent with the guidance and supervision of a faculty member. Successful completion of the AAS Honors Program is indicated on the transcript. The Honors Program is open to junior and senior majors who have (1) 90 or more total units, (2) 3.5 or better GPA in upper division AAS courses and an overall cumulative 3.0 GPA or better, and (3) completed 2 lower division AAS courses.

Minor To declare the minor, students must have an overall average GPA of 2.0 or better, have completed 2 lower division AAS courses, and file a petition with the Department. The minor requires a total of 7 courses: 2 lower division and 5 upper division.

Satisfy University & college/ school requirements Asian American Studies courses satisfy the following University General Education, College/School, and Writing requirements (denoted with W):

 Literary & Cultural Analysis 
 ASIA AM 30, 30W

 Historical Analysis
 ASIA AM 10, 10W, 40

 Social Analysis 
 ASIA AM 20, 50


ASIA AM 10, 10W, 20, 30, 40, 50, M124, M129, 133, M143A, M166C, M169, M172A

Master listing: Search/DiversityCoursesMasterList

 ASIA AM 10W & 30W

Hawai’i Travel Study Program Through the summer Travel Study Program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus, undergraduates may fulfill up to 3 upper division courses towards the major and m i n o r. P r o g r a m p a r t i c i p a n t s t a k e multidisciplinary survey courses on Hawaiian history, culture, and community issues. Students practice local values of community and collaboration. Moreover, participants explore the island of O‘ahu through a political tour encompassing many cultural and historic Hawaiian sites.

UCLA AASD Undergraduate Brochure (2017)  
UCLA AASD Undergraduate Brochure (2017)