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Drinking almost destroyed my family


oday Ashley and Rochelle are happily married, but it wasn’t always this way. Like many young men, Ashley drank a lot! He drank too much! And this resulted in many problems with his family. Here they talk about how they managed to overcome a problem that almost separated them.

“Because of his drinking Ashley hurt me both physically and emotionally. We used to break up and make up a lot; but there came a time when I just decided that enough is enough.

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can be choosers!


From the chandelier in the landing, to the fleet of cars in the parking lot, to the pool in the back yard, Sann Rodriguez’s home could easily be mistaken for the home of a celebrity. Looking at the multiple business tycoon, it’s hard to believe that the former drug addict was once living on the streets. They say that, ‘beggars can’t be choosers.’ Sann says they can! Read his account of how he managed to transform his life...

I would tear the pages of the Bible to roll a joint. Life was all about getting my next drug.

Universal News: So Sann, what do you own today? I have my dream home, which has an estimated value of 2,000,000 USD. I own cars that I never dreamed I’d have, from Lamborghini’s and Mercedes’, to Ferrari’s. I have five companies in the US, five companies in Brazil and employees in over 100 countries. I make 25,000 USD per day and 9,000,000 USD per annum; but this is only the beginning.

Universal News: Was it always this way? Not at all! Some years back I was a drug addict, living on the streets begging just so that I could feed my addiction. Cocaine and marijuana were my daily bread. I would tear out pages of the Bible to roll a joint and wouldn’t feel bad about it. Life was all about getting my next drug. I wasn’t happy though; I tried to stop. I was

constantly moving from one rehab clinic to another, but I just couldn’t break the habit. I had no wife, no family. I saw myself as a lost case.

Universal News: How did it all change? I came across a branch of the Universa Church and felt compelled to go inside. spoke to a pastor and told him that


l I I

needed help. I told him everything about my life. He asked me if I was serious about changing my life and that if I was, then God was more than ready to help me. I started making a Chain of Prayer – first to tackle my addiction and inner issues – such as depression and self-hate. Through the weekly meetings I understood that I needed to commit myself to God – this is the base of everything for me. From there, I was able to re-build my life. The thing that helped me to reach my achievements was to believe in the ‘prophecy’ – God’s promise that I could be at the top – I took that promise and began to act on it. I put into practice everything that I learned and then I trusted God with my life.

Universal News: Financially, we can see

that you’re doing more than well, but what about the other areas of your life? God stayed true to His end of the deal. I have a beautiful family – I am happily married and we have two beautiful children. I am healthy and free from all addictions. We sacrifice so much in life to get what we want but we underestimate the power of trusting in God and fighting for what we want – this is the not-so-secret to my success! Anyone, even a drug addicted beggar like I was, can turn their life around if they are ready to fight for it – in God’s way!

You too can start the transformation in your life. Sam Njuoma Stadium Sunday 23rd February 2014 at 10am


eople are often left defeated because of what they see. Coming face to face with obstacles, difficulties, problems or struggles, it’s enough to forget what has been promised. This is when a person becomes dependent on seeing something happen before believing... but the problem with this is that God doesn’t work like that. He tells us to first believe and then we shall see. It’s in this faith that you are invited to the All Answers Event on February 23rd. What is the answer that you would like to see taking place in your life? Take a few moments now to think about what you would change in your life, if you could – well you can! This event is for us to fight for answers from God. Answers to problems that just won’t go away. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a certain situation in your own life, or with your family. Maybe you even think that there is no hope for you any more. If you feel this way, then this event is for you. Come and put God’s Word to the test. Come and demand that all those promises in the Bible are for you! Throughout this paper you will read about people who faced different situations, but all decided to put their faith to the test and fight for a change. Come and learn how you can do the same to totally transform your life.



This one is for you 4

Yes, I will be at Sam Nujoma Stadium for the All Answers Event. This is the main problem I am currently facing:

Write down the area of your life that needs an answer and bring this slip with you to the Sam Njuoma Stadium on Sunday 23rd February at 10am.

This one is for a friend 4

Yes, I will be at Sam Nujoma Stadiu for the All Answers Event. This is th main problem I am currently facing

Write down the area of your life that needs an answer and bring this slip with to the Sam Njuoma Stadium on Sunday 23rd February at 10am.


suffered with heavy bleeding for four years. I went to the hospital but was told that t cure for my problem. Loosing so much blood affected me badly, because it drained all m and made me weak. I couldn’t sleep or eat properly. Walking and even standing for a was also a struggle.

um he g:

An x-ray showed that my kidney, liver and bladder all had problems. I was still told that there wa the Universal Church I told God that I needed an answer – there was nobody else who could he

I really believed that God could heal me and went to the hospital and asked the doctor to do a for me. I was so happy and thankful to God, with the second x-ray results. They showed that all my organs were healthy – that I had no health problem at all. This was my miracle. Since then, I have not had any problems. - Manuela Kossengue



n 2005 my family was involved in a terrible accident. Three children broke their thighbone. Two of them got better but the third one was still injured. He went through many different operations, but nothing helped. Then he was diagnosed with cancer.

I refused to accept that such a young child would live with (and eventually die from) cancer. I came to the Universal Church to get an answer to this terrible problem because the child’s leg was supposed to be amputated. I prayed that God would honor my faith with an immediate answer... The following Monday when he was scheduled for the amputation, the doctor was amazed at what he saw. There was no need for the amputation because my child was totally healed. I got my answer and thank God for the healing! - Cornelia Coetzee

I goT my anSweR! (and we are happily married) From front page I couldn’t live like this anymore. Ashley’s drinking was so bad that he even took our baby’s milk money out of the cupboard to spend on alcohol. When I confronted him, he just said that he didn’t care. This really made me tired because in my mind, he already didn’t think much of me and now he was showing that he didn’t think much of our baby too!” Rochelle decided that the only solution was for her to pack up and leave Ashley. She was done with him. “Rochelle left the house for three months and that is when I realized that I had to do something to change my life. I even thought about killing myself because without Rochelle, I felt that my world had ended. I decided to ask God to change my life. It wasn’t easy, but I really wanted to change, because I knew that inside of me, I was a better person. I made Chains of Prayer and prayed for God to give me my answer.” The more Ashley fought against his addiction, the more the desire to drink left him. As he prayed, Rochelle also couldn’t get rid of the love she had for Ashley. When they met up one day to talk, she saw Ashley was a different person. They eventually got back together and made it official by getting married. God has restored their family and they are very happy. – Ashley & Rochelle Daniels

A Chain of Prayer is when you attend a prayer meeting for a certain number of weeks without interruption in order to see a breakthrough in your life. Whether it is healing, a financial breakthrough or spiritual deliverance that you need, a Chain of Prayer helps you develop the faith and determination to overcome. Before starting a Chain you will need to decide what you want to fight for, and then decide the day, or days, that you will make your chain. A requirement to making a Chain of Prayer is that you attend a Sunday service every week. The success of a Chain of Prayer depends on your perseverance. If you’re not determined, it won’t work. When you begin a Chain, you are picking a fight with the root of your problems, and negative forces can try to stop you from completing the Chain, but no matter what happens, DO NOT BREAK IT! Be serious about this. It would better not to start a Chain than to start and not finish.

Daily sessions at 7am, 10am, 3pm & 6pm SUNDAY Empowerment

Main weekly meeting. Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, seek God’s intervention.



Financial Success

Prayer and faithbuilding meeting to offer support around financial issues such as:

afternoon of Power (2pm) • debts, Strong prayers for situations • slow business when only a miracle will do.

Healing Day

WEDNESDAY Personal Growth

Invest in your spirit. See this as a way to promote physical wellDevelop an intimate being as a complement relationship with to your doctor’s advice. God. Receive healing prayers Feed your faith. for health related issues.

• court cases

Special meeting with Bishop macedo (4pm) • unemployment Learn about how to protect your faith and salvation and • money wasting also how to stand out whilst • poverty here on earth. Unmissable!

(The Universal Church does not claim to heal people, but believes that God can through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions)

• failure



Family & Marriage


Receive guid ance and prayerful support to resolve various family issues. Therapy of Love (6pm) Meeting for those who are married, single, divorced, dating, engaged or widowed. Let us help you to be happy in love - God’s way.

All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Receive strong prayers with the laying on of hands and determine spiritual protection and deliverance from curses, negativity, bad luck and nightmares.

SUNDAY Impossible Cases

Impossible Cases (12pm) Receive the inner strength to help you beat those difficult cases. Prayerful support and practical advice based on biblical principals.

Our doors are always open Don’t be a stranger. Visit one of our branches and see how you can benefit from the help offered at the Universal Church. WINDHOEK BABLYON Mxawilili Centre (Saturdays at 11am only) GREENWELL Danela Street, ERF 1662, Goreangab (Next to the Community Hall)

Karueb Street, Epako (Next to the compound) GROOTFONTEIN ERF 1283 Sam Nujoma Drive (Next to Makalani Primary School Hostel)

LUDERITZ OSHAKATI Universal Church, Main 7129 Oshakati/ Street, Nautilus Ongwediva Main Road in Okandjengedi MARIENTAL Universal Church, ERF 949 Aimabplaagte OSHIKANGO OKAHANDJA Main Road, ERF 471, Nau-Alb, Omwoahgo Store Theobalt Rukero Street (Mondays,

GOBABIS Universal Church, 38

RUNDU Universal Church, Former Barros Supermarket

SWAKOPMUND Independence Street, Mondesa

OKURYANGAVA Universal Church, Stop n Shop, ERF 169


REHOBOTH Universal Church, 55 Churches Street

RUNDU Universal Church, Sauyemwa (Next to the Open Market)

KATUTURA Augekihas Primary School, Dolam

OTJOMUISE Otjomuise Project School (Tuesdays at 6pm only)

West Street, ERF 1180, Town

Headquarters: 32 Independence Avenue, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek

KEETMANSHOOP Hendrick Nell Street (Opposite Social Security Building)

ONDANGWA Next to Oluno Community Hall, behind Oluno Primary School

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only) OTJIWARONGO Universal Church,

TSUMEB Tsumeb Halali Street (In front of Nomtsoub Primary School) WALVIS BAY Universal Church (Opposite Kuisebmund Stadium)

For more info call 061 255 888 •

A powerful day to change your life


23 February Info

Starts at 10am

T: 061 255 888 • SMS: 081 141 3322 E: • W:

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