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Kappa Alpha Theta and Pi Kappa ALpha performing at Songfest 2009



Theta Takes the Stage “Here on Avenue Q” SONGFEST 2009

After months of hard work, planning, and rehearsals, our very own ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta, along with the gentleman of Pi Kappa Alpha, made our debut performance at UCI’s “Greek Songfest” on April 24, 2009. “Greek Songfest”, a 30-year campus tradition, is a Broadway-style revue held at the Bren Events Center. Each sorority is paired up with a fraternity and with a cast of 16 (8 girls and 8 boys) works to put on a 12-minute rendition of a chosen musical. The most unique part about the performance is that it is entirely student run: everything from musical selection and choreogra-

Fall Issue, UC Irvine


phy to scripts, costumes, and set are all planned and arranged by the directors from each chapter, with help from various cast members. This year, we chose to perform the TonyAward winning show “Avenue Q,” an adultversion of the children’s series Sesame Street. A mix of puppets and “real” people, the 20 and 30-something residents of Avenue Q, a dingy street in New York’s Alphabet City, struggle together as they learn about love and the purpose of life. With songs like “What Do You Do With A B.A. In English,” “It Sucks To Be Me,” and “I Wish I Could Go Back To College,” this show garners more than few laughs from the audience. Theta’s cast included Kristin Dualan, Katie Franz, Kelli Kaku (Choreographer), Lila Kooklan, Lauren Lee, Tricia Lee, Justine Rosenberg, and Sasha Sanjar. Those girls who

were new to Songfest this year quickly learned what a big time commitment being a cast member truly is. Starting in January, the cast rehearses twice a week, later increasing it to three or four rehearsals in the spring quarter. The cast literally eats, sleeps, and dreams about Songfest, especially in the week leading up to event. Despite the stress, Songfest is an amazing bonding experience and the love and support we receive from our fellow sisters makes it all worth it in the end. As a chapter, Kappa Alpha Theta has established itself as a top contender within the realm of Greek Songfest. In 2005 we won Best Overall Performance for “A Chorus Line” with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In 2007, our performance of “Hairspray” received the Third Place Best Overall Performance with... (AVENUE Q - continued on page 3)

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifetime opportunity for social, intellectual, and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of a mature life.

Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women.

Epsilon Sigma on the field after the Dodger’s game

In this issue: 1 From the President 2 Epsilon Sigma Takes it Out 2 Save the Last Dance 2-3 Winter Quarter Theta Scholars 3 Goodbye Seniors 4 Theta Takes the Stage

From the President: Dear sisters, family, and alumnae, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much to everyone who has made my presidency what it is today. In a time of utmost need of friends, I had more than 100 sisters offer me support throughout the year. Epsilon Sigma has worked very hard improving our academic standing as well as offering our community some assistance. Our chapter is in the top three sororities on campus for our grades. We volunteered our time at such events as the soup kitchen, and most recently we offered company to mother’s in a senior-living home right in Irvine on Mother’s day. On an individual level, I am so proud of each and every one of the girls and all their accomplishments that extend outside of participating in Theta. Not only are our girls involved with positions in our own chapter, but they also hold positions in many clubs and groups on campus as well as hold jobs or internships in the Irvine area. I want to wish you all a very happy and safe summer! I hope it is relaxing and brings you back refreshed in the fall! Theta love, Kristin Dualan 3rd Year Economics Major Accounting Minor

Epsilon Sigma Takes it Out to the Ballgame SISTERHOOD EVENT AT DODGER’S STADIUM On April 16th , the ladies of Epsilon Sigma were invited to Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles to watch the Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants. Justine Rosenberg, one of the newest additions to the Theta family, graciously opened the doors of her (as she likes to call it) “second home” to her sisters. Justine’s father works as one of the Vice Presidents for the Dodgers and was generous enough to invite the entire Epsilon Sigma chapter to field level seats at the stadium. There were even charter buses for the chapter so that everyone could go together.

Katie Franz and Danielle Thompson forming a kite around Justine Rosenberg at Dodger’s Stadium

While the anticipation of getting to the game was exciting, getting a chance to laugh, play games and watch a movie along the way was just as fun. Upon arriving at the stadium, Theta was given the royal treatment, accompanied even by personal bodyguards! Everyone had such a great time cheering on the Dodgers – with the exception of a few of our Nor Cal girls who were rooting hard for the Giants – and getting the chance to bond with each other. There was plenty of eating that went on, (as is pretty typical during any Epsilon Sigma function!) with everyone’s favorite: those famous “Dodger dogs.” Much to the majority’s approval, the Dodgers won 7 to 2 against the Giants and afterward, Justine’s Dad was kind enough to let all of the Theta girls rush to the field. As you can imagine, there were a lot of photos taken. At the end of the night, everyone was exhausted but in agreement that it was one of the most memorable events of the year.

Alison Skilbred 4th Year Psychology Major

Save the Last Dance for the Seniors TWIN STARS, WINTER 2009

White lights illuminate the cobblestone patio outside where a cluster of people converse and escape the noisy ballroom. Inside, girls’ dresses brighten the room with jeweltoned tube dresses and glittery gowns as the disco lights reflect off the movements from the

Avenue Q Kristin Dualan and Katie Franz performing in Songfest

Continued from page 1 ...Kappa Sigma. And in 2008, Theta swept several awards including Best Vocals, Best Costumes, and 1st Place Best Overall Performance for “Spring Awakening” with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Although this year Theta walked away with the 4th place performance, the positive response from the crowd was unlike any I have ever experienced throughout my years on cast. Despite being a competition between the pairings, Greek Songfest has an even bigger purpose than bringing awards to those that participate. Ultimately, it is about service to the community. The proceeds from this year’s event went to UC Irvine Medical Center’s Young Adult Cancer Program, aimed at supporting patients between ages 18-39. The Greek community worked in concert with various other organizations on

dance floor. The Thetas are at the luxurious bayside Hyatt in Newport Beach for our annual Twin Stars formal. This is the night that is both bittersweet yet most memorable for seniors. On the night of May 15, seniors were not just ordinary seniors—they were princesses, each adorned with a mini tiara and black and gold sash, keepsakes and a tribute for their time and dedication in Theta. Katie Wi and Emercelle DeLeon, our senior programmers, called out each senior’s name followed by a “Most likely to be…” announcement. Some were funny while others were inside jokes, but there must have been a lot of confused dates because some jokes were things only close friends like our sisters would understand. For example, why would Taly Haghigi, a Persian girl be “most likely to

be speaking Chinese,” and why in the world would Julia Rice be “most likely to steal a penguin from a zoo”…? This was the fourth Twin Stars for me, and to finally experience it on the other side is a feeling that can only be felt through experience. (Wouldn’t you agree, fellow seniors?) As members since freshman year, some of my sisters and I have watched each other grow, aid each others’ hardships, and share some of the greatest college memories of our lives. We have also been able to see Theta transform as older girls graduated and new girls came in each year to add to the dynamic of our chapter. I am so proud to be affiliated with such a fine group of women and am glad to graduate knowing that even after I leave UCI, there will still be a place for me at the Theta house. (And considering that I live in Irvine, expect to see me visit a lot!)

the UCI campus in order to meet an ambitious fundraising goal of $25,000. I am happy to report that this year the event raised an incredible $30,000. Not only was this a record for Greek Songfest, but the fundraiser was also the largest philanthropic effort on the UCI campus. As a three-year Songfest veteran and current Theta senior, my best college memories have in some way been related to Greek Songfest. My heart and soul has gone into the making of every performance. Not only has this experience connected me to the members of other chapters, but it has also let me connect to my sisters. And that is something that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Lila Kooklan 4th Year Political Science Major Songfest Director 2009

Winter Quarter Theta Scholars These scholarly Thetas had the highest GPAs in their respective majors: Lila Kooklan, Political Science Jen Herz, Biological Sciences Patricia Lee, Studio Art Resham Parikh, International Studies Melody Darvish, Social Ecology Steffani Chin, Psychology Kristin Dualan, Economics Catherine Conroy, English

Heather Ayer, Julia Rice, Sarah Mitchell, and Brenna DeGross at Twin Stars

Alexandra Kim 4th Year Literary Journalism Major Education Minor Sociology Minor

Dates to Remember: Welcome Week Insrtuction Begins Panhellenic Recruitment

9/21-9/25 9/24 9/24-9/29

“My Favorite Theta Moment...” Theta Seniors 2009 “Suffocating inside of a tiny blanket with Danielle Walker while waiting to surprise Patty, my lil sis, during revealing!” - Alexandra Kim “Walking up the hill linking arms with Alpha Pi on Bid Day chanting, ‘Theta, Theta.’” - Ali Skilbred “I don't have just one favorite moment in Theta, I have two! They are both my Big/Lil sis revealings! They were both such exciting moments that I will never forget.” - Brenda Velasquez “Getting to know my roomie Sara.” - Brenna DeGross “The day I got my big sis, my little sis, and my grandlil sis :). And being recruitment chair.” Brooke Merlo

remembered from the night before..usually followed by breakfast burritos..those were the days :)” - Katie Morris “Performing in Songfest.” - Kristina Bui “Getting my big sis Ellie!!!, winning Songfest with Sig Ep last year, watching us win the football championship, doing pref night for the first time & prefing my bestie Katie :).” - Lila Kooklan “Bid Day!” - Lindsey Brett Jacobs “Probably Bid Day for me. I was obsessed with Theta and soooo happy =)” - Lynhthy Nguyen “Initiation Alpha Rho.” Magin Razani “But there's so many! Welcome to Miami Theta invite, Alpha Xi retreat, getting ready in Middle Earth with Jen and Sarah, all of Freshman year haha.” - Rachel Barker

“Being New Member Class Mom, and supermodel family dinners.” Danielle Walker “The unplanned nights just laughing and enjoying one another's company..OBEDECE!” Ebinehita Omofoma

“Alpha Pi retreat.” - Reem Karkar

“All of my new member time.” - Erica Woo

“Too many for a favorite, but I'd have to say my entire Sophomore year—my first year in Theta was the best!” - Sarah Ross

“My big sis in general.” Sarah Mitchell

“Hanging out and playing games late at night at a few relays for life.” Gaby Funes

“I have a lot. I feel like most of them involve Lynhthy of some sort. Sick I know. Haha.” Sharon Shang

“Winning in football last quarter!” - Gina Mehanna “Having everyone come to my house in Santa Barbara for my new member retreat! It really bonded us and made us all realize we had joined the right chapter!” - Heather Ayer “Invite '08... my Legit family, and the ridiculous night of going back and forth to Blockbuster.” - Jennifer Hertz “When we won Songfest [in 2008]..and every time we sing the song, ‘It Only Takes A Spark.’” - Jennifer Snyder “The day I got my big sis :).” - Jess Suh “Getting my big sis, Vanessa, my freshman year; and also getting my lil sis, Heather, my sophomore year; and my gran lil sis, Sara; I don't know what I would do without them.” - Julia Rice “My entire second year I remember waking up in the morning and walking over to AV...reconvening in the Theta living room and filling each other in on events that took place the evening before..girls would keep filling in, adding something else they

“Big sis revealing.” - Stephanie Nguyen “Nights where we would be doing nothing at all but hanging out and talking downstairs in the house late at night and just being ourselves with no one to judge :)” - Taly Haghighi “Tricking my lil sis at revealing and totally freaking her out :)” Vicki Le “Alpha Pi retreat and getting my little sis Kell!” - Victoria Choi “Scoring the winning penalty kick and winning the soccer championships for Theta my first year.” - Yvonne Le

Quotes collected by: Emmercelle DeLeon and Katie Wi Senior Programmers

Presenting... Epsilon Sigma’s New Member Class for Fall 2$9 “PERSEVERE, BE INDEPENDENT, AND HAVE FAITH.”

Malia, Sally, Erin, and Danielle are ready to go roller skating in their 80s outfits

Theta Rolls Deep at the Roller Rink PANSY PALS 2009 At the Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, we are constantly striving to develop and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood, which serve as the sturdy foundation for the rest of our ideals. Every fall, when we welcome our New Member class, we hope to embody this sentiment so that they can also learn and grow from the sisterhood we have all had the privilege of sharing. It is for this reason that Pansy Pals, an annual Theta sisterhood event, was implemented and has remained apart of a long-standing tradition. Pansy Pals, named after one of Theta’s symbols, is an event that pairs one active with one New Member. This allows them to get to know each other on a more personal basis, while being in an environment that fosters both team work and bonding. For Pansy Pals 2009, girls brought out the neon-colored

outfits, rocked the side-ponytails and bright makeup, and laced up their roller skates at Holiday Skate Center, in Orange, CA. Disco balls lit up the skating rink, dancing and twirling as some girls attempted to find their balance on the floor, holding onto their Pansy Pals for support. Other girls, who were obviously naturals at roller skating, effortlessly glided around the rink, stopping to take a sister’s hand and guide them whenever they saw someone struggling. “This year’s Pansy Pals was a great experience because we all engaged in an activity where we needed to help each other out. My Pansy Pal and I didn’t know how to roller skate, so by assisting each other and learning together, we created funny memories and became a lot closer,” Vivian Lopez, a 2nd year active, said. After making numerous laps around the rink, the girls took a much needed break to relax and refuel. Sitting by the snack bar, everyone shared tables and spent time getting to know sisters they might not have had an opportunity to before. “I had such an amazing time at Pansy Pals, since it enabled me to become closer to my pledge sisters as well as my Pansy Pal,” said Genesis Espinoza, a New Member of fall 2009. With delicious food, great music and amazing friends, you simply cannot go wrong.. Catherine Conroy 3rd Year Literary Journalism Co-Sisterhood Chair

Behind the Scenes RECRUITMENT FALL 2009

Pansy Pals take over the roller rink

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child and in Theta it takes a handful of dedicated sisters to keep the show running smoothly during recruitment. After countless hot glue gun burns and paper-cuts, we finally finished the 250 glittery, neon, and satin colored name tags. Our faces became wellknown at Michael’s craft store and Home Depot after an incalculable amount of last minute runs for items such as a staple gun, additional napkins, and more khaki colored scrapbook paper. Our alumnae came out in force to serve the parched girls beverages, bring current

chapter members meals and help keep the days running efficiently. While our sisters labored over catchy melodies and welcomed eager girls into our facility during recruitment, we cut, glued, and did our best to put out any fires backstage. We put together centerpieces for tables, arranged roses and candles, printed pictures, created collages featuring our favorite events and many other tasks.

Epsilon Sigma works together to make headpieces for Preference Night

We also had some new elements thrown into the mix. This fall was the first year we decided to take our visitors on tours of our facility. This added a new, slightly hectic dimension, though it was exciting to show it to the girls. We also decided to show a video explaining CASA, our philanthropy, rather than our standard poster board. Yet, we kept our favorite traditions such as singing We Are Theta and our touching and beautiful Preference Night. With all these new changes, as well as keeping our traditions strong, we had plenty to do. Our most important duty didn’t involve any craft supplies, though. It was offering support to our President, Vice President of Membership, Recruitment Chair and all our other sisters who retained their smiles through long days to ensure we would be united with our new sisters. All our hard work behind the scenes and on the main stage couldn’t have paid off more. We have a wonderful unit of new sisters who have already brought happiness and new spirit to our chapter. I am positive they will only add more excitement and positive moral to recruitment next fall. Sara Voors 4th Year Criminology Psychology and Social Behavior Technology Chair

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The Pansy Press Fall 2009  
The Pansy Press Fall 2009  

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