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ABOUT THE The High School Summer Scholar Program is designed to challenge and reward you personally and academically as you prepare to experience college life. ACADEMICS Scholars Course

The Scholars Course is a 2-unit credit University Studies course that will allow you to practice applying critical thinking skills to the process of preparing for the next step in your academic and educational journey: attending college. As part of the course, you will hear from UCI faculty on their academic background and current research through a series of academic presentations known as INSIDE UCI.

Elective Course

As a Summer Scholar, you will be able to enroll in one university course as listed in the Summer Session course schedule. The course experience will give you insight into the rigors of a college academic environment and faculty expectations. Academically, you will be able to: • Choose from over 50 courses in 20 subject areas. • Benefit from academic instruction and support from UCI faculty and staff. • Receive 2 units for the Scholars Course and 2 to 4 units for the elective course.


While the focus of the program is on building your academic skills, you will also participate in Summer Scholar Events, which are events and activities that will introduce you to college life and to the resources and opportunities available in college.

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C ontents

About the Progam Academics: Scholars Course Academics: Elective course Co-Curricular Learning Eligibility How to Apply Fees Important Dates

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PROGRAM p r o gr a m a d va n ta g e s • Strengthen your academic skills and prove to yourself (and to future universities) that you can excel at one of the best universities in the West. • Pursue an academic area that interests you. • Explore the UCI campus and its many resources with the assistance of our Summer Session staff. • Meet current UCI undergraduate students and fellow high school students.

(Above) “We did it!” Students from our 2012 inaugural summer celebrate.

c e rti f ic at e o f c o m p l e ti o n Students who complete the program and meet the requirements for participation will receive a Certificate of Completion. Show colleges and universities that you have what it takes! To receive your UC Irvine High School Summer Scholar Certificate of Completion, you must: • Attend the Program Orientation on Friday, June 21st. • Enroll and successfully complete the Scholars Course. • Enroll and successfully complete your elective course. • Attend 3 of the Summer Scholar Events. • Attend the Closing Event (Date TBD).

In addition to earning UCI credit and an official UCI transcript, successful High School Summer Scholars receive a personalized Certificate of Completion.

ACADE scholars The required Scholars Course, new for Summer 2013, is conceived of as an opportunity to explore the most recent research on higher education and college success with other highly-motivated high school students. While in your elective course you will be in class with university students, this required course is also your opportunity to get to know, both socially and intellectually, the other students in the High School Summer Scholar Program. (Left) Students listen to a presentation in the Limb Regeneration Lab.

Multiple sections of the course will be offered so that the group is small enough for you to get to know everyone in it. The courses will be taught by current Ph.D. students from the School of Education who will share their passion for education with you. In-depth conversations will help you to explore your ideas about university-level education as well as your personal goals. You will receive 2 units of university credit for this course.

High School Summer Scholars enjoy exclusive tours and interact with UCI professors like Dr. Peter Bowler, senior lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

EMICS c o ur s e INSIDE UCI A key part of the Scholars Course will be presentations

known as INSIDE UCI. These presentations by prominent UCI faculty will give you a “front row seat” to the diverse

academic paths and current research of UCI faculty. You will

be able to ask them questions about their academic journeys, how they became interested in research, and why they do

what they do. The presentations will be a part of the overall course discussion and assignments in the class. (Left) High School Scholars are given hands-on tours of UCI labs.

These are some of the INSIDE UCI presentations that were offered last year: The Chemistry of Fireworks

UCI Stem Cell Research Tour

Last Call at the Oasis

San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh Tour

What chemical compounds cause fireworks to explode? What chemical compounds are responsible for the colors of fireworks? Alexander J. Wagner, Ph.D. candidate from the Chemistry Department at the School of Physical Sciences explores the chemistry of fireworks and answers some of these questions. Whether the glass is half full or half empty isn’t the point of the effervescent “Last Call at the Oasis”: It’s whether there’ll be anything in the glass at all. The presentation is a sobering yet upbeat examination of the looming catastrophic global water shortage with a lecture and movie clips conducted by Professor Jay Famiglietti from the School of Physical Sciences.

The tour offers an introduction to the Bill and Sue Gross Stem Cell Research Center. The fields of regenerative medicine and stem cell research have long histories of achievement at UC Irvine. Over 60 UCI scientists use stem cells in their studies, offering hope for future medical cures. Dr. Peter Bowler, senior lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and director of the UCI Arboretum leads a tour of the San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh Reserve and talks about his research on open space conservation and wildlife management.

Limb Regeneration Lab

A tour and presentation of UCI’s regeneration lab and the research conducted by Susan Bryant and David Gardiner, professors of Developmental & Cell Biology. “Salamanders are the only vertebrates that can regenerate lost body parts as adults. The key to this ability is that limb cells are triggered to differentiate and reinitiate growth and pattern formation.” (Above) Professor Bachman answers questions from our Scholars group.

ACADE e l e cti v e c o ur s e Summer Scholars enroll in one regular UCI course taught by UCI instructors and attended by current university students. Students in the Summer Scholar Program will receive regular college credit and have their grades on an official UCI transcript after completing the program. Most UCI courses offer 4 units of credit. The most highly-recommended courses are listed here. Please note the following as well: • Courses with numbers below 100 are generally suitable for Summer Scholar students. • If you are interested in a higher-level course that is listed online, please email Rachel Miller ( prior to submitting your application. • If you intend to use the course you select toward your high school graduation requirements, please check with your high school guidance counselor prior to enrolling to confirm that the elective course you select meets your high school’s graduation requirements. Summer Scholar staff cannot provide any academic advising on your course selection.

Pre-Health / Science

BIO SCI 1A: Life Sciences (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM) BIO SCI 10: The Biology of Human Diseases (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) BIO SCI 35: The Brain and Behavior (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) BIO SCI 36: Drugs and the Brain (Tu / Th 1:00PM – 3:50PM) BIO SCI 37: Brain Dysfunction and Repair (M / W / F 11:00AM – 12:50PM) BIO SCI 38: Mind, Memory, Amnesia, and the Brain (M / W / F 1:00PM – 2:50PM)

Business ECON 13: Global Economy (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM)

English and Writing

ENGLISH 28A: Poetic Imagination (M / W / F 9:00AM – 10:50AM) ENGLISH 28C: Realism and Romance (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) WRITING 30: Beginning Poetry Writing (W / F 1:00PM – 3:50PM)

Visual and Performing Arts

ART STU 1A: Art in Context (M / W 9:30AM – 11:50AM) ART STU 20: Basic Drawing (Tu / Th 1:00PM – 3:50PM) ART STU 30A: Basic Painting (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM) ART STU 40: Basic Sculpture (W / F 9:00AM – 11:50AM) ART STU 71A: Introduction to Photography I (Tu / Th 4:00PM – 6:50PM) DANCE 80: Introduction to Dance (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) DRAMA 15: Performance Now (Tu / Th 1:00PM – 3:50PM) FLM&MDA 85A: Introduction to Film Analysis (Time TBD) MUSIC 14C: Selected Topics in American Music (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) MUSIC 78A: History of Jazz (M / W 8:00AM – 10:50AM)

EMICS (Left) High School Summer Scholars attend a UCI course alongside current university students. Summer Scholars are expected to attend class, participate and complete homework assignments, just like their college counterparts.

Global Studies, Cultures, and History

ANTHRO 2A: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology (Tu / Th 1:00PM – 3:50PM) ANTHRO 2B: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Tu / Th 4:00PM – 6:50PM) ANTHRO 2D: Language and Culture (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM) ANTHRO 30A: Global Issues from an Anthropological Perspective (M/W 4:00PM -6:50PM) ANTHRO 41A: Global Cultures and Society (Tu / Th 6:30PM – 9:20PM) HISTORY 21A: World History Beginning to 1650 (Time TBD) HISTORY 21B: World History 1650 – 1870 (Time TBD) HISTORY 21C: World History since 1870 (Time TBD) HISTORY 40A: The Formation of American Society 1492 – 1790 (Time TBD) INTL ST 11: Global Cultures and Society (Tu / Th 6:30PM – 9:20PM) INTL ST 13: Global Economy (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM) INTL ST 14: Introduction to International Relations (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) LINGUISTICS 68: Language and Culture (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM) POL SCI 41A: Introduction to International Relations (Tu / Th 9:00AM – 11:50AM) SOC SCI 70C: Comparing Cultures (M / W 1:00PM – 3:50PM)

Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy PHIL 1: Introduction to Philosophy (Time TBD) PHIL 5: Contemporary Moral Problems (Time TBD) PHIL 10: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Time TBD) PSYCH 7A: Introduction to Psychology (M / W 8:00AM – 10:50AM) PSYCH 9A: Psychology Fundamentals (M / W / F 1:00PM – 2:50PM) SOCIOL 1: Introduction to Sociology (Time TBD) SOCIOL 3: Introduction to Social Problems (Time TBD) SOCIOL 62: Marriage and Families (Time TBD) WOMEN STU 50A: Gender and Feminism (Tu / Th 1:00PM – 3:50PM)


MATH 2A: Calculus (M / W / F 11:00AM – 12:50PM) MATH 2B: Calculus (M / W / F 9:00AM – 10:50AM) MATH 2D: Multivariable Calculus (M / W / F 9:00AM – 10:50AM) MATH 2J: Infinite Series Linear Algebra (M / W / F 1:00PM – 2:50PM) MATH 3D: Elementary Differential Equations (M / W / F 11:00AM – 12:50PM) MATH 4: Math for Economics (M / W / F 11:00AM – 12:50PM) MATH 6G: Linear Algebra (M / W / F 1:00PM – 2:50PM) MATH 8: Functions and Modeling (M / W / F 3:00PM – 4:50PM) MATH 13: Introduction to Abstract Math (M / W / F 1:00PM – 2:50PM)

Please note that course options, dates, and times may change. For updated Summer Scholar course information, visit

“My professor is amazing. I def initely learned a lot, and she influenced me to consider psychology as my major.”

CO-CURRICULA College learning encompasses more than just the classroom. A very important component of your pre-college experience is what you gain outside the classroom, also known as co-curricular learning. Summer Scholar Events are Collegiate Life workshops and social activities designed to give you a preview of the opportunities and experiences you will encounter as a college student and introduce you to other Summer Scholars. Your Summer Scholar experience will be guided by the wonderful staff in the Summer Session Office as well as by the Summer Scholar mentors. The mentors are UCI undergraduate students and former participants in Summer Session programs that plan social events, serve as a resource, and support you.

Social Events

offered previously

The Amazing Zot Race

Learn more about UCI, its many resources, and history as you venture through checkpoints across campus.

Lunch at Pippin Commons

Join the Summer Scholar mentors for lunch in the dining hall. Get a feel for what it is like to have your meals on campus, and converse with the mentors who will be ready to answer all of your questions about student and academic life at UCI.

Study Hall Cultural Potluck

Summer Scholar mentors will host a potluck! Bring your favorite international dish to share during study hall.

Waterbreak: A Water Balloon Competition

Take a break from studying by participating in a classic water balloon competition in the heart of the UCI campus. Bonus points for teams that bring their professors and teaching assistants.

s umm e r s c h o l a r Summer Scholar mentors are current UCI undergraduate students who are eager and enthusiastic about contributing to your success and development this summer. Each mentor completed formal leadership development training, which refined their leadership skills and reinforced the traits of positive role models.

AR LEARNING s umm e r s c h o l a r e v e n t s Collegiate Life Workshops College Application Workshop with the UCI Office of Admissions

Prepare for the college application process and learn from the experts. UCI Office of Admissions staff will share tips and provide guidance about how to present your best self in your college application portfolio.

Study Skills Workshop

Learn how to study more effectively, read textbooks, manage time, take exams, give oral presentations, avoid plagiarism, and communicate effectively. Topics covered in the workshop will help students become better suited for college coursework.

Required Cohort Events Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Panel Find out how to get involved in undergraduate research and how to get funding for your project! Hear from Said Shokair, director of UROP, as well as current UCI students who have been successful in obtaining research projects through this program.

UCI Observatory “Stars and Galaxies”

An outdoor screening of a popular movie at one of UCI’s bestkept secrets: the UCI Observatory. Gain exclusive access to view the stars and galaxies from UCI’s major telescope, and meet Professor Michael Dennin who will challenge us to consider the difference between science and pseudoscience in the evening’s film.

mentors Brimming with energy, creativity, and knowledge about UCI and college life, the Summer Scholar mentors will support you throughout our program. By participating in study breaks and group activities planned by the mentors, you will engage with other students while achieving your academic, personal, and social goals.

“I had tons of fun on campus and familiarized myself with the college experience.”

E ligibility “I’ve been exposed to so many new ideas along with meeting many amazing new people … I’m so fortunate to have come across this program for it allowed me to not only take early action in my interests but also expose myself to new ideas and new people.”

H ow

Enrollment is competitive, and all students must complete the High School Summer Scholar Program application and: a) Have completed their junior year of high school by summer 2013.

b) Have a minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA in tenth and eleventh grade college prep courses. c) Submit a short essay describing their reasons for wanting to join the program and why they are well-suited to be a UCI High School Summer Scholar. d) Submit one teacher or counselor recommendation. e) Submit a transcript of their high school record.

In addition, all students must have: • The ability to complete university-level coursework. • The motivation required to complete demanding, accelerated course work. • The maturity to conduct him/herself as a responsible university student. • Parental approval if under 18 years of age.



apply ?

You are eligible to apply for the UCI High School Summer Scholar Program if you have completed your junior year of high school by summer 2013 and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in your 10th and 11th grade college prep courses. Strong preference will be given for applications submitted before April 1st, however the application period will remain open until May 31st. To apply, follow these five simple steps: 1. Download, print, and complete the High School Summer Scholar Program application. You may download the application by visiting

2. Include your essay, teacher or counselor recommendation, and a transcript of your high school record. 3. Submit the application materials to UCI Summer Session by May 31st: Mail: In person: Summer Scholars Program UCI Summer Session UCI Summer Session University Extension Building A PO Box 6050 (Building #231 on the campus map) Irvine, CA 92616-6050 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

4. You will be notified by UCI regarding your acceptance within approximately 2 weeks.

5. After receiving an acceptance, you must submit your official intent to participate in the program (instructions will be provided), your tuition payment, and the non-refundable $250 campus fee.

C ontact U s

F ees

We are open year round!

The estimated fee for the 2013 Summer Scholar Program is $2,284.* This includes: Scholars Course (2 units) $678 Elective Course (4 units) $1,356 Campus Fee $250 All Summer Scholar Events are included in the cost of the program.

UCI Summer Session Office University Extension Building A (Building #231 on the campus map) Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm Phone: (949)824-7649 Email: Web:

Note: Your payment is not due until you have been accepted into the program and have submitted your official intent to participate (see step 5 in the previous section). *Fee is based on an estimated $339 per unit fee (most courses are 4 units) plus a $250 nonrefundable campus fee. Additional materials and/or lab fees may apply depending on your chosen course. The $339 per unit fee is based on the current UC tuition. The Summer Session tuition is subject to change by action of the UC Regents at any time for all UC campuses, including UC Irvine.

I mportant D ates NOW:

February 1: April 1: May 31:

Students should consult with their counselors and discuss the program with their parents/guardians Application period begins Priority application deadline Deadline to apply

June 21:

Program Orientation

June 24:

Program begins; First day of instruction Some classes may begin on June 25 or 26. Check your schedule.

July 4: July 30: July 31 and August 1: August 1:




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JULY T 2 9 16 23 30

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No classes; University holiday





Instruction ends

4 11 18 25

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7 14 21 28

Final exams Program ends

T 1 8 15 22 29

Why UCI? Kiplinger’s Personal Finance chose UCI as a “best value” public college, rating it 17th nationally. Three UC Irvine researchers have been awarded Nobel Prizes: Irwin Rose and F. Sherwood Rowland in Chemistry, and Frederick Reines in Physics. Consistently recognized for its superior academic programs and major research accomplishments, UC Irvine is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the 12th best public university and among the top 50 universities nationally.

High School Summer Scholar Program UCI Summer Session P.O. Box 6050 Irvine, CA 92616-6050



“I ’ve made so many f riends, and learned so much, including how to manage my time.”

UC Irvine High School Summer Scholar Catalog  

The High School Summer Scholar Program is designed to challenge and reward you personally and academically as you prepare to experience coll...

UC Irvine High School Summer Scholar Catalog  

The High School Summer Scholar Program is designed to challenge and reward you personally and academically as you prepare to experience coll...