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How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world. — Anne Frank

Cumulative Lifetime Gifts

Martha, ’72 Ph.D. ’81 and James A. Newkirk

Salma A. ’99 and Hazem H. Chehabi

Tricia W. and Albert L. Nichols*

Arlene and George P. Cheng

Suzanne T. and Jack W. Peltason

$5,000,000 and more The Beall Family Foundation

Lorna L. ’69 and Robert S. Cohen

Sheila K. and James J. Peterson

Arnold O. Beckman*

Frances and Gary C. Comer*

The Podlich Family

The Bren Family: Brigitte and Donald Bren Linda and Peter Bren

Gordon B. Crary, Jr.

Marjorie T. Rawlins

Kristina J. and Lawrence K. Dodge

Sylvia H. Robb*

Estate of Claire Trevor Bren* Edra E. Brophy* The Chao Family: Dale* and Hsi-Hsiung Chao* Allen and Lee-Hwa Chao June T. and Richard Y. Chao Phylis and David C. Hsia Agnes Y. and Jen K. Kung

Mark P. Robinson, Jr. Ranney and Priscilla Draper and Draper Family Foundation

Helen L. Russell* Martha A. and Don W. Schmid Helen R.* and Louis A. Gottschalk Audrey M. Schneiderman Robert L. Gumbiner Ruby Schwab*

Kingsley and John V. Croul William J. Gillespie

Estel* and Jerome Harris*

Josephine H. Gleis

Peggy F. and Anton N. Hasso

Sue J. and William H. Gross

Lynette and Michael K. Hayde

George E. Hewitt*

John C. Herklotz

Jack M. Langson

Corbin R. Hewitt*

Elisabeth F. and Paul Merage

Beverly Holmes*

Henry T. Nicholas III

Janice M. and Roger W. Johnson*

Stacey Nicholas

Fred Kavli

Susan F. and Henry Samueli

Helen and Steeve T. Kay

Edward Shanbrom, M.D., and Helen Shanbrom

Granville & Sidney Kirkup

Margaret L. and Robert R. Sprague $1,000,000 to $4,999,999 Diane and Mario J. Antoci Louise Turner Arnold* Grace B. Bell ’24’*

Michelle F. Rohe

Daisy and Tony J. Fan

Merry E. and John S. Hagestad

Joan Irvine Smith


Katherine Jo Butterworth

Janice F. and Ted Smith Rita L. and Reed Sprinkel Sandy and David M. Stone Judith D. and S. Jerome Tamkin Vivian S. and Edward O. Thorp Elizabeth C. and Thomas T. Tierney Betty K. Tu ’99 and David L. Tsoong Hubert H. Wakeham* Jean B. and Timothy W. Weiss Misa and Thomas C. Yuen ’74 Lucille Kuehn ’69 Marsha D. and William J. Link Dr. Fariborz and The Massiah Foundation

$500,000 to $999,999 Elizabeth R.* and Verle L. Annis* Donna K. Dawson and Peter J. Balsells, Sr.

Kelly and Jim Mazzo Marjorie and Richard Barclay* Marianne McDonald ’75 Jessica C. and Stanley Behrens Agnes L.* and K. Lyle Moore ’46* Adeline and J. Edward Berk*

Meryl* and Robert Bonney*

Barbara F. and Roscoe H. Moore, Jr.

Linda A. and Kris K. Elftmann

Paul E. ’74 and

Lila D. and Eric L. Nelson

James L. Elkins *

Dale M. Herklotz*

Ralyn and Nathan A. Wolfstein III

The Beall Family Foundation

Helen and Larry Hoag

Anita J. Ziebe

Jessica C. and Stanley Behrens

Richard A. Houghton ’61* Gordon R. Jarvis* Donna J. and R. Gregory Jenkins Mr. David B. Katzman Carolyn J. Kinkopf* Barbara L. and Robert A. Kleist Joan S.* and Murray Krieger* Katsuo Kuno Virginia H. Laddey Solomon Leavitt* Sou-Lin H. and Joseph J. Lee ’00 Suzanne G. Lindsey* Beverly Lowry* Frank W. Lynch ’96 Fannie Marasco* Dorothy J. Marsh ’38* Twyla R. and Charles D. Martin

Individuals $1,000,000 and more Brigitte and Donald Bren Chao Family Allen and Lee-Hwa Chao June T. and Richard Y. Chao Lorna L. ’69 and Robert S. Cohen William J. Gillespie Sue J. and William H. Gross Estel* and Jerome Harris* Phylis and David C. Hsia Agnes Y. and Jen K. Kung Henry T. Nicholas III Mark P. Robinson, Jr. Susan F. and Henry Samueli

Dorothy M. Moore*

Margaret L. and Robert R. Sprague

Martin J. Morris ’64*

Vivian S. and Edward O. Thorp

Augustine L. Nieto II Ruth and Fred Onken*

$500,000 to $999,999 Kelly and Jim Mazzo

Donalda Pelletier*

Elisabeth F. and Paul Merage

Thomas J. Pritzker

Dorothy M. Moore*

Mayer Rabinovitz

Stacey Nicholas

Winifred W. and Robert B. Smith

Martha A. and Don W. Schmid

Cathy and James P. Spoto

Misa and Thomas C. Yuen ’74

Salma A. ’99 and Hazem H. Chehabi Lisa L. Chester and J. Craig Williams Michael E. Cobo Carol and Budge Collins Priscilla A. and Ranney E. Draper Mary Lee N. and Fritz L. Duda Linda A. and Kris K. Elftmann Edwin D. Fuller Merry E. and John S. Hagestad Lynette and Michael K. Hayde Anne Heineman Assumpta L. Kiang Granville & Sidney Kirkup Rosalyn M. Laudati, Ph.D. Marsha D. and William J. Link Twyla R. and Charles D. Martin Dr. Fariborz Maseeh and The Massiah Foundation Barbara F. and Roscoe H. Moore, Jr. Richard J. Muth Martha, Ph.D. ’81 and James A. Newkirk Susan C. and William L. Pereira, Jr. Patricia and Michael E. Phelps Mosselle L. and Robert S. Pione

Dorothy M. ’67* and Donald Strauss*

$100,000 to $499,999 Philip K. Anthony

Mary W. and John Tu Lois and C. E. Twombly Marie M. and Ralph A. Weber *

Mrs. Dorothy MacVicar Baldoni and Dr. Rudolph Baldoni ’61 Janice and Jerrel Barto

The Podlich Family Sylvia Reines* in Memory of Professor Emeritus Frederick Reines Robert A. Robinson*


Catherine and Harry Sassoon Ruby Schwab*

Tricia W. Nichols Richard R. Pedranti*

David A. Jochim Hong I. and Chasul Kang

Lillian Shapiro*

Anita S. and Safi U. Qureshey

Carolyn V. Kaplan*

Morton Shapiro*

Burton D. Schnierow

Diane H. and Charles D. Karp

Joan Irvine Smith

Edward Shanbrom, M.D., and Helen Shanbrom

Susan M. and Frank P. Kavanaugh ’84

Judith D. and S. Jerome Tamkin

Anne L. and Rick E. Keller

Socorro and Ernesto M. Vasquez

Barbara L. and Robert A. Kleist

Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson

Matthew L. Klipstein

Elsa C. and Raymond L. Watson

Louis J. Knobbe

Sandy and David M. Stone Elizabeth C. and Thomas T. Tierney Betty K. Tu ’99 and David L. Tsoong Jean B. and Timothy W. Weiss Carmen M. and Richard P. Kratz $50,000 to $99,999 Brian G. Atwood ’74 and Lynne H. Edminster

$25,000 to $49,999 Pamela M. Adams ’98

Jantana and Baruch D. Kuppermann

Julia and George L. Argyros Gary G. Lai

Kenneth L. Beall

David N. Bailey

Linda L. and Steven Mark Borowski ’79

Ann C. and Alan G. Barbour

Gregory R. Lai ’88 Suzanne G. Lindsey* Mattew G. Brown Frank A. D’Accone

Marie H. Lundin* Karen J. and Bruce E. Cahill

Peter C. Farrell

Thomas R. Malcolm

Patricia Foster

The Robert M. Campbell Family and CT Realty

Ellen R. Marshall

Evelyn and Frank Freed

Joanne S. and John C. Carson

Don W. Martens

James C. Gianulias

Kingsley and John V. Croul

Jean M. McGraw

Josephine H. Gleis

Carmela L. and Benjamin R. Du

Carl F. McLarand

Yvonne A. and Stephen L. Hayes

Elizabeth C. and James Emmi

Gigi J. and Ray A. Mirra

Shannon E. Eusey ’92

Martin J. Morris ’64*

Daniel Fears

John C. Murphy

Isabel and Rui J. De Figueiredo

Corinne L. Myre

Yvonne M. and Damien M. Jordan Vicki and Krishan K. Joshi Joyce E. and Ned E. Kassouf Betty Fishman

Steven J. Nataupsky

Dorothy S. and Donald P. Kennedy

Yudie Fishman

Maxine Nevin

Amy T. and Shannon J. Ko

John C. Gamble

Mary and Jack Norberg

Carla Liggett

Richard J. Grabowski

Theresa A. and William S. O’Hare, Jr.

Frank W. Lynch ’96

Virginia S. Grogan

Mary Munday-Pedranti

Karina M. and Bob Hamilton

Linda J. and Michael A. Mussallem

Ninetta K. and Gavin S. Herbert, Sr.

Robert Palmer

Robert and Elizabeth Newcomb

James L. Payne ’75 Camille K. Jayne


Jeanne M. Patterson Olenicoff and Igor M. Olenicoff

Elizabeth A. and Thomas D. Phelps

Hana and Francisco J. Ayala

Kathleen and Richard A. Derevan ’71

Carlos A. Prietto II ’73

Donna K. Dawson and Peter J. Balsells, Sr.

Alonn and Robert J. Rayburn

Ellen Bancroft

Patricia J. and Philip J. Di Saia LaDorna and Robert J. Eichenberg

Julie M. and Robert E. Romney ’83

Craig A. Barbarosh

Richard C. Elliott

G. Patricia Beckman

Betty and Dominic Etchandy

Pam and A. Thomas Bender

Barbara S. and William P. Ficker

Bonnie M. Rule Cheryll R. and Richard J. Ruszat Joan A. and Gregory A. Benford Audrey M. Schneiderman

Lawrence N. Fine Hinda D. and Harold B. Beral

Grace S. Sein

Scott N. Flanders Michael Bertolino

Michael A. Sein*

Carole A. and Robert J. Follman Josh Billauer

Sandi and Ronald M. Simon

Lynn and Douglas Freeman Scott Boras

Wayne W. Smith

Richard Gilchrist Geoffrey N. Box

Patricia M. Soldano

Jackie M. Glass Bonnie Brunet and Martin Rist

Ethel L. Stone*

Judith S. and Sidney H. Golub

Laverne Stone*

Paul E. ’74 and Katherine Jo Butterworth

Andreas P. Graham

Judith L. and Dennis J. Sweeney

John Byon

Christopher J. Haig ’76

Jeffrey E. Thomas ’97

Margaret M. and Paul M. Cate

Lula F. Halfacre

Jean C. and Fong Y. Tsai

Victoria and Professor Nai-fu Chen

Raouf Y. Halim

Jane and Bernard von Bothmer

Bruce R. Hallett ’78 Annie K. and Clement Y. Chu

Robert J. Waltos, Jr.

Barbara E. and Benjamin C. Harris Li Chu

Beatrice L. Webb

Renee S. Harwick Jody Clark

Ardell and Irving Weinstein

Gavin S. Herbert, Jr. Victoria F. and David P. Collins

John M. Williams II ’85

Fawzi H. Hermes Anna L. Corea

Mei C. and Dean A. Yoost

Regina M. Hovey Sylvia and Joseph L. Cortez

Maureen and Robert Zehntner

Nagatoshi Ide Carol Criqui

Frederick P. Zuspan Judy Cullen $10,000 to $24,999 Thomas Ahlering

Katherine S. Davidson and James C. Hudson

Laura and Joseph A. Alfieri

Sandra J. and Douglas W. Jackson Catherine T. and Frank Jao Steven H. Joe ’90

Suzanne R. and Lloyd H. Dean Mary E. ’79 and Dick P. Allen

Marta and Tibor Juhasz Leslie Deane

Anne Andrews and John M. Thornton

Dwight W. Decker

Florence and Paul F. Kagan

Shanaz S. Arman

Traci and Brett Del Valle ’86

Ann M. Armstrong

Aida T. and Richard S. Demirjian

Barbara K. and James T. Kajiya Sang W. Kang ’04


Assad J. Kazeminy

Betty L. and John B. Parker

Carolyn Kimme-Smith ’82 and Hal W. Smith, Jr.

James W. Penrod ’74

Timothy C. Tyson Virginia and Peter V. Ueberroth Isabelle B. Villasenor

Terry A. and David J. Perry L. George Klaus

Peter Waller Barbara A. and Francis X. Peters

Barbara and Victor L. Klein

Roger N. Walsh Sheila K. and James J. Peterson

Elisabeth H. and Lloyd E. Klein

Kenneth D. Ward Rita A. and Joseph F. Polizzotto

Daryl Kling

Lois C. and John P. Wareham Susan S. and Paul Y. Qaqundah

Diana Y. and Fred Y. Kong Dulcie A. and Lawrence N. Kugelman

Lori P. and Robert P. Warmington Colleen A. Reardon and Nello Barbieri

David Whelan

Sylvia H. Robb*

Jean A. and James D. White

Esequiel Rodriguez

Lori S. White

Michelle F. Rohe

Susan S. and Brett J. Williamson ’86

Joyce and Knute Kurtz Cynthia Lampe Joanne F. and Juan F. Lara Leland D. Ronningen Thomas Leone Lynda L. and Thomas S. Salinger

Jeanne B. and John R. Wingender, Jr.

Kathleen R. and Mark Santora

Te P. Wong

Ron Shapiro

Mingfa Yang and Qiong Li

Carolyn M. ’90 and Steven C. Shaw ’01

Janice Yao and Sebun Chiang

Marc Levin Kenneth F. Lickel Helen L. and Fritz Lin Christine and Timothy M. Lindenfelser

Gladys Yasuda Carolyn H. and Peter O. Shea

Mark ’84 and Lisa Locklear ’84 R. Scott Shean Stephen D. Marlow Susan R. and Goran N. Matijasevic ’85

Cherilyn G. Sheets-Moehlman and Mark L. Moehlman Judith and James Shelton

Rose M. and William H. McFarland Julie and Ronald A. Sherman Vivian and Jim McCluney Cindy and William A. Shopoff Elspeth M. McDougall Melanie C. and Gary J. Singer ’74 Marci A. McWilliams and Joel Calvo

Branna E. and Irving A. Sisenwein

Suzanne S. and James R. Mellor

H. Colin Slim

Astrid ’69 and Pat T. Merriman

LaVonne S. ’94 and Ewart B. Smith

Brad A. Morrice George Sperling

Waltraut Abstein-Josephson and Nors S. Josephson Lisa and Laine R. Ainsworth Jean H. Aldrich Patricia H. and Wayne J. Alvey Jon Anderson Sarah J. Anderson and Thomas B. Rogers Christine J. and Don R. Angel Thomas H. Antunez III ’05

Peggy and Joe Stemler

Sandra and Lawrence R. Armstrong

Shirley and Eugene S. Strout

Mary V. and Edward R. Arquilla

Liang Tao

Maria E. Avila

Jon S. Teichrow ’86

Pauline and George Baerveldt

Jay L. Moss Cecelia and Bruce E. Nott David K. Ornstein James J. O’Sullivan


$5,000 to $9,999 Suzanne and Gazi Abdulhay

Carole C. Bailey ’74 Julia M. ’73 and Hancock Banning III

Susan C. ’87 and Lawrence W. Kellner

Geraldine K. Moyer Leela and Ram Mudiyam ’05

Maria C. Kenney and Anthony B. Nesburn

Frances Munoz

Scott Baskin Valerie J. and Peter K. Kompaniez

Marilyn L. and Irving Naiditch

Peggy Benson ’68 and Alex Maradudin

Thaddeus W. Kryczko ’78

Maria C. and Antonio V. Nanadiego

Eric N. Bergstrom

Nancy G. and David C. Lagrew

Kathleen M. and Ron Berkowitz

Patrick W. Lawing

Ruth and Frank Bila

Eva Y. and Wen-Hwa Lee

Cynthia G. and Mark H. Blincoe

Monica P. Leff and Michael P. Nageotte

Alan Niedzwiecki Douglas D. O’Donnell Ellen Olshansky Saul Brandman

Kimberly Y. ’95 and Michael K. Ong ’93

Jean L. Leslie Sandra J. Brodie

Mary M. and John M. Owen III Cherril D. and John C. Longhurst

Lynn M. Brown ’89

Dennis Parks Kristin S. and William R. Loomis, Jr.

Gregory P. Pellizzon

Claudia A. and James K. Looney

Lynn and Gerald N. Pharris

Nena and Brian L. Lu ’05

Robert Phillippy

Linda and Stathi Marcopulos

Kathryn and Layn R. Phillips

Robert M. Mattson, Jr.

Anthony Pierotti

Maurice L. McAlister

Gregory B. Primm

P. Michael McCart

Vickie and Rick W. Rayson

Jene C. and Douglas G. Meece/Merrill Lynch

John P. Refling ’83

Carol L. and Dennis W. Harwood Janet and Greg L. Herder ’05

Virginia W. and Thomas N. Melin

Julie and Peter J. Hill

Francine Meza

La Don G. Hix

Susan and John B. Miles

Monica F. and James P. Hobbs ’73

Creighton D. Mills ’77

Barry Hoeven

Barbara J. and Horace Mitchell

John & Ronnie Hogue

Jenny S. and Steven F. Mizusawa ’72

Janet L. Brownstone ’78 and Philip L. Garrett ’74 Ray Gelgur Sharon and Francis W. Govern Hugh Grant Emile & Dina Haddad Barbara A. Hamkalo Tod Hammeras

Patricia W. and Thomas Ricks Pamela K. and John Ritter David L. Roberson Shirlynn N. Robin Ruth Romoff Judy B. and Joseph Rosener, Jr. Nira Kozak Roston

L. and Doug Holte Michelle and David L. Horowitz

Elizabeth and Paul V. Mockapetris ’81

Melinda M. and Joseph Huszti

Kristen S. Monson ’82, ’86

Janice M. Johnson

Catherine A. and Harold W. Moore

William H. Rowland ’06 Asha and Harvinder Sahota

Kristine N. and Irving R. Katz Margie R. and Aram H. Keith

Barbara J. and Donald J. Moulin

Beverly A. Sandeen ’84, Ph.D. ’97 and Marty A. Swingle Nanette Sanders and Mark C. Kehke ’83, MBA ’93 Mohindar S. Sandhu 7

Lester J. Savit

$1,000 to $4,999 Joseph A. Adashek

Eva R. and Fred Schneider

Nancy Baer* Diane and Dennis J. Baker ’79

Behnoosh Afghani Michael A. Schulman Bonnie J. and Kenneth J. Shea

Sharlene S. and Brad N. Baker ’72 Dana L. and John K. Agamalian Marina A. Ball ’78

Richard Sherman

Elizabeth S. and Michael J. Aghajanian ’88

Marcelino C. Baltero ’07

Yassaman Akhavan

Laura R. and Jim Baratta

Jennifer Albaneze-Walker and Matthew J. Walker

Wilma R. Barnett

Ann M. and Richard G. Sim Jennifer L. Simpson and Ronald M. Kurtz Heather C. ’85 and Paul N. Singarella

Diane C. Bass ’82 Deborah L. ’98 and John O. Alder ’74

Frances C. and Robert M. Sinow

Susan R. Baum and Jeffrey B. Kearns ’89

Elaine M. and Daniel G. Aldrich III Jo Skibby

Marjorie A. Beale Jakie Aleccia

Janice F. and Ted Smith Martha A. Spikes and Larry R. Cope

Dawn E. Beattie ’92 Charlotte W. and Richard D. Alexander Jo Ellen Allen

Timothy L. Strader, Sr.

Sylvia and Wolfgang W. Beez ’01 Nancy J. Benton and James R. Largent ’72, MBA ’77

Gustavo Alva Linda and James R. Stump Linda J. Alva

Carolyn M. and Michael L. Benvenuti ’83, MBA ’85

Tamara P. Tate ’86 Elaine H. and Reggie Theus

Elizabeth Y. ’81 and Robert S. Amador

Tom Berg Marian and Garth Bergeson

Elizabeth A. Toomey Sandra C. and Gary S. Toyama ’76, ’78

Linda J. and Leonard R. Ambrosini ’02

Richard Berk

Jennifer S. ’92 and Eric J. Amdursky ’92

Rudi C. Berkelhamer and Albert F. Bennett

Cynthia T. Anderson

Luci Berkowitz

Jody and George R. Anderson

Dana and Robert J. Bettwy ’86

Remy Angelaud

Katherine K. Bianchi ’96

Jean M. ’88 and Daniel M. Ardell

Robert J. Bielen

Linda H. and Michael R. Arias

Brandon R. Birtcher

Myron Arlen

Randal J. Black and Scott W. Martin

Michelle and Marc E. Tuchman Elaine Van Amburgh David L. Van Vranken Feizal Waffarn ’98 John M. Waldeck ’01 Ellyne and James H. Warsaw Ruth M. Westphal Thurman H. Williams, Jr.

Christine C. Arth ’76 and Darrell D. Baker

Carol and R. Ronald Wilson

Ruth E. and David J. Arthur ’78

Julie Yeh

Denise M. and Frank A. Asaro

Siavosh Borzorgi

Crystal and Gary M. Augusta

Sharon L. and Jerry Bowen

Ryan Badrtalei

Julie M. Boyle

Alan Baer

Deborah A. and Richard Bozek

Shannon E. Bonner Ellen D. and Mark A. Borenstein

Reza Zarif ’92 and Rutina Paniego Dean J. Zipser


Kerry K. and Brent Boznanski

Janet C. Campagna ’90

Peggy T. Chiu ’01

Giti and Bijan Bozorgi

Darlene M. Campbell and Randy B. Lewis

Eugene Choi ’01

Dorothea J. and Gregory N. Brand ’77

Janak R. Chopra Marie Campbell-Allen Sunita A. and Dinesh Chopra

Pamela A. and William C. Brande ’69

Sandra K. Campbell-McClain ’83 and Francis McClain

April Brandes

Gloria J. ’97 and Jack Christensen Tracy S. Chu and Li Y. Shih ’82

Michael A. Cancelleri ’05 Janet and Wendell C. Brase

Heather Clancey

Clint Braun

Leslie A. and Lawrence D. Cancellieri

Tracy M. ’05 and Geoffrey Bremmer ’05

Francesca M. and Francis A. Cancian

Joan and Nathaniel Brenner

Carolyn L. Canning-White and Adam P. White

Janice G. and Mark Briggs Lela and Robert M. Briggs ’89 Ellen S. Bristol

Karen H. and Bruce R. Clark Peggy G. and Robert C. Clay Tosha L. Clements-Woolforde ’04 and Marlon M. Woolforde Paul D. Clote

Marie E. ’77 and Robert R. Cardoza Karen W. and Scott William Carnahan ’75, MBA ’82

Jerilyn M. and Rick A. Broadfoot

Laurie and Robert P. Cochran Katharine R. Coleman ’69 John J. Collins

Ruggero Broccardo

Irma Diaz and Mark W. Carpenter ’01

Patrick F. Collins

Connie Brockway

Joni and William L. Carveth

Daniel J. Conger ’77

Behrooz Broukhim

Jeanne V. and Robert O. Case, Jr.

Virginia H. and John E. Connolly

William W. Bruzzo

Jess Cass

Norma and Albert A. Cooper

Anthony J. Buccola

Poita A. and William J. Cernius

Jenny and Bradley P. Corbett ’81

Stanley J. Bugala

Mary and Thomas C. Cesario

Jennifer and Todd P. Coulston ’94

Quentin Burchell

Christen C. Chambers ’05

Trish Coury

Eleanor J. ’76 and Irving X. Burg

Iolee and Roshantha A. Chandraratna

Barbara J. Crain ’72 and Michael J. Borowitz

Jean and Jung-Chi Chang

Diane D. and E. Gene Crain

Simone and Bruce E. Chapman

Kristin S. Crellin

Susan and Erik W. Charles ’03

Donald J. Crevier of Crevier BMW

Alayne L. Charlton

Sophia H. and Lawrence A. Cripe

Genet Chavez-Gomez and Manuel N. Gomez, Jr. ’78

Judy and Irving M. Cyril ’57

Cindy J. and Robert L. Burns Richard O. Burns Timothy R. Busch Nancy L. and John A. Butler Ann M. and Raymond G. Butters Tandra and Patrick F. Cadigan

Padmini and Pravin W. Datar ’02 Dorothy K. and James T. Caillouette

Virginia H. and Dennis H. Chen Joan M. and Eric K. Davidson James T. Chiampi

Barbara Jean and Justin D. Call

Sherry T. Davis ’79 Ellen and James Chiboucas

Terry and Robert E. Callahan

Victoria S. and Phillip M. Davis Abby Chiu ’99

Marilyn G. and Edward L. Calvin

Kristen M. Day 9

Susan M. De Grassi and Al S. DeGrassi ’77, MBA ’79 Danielle M. De Seriere ’11 Debbie and David DePillo Mary A. Desmond and Hugh W. McKee Grace G. and Howard Deutsch

Lynn and James F. Elliott ’00 Jane H. Emerson-Brown and Martin L. Brown ’98 Deborah and Steven K. Epstein ’83

Michele L. and Andy N. Fujimoto ’93 Mary P. Gagliardo Paula J. Garb Suzanne R. and Martin A. Garcia

Susan F. and Bruce D. Erenkrantz Carmine M. Faello Sandy and Allan Fainbarg

Gail M. Devaney

Candice K. ’72 and Steven M. Garretson ’72

Jeffrey A. Faiola ’95

Judith L. Gass ’00 and Daryl M. Bogard

Robyn S. Farber and Marc D. Kirshbaum

Julia M. Gelfand and David B. Lang

Robert L. Farnsworth

Deborah P. ’77 and Bradford R. Gentry

Sonia K. Devgan ’97 Dorothy D. and Thomas W. Doan Jenny J. Doh ’91 and Gerardo R. Mouet

Cheryl and Michael Fay ’88 Jeanne M. Doig ’83

Darlene A. and Walter B. Gerken Peggy and Jon C. Feder

F. Trenery Dolbear, Jr. Hani Feller

Nadia Ghent and John J. Krolewski

Matthew O. Dolich Laura and Alan Felzer Christine ’70 and Roy E. Dormaier ’69

Nohema Fernandez

Sue S. Dow

Susan T. Ferrari

Brenda and Michael V. Drake

Elena and James J. Ferruzzo

Ellen R. Druffel and Stephen S. Rodriguez ’98

Arnold D. Feuerstein

Mamdooh H. and Yukiko Y. Ghoneum Suzette Giannini Nancy K. and Thomas E. Gibbs ’77 Lola D. and Hendrik C. Gillebaard, Sr.

Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Susan S. and David A. Dull Steven S. Fichtelberg ’93

Linda L. and James A. Gilleland ’69

Derek Dunn-Rankin Peter J. Fischler ’80


Jennifer S. ’83 and William G. Gillick

Saundra L. and Geoffrey D. Durboraw ’81

William Fishbein

Allan J. Durkovic

Mary M. and Nicholas L. Flacco

Rebecca and Michael J. Gillman ’08

Rick A. Dutta

Sarah and D. Daniel Fleet

Pamela G. and Donald W. Gilmour

Chrys Chrys E.

Keith Fowler

Jon D. Gilwee

Nancy S. and Robert T. Eagan

Terry L. Fowler

Alvin J. Glasky

Susan ’83 & Michael Eckhardt

James H. Frank

Dr. M. Marlene Godoy ’76

Priscilla and Walter B. Eeds

Laila K. ’69 and Dudley Frank

Gloria Z. and Irwin B. Goldberg

Greg Eikam

Margaret S. Frank

Jeanne C. and Fred E. Golding

Lois Eisenberg

Cynthia K. French ’79 and Anthony A. James ’73

Karen A. Gordon

Virginia D. Elderkin-Thompson ’92 and Ronald E. Thompson

Denae and Morris J. Frieling

Stuart M. Gordon

Ann L. and Henry W. Elliott III

Lynn T. ’71 and Barry H. Friesen

Yvonne V. and Norman S. Gordon ’80

Brian Gorgen

Jamshid Hekmat

Kelly and Alan Jeffrey

Karol S. and Michael R. Gottfredson

Susan M. and Kim R. Henry

Vinod Jivrajka

Harry W. Herr ’69 Laura J. and John A. Heydt

Debora A. Johnson ’87 Gloria T. Johnson

Patricia P. Hilden

Gwendolyn D. and James R. Johnson

Cynthia S. Graff Mary G. and John L. Graham Sheila J. and Geffrey A. Graham

Robert V. Hine, Jr. Timothy J. Grant

Julie A. and Mark A. Johnson Douglas R. Hodapp ’04

Cynthia Green ’05

David M. Jones ’93 Carole and Craig S. Holiday

Arlene and Stanley J. Greengard

Joan E. and Reginald P. Jones Dana and Yossie J. Hollander

Joan C. and John A. Greenman

Michael R. Jones Diane and Larry R. Holt

Preetinder and Shivbir Grewal

Jayne C. Jones-Berberian Kathleen R. and Ronald M. Hooven ’72, MS ’77

Michelle Jordan

Susan K. Hori

Christy D. Joseph ’85

Pamela A. and Andrew R. Horowitz

Dimosthenis Kaleas

Sharon and Kenneth P. Gunther Abha S. and Sudhir Gupta

Laurent Houdebine

Janet S. Hadley and H. Lawrence Webb

Linda and Robert A. Hovee

Joy M. Grosser Sharon R. ’81 and Robert E. Guilliams

Give Kamali Zovak and Garbis Karamadrian Shirley and David M. Karnes Judie and T. Randolph Howatt ’68 Alpha J. and Walter Hahn

Gloria D. Kassouf David B. Hoyt

Lydia and Alishan Halebian

Paul S. Katz May C. Huang

Ronnie Hanecak Semler and Bert L. Semler ’74

Alexander F. Hubbard ’87

Marianne H. and Timothy J. Kay

Catherine and Rudy Hanley ’72

Patricia A. and C. Ronald Huff

Dana M. Hansen Lush and Mark S. Lush ’89, MBA ’92

Lisa B. Hughes

Jack Kayajanian Lawrence W. Keeshan Erin L. and James M. Keller Elizabeth C. and Cary K. Hyden David Hansen Anthony P. Hansford ’98

Joyce A. and Bruce B. Ibbetson ’75

L. Robin Keller and Henry McMillan Joan and Eamon Kelley

Sean M. Hardeman ’94

Rosemarie R. ’93 and Allen A. Ilano ’92

Mary and Brian S. Harkness ’77

Kristen M. and Christopher J. Kelly ’98

David K. Imagawa Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington

Linda and John P. Kensey

Edith and Charles D. Hasse

Judy N. and Kenneth K. Ishizue ’79

Patricia M. and Gary F. Hathaway ’59

Lynne C. and David B. Israelsky ’03

Sara Keyak

Ginny W. and Charles E. Hayward

Albert S. Jackson

Janita C. and Iraj Khalkhali

Rachel M. and Robert Hayward

Carol A. Jackson

Fred Khonsari

Farshid Hekmat

Judi Jacobs

Homayoun Kianerci and Mina Shamsaei

Agnes M. Kenworthy and James R. Kruse ’74


Munsoo Kim ’91

Robert S. Wilhelm

Joanne S. and Gerald A. Maguire

Betsy and Raymond King

Anne P. and Marr N. Leisure

Kristen M. Maher ’98

Stacey and Samuel J. King ’00

Judith and Michael A. Leon Juliana and Dale R. Leslie

Elizabeth C. ’98 and Michael J. Mahoney

Audrey N. and Joe L. Lewis

Denise M. and Mario Mainero

Margaret T. and Timothy M. Leyden ’92

Mark Mandelkern

Nancy R. and R. S. Kirksey Barbara J. and Denis A. Kitayama ’76 Beverley A. Klatt Stefan G. Klemm

Susie and Danny L. Lickness ’79 Susan D. and Don Liebson

Margaret L. Knoll

Julie L. Lien ’05

Lih A. and Min H. Ko

Li-Chang Lien

Jennifer Komonchak

David H. Lim ’05

Shirlee B. and C. Ronald Koons

Annie M. and Andrew E. Lin ’63

Michelle ’03 and John Koontz

JoAnne L. and Mark E. Linskey

Angela Koveos and Nevin Sanli ’86

Melinda and Joel K. Lipman

Kathleen and Brett M. Mansfield ’89 Shirley M. and Peter L. Marr Doreen D. Marshall Patricia and Gilbert I. Martin Len Matheson Mary A. Matheson Roy Matheson Maya and Gary W. Matkin

Jamie Little Melanie D. ’92 and Trevor W. Kronemann ’90

Allen Matkins Colleen A. Loftus ’92 and James D. Beatty

Tony Matthews

Mitch Longley

Elizabeth N. and Rod Maxson

Phoebe and Charles H. Loos

Ruth and Meinhard E. Mayer

Michael T. Losquadro and Brian C. Keller

Barbara A. and Daniel M. McCabe

Thomas Kurkjian Linda J. and Angelo La Bruna, Jr.

Margo and Mark Lundahl

Virginia H. Laddey

Sara W. Lundquist and Gary L. Watson

Steve J. Krug Lucille Kuehn ’69 Rajesh Kumar Suki and Randall R. McCardle

Judith B. ’84 and Steven N. Landau ’84

Melissa R. and Douglas F. McCormick ’91 Cathy R. and Thomas P. McCoy

Jacquelyn and Qui V. Ly Sara E. and Samuel C. McCulloch

Sonia Ramos Lane and Christopher Lane

Rich and Doris Lynch Mary A. and Phillip N. Lyons

Mrs. Becky and James L. McGaugh

Rosalie J. Lyons

Andrea H. and D. Keith McGlothlin

Ankarino Lara Susan J. and Fred C. Lauzier


Laurie A. Macaulay

Bruce McGraw, Jr.

Rebecca H. ’70 and Riley D. Newman

Linda L. MacDonald

Anne E. McInnis

Eva M. and Douglas K. Le Bon

Viktoria Macias

Marilyn W. McIntyre

Candice H. Lee

Marilyn Mack

Jennifer A. and Joseph P. McNulty

Carole L. and Richard A. Lee

George G. Mackie

Han S. and Yoon C. Lee

Syed Q. Madad

Darrellyn H. and David V. Melilli

Sunhee Lee ’89 and

Joan W. and Michael V. Madigan

Arpi and Viken Melkonian

Frank Melkonian

Ruth Ann and Eugene H. Moriarty

Kerby L. Mellott

April J. Morris and Gregg M. Gibbons ’74

Seymour and Catherine Menton

Antonio T. Paredes Janice E. and William H. Parker Hanne R. and Robert J. Parks Edward Parr

Nancy B. and Michael L. Meyer

Debra E. Morrison and John Staudinger

Francine and Joseph R. Pasek ’73

Roslyn M. and Jerome Meyer

Michelle and Johnny Mosham

Ann M. and Mahendra N. Patel ’81

Phyllis and William Meyers II

Debra E. ’06 and Todd Moysychyn

Sangeeta H. and Hitesh Patel

Linda D. and Frank L. Meyskens, Jr.

Linda E. and Michael G. Muhonen Swadesh Mullick

Joan M. Patronite Kelly ’77 and Eamon N. Kelly, Jr.

Laura K. and Gregory R. Mickelson ’84

Anju and Pramod Multani

Karen G. and Michael D. Patton

Lisa W. and Raymond B. Munger ’72

Janice and James T. Pavelko

Mela and Ricardo Miledi Christine F. and Dennis Miller

Gabriella I. and John I. Muri

Cindy L. Miller ’94

Diane and James Myerson

Jone L. Pearce and Harry M. Briggs

Hope H. and Bruce Miller

Lorraine C. and Michael D. Nadle

Adriano Pecci

Kathy H. Miller ’69

Robert A. Nagourney

Robert K. Peirson ’83

Lisa M. and Brian J. Mills ’95

Caroline W. Nahas

Daryl Pelc

Pamela A. Mills-Senn

Arline M. Nakanishi ’85

Suzanne T. and Jack W. Peltason

Davida J. and Richard E. Milo ’96

Valerie A. Navarro-Lo Verde and John J. Lo Verde

Jeffrey R. Pene ’93

Marianne and John M. Payne ’87

Dusan Milovanovic

Kelly L. Perine ’91 Sara and Robert B. Nealy ’68

Adam Milstein

Mike Perisi Robin Necke

Edgar P. Miner ’75

Isabel ’93 and Steve Perlinski Alicemarie and Frank Negri, Jr.

Maria E. Minon ’76 and Curtis M. Jensen ’76

Patricia M. and Carl Neisser

Kristi and Mark S. Pero ’98

Kendra S. ’88 and N. J. Mirasol

Lila D. and Eric L. Nelson

Stephanie A. Mister

Ashley and Brett I. Nemeth ’93

Margaret F. and Thomas J. Mitchell

Cathy J. and Lyle E. Nevels

David H. Perrott ’03 Rebecca L. and Bruce D. Petersen ’77 Sally K. Peterson and Nicholas D. Lombardo

Thoa K. and Thai Q. Nguyen Marion K. and Anthony B. Montapert Margaret K. and Robert L. Montgomery II Hasmik L. and George T. Mooradian

Marilyn and Thomas H. Nielsen

Elizabeth Phillip and David C. Pettker ’91

Shelby D. Niss ’90

Mary Z. and Jordan M. Phillips ’46

Kathleen M. and Vincent B. O’Boyle

Beryl and Eric N. Piper Lari G. Pittman and Roy M. Dowell

Tom O’Brien Cheryl F. ’69 and Steven F. Moore

Warren Platt Joseph Occhipinti ’84

A. S. Moosa Jeanette and John O’Connor

Pamela Z. and Andrew J. Policano

Alejandro Oscos

Johanne M. Pollock ’96

Beverly C. Morgan


Linda and Fred Port

Lisa M. and Mark A. Reiser

Jean N. and William O. Schultz

Meredith A. and Lyman W. Porter

Estella R. and Otto W. Reyer

Alison Schweitzer

Tan Rezaei

Anna K. and Mario M. Scipione

Melissa L. Rhone ’83

Donald L. Scott ’84

Marianne and Steven A. Richards ’93

Eileen C. ’08 and John H. Seibert

Nancy S. Posch Charlotte C. and Michael J. Prather Dana E. and Jeffrey D. Pratt ’99

Kimberly O. Selby Shelby H. Rigg

Norma A. Price and Dorian Johnson

Gay D. Serway Lawrence Ring Ingrid Rockefeller

Carol M. and James F. Sever

Amber and Kenneth S. Rohl

Ethel Severson

Mary Roosevelt ’74

Johanna F. and Deane H. Shapiro, Jr.

Regina and Michael A. Pugliese Nicole and Gregory B. Queen ’03 Jennifer K. and George A. Rabey ’82

Kristin B. and David B. Rosten ’83 Nancy and David J. Sheffner

Nasrin Rahimieh Lynn A. and David O. Rahn

Ann Marie Rousseau and Duvall Y. Hecht

Pamela J. Shelley-Kessler ’88 and Steven J. Kessler

Joan L. and F. Sherwood Rowland Long-Yeu and Jian C. Shen

Victoria S. and Roger W. Rains ’74

Michelle J. ’02 and Karl J. Runge ’81

Marianna and Alexander Sherman

Kashyap P. and Ashok Sunder Raj Kathleen V. Russell

Harvey C. Shew ’98

Valerie J. and Andrew P. Rakowski

Nader Sadough

George N. Shido ’91

Melisssa Ramos

Mrs. Sandra Sage and David Sage

Casey T. Shim ’75

Penny Randall ’99 and Vijay Gurbaxani

Diane I. Sagey ’99

David Shu

Pamela J. and Frederick B. Sainick ’74

Cynthia M. and Beirne Shuffle

Carol A. and Clifford A. Ranney, Jr.

Laura C. and Craig T. Shugert ’93 Sharon V. Salinger

C.K. Rao

Marilyn and Ralph Silverman Emiko Samard

Julia W. and Irving Rappaport

Danielle M. Sim Dean M. Samsvick

Nader E. Rastegar

Jack E. Sinder Bruce F. Sangster

Janet M. and James W. Ray

Gita and Sujay Singh Matthew Sant

Leslie A. and Michael D. Ray Susan J. and Ross Rayburn Eugene B. Raymond

Bina and Ajeet R. Singhvi Robert S. Sargent ’84 James J. Scheinkman Linda Schilling and William J. Rosoff

Alessandra Re

Juno W. and Gerald B. Sinykin Lauren and Vitas Sipelis ’05 Teri R. and Douglas W. Slifer ’82

Walter L. Schindler Mary R. and Michael L. Reafsnyder

Ellen D. and Seymour A. Schlosser

Lori M. and Dennis A. Reiland

Annette F. and Russell D. Smith, Jr.

Peter A. Schneider

Laureen E. ’73 and Terry C. Smith ’72

David J. Schramm

Paula Y. Smith

Dwight W. Reilly, Jr. ’82


Winifred W. and Robert B. Smith Peter L. Sohns Beatrice R. Solloway

Lillian R. Tallman-Neal and Frank Neal

Mary Ellen and George H. Unzelman

Timothy G. Tang ’06 Ariela ’95 and Zvi Tannenbaum

Kathy and John Ursini Mitra and Mark Vakili

Lorie Tannnourji and Michael J. Tannourji ’89

Patricia A. and John P. Valentic ’79

Theone Tanoute and Perry Tanouye

Christopher Valli

Sudesh and Usha Sood Aaron M. Soto ’00 M. Anne Spence John Speraw

Matthew D. Van Zandt Andrea Taylor

Susan and Eugene M. Spiritus Eleanor H. and David R. St. Clair

Noel E. Taylor and Michael B. Whitlow ’75

Tiffiny J. Vandom-Karem ’03 and John R. Karem, Jr. ’02 Bettye T. Vaughen

Michael J. Stamos

Andrea J. Tenner and Thomas L. Poulos

Gayle M. Steele Carl R. Steen Ann Stephens ’70

Sirvart G. and Garo M. Tertzakian Patricia D. ’76 and Stephen W. Thatcher

Joyce and Frank E. Stern

Jillyn H. and Theodore B. Verdon III Mary K. and Perry Viscounty Anand Vridhagiri Judith Y. Wagner

Shelley B. Thunen Suzanne L. and Ralph Stern Carolyn F. and Donald E. Stewart Holly G. and George C. Stone, Jr. ’72

Thomas R. Wagner ’89 Adrienne C. and Richard B. Thomas

Helen J. and Marvin A. Walker

Lawrence L. Thomas Jeanne A. Walt Bruce N. Thompson

Patricia R. and James A. Stone

Susan Y. and Jon R. Wampler Judy and Urban T. Thompson III

Karen R. ’70 and David L. Stouffer ’71

Frederic Y. Wan Nicola J. Tidwell Anita and Phil Wang

Joan A. Stratton and Aytekin Timur

Susan K. and Thomas R. Timmons Joe Wang Jerome S. Tobis

Judith E. ’79 and Steven R. Strauss

Anthony D. Todarello

Vera C. and William H. Wang

Wendy and Michael B. Strauss

Carolyn and David M. Todd

Weihong Wang ’00 and Yan Y. Ni ’02

Bernadette M. Strobel-Lopez, M.B.A. ’87

Stephen Tomlin

Bette Warner*

Marita and Richard D. Tooley

Leanne A. and Harold B. Watson

Debra K. and Philip S. Topham ’85

Nancy and John K. Webb

Susan G. and Jeffrey K. Tozaki

John D. Weeden

Sukhmeet M. Ttee

Elaine J. Weinberg

Peggy Turk

Alice H. and Earl M. Weitzman

Susan C. and Donald S. Turner

Renee C. West ’90

Suzanne C. and Charles H. Turner

Gail J. and Richard H. Wheaton

Molly M. Tuter

Irene White

Diane M. and Dirk L. Stump Kimberly K. and Braden J. Stump Noboru and Tamiko K. Sueoka Dorothy B. Sully Dawn M. and James Surber, Sr. Phyllis and Dale W. Swanson ’82 Cara J. Taft


David V. Whiting

Sousan L. and Behrooz Zarrabi

Dell Computer Corporation

Myra E. and Louis J. Wiener

Lowell D. Zeleznick

Edison International

Sandra Wilder-Padilla and Anthony J. Padilla ’87

Timothy C. Zevnik ’93

Emulex Corporation

Kelly J. and Christopher D. Zumberge ’82

Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute

Lynne and Roger D. Wilhelm Neal D. Williams, Jr. ’76 Cynthia A. and Kirk Winner

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation, Inc.


Erik Wirtanen

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

Debra E. and Kirk J. Wise

$1,000,000 and more Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Mary A. Wishney Sheila H. and Jay L. Witzling ’79

Archstone Foundation

Kung Charitable Foundation Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Jenny M. and Jeffrey W. Wong

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation

Paul & Elisabeth Merage Family Foundation

Teresa M. Wong

Donald Bren Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Elizabeth M. Wood ’75

Broadcom Corporation

Rita J. and Marc K. Wynne

Discovery Eye Foundation

Zehua L. Xia ’98

The Edwards Lifesciences Fund

Seda Yaghoubian and Vahag Hambarsumian Sachido and Masayuki Yamada ’99 Anne Yardley Jo Anne D. Yasuda Garrett Yee Sue H. and Ming-Yi Yen Bonnie G. and Nick E. Yocca Kanwal G. and Gaurang B. Yodh Christine and Morgan H. Young Linda and Jay M. Young Sandy ’82 and David Young ’85, MBA ’90 Janet and Jen Yu Nancy K. ’82 and Keith K. Yun Christopher B. Zachary Kevin K. Zanjani ’05 Mehdi Zarghamee

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation MSC.Software Corporation National Math & Science Initiative, Inc. The Nicholas Family Trust Bernard Osher Foundation The Samueli Foundation Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

The Thomas & Misako Yuen Family Foundation $100,000 to $499,999 The Alcon Foundation, Inc. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation American Cancer Society, Inc. American Chemical Society American Institute for Cancer Research Amgen, Inc. ARCS Foundation Orange County Chapter Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities

$500,000 to $999,999 Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.

Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

The Allergan Foundation

Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

Allergan, Inc.

Jerrel and Janice Barto Family Foundation

American Asthma Foundation American Heart Association Beckman Laser Institute


Institute for Science and Health

Beall Family Foundation Biomet, Inc.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Kiang Family Foundation

Philanthropic Fund

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Sares-Regis Group

Link Family Trust

Charles Schwab Foundation

Lorentz Solution, Inc.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Los Feliz Foundation, Inc.

Space Telescope Science Institute

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Luminmax Group International

Troxell Communications, Inc.

Cystinosis Research Foundation

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

California Community Foundation, Inc. Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clarke Foundation

Decision Quest Douglas Machine, Inc. M. Douglas Living Trust

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation The Charles D. and Twyla R. Martin Foundation

UC Irvine Medical Center Associates UCIMC Hospital Gift Shop Uniloc USA, Inc.

Draper Family Foundation Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles

Massiah Foundation, Inc.

Orange County United Way

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

J T Weiss Family Foundation

Experian Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Fidelity Non-Profit Management Foundation Foundation Fighting Blindness Gateway for Cancer Research

Whitehall Foundation, Inc. Minneapolis Jewish Federation Community Foundation Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center

$50,000 to $99,999 Accenture, LLP The Aerospace Corporation

The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Generalitat de Catalunya

Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

American Council of Learned Societies

Newport Diagnostic Center

American Diabetes Association

The Nicholas Endowment

American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc.

Google, Inc. The Hagestad Family Foundation John Randolph & Dora Haynes Foundation

Noelle Marketing Group

Hilltop Trust

Northrop Grumman Corporation

American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Orco Block Co., Inc.

Applied Computer Solutions


Atbox Technology, Inc.

Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.

Autism Speaks

The William Lion Penzner Foundation

The Bank of New York Mellon

Huntington’s Disease Society of America Intel Corporation Irvine Health Foundation

Beckman Coulter, Inc. Phelps Family Foundation

Jumpstart for Young Children

The Boeing Company POINTek, Inc.

Jumpstart National Rocky Start Foundation

Albert & Elaine Borchard Foundation, Inc.

Robert W. & Janet F. Sabes Family

California State University Long Beach

The Kay Family Foundation The Kearney Foundation of Soil Science


Cameo Homes Carnegie Corporation of New York

Metropolitan West Capital Management, LLC

Tsoong Family Foundation Waltmar Foundation, Inc.

Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Orange County

Mary Munday Family Trust

Eli Lilly & Company Foundation

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia & Depression

Wells Fargo Foundation Gift Program

National Academy of Education Wingnut Films Productions, Ltd

The Elsevier Foundation National Kidney Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999 AcrA Aerospace Inc.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. The Fraxa Research Foundation

National Reserach Fund for Tick-borne Diseases, Inc.

FreeLife International Inc.

Nature Reserve of Orange County

Fuel Cell Energy, Inc.

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.

Agilent Technologies Foundation AIDS Services Foundation O.C.

General Electric Company

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation Allen, Leck, Gamble, Mallory & Nastis, LLP

Next Steps Foundation Inc. G.E. Motors

Alpinestars S.P.A. Henry T. Nicholas III Foundation

Ralph W. & Leona B. Gerard Family Trust

North American Foundation for the Cure of Diabetes

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Josephine Herbert Gleis Foundation

Orange County Business Journal

American Educational Research Association

Henkel Corporation

Paralysis Project of America

American Lung Association

High Q Foundation

William L. Pereira, Jr.

Argyle Solutions, Inc.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Queen of Hearts Foundation

The Argyros Foundation

IBM Corporation

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

AT&T Labs

The Irvine Company Renesas Technology Corp.

Beacon Pointe Advisors, Shannon Eusey

Jazz Semiconductor, Inc. Krishan & Vicky Joshi Foundation

Sass Foundation for Medical Research, Inc.

The Kassouf Foundation

The Burton D. Schnierow Trust

Ewing & Marion Kauffman Foundation

Susan Scott Foundation

The Stanley Behrens Foundation Brown & Streza, LLP C & B Webb Trust CA Table Grape Commission

Shiloh Trust Ko Family Foundation

Calf Island Foundation Snell & Wilmer, LLP


California Healthcare Foundation The Spencer Foundation

KSM Business Services, Inc. Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

CBIZ Accounting, Tax & Advisory

Latham & Watkins, LLP

Sun Microsystems Labs, Inc.

City National Bank

Lions Eye Foundation of Southern California, Inc.

Tamkin Foundation, Inc.

Connecticut General Life Insurance Company

Merck Research Laboratories


Capstone Turbine Corporation Stradling, Yocca, Carlson, & Rauth Attorneys at Law

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Croul Family Foundation Ben & Carmela Du Family Foundation Eksigent Technologies, LLC

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP

Parker Properties, LLC Paul Cate/Mark IV Capital, Inc.

Korea Foundation Kratz Foundation, Inc. Los Angeles Times Family Fund

Payne & Fears, LLP, A Law Partnership Perinatal Resources, Inc.

The Emmi Family Trust Fund Ernst & Young, LLP

Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps, LLP

Facioscapulohumeral Society, Inc.

Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP

First Harvest Foundation Trust

The Anthony Marchionne Foundation

The Fishman Family Foundation

Pfizer, Inc. T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Research Corporation

Marvell Semiconductor Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Research for Cure McCormick Foundation

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Fujitsu Labs of America, Inc.

McLarand, Vasquez, Emsiek & Partners Medtronic, Inc.

Generation Next

Law Offices of Robinson, Calcagnie & Robinson, Inc. Roche Palo Alto, LLC RSI Holding Corporation

George Washington University

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. Molnlycke Health Care

Santa Margarita Water District

National Academy of Sciences

Schools First Federal Credit Union

Saddleback Memorial Medical Center Russell Sage Foundation

Huntington Beach Firefighters Charity Indo-US Science & Technology Forum

National Instruments

Institute for Creative Biotechnology

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Show Gear Productions, Inc.

Invitrogen Corporation

National Philanthropic Trust, DAF

Lon V. Smith Foundation

Irell & Manella, LLP

Nestle USA, Inc.

Solar Turbines, Inc.

Irvine Chamber of Commerce

North American Taipei Medical University Alumni Association

Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.

Irvine Ranch Water District

Donahue Schriber Asset Management Corporation

Stanford University James Publishing’s Kids

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Talecris Biotherapeutics

Jones Day Foundation

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Inc.

Society for Cardio Angio & Interventions

Kaiser Permanente

Ocular Transplantation, LLC

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd

The Keller Group Investment Management

Orange Coast Medical Center

UniHealth Foundation

Orange County Water District

UniModal, Inc.

Orangewood Children’s Foundation

Union Bank of California, N.A.

Jones Day

The Kennedy Foundation D & D Kennedy Revocable Living Trust

University of Southern California Parker Hannifin Corporation Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 19

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bixby Land Company

The Elliott Family Foundation

Vita-Tech International, Inc.

Blue Cross Blue Sheild of California The Boras Corporation

Epicor Software Corporation FEI Marketing

Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.

Ford Motor Company George Washington Institute of Spirituality in Health Irving Weinstein Foundation, Inc. Wood, Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers

Borowski Family Trust Leo Freedman Foundation Cadence Capital Management, LLC

Freedom Communications, Inc.

The Canadian Consulate General

Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP

Center for Theology and Natural Sciences

Fudge Family Foundation God’s Image H.Q.

$10,000 to $24,999 Advanced Link Photonics, Inc.

Chapman University Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Advanced Sterilization Products

Cigna Healthcare of California, Inc.

Agile Alliance

The Kleiner Cohen Foundation

Agilent Technologies The Ahmanson Foundation

Collins, Inc.

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Communities Foundation of Texas

Altergy Systems

Corinthian Colleges

American Campus Management, LLC


The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation John C. Griswold Foundation HireRight, Inc.

Cox Communications, Inc. American Psychological Association, Inc. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc.

CRESA Partners of Orange County, Inc.

Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. IKON Office Solutions ImmPORT Therapeutics, Inc.

Crescent Healthcare, Inc. ISTE

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Criqui Family Survivors Trust CRISP Brand Agency

Irvine Head & Neck Research Foundation

CSL Behring LLC

Irvine Pharmaceutical Services

CT Realty Corporation

Irvine Sensors Corporation

Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc.

Jao Foundation

Andrews & Thornton AngioDynamics APG Partners Apria Healthcare, Inc. Data Logic Computer Service Association of American Medical Colleges Automobile Club of Southern California

Deloitte & Touche, LLP Disneyland Resort

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Joy To The World Foundation, Inc.

D-Link Systems, Inc. Ayco Charitable Foundation

Justgive Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

BAMOR Consulting Services, LLC

K & L Gates Downey Savings and Loan

Bank of America Foundation

Kimmelman Family Foundation Edwards Trust

Bank of America, N.A. Biocom 20

Kingston Technology Company The Eichenberg-Larson Charitable Foundation

Lloyd & Elisabeth Klein Family Foundation

O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

Southern California Gas Company


One Industries Outrun The Sun, Inc.

The Robert R. Sprague Family Foundation

LCS Constructors, Inc.

Pacific Life Foundation

Springer SBM, LLC

S.T. Li Foundation

Parker Hannifin Foundation

Steadfast Investment Properties, Inc.

Life Rolls On Foundation

Partners Healthcare Systems

Lifescan, Inc.

Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Plug In America

The Kling Family Foundation

Printronix, Inc. Global Printing Solutions

Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc.

Synthes Spine Co., LP LNR Partners of LAWS Magellan Navigation, Inc. Masimo Corporation

Toshiba America Foundation Mazda North American Operations

Quantum Technologies Questcor Phramaceuticals, Inc.

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.

McBeth Foundation William & Lorraine McCune Family Foundation

Raad Hermes Trust Razi Family Foundation

Toyota Material Handling, USA, Inc.

Realty Services Corp. McKinsey & Company

Tracon Phamaceuticals, Inc. Rita Medical Systems, Inc.


The TriZetto Group, Inc. Mark P. Robinson Living Trust

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Rockwell Automation

Microsemi Corporation

Rockwell Collins

Microsoft Corporation

Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach

Miramar Venture Partners

Roma d’Italia

Mosaic Homes

Mary and Emanuel Rosenfeld Foundation

U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation UCI Medical Center Urology Department Ueberroth Family Foundation Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Mountains Restoration Trust

Union Bank of California Foundation

Schering-Plough Corporation Naekyung Engineering Co., Ltd.

UNESCO C. J. Segerstrom & Sons

National Physical Science Consortium

The Segerstrom Foundation

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering & Science, Inc.

Ron Shapiro Charitable Foundation

Newport Alliance Trading, Inc.

The Shopoff Group

Northern Trust Bank of California, N.A.

Ronald M. Simon Family Foundation

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Branna & Irv Sisenwein Chartiable Foundation

University Metropolitana Mie Project University of California, Irvine University of Colorado at Boulder

Peter & Carolyn Shea Foundation Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Volvo Cars North America, LLC The Waltos Group Ware Malcomb

Nurotron Biotechnology, Inc. Skyline Ventures, LLC Andrei Olenicoff Memorial Foundation

John P. & Lois C. Wareham Foundation

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. 21

The Robert Warmington Family Trust Wealth Management Network, LLC

Epson America, Inc.

Meritage Homes

Farmers Group, Inc.

Monarch HealthCare A Medical Group, Inc.

Mark Farnum, M.D., Inc. Monsanto Company

WebReach, Inc.

First American Financial Foundation

J.P. Morgan Chase & Company

Fish & Associates, PC

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Fleur de Lis Events, Inc.

Geraldine K. Moyer Trust

The Gallup Organization

Irving & Marilyn Naiditch Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank The Wet Seal, Inc. Wuhan University Yum! Brands Inc. The Bertha and John Garabedian Charitable Foundation $5,000 to $9,999 24 Hour Fitness

GEICO Direct

Abbott Laboratories

Green Street Advisors, Inc.

Adimpact Corporate Signage

Harvard University

American Neurological Association

Hollencrest Capital Management

NAIOP Southern California Chapter National Charity League, Inc. Newport Corporation Peter Norton Family Foundation NPI Services, Inc.

Horiba International Corporation Aon Consulting IdaTech

The Renee Jeffrey O’Hern Foundation

Ingram Micro, Inc.

Pacific Life

International House of Pancakes

PacifiCare Health Systems, Inc.

The Irvine Museum

Public Agency Retirement Services

Aubrey Group, Inc. Alan & Nancy Baer Foundation The R. C. Baker Foundation Bentley Biomedical Consulting, LLC

ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pasadena Community Foundation

Bergstrom Capital Advisors

Roger& Janice Johnson Family Foundation

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker

The Keith Family Foundation


Knightsbridge Asset Management, LLC

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Saul Brandman Foundation Buchanan Street Adivsors LP

LBA Realty, LLC

Center Club/Costa Mesa

Lehigh Valley Women’s Cancer Center

Probe Manufacturing Industries

Life Science Industry Council

Quiksilver Americas, Inc.

Linc Telacu Education Foundation

Rainforest Agrarian International Network, Inc.

Berry Family Foundation BIOLASE Technology, Inc. Powerwave Technologies, Inc. Primm Foundation Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Community Memorial Hospital, San Buenaventura Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

Little Garden Club of Newport Beach

Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC

DoubleTree Hotel Anaheim

Longhurst Family Foundation

Riordan, Lewis & Haden, Inc.

The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

The MacArthur Account

David L. Roberson Financial & Insurance Services

Maya Foundation Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rockwell Collins Mellor Family Foundation


Louis & Ruth Romoff Charitable Foundation

The Warsaw Family Foundation

Birtcher Development, LLC

Washington University

Bloomingdales, Inc. The David Bohnett Foundation

ROYAL Industries, Inc. Westport Properties Sandhu Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Whittemore Family Foundation

BonTerra Consulting, Inc.

Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.

Winthrop Couchot PC

SCAN Health Plan

World Affairs Council of O.C.

The Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation

Xytis, Inc.

S.E. Briggs & Son, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Brown and Caldwell Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo Don Yoder Foundation Charles & Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.

Butte College Zymo Research Corporation California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology

Siemens Power Corporation Silver Oak Development, Inc. Society for Mathematical Psychology, Inc. Society for Technology in Anesthesia

$1,000 to $4,999 5Nex & Company, Inc

California State University, L.A.

A&M Forde Revocable Trust

California Tequila, LLC

A.G. Heinze

Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.

ACME. The Active Network, Inc.

The D & L Cancellieri Family Trust

Starpointe Ventures

Cancer Treatment Center, Inc. Adashek & Wilkes, LLP

Team Up for Down Syndrome

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. AGC Education Foundation

Thoughtful House Center for Children

Carroll & Carroll, P.C. Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Centricity Communications, LLC

TRC Financial Tyco Healthcare

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

Ceradyne, Inc. CH2M Hill Foundation

US Surgical / Valleylab

American Youth Soccer Organization, Region 120

U.S. Inner Circle Enterprises, LLC

CHOC Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty

Anaheim Ducks UCI Alumni Association

Citrus Valley Physicians Group Anschutz Entertainment Group

United Negro College Fund Antonio’s Bella Casa

Clark-Halladay Memorial Foundation

Arbor Park Apartments

The Coast Foundation

Armenian Festival, Inc.

Cook Incorporated

Armenian National Committee O.C.

Albert & Norma Cooper Foundation

Association for Women in Technology

Coto de Caza Golf & Raquet Club

United Parcel Service United Technologies Company Univ Complutense de Madrid Venable, LLC Verizon Verizon Foundation Versant Ventures Management, LLC Jacob M. Wallerstein Foundation, Inc.

The ATP Group, Inc.

County of Orange Health Care Agency

Beckman Family Fund

County of Orange

Belfor USA Group, Inc.

The Crary Family Foundation

Bioscrip and Subsidiaries

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue, Inc. 23

Dartbrook Partners, LLC

Hitachi Chemical Research Center, Inc.

Davies, Weeden Fund

Markstein Beverage Co. Mars Sales Co.

Hughes & Sullivan Dazian, LLC ICS Alumni Organization

Doreen D. Marshall Fund for Youth


Maxwell Technologies

In-Situ Research, Pte., Ltd.

Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

International Studies Abroad

Meyer Foundation

Irvine Community Development Company

Miller Professional Consulting

The DePillo Family Foundation DFB Pharmaceuticals The DIRECTV Group, Inc. Disneyland Resort Cast Community Fund DoubleTree Hotel, Santa Ana

The Mind Institute ISS Incorporated

Duck Delivery Produce, Inc.

MIND Research Institute IT Mentors, Inc.

El Dorado Apartments

Miss Kelly’s Cafe & Bakery Jack & Gloria’s Antiques

Engineered Framing Systems, Inc.

UC Irvine Medical Center Edna P. Jacobsen Charitable Trust

Sanford M. Epstein and Nancy E. Epstein Foundation

Montage Resort & Spa Jay’s Fine Cuisine & Special Events

F.B.P. Insurance Services, Inc.

Morongo Band of Mission Indians Mullerstudio, Inc.

Jester & Pharley Phund The Precept Group Law Offices of Ferruzzo & Ferrruzzo Fine Science Tools (USA), Inc. Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors The Fluor Foundation

Jewish Community Foundation

Music Teacher’s Association of California Orange Coast Cities

Jhamandas Watumull Fund

The Nagourney Institute

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Douglas and Donna Neff Family Trust

Kamali & Associates, Inc.

The Neisser Family Fund

Fred Khonsari Medical Corporation

Neudesic, LLC

Solomon N. Forouzesh, M.D., Inc.

Neuro-Diagnostic Assoc. Inc. King & Associates

Franchise Services, Inc.

Newport Auto Center Kleinfelder West, Inc.

Harry J. L. Frank, Jr. Foundation Korn/Ferry International

Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Lakeview Village Corporation

Newport Consulting Partners

Lamond Management

Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation

Fresno Pharmacy Friends of Golf, Inc. Friends of UCI Candice Lee, Inc. Genentech, Inc.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club Leica Microsystems, Inc.

William Gillespie Foundation

Newport Rib Company Leisure Family Trust

Greenstripe Media, Inc.

Newport Water Polo Foundation Let-tuce Cater To You

W. C. Grosse Trust



Hadley Webb Foundation

Andrew E. and Annie Lin Foundation

Nokia Finance International B.V.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

Lorin Backe Photography

Nolet Spirits U.S.A.

Hess-Verdon & Irby

Makar Management, LLC

Northwind Ventures, Inc.

Oakley, Inc.

RBF Consulting

Stemler Family Foundation


Reazon Systems, Inc.

Student Government Association

Odyssey Venture Partners, LLC

Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc.

Teva Neuroscience, Inc.


Thermalair Inc. Roche Laboratories, Inc.

Optimumfunds, LLC

Tiffany & Co. Roel Construction Co, Inc.

Orange County Airport

Time Warner Cable Cherie Rose, Inc.

Orange County Fire Services Association

Russo’s Pet Experience

Toyota of Huntington Beach

Orange County Sanitation District

Nader Sadoughi M.D., Ltd.

Orange County Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology


TriEqua Insurance Services, Inc. Tustin Ranch Golf Club UC Irvine Town and Gown Salish Lodge & Spa Orqis Medical

UC Irvine University Club Sanli, Pastore & Hill, Inc.

Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation OxfordSVI, Inc. Debtor In Possession Palmieri, Tyler, Wiener, Wilhelm, & Waldron, LLP Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

UCIMC Medical Staff Santa Barbara Foundation Santa Margarita Catholic High School Sar-Pat Enterprises, Inc.

United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation United Way of the Bay Area Universal Business Forms, Inc.

SC comm. Helmut Wolfgang Schumann Foundation

Patton Development Schwab Charitable Fund

Universities Space Research Association University of Memphis Foundation

Pearls By Emiko Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Jeffrey R. Pene, D.D.S, M.S.D, Inc.

US Smokeless Tobacco Brands, Inc.

Sendio, Inc. Phi Beta Psi Sorority, California State Organization

John Valentic, M.D., Inc. Shape-Up Fitness Center Villa Park Motel

Phi Beta Psi Sorority, Delta Zeta Chapter

Shea Properties, Inc. Volleyball Enterprises, Inc. Shimmick Construction Co., Inc.

Phi Kappa Psi The Philanthropic Collaborative The Elizabeth Phillipp & David Pettker Family Foundation

Frederic & Julia Wan Living Trust Siavosh Bozorgi Family Foundation Trust

Jeffrey Wang Foundation

Sierra Pacific Enterprises

Washington Mutual Bank

Silverman Family Trust

Wealth Management Group

Snyder Langston

West Coast Accommodator, Inc.

Photo Boutique The PIMCO Foundation Songs for the Cell

Westcoast Rotor, Inc.

Linda and Fred Port Family Foundation

Sonnet Technologies, Inc.

Westlake Village Urgent Care OCC Family Medicine

QLogic Corporation

South Coast Plaza

Raytheon Company

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rauxa Direct

Sports Street Marketing StemCell Technologies, Inc.

White Light Charter Yachts Wurm’s Janitorial Service, Inc. Yahoo, Inc. 25

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

Cargill, Inc.

Google, Inc.

Guy Yocom Construction, Inc.

ChevronTexaco Corporation

Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.

Yoon C. Lee Design Services

Cisco Foundation/Global Impact

Harris Bank

Carl Zeiss, Inc.

Citigroup Foundation

Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation

The Coast Foundation

Matching Gift Abbott Laboratories Fund Accenture Foundation, Inc. Adobe Systems, Inc. AEGON Transamerica Foundation The Air Products Foundation Allianz Global Investors of America American Express Foundation American International Group, Inc. Ameriprise Financial The Amgen Foundation BP Foundation, Inc. Argonaut Group, Inc. AstraZeneca, LP AT&T Foundation BAE Systems Bank of America Foundation Bank of America, N.A. Bechtel Group Foundation Beckman Coulter, Inc. The Boeing Company Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.


IBM International Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation IMS Health, Inc. Colonial Pipeline Company Ingram Micro, Inc. Conexant Systems Charitable Fund/CCF

Intel Foundation

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Intuit Foundation


Invensys Systems, Inc.

Coventry Health Care, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Crane Foundation, Inc. Kingston Technology Company Deloitte Foundation KPMG Foundation Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Mattel Children’s Foundation

Edison International Edison International Foundation

Mazda North American Operations

Eli Lilly & Company Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation

Emerson Charitable Trust

Merck Company Foundation

Emulex Corporation

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

Exxon Mobil Company Microsoft Corporation First Data Corporation Microsoft Foundation Fluor Enterprises, Inc. Monsanto Company The Fluor Foundation Morgan Stanley Franklin Templeton Investments G.E. Fund Foundation Gap Foundation

New York Life Insurance Company The Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation

Genentech, Inc. General Motors Corporation

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

General Motors Foundation

Oracle Corporation

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Pacific Life

The Sun Microsystems Foundation

Parker Hannifin Foundation Sun Microsystems, Inc. PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.

Consecutive Giving

Symantec/Global Impact Pfizer Foundation Symbol Technologies, Inc. Piper Jaffray Inc. Teledyne Technologies, Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Tenet Healthcare Foundation Principal Financial Group Foundation

Textron Charitable Trust Foundation

30 Years+ Barbara F. ’69 and Douglas B. Davidson ’68 25 to 29 Years Julia M. ’73 and Hancock Banning III Eleanor J. ’76 and Irving X. Burg

Printronix, Inc. Global Printing Solutions

Time Warner

Joyce E. and James A. DeDeo ’69

The Prudential Foundation

Tomkins Corporation Foundation

Vivian H. Hall

Qualcomm Incorporated

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

Carol L. and Dennis W. Harwood

Raytheon Company/ Charitable Gift Fund Foundation

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.

Cleva J. and Robert W. Howard

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

Gwendolyn D. and James R. Johnson

Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.

UBS/ Global Impact Union Bank of California, N.A.

Lynn C. and Wayne S. Johnson ’78

Schering-Plough Foundation

United Technologies Corporation

Seymour and Catherine Menton

The Scholarship Foundation

Verizon Foundation

Lockheed Martin

Wachovia Foundation

Jenny S. and Steven F. Mizusawa ’72

MG Program

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Rockwell Collins

Charles Schwab Foundation Walt Disney Enterprises Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Washington Mutual Foundation

April J. Morris and Gregg M. Gibbons ’74 Lila D. and Eric L. Nelson Janice E. and William H. Parker

Science Applications International Corporation

WellPoint Foundation

Seagate Technology, Inc.

Wells Fargo Bank

Sempra Energy

Wells Fargo Foundation Gift Program

Sylvia Reines* in memory of Professor Emeritus Frederick Reines

Western Asset Management Company

Michelle F. Rohe

Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc. Shell Oil Company Foundation Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Wyeth Xerox Corporation U.S.A.

Southern California Gas Company Xerox Foundation Sprint Foundation Yum! Brands Inc..

Suzanne T. and Jack W. Peltason Mary Z. and Jordan M. Phillips ’46

Mary Roosevelt ’74 20 to 24 Years Patricia T. and Richard D. Allen Carole C. Bailey ’74

Square D Foundation

Luci Berkowitz

State Farm Companies Foundation

Barbara R. and Alexander Bowie Sandra J. Brodie 27

Michael Butler & Jo Service Darlene M. Campbell and Randy B. Lewis

Estella R. and Otto W. Reyer

Douglas J. DeFrees ’78 Patricia J. and Philip J. Di Saia

Nira Kozak Roston Jeanne M. Doig ’83

France M. and Richard D. Campbell

Donald L. Scott ’84 Christine ’70 and Roy E. Dormaier ’69

Aki N. ’76 and Errol Caszatt

Melanie C. and Gary J. Singer ’74

Annie K. and Clement Y. Chu

Sue and Richard C. Snyder ’71

Barbara and John L. Crary ’77

Toni L. and Henry W. Sobel

William M. Crawford

Margaret L. and Robert R. Sprague

Peter J. Fischler ’80

Elizabeth D. and John R. Stahr

Carolyn C. and John C. Garrett

Ann Stephens ’70

Terry Goldfarb-Lee and Terry Lee

Gregory J. Tabata ’84

Jeanne C. and Fred E. Golding

Linda M. Thomson ’76

Etelka M. and Gerald L. Greer

Elizabeth C. and Thomas T. Tierney

Dolores S. Grunigen

Candis A. and Steven R. Duffy ’70 Laura C. ’86 and Jeffery L. Emdee ’86

Bruce T. Endsley ’74 Sandy and Allan Fainbarg Arnold D. Feuerstein Cindy L. ’86 and William C. Fisher Mary E. and Samuel A. Hall II Ada M. Hardeman ’76

Evi B. and Daniel S. Gurney Donna S. Layne ’72 Eileen C. and Salvatore A. Lombardi

Cheri A. and David L. Tomcheck ’69 Russell J. Yamaichi ’83

Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington Ginny W. and Charles E. Hayward Ann B. Heiney

Betsy B. MacCracken ’62

15 to 19 Years Jean H. Aldrich

Judy and Stephen L. Henkle ’69

Cindee and David B. Maizland ’76 Laura and Joseph A. Alfieri

Susan C. Hernandez ’90

Mrs. Becky McGaugh and James L. McGaugh

Jody and George R. Anderson

Robert V. Hine, Jr.

Marilyn W. McIntyre

The Beall Family Foundation

Kathleen R. and Ronald M. Hooven ’72

Albert I. Mehlman * Ruth Ann and Eugene H. Moriarty

Peggy Benson ’68 and Alex Maradudin David M. Bisi ’89

Richard Nelson ’80

Michele and Raymond F. Bries

Robert and Elizabeth Newcomb

Blynn G. ’91 and William E. Bunney, Jr.

Deborah J. Hutchins Lois M. and Albert M. Irwin Melissa B. Jacobson ’93

Martha Newkirk, Ph.D. ’81 and James A. Newkirk Karen M. and F. Richard Nichol, Jr.

Mary and Thomas C. Cesario

Debora A. Johnson ’87 Ruth A. ’73 and Raymond G. Johnson, Jr.

Genet Chavez-Gomez and Manuel N. Gomez, Jr. ’78

Mary K. and Jerome M. Joseph

Steve L. Cirivello ’80

Anne L. and Rick E. Keller

Donald A. Patterson ’77 Jeffrey K. Pekrul ’85


Jeffrey T. Cole

Betsy and Raymond King

Patricia L. Price and Craig L. Behrens ’84

Susan M. Csikesz

Mathilde E. and Hellmut K. Klee

Betty C. and Edward J. Quilligan

Dennis D. Cunningham

Barbara and Victor L. Klein Barbara L. and Robert A. Kleist

Janet B. ’73 and Ray C. Randel

Diane R. ’76 and

Carmen M. and Richard P. Kratz

Judith L. ’03 and Michael I. Puritz

Stanley Van den Noort

David E. Kuehn ’89

Kittie W. and John M. Rau

Keith Wakamatsu ’73

Lucille Kuehn ’69

Mary L. and Ronald L. Richmond

Elaine J. Weinberg

Virginia H. Laddey

Sylvia H. Robb*

Emilie L. Weir

Bettina and Willard C. Loomis

Lisa J. and Donald W. Roberts ’85

Betty and Richard A. Widman

Frank W. Lynch ’96

Amber and Kenneth S. Rohl

Carol L. and Kent J. Wilken

Nancy M. and Alberto Manetta

Helen C. and Norman Rostoker

Elizabeth M. Wood ’75

Joan G. ’83 and James W. McBride

Ann Marie Rousseau and Duvall Y. Hecht

Bonnie G. and Nick E. Yocca

Sara E. and Samuel C. McCulloch

Cheryll R. and Richard J. Ruszat

Anne E. McInnis

Geraldine S. and Michael J. Schlutz

Lisle H. McVicker ’79 Audrey M. Schneiderman Jewel Mehlman Josephine and Murray Mehlman Linda D. and Frank L. Meyskens, Jr. Laura K. and Gregory R. Mickelson ’84

Edward Shanbrom, M.D., and Helen Shanbrom Carolyn H. and Peter O. Shea Phyllis M. and Alfred M. Sheue ’69 Nancy J. Silverman Ann M. and Richard G. Sim

Susan and John B. Miles Keiko and David J. Simkin ’84 Susan F. ’80 and Creighton D. Mills ’77 Catherine A. and Harold W. Moore

Jack E. Sinder Janice F. and Ted Smith Joan Irvine Smith

Dr. Carolyn Neubauer ’76 and Dr. Blake Neubauer ’75

Christine Stadelmann ’83

Tricia W. Nichols

Alice F. and James A. Stephens

Marilyn and Thomas H. Nielsen

Bernadette M. Strobel-Lopez,M.B.A. ’87

ILona and Lorne H. Parker ’68 Bridget Y. and James K. Pau ’76

Kathleen and Dennis A. Sweeney ’71

Jacqueline D. and Richard D. Phillips ’78

Lillian R. Tallman-Neal and Frank Neal

Tina M. Pivonka ’76

Judith D. and S. Jerome Tamkin

The Podlich Family

Nancy O. and Jeremiah G. Tilles

Henry N. Pontell

Elizabeth A. Toomey

Meredith A. and Lyman W. Porter

Martha and Steven C. Topik

Marian B. Poucher

Joyce A. and Thomas E. Tucker June L. and 29

Alumni Association UCI Alumni Association Executive Committee Jenny J. Doh ’91 President Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing Stampington & Company Steven M. Capps ’69 Immediate Past-President Vice President, Credit Analysis South County Bank Deborah A. Daniel ’73 Secretary / Historian Vice President Tri-Metropolitan Mortgage Group Ed Raskin ’02 Vice President - Advocacy Associate Dorsey & Whitney, LLP Brian J. Mills ’95 Vice President - Development Associate Snell & Wilmer, LLP Richard V. Evans ’69 Vice President - Finance Vice President, Western Regional Client Services Celerity Solutions, Inc. Kent Yamaguchi ’83, ’84 Vice President - Marketing Curator of Education Santa Ana Zoo Jennifer E. Cole-Gutierrez ’97 Vice President - Programs Johanna S. Wilson ’98 Vice President – Scholarships Attorney Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP David J. Fanous ’03 Vice President – Volunteer Relations Account Executive Southern California Edison


UCI Alumni Association Elected Directors Lara C. Farhadi ’98 Director-At-Large Assistant Director of Development Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Charles L. Dobson ’70, M.S. ’79 Chapter Representative President / Dobson Capital Management, Inc.

Daniel P. Fredinburg ’04 Director-At-Large Technical Program Manager Google

Cosmos E. Eubany ’00 Chapter Representative Associate Graves & King

Rebecca Kanter ’00 Director-At-Large Esquire

Farshad Farhand ’94 Chapter Representative President Grpsys

Manfredo E. Lespier ’81 Director-At-Large Attorney Lespier Law Dennis Nguyen ’94 Director-At-Large Chairman New Asia Partners Kristian J. Ongoco ’01 Director-At-Large Campaign Finance Officer San Francisco Ethics Commission Serafina Raskin ’02 Director-At-Large Attorney Bailey Law Group, P.C. Salvador Sarmiento ’73 Director-At-Large Judge Lamoreaux Justice Center Sabra R. Smith ’92 Director-at-Large Education and Curriculum Specialist ABC, Inc. Catherine Stites ’92 Director-At-Large Attorney Metropolitan Water District Brett J. Williamson ’86 Director-At-Large Partner O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

Edgar J. Dormitorio ’97 Chapter Representative Director Student Judicial Affairs

Thomas J. Mitchell Chancellor’s Representative Vice Chancellor University Advancement UCI Alumni Association Ex Officio Jorge E. Ancona Ex-Officio Executive Director UCI Alumni Association Melissa Bruninga-Matteau, M.A. ’06 Associated Graduate Students President Mohamed A. Eldessouky Associated Students of UCI President Ben Atienza Student Alumni Association President

Chancellor’s Club Chancellor’s Club Leadership Council Members Laine Ainsworth Dan Aldrich Jean Aldrich (Emeriti) Bob Bettwy ’86, M.B.A. ’92 Andrew Brewer ’05 Sandi Campbell-McClain ’83 Barbara Davidson ’69 Chris Dormaier ’70 Brenda Drake Gary Matkin Jack Peltason (Emeritus) Lyman Porter Richard and Cheryll Ruszat Gary Tirabasso ’93 Greg Vacca ’71


Chief Executive Roundtable Officers Bruce Hallett ’78 Chair Managing Partner Miramar Venture Partners Michael A. Mussallem Vice Chair Chairman & CEO Edwards Lifesciences David E. I. Pyott Immediate Past Chair Chairman & CEO Allergan, Inc.

Steering Committee Sarah J. Anderson Managing Partner Ernst & Young, LLP Craig A. Barbarosh Managing Partner Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP Beth Bradley Director & Staff Liaison Chief Executive Roundtable University of California, Irvine Dwight W. Decker Chairman & CEO Conexant Systems, Inc. Rick A. Dutta Chairman & CEO Nexgenix, Inc. Michael V. Drake, M.D. Chancellor University of California, Irvine Raouf Y. Halim CEO Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. Michael R. Gottfredson Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost James Mazzo Chairman, President & CEO Advanced Medical Optics


Scott A. McGregor President & CEO Broadcom Corporation Thomas J. Mitchell Vice Chancellor University Advancement Brad A. Morrice Principal BAMOR Consulting Services, LLC William S. O’Hare Managing Partner Snell & Wilmer, LLP Peter Waller President & CEO Corinthian Colleges

Legacy Society

Susan Black

Margery Dorsey

Janet G. Blank*

Joanna L. and John J. Duffy ’88*

Bernard R. Able ’57

Vicki A. and Walter P. Blass

Herma and Frank A. Dusek

Charlotte P. Abrams

Meryl * and Robert B. Bonney*

Ina K. Eastham ’77*

Pamela Adams

Sandra J. and Gerald S. Brodie ’62*

Nancy W. Ebsen and William H. Daughaday

Rex Albers

Kimberly and Lonnie J. Brownell ’77

Nathalie B.* and Donald K. Edwards

Jean H. and Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr.*

Edna L. Bryant*

Lorrain* and George W. Ehrhart*

Margie N. Alexander

Kathleen Burke

Patricia T. and Richard D. Allen

Sandra R. ’78 and James L. Elkins*

Paul E. ’74 and Katherine Jo Butterworth

Barbara and Joseph O. Evans

Colleen Calhoun

Richard V. Evans ’69

Ellen M.* and Ralph Anderson*

Terry and Robert E. Callahan

Marian* and James Fagan*

Florence Anderson*

C. Norman Campbell*

Ruth F. Feerer*

Michael R. Anderson

Carol S.* and Robert E. Caniglia

Patsy L. and Don G. Fenner ’65 *

Elizabeth R.* and Verle L. Annis*

George B. Carey*

Sanford Anzel

Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts and James N. Pitts, Jr.

Sybil Carrere ’90 and James J. Stretch ’74

Margaret R. Frank*

Jane and Maurice A. Cattani

Anna Frnjak*

Hsi-Hsiung Chao*

Grace Garvey*

Arlene and George P. Cheng

Dorothy G. Gary*

Lourdes and Michael M. Collins

Ruth W. Gay*

Laila S. and William P. Conlin, Jr.

Robert F. Gentry and Dennis A. Gentry

Florence Agins*

Berthamae and Eugene R. Anderson

Louise Turner Arnold* David W. Axelrod* Carole F. Bailey ’74 Joyce and Richard N. Baisden Grace A. and Arthur E. Baker* Lucille * and William Baker* Peter J. Balsells, Sr. Lucille K. Baumgaertner* Maria L. Baur Edna Beach* Jessica C. and Stanley Behrens George D. Beique* Grace B. Bell ’24* Mary E. Bergeson-Ebeling Adeline and J. Edward Berk Alice Binhak*

Allana A. Cook Zelma V. Gibson* Robert A. Coons* William J. Gillespie Douglas H. Cortez Louise and Robert P. Gilliam Walter A. Craig Josephine H. Gleis John L. Crary ’77 Dr. M. Marlene Godoy ’76 Margaret Cressaty* Sandra L. Golden Virgil S. Crisafulli* Judith S. and Sidney H. Golub Ada F. Crowe Carolyn R. Cunningham

Helen R.* and Louis A.* Gottschalk

Nettie * and Nathan Cussell*

Dorothy P. Gray

Edna Dessery*

Frankie E. Grissom* 33

Dolores S. and Forest J. Grunigen ’31*

Sidney and Granville Kirkup James H. Kittredge ’62

Colette K.* and Morris Mellinger* Margery T. Miller*

Howard F. Guidry and William F. Piles*

Joan S.* and Murray Krieger*

Agnes L.* and K. Lyle Moore ’46 *

Carl Kroch*

Hilarie and Mark B. Moore ’81

Gertrude H.* and Adolph A. Kroch*

Martin J. Morris ’64*

Barbara A. Hamkalo Sheila L. and Harry E. Hansen, Jr. ’77

Linda K. Mosure ’73 Lucille Kuehn ’69

Dolores R. Harvey

Sherrie and Darrell K. Neft ’70 Virginia H. Laddey

James J. Harvey*

Lila D. and Eric L. Nelson Phil Lambert

Jeanette T. Havens

Maryann and Eberhard S. Neutz Myrtle D. Lancaster*

Dale M.* and John C. Herklotz

Maxine Nevin Tanya H. and Donald N. Larsen

Vicki Heston-Lott and Chancy M. Lott

Solomon Leavitt*

Marilyn O. and Thomas H. Nielsen

Corbin R. Hewitt*

Jean L. Leslie

Doretha* and George E. Hewitt*

Carla Liggett

Patricia Hibben*

Ingeborg and William J. Lillyman

Beverly* and Paul J. Holmes*

Celia S. Lindstrom* Madeleine and Donald Lovella

Virginia* and Norman Nixon* Rosine J.* and Ronald C. Offen Charlotte* and Everett Olenick* Spencer C. Olin Ruth and Fred Onken*

Rebecca Hornstein* Alice S. Lowell* Richard A. Houghton ’61*

Carolyn B.* and Harvey D. Pease*

Beverly Lowry* Mary L. and Henry I. Hu

Donalda Pelletier* David Lynn-Hill ’72

Alexander F. Hubbard ’87

Suzanne T. and Jack W. Peltason Lila M. MacDonald*

John G. Huhn

Theresa V. Phillips*

Minako and Tarow Indow

Peggy Benson ’68 and Alex Maradudin

Laurie E. Iten ’71

Fannie* and Paul Marasco*

Barbara A. and Arthur Jacobs

Donna Marsh*

Gwendolyn D. and James R. Johnson

Dorothy J. Marsh ’38*

Lucille P. Polley* Louise E.* and Marcus H. Pomeroy* Alfreda and Melvin Posin John K. Pritchard ’85

Fritzie Martin* Thelma M. Johnson*

Leslie W. and Merle C. Rabine Jeff R. Mathews ’92

Margery M. Jones Pearl T. McDonald*

Louise G. and Robert G. Rains ’68, Ph.D. ’72

Stephanie A. McEwan ’80

Robin M. Rankin

Carol J. and James L. McGaugh

Adeline M. Rasmussen*

Ruth E. McIntosh*

Elaine M. Redfield

Betty Mead

Lotti C. and Walter E. Reichert*

Regula B.* and Abraham I. Melden*

Harriet* and Marvin W. Reimer*

Waltraut and Nors S. Josephson Sue and Melvin Kapson Verna* and George Keehn* Esther* and Martin Kennedy* Florence* and Frederick Kilner* Carolyn J. Kinkopf*

Leah Rensky 34

Sylvia H. Robb*

Margaret L. and Robert R. Sprague

Antone J. Roitz ’62

Emilie L. and John Weir* Jean B. and Timothy W. Weiss

Rita L. and Reed Sprinkel Annette Rosenthal*

Peter J. Whitney* Bobbie Stahl

Nira Kozak Roston

Laurel L. Wilkening Barton A. Stebbins*

Nelson D. Rupp

Roma M. Wilson* Anneliese Steuer

Helen L. Russell*

Peggy Woelke Ethel L. Stone*

Agnes P. Salisbury*

Ralyn and Nathan A. Wolfstein III Laverne Stone*

Beverly A. Sandeen ’84, Ph.D. ’97 and Marty A. Swingle

Isabelle* and Hal B. Yolen* Sandy and David M. Stone Anita J. Ziebe

Joey Santori Elizabeth L. and Robert M. Saunders Bertha* and Hermon H. Schlossberg ’40*

Dorothy M. ’67* and Donald A. Strauss* Mary and Alan Suding Thomas C. Sutterfield* Gisela and Milton Taft

Martha A. and Don Walter Schmid

Judith D. and S. Jerome Tamkin

Audrey M. and Howard A. Schneiderman*

Nhiep Tang

Morton Shapiro*

Herman R. Tate*

Marjorie A. Shea*

Nancy B. Tepper

Carolyn A. Sheer and R. Duncan Luce

Lois L. Tetley* Kathryn G. Thompson

Peggy M. ’48 and Charles W. Shows*

Libby and Herbert D. Tobin*

Valerie A.* and Richard Sims*

Ellida F.* and Fred S. Topik

Thomas X. Singer

Jamie R. ’97* and Steven P. Trevor ’78*

Branna E. and Irving A. Sisenwein

Kay F. and Stanley S. Tseng

Jo Skibby

Michelle and Marc E. Tuchman

H. Colin Slim

Alexander R. Tucker

Carol A. and Richard A. Smith

Suzanne C. and Charles H. Turner

Frances M. Smith*

Lois and C. E. Twombly

Lenda and W. Bailey Smith

Robert H. Tyler ’86*

Leslie B. Smith ’62

Bruce Wade*

Jack Snyder*

Hubert H. Wakeham*

Pauline Sorgen*

Susan Y. and Jon R. Wampler

Cathy and James P. Spoto

Marie M. and Ralph A. Weber*

2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors  

The University of California, Irvine raised $130 million in private gifts and grants for the 2007-08 fiscal year. This amount breaks the sin...

2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors  

The University of California, Irvine raised $130 million in private gifts and grants for the 2007-08 fiscal year. This amount breaks the sin...