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November 6, 2005

A Publication of The Union Church of Hinsdale

Message from the Ministry Team

You remember the story. Jesus spent a day with a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, curing their sick. When evening came and the hour had grown late, the disciples came to him and said, “The crowds are hungry. Let’s send them away to the villages to get food. Jesus said, “Bring whatever you have to me.” And they brought him two fish and five loaves of bread and blessed it and broke it, and served it up and all were fed. You remember the story. That day, all ate and were filled, and there were twelve baskets left over. When all shared and God blessed whatever they had, there was great abundance, more than enough. We know what it’s like to worry that there might not be enough at the table. It was just over a year ago that the executive council, elected leaders of this congregation,

gathered in an upper room of this church. They looked at one another with empty hands, saying, “We do not have enough. We’re out of money. All that is left are these two fish and five loaves.” We struggled as a congregation. We froze spending. We came to all of you at the close of stewardship and said that while giving was strong, it was insufficient for us to continue to be the people of faith, mercy and compassion that God calls us to be. We dug deeper. We opened our wallets, our purses and our backpacks. We gave more, and the people who were hungry got served. Now we have come to the hillside once again. The day has been long and exciting. The ministries and missions in Christ’s name have flourished. Jesus is the bread of life who nourishes our deepest hungers and satisfies all our needs. Laborers are needed to share the bread of life: to bless, to break, to go out among the people, to serve. Disciples are needed: to love God, to follow Christ, to give generously. For five weeks we have heard the stories of members of Union Church

Volume 37, Issue 20

about how Union Church has fed deep hunger and met faith need. For us to continue to serve this community of faith with ministries of compassion and grace, and for us to continue to serve our neighbor through mission giving at the current level, will require a significant shift in priorities and commitment. It is now time to respond to the God who has blessed our lives so richly, beyond measure. On Commitment Weekend, November 5-6, we will be walking forward in worship to commit our lives and our offerings to God in faith. Those who are unable to be in worship on November 5 or 6 and who have not previously turned in a pledge card will receive a personal visit that afternoon. When Jesus gathered with his disciples on that hillside, he sent them all out: not one, not two, but all of them, to gather in whatever people had. The world is hungry for the gospel of Christ as told through Union Church. God calls all of us: to lift, to bless, to break, to serve, that all might be fed. If not you, who? If not now, when? —Verlee A. Copeland

THE GOOD NEWS is a publication of The Union Church of Hinsdale (United Church of Christ)

Senior Minister: Rev. Verlee A. Copeland Minister for Christian Formation and Mission: Rev. Dr. Thom Parrott-Sheffer Minister for Membership and Discipleship: Rev. Julie Ruth Harley Director of Youth Ministries: David Knecht Director of Music Ministries: Michael Surratt Director of Choirs: Gary Wilhelm Director of Early Childhood Programs: Jennifer Keldahl Director of Children’s Christian Education: Penny Johnson Director of Administration: Mary Bock Financial Manager: Chris Biank Newsletter Editor: Linda Foreman

WORSHIP SERVICES Journey Contemporary Worship Saturdays at 5:00 pm Sunday Worship 8:00, 9:00 and 11:00 am Youth Worship 2nd Sundays at 9:50 am Prayer and Healing Service 3rd Sundays at 7:00 pm

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Sundays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

THE UNION CHURCH OF HINSDALE 137 South Garfield Avenue Hinsdale, IL 60521-4298 630.323.4303 (Telephone) 630.323.4407 (Fax)

ANNUAL NOVEMBER FOOD DRIVE You are once again invited to participate in our annual November Food Collection for the Hinsdale Food Pantry. Shelves are available in the northeast corner of the sanctuary to receive your donations of nonperishable food items. The food will be delivered to the Hinsdale Food Pantry throughout the month, ending the last week of November. Financial contributions are accepted as well (make checks payable to Union Church with “Food Pantry” in the memo line). Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” And so we do.

ALTERNATIVE GIFT MARKET AND TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES On Sunday, November 20, 2005, from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm, Bethel United Church of Christ (in Elmhurst) hosts its annual Alternative Gift Market and Ten Thousand Villages. The church is located at 315 E. St. Charles Rd., Elmhurst, IL. This Bethel UCC tradition provides the opportunity for church members and the community to support hungry, ill, and homeless people around the world, enable people to become self supporting, and contribute to the renewal of nature. Community members are also invited to attend the Alternative Gift Market to learn more about the humanitarian efforts being supported and to select gifts. During the annual Alternative Gift Market, Ten Thousand Villages will display crafts and books available for purchase made by artisans in developing countries. In 1980 Harriet Prichard, then director of Children’s Ministries at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church in California, wanted to model for the church’s children a new, noncommercial way to give authentic gifts at Christmas. She organized a market in which children sold relief and goods for persons in need in third world countries. From this was born Alternative Gifts International (AGI), a non profit interfaith agency that supports missions throughout the world, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Last year there were over 400 Alternative Gift Markets in the United States. For more information, see Bethel’s website at WWW.BETHEL-UCC.ORG or call them at 630.279.4040.

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS What a splendid way to honor a very special family member or friend during the holiday season! Order your poinsettia plant(s) now, and play a most important role in creating our church’s Christmas decor. Each plant costs $15.00. Please place your order through Audrey Woeltje before December 11, 2005 at 630.323.4303. Plants may be taken home after the December 25 service. Thank you for your lovely contribution!


Long ago in Mexico, a little girl stood outside a church on Christmas Eve. She watched others taking gifts inside to place before a statue of Baby Jesus. The longer she watched, the worse she felt because she had nothing to give. An angel saw the girl and spoke to her. “Gather the weeds beside the road and take them to the Holy Child” said the angel. Drying her tears, the girl obeyed. She gathered a large armful of the green leafy weeds and carried them inside. But as she walked up the aisle, the people laughed at her gift. The embarrassed little girl placed her branches beside the manger, and suddenly a miracle occurred. The green leaves turned to brilliant red! Now every year at Christmastime, the green leaves of the poinsettia turn to bright red to honor the Son of God born so long ago.

Sleep Out Saturday - THIS WEEK November 5 SIGN UP by Thursday, Nov. 4. Check out the mail, or call me for details, schedule, what to bring and some other great info! If you're in middle school or high school, want to have a great time, and want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the fight against homelessness. We'll be sleeping out "under the stars" on the church lawn (or in cars if the weather is nasty). All students and adults are invited to join in. Please call David at 630.323.4303 to reserve your plot of ground. You'll be glad you did!

Mummies & "Scarf & Barf"?

Rebecca Woodle, Meredith Maresh & Julia Gesior do their best impression of a MUMMY. Can you tell Who's Who? Well, I can't give you too many details here, but suffice it to say that on Sunday, October 16th, our buddy (and fellow Intern) Jer, came up with a pack of OUTRAGEOUS stunts as part of our "Insane Relay" Nite at TNT and DISCOVERY! I'd love to show you pictures of Hillary Bozeman scarfin' down a bag of Candy Corn, or Kim Copeland slurpin' up Instant Coffee & fudge frosting off of the youth room table. I could even show you Mickey Hartnett doin' a shooter of maple syrup and Kallie Culbertson taking on 100 Smarties in a single mouthful. But decorum, and good judgement keep me in check. You just should've been there!

Saturday November 5 • 5pm Sat SOS: Sleep Out Saturday

til 7:30am Sun

Sleep out under the stars on the church lawn to help the fight against HOMELESSNESS! See David for details!

Sunday November 6

Movie/ShORt fLiCk Nite

TNT (Middle School Youth Group) 5-6:30pm DISCOVERY (High School Youth Group) 7-8:30 pm (We're Chillin' with a Movie because of SOS)

Monday November 7 (and every Monday Nite) PUSH (High School Bible Discussion & Chat) 7-8 pm Sunday November 13 JAM Youth Worship • 9:50 am All Families, Youth (& everyone else) are invited to this great worship!

TNT (Middle School Youth Group)


“Come & Be Surprised Nite”

DISCOVERY (High School Youth Group) "Rake & Run Nite" EVERYONE Bring a rake!



A person asked…"What is it like to be a Christian?" They replied, "It is like being a pumpkin…God picks you from the patch, brings you in and washes all the dirt off. Then, God cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. God removes the seeds of doubt, the seeds of hate, the seeds of greed, and then God carves you a new joyful, smiling face and puts the light of God inside of you to shine for all the world to see.






We received this letter from the Hinsdale Humane Society:

Sunday School will be participating in the food drive for Hinsdale Community Service (see article on page 2). We will be collecting can goods, paper products and non-perishable food items the month of November. More information will be coming home on Sundays.

Dear Union Church Sunday School, Thank you so much for donating the money you collected through Woof-a-thon that you held Labor Day Weekend, $120.00! We really appreciate your thinking about our homeless animals and their needs. It says a lot about the kind of young people you are and the good job your parents are doing in raising you to care about the less fortunate among us.

UPCOMING EVENTS LOGOS informational mailing the first week of November Christmas Pageant Sign ups start November 13

Thank you for caring, Amy Soumar, Executive Director

Christmas Pageant Rehearsal begins December 4



November is here and Advent begins November 27!

Books make wonderful Christmas gifts, whether a special holiday book added to the collection that comes out every December or a special volume to be treasured all year long for many years.

It’s time to start singing Christmas carols and organizing our Christmas Pageant. This year’s pageant is Unwrapping the Christmas Creche, by Lisa Flinn and Barbara Younger. Lucy Richert has offered to direct our pageant and Gary Wilhelm will lead our singing. Signups for preschool, ages 3 & 4, through 5th grades begin on November 13. You can pick up a registration form in Lisa Madrigal’s office. Practices for the pageant will be during the 9:50 Christian Education hour in the Dining Room beginning the December 4. The pageant is at the 4:00 Christmas Eve Service. We are looking for parent helpers to assist at rehearsals and help with costumes. If you can help, please contact Lisa or Penny. You can pick up a copy of the book during the CE book sale in November (see details at right).

A recent series called Barefoot Books presents anthologies of themed stories. And so we have tales of heroic children, of knights and of pirates, plus stories from the ballet and opera in these beautifully illustrated books. “Magic Hoofbeats” is a volume of horse stories. “Mightier than the Sword” stars brave and clever boys and “Not One Damsel in Distress” gives us strong resourceful girls making their marks on the world. Some Christmas books to look at include, “The Cowboy Christmas: The Miracle at Lone Pine Ridge,” a tale of a daring Christmas Eve rescue from a terrible blizzard, and “Christmas Day in the Morning,” a recently reissued story by Pearl S. Buck which tells of an unforgettable gift from a son to his father. “Unwrapping the Christmas Creche” is new this year and is bound to evoke memories for your family as you do just that. There are also lots of titles for adults, many of which will be highlighted in the next issue of THE GOOD NEWS. Please stop by the display in the Gathering Place every Sunday in November. New titles come in throughout the month so plan to browse more than once. The proceeds from this sale support church libraries, the Resource Center and classroom needs for books and maps. •4•



Unit 6 of the Women’s Association is collecting items to fill 100 stockings to be distributed to children in Chicago’s inner city.

Don’t let that candy go to “waist!”

Suggested donation items include: small toys, pens, pencils, crayons, coloring books, cards, combs, barrettes, toothbrushes, balls, small cars, gloves, hats, candy, etc. All donations are greatly appreciated and can be left in the box in the Gathering Place through November 30. Thank you.



Bring your leftover candy to the Gathering Place. The candy will be used by Women’s Association Unit to fill mugs which will be for sale to young shoppers at our annual Rudolph’s Boutique, and by Unit 4 to fill Christmas stockings.


Saturday, November 19 • 9:00 am–12:00 pm • Rowell Hall and South Parlour Here’s how it works: Your child will be escorted by an adult or older youth “personal shopper” into the shopping area where s/he can select gifts for everyone in the family. We have a “boutique” stocked with many donated items appropriate for giving to parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. The items are very reasonably priced (allow $1-2/per person on each child’s list), and gift-wrapping is included. Could this be any easier? This is also a great way to teach your child about the joy of gift giving. While your child is shopping, you can peruse the delicious baked goods available from our Bake Sale.

SINGLES GROUP UPCOMING EVENTS Are you unsure of what wine to serve at Thanksgiving dinner? Would you like to find a new favorite wine and cheese pairing? Or are you looking for a wine to bring to a holiday party? Well, just in time for the holiday season, Sandy Poor hosts a WINE TASTING EVENT on Friday, November 18, 2005 from 7-9 pm Sandy met with Chris Speir at LaBelle Gourmet in LaGrange and they came up wines that will complete our Thanksgiving dinners. The wines that are suggested are Gramona Cava (sparkling wine), Riesling, Pinot Gris from Oregon (similar in taste to Pino Grigio), California Zinfandel, Pinot Noir and a Port style wine to accompany dessert. The idea of the evening is to serve appetizers that mimic a Thanksgiving dinner and pair them with different wines. Sandy has already volunteered to make pumpkin bars to accompany the Port. The cost is broken down by Chris’ time and the quantity of wine consumed. By estimation, with 13-14 people the cost should be approximately $25-$30 per person. This will be a great time to get together before the craziness of the holidays. Check our website for further details, or contact Mary Concialdi at 847.421.8514, or at, to RSVP, or to obtain additional details regarding the above event. •5•

LA GRANGE AREA TRANSITIONAL HOUSING On Saturday, November 12, 2005, LATH will train volunteers called Life Skills Coaches to work with formerly homeless families who are moving from homelessness to independence. The training is from 10 am to 3 pm at The Pillars office, located at 333 N. LaGrange Road, in the Village Market Shopping Center. For many of us, managing a household, budgeting, and balancing a checkbook are life skills we take for granted. For families overcoming challenging situations, having a mentor or coach increases their ability to learn these life skills which are necessary for independent living and self-sufficiency. Other volunteer opportunities also exist with our Adopt a Family program and the Single Opportunity program which allow for different levels of commitment. Families may choose to sponsor a family around the times of special events or holidays. Or you may choose to assist the program whenever you are available to help distribute/move furniture to families within the program. Any volunteer effort is greatly appreciated. Volunteers are the lifeblood of LATH. Please feel fee to contact Kelli Moore with any questions or to arrange for a speaker at 708.352.1566.







You are invited gain this year to help Erie House (one of our mission agencies) stock its “Christmas Store.” Gifts of toys, games, and new clothing for children ages 2-12 are needed for the 325 children in various Erie House Programs. The “Christmas Store” opens a few days just before Christmas. Parents come by appointment to “shop” at the store. Each parent selects two gifts for each child in their family. Erie House volunteers then wrap the gifts, which the parents take home to give to their children on Christmas Day. We hope that to have the usual enthusiastic response from Union Church members that we have experienced in past years. Place your unwrapped gifts in the boxes marked “Erie House Toys,” located in the Gathering Place near the receptionist desk. If you are unable to deliver your gifts to the church, please call Chuck Armstrong at 630.323.5369.

November 9, 2005 • 12:00 pm Dining Room Ulysses Backus, a long-time resident of Clarendon Hills, presents “Columbian Exposition of 1893.” Mr. Backus is an electrical engineer and a member of the Clarendon Hills Lions Club. He has been interested in world fairs for many years and shares his discoveries with us. If you are not contacted for your reservation, please call the church office at 630.323.4303 before noon on the Monday before the luncheon and make a reservation. Cost is $5 a person. BRING A FRIEND!




Please join us for a 75-minute Hatha Yoga class. The class focuses on meditation, breath work and postures. Experience the many benefits of yoga, including: • release of stress and tension • increase in strength and flexibility • quieting of the mind • inner balance • boost to energy and health • peacefulness The classes are taught by Deborah Miller, RYT, CYT. Deb is a vinyasa flow teacher certified by Moksha Yoga Center of Chicago. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30–10:45 am in the youth room on the upper level. This session runs through November 21 (no class on November 7) at a cost of $96. Participants must bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing. To register, call 630.325.1880 between 9:00 and 5:00.


There will be a Hymn Sing beginning ten minutes before the 8:00 and 11:00 am services on Sunday, November 13, and a Christmas Carol Sing on December 11.


Sunday, November 20 • 12:15 pm The Digital Ministry Team has spent several months renovating and enlivening our church website.

We began having a hymn sing as the Prelude before the 11:00 service on the second Sunday of each month as a way to introduce the New Century Hymnal eleven years ago. We recently had a request to do the same thing at 8:00 services.

But just in case you haven’t taken a look lately, here’s your chance to take a virtual tour of the website. See all the new features and content. Check out the latest information. Find archived information. Provide comments and feedback.

The staff and Music Board would like to know if those of you who attend the 8:00 and 11:00 services would like for us to continue having hymn sings every month.

Join us in the Youth Room after 11:00 worship on November 20 (light snacks provided).



ECP FUNDRAISER AT LILLY PULITZER! November 10 • 6:00–8:00 pm

November 16, 2005 Lilly Pulitzer sells wonderfully unique women’s and children’s clothing. They are located at 29 E. First Street in Hinsdale. Take a look at their wonderful clothing on their website: WWW.LILLYPULITZER.COM.

District 181 teacher Penny Davey leads this very informative session for parents of children entering Kindergarten. 6:30–7:00 Working with classroom materials 7:00–7:45 Presentation and Question/Answer session Join us in Spirit Hall (on the lower level). Light refreshments are provided. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Keldahl, Director of Early Childhood Programs at 630.323.4303.





1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month 7:00 pm • Lounge

November 22 • 10:00 am • Dining Room John Spears from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services speaks at Union Church about the choices facing seniors who are covered by Medicare. Bring your questions, and you will be equipped to make a wise decision about your coverage. The community is invited. This free event is sponsored by the Mental Health Ministry Team.


This discussion, presented by The Hinsdale Library Speakers Series, focuses on Middle Eastern culture, Islamic beliefs and practices and the history of Islam in America. A representative from the Organization of Islamic Speakers will be available for a question and answer session following the presentation. The Hinsdale Public Library Foundation sponsors the Hinsdale Speakers Series. The event is in the large meeting room at the Hinsdale Public Library and admission is free to both teens and adults. For additional information and reservations please call 630.986.1976. OF

This group is for people experiencing depression and those who are dealing with it as family members or friends. We also welcome people who are interested in learning more about depression. The group is facilitated by Amy St. Luce, who is a clinical social worker.



November 15 at 7:30 pm


This is a private event benefitting the Union Church Early Childhood Programs. ECP will earn 10% back from everything purchased that evening. Thank YOU!


The CUE Seminaries of the United Church of Christ: (CUE stands for Chicago, United and Eden, our three mid-west UCC Seminaries. “Please convey to the members of [Union Church] our gratitude for their support for theological education…Your support makes it possible for these schools to prepare ordained and lay pastors for our churches…Thank you for your partnership in preparing future leaders for the church.” •7•



The holidays are wonderful, but for some of us they are also stressful. “Too many gifts to buy, and not enough time to sit by the fireplace.” For others, the holidays are difficult because of the loss of family members or friends. We think, “Thanksgiving won’t be the same this year.” Sound familiar? Nancy Ging (sponsored by the Mental Health Ministry) offers two events to help you prepare for and alleviate the stress of the season. The programs are offered on Sunday, November 13, 12:15–1:30 pm in the Youth Room, and Thursday, November 17, 9:30–11:00 am in Rowell Hall. Join us on the date that fits your schedule. Refreshments will be served.

THE UNION CHURCH OF HINSDALE United Church of Christ 137 S. Garfield Ave., Hinsdale, IL 60521

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Eve worship. If you are not going to be present at the service, but would still like to share in this effort please send in or drop off your check made payable to Union Church, with “LovingNeighbor”in the memo line.

LOVINGNEIGHBOR HURRICANE RELIEF In the month of November we are continuing our work with and its ministry to bring support and aid to Pearlington, Mississippi. Two of our members were a part of the efforts, having traveled to Pearlington to help set up our “home base” and deliver the Home Starter Kits to area residents. Thanks to Fran Evans and Liz Doucette for your generous spirits—we look forward to hearing your stories and witness. Secondly, the Mission Ministry has designated our Thanksgiving Offering to the LovingNeighbor effort. You are all encouraged to share generously at our Thanksgiving

Lastly, we will continue to strive to be a powerful and positive presence in Pearlington. Mission trips are being planned in co-operation with the LovingNeighbor churches (of which Union is a member). The trips are tentatively scheduled for the week around Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas. You are welcome to plan to share in those weeks, or let us know when you are available and we will help you in making that mission trip. If you would like more information, contact Dawn Feller or Rev. Thom Parrott-Sheffer. For even more information see: or

November 6, 2005 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  
November 6, 2005 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  

A church newsletter published by The Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.