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November 7, 2004

A Publication of The Union Church of Hinsdale

Message from the Ministry Team

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35 Celebrating Stewardship Sunday comes November 7, culminating our eight week conversation on the Vital Signs of Healthy Churches. This Sunday, our guest speaker, Dr. Sondra Wheeler, will join us at 8:00 and 11:00 to consider how our call to Christian community informs our daily choices in life. Let me share with you a bit of background for Dr. Wheeler. Sondra Wheeler was educated at Wesleyan University (B.A. 1979) and Yale University (M.A.R 1987, Ph.D.1992.) After teaching at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, she came to Washington D.C. in 1993 to teach at Wesley Theological Seminary. There, she is the Martha Ashby Carr Professor of Christian Ethics, and works in bioethics, the history of theological ethics, and the virtue tradition as well as in biblical ethics. She is the author of Wealth as Peril and Obligation: The New Testament on Possessions (Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1995), Stewards of Life: Bioethics and Pastoral Care (Abingdon, 1996) and a variety of articles in medical ethics, as well as articles and contributions to edited volumes in other

Volume 36, Issue 17

area of theological ethics. Sondra is presently on sabbatical and at work on a third book. She lives in Maryland with her husband and son, and has grown daughters in New York and Chicago.

year, as we give God thanks for all they have meant to those of who loved them. We will recite their names in prayer and honor their legacy of faithfulness to God and to humankind.

Sondra also happens to be my dear friend and colleague. Every minister should be so fortunate as to have a theological ethicist for a friend. And she would tell you that every theological ethicist should have a minister as a friend. We provide checks and balances for one another. The ivory tower hits the streets when we talk about practical concerns of faith life and daily practice in our time. I hope you will join me in welcoming her as our guest preacher and staying for the luncheon to follow to greet her and all your friends at Union Church.

Finally, we gather to celebrate the privilege of sharing our tithes and offerings as gifts of gratitude and commitment. We support with our lives what we confirm with our hearts. God is with us in Christ. The power of God’s spirit is loosed in the world. We’ve a faith story to share with a world hungry to hear it from a community eager to live it, for God’s sake.

The Celebrating Stewardship Luncheon is a feast of gratitude for all of us to give God thanks for God’s abundant care for us. This is a ‘no strings attached’ lunch. It is a free gift, served up by a gathering of your friends: Eleanor Patterson, the Board of Parish Life, and others. If you haven’t yet made your reservation, or if you thought you couldn’t come and your schedule has opened up, we will make room for you. All are welcome at the table. Community life this Sunday starts in worship, which flows through the communion table where we are all united in faith, whatever the outcome of national elections this past week. We come to the table, bound not as a gathering of like-minded individuals, but as a community of faith, rooted in the love of God made known to us in Christ. As a community, we will remember the Saints of the Church this Sunday. AllSaints Sunday, the first Sunday in November, is the time we remember in worship those members of the congregation who have died this past

See you in church this Sunday. Verlee


THE GOOD NEWS is a publication of The Union Church of Hinsdale (United Church of Christ)

Senior Minister: Rev. Verlee A. Copeland Minister for Christian Formation and Education: Dr. Thom Parrott-Sheffer Minister for Membership and Discipleship: Rev. Julie Ruth Harley Director of Youth Ministries: David Knecht Director of Music Ministries: Michael Surratt Director of Choirs: Gary Willhelm Director of Early Childhood Programs: Jennifer Keldahl Acting Director of Children’s Christian Education: Penny Johnson Director of Administration: Mary Bock Financial Manager: Chris Biank Newsletter Editor: Linda Foreman

WORSHIP SERVICES Sundays 8:00, 9:00 and 11:00 am Youth Worship 2nd Sundays at 9:50 am Prayer and Healing Service 3rd Sundays at 7:00 pm Journey Celebration Worship Saturdays at 5:00 pm

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Sundays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

THE UNION CHURCH OF HINSDALE 137 South Garfield Avenue Hinsdale, IL 60521-4298 630.323.4303 (Telephone) 630.323.4407 (Fax)




We believe that God gifts all people of faith. Please share your spiritual gifts of talent and time by finding your match with one of our church ministries: Board of Elders (worship services and spiritual life) Board of Parish Life (fellowship, hospitality, and small group ministries) Board of Trustees (stewardship and resource management) Board of Christian Mission (outreach and service) Board of Christian Social Justice (justice advocacy) Board of Christian Education (life-long Christian formation) Board of Music (music education, music ministry, choirs) Endowment Fund Board (investments and planned giving) Executive Council (church program, policy review and coordination)



Space for personal notices from church members will be made available in each issue of THE GOOD NEWS. These notices will serve as a vehicle to provide pastoral support for people in the church, such as: a person needing help with a family transition; a person who needs employment and is seeking help in a job search; or a person who has an emergency need for transportation or household supplies. These notices will not be used for advertising or marketing a business or for selling any items. Notices should be submitted to Linda Foreman. Church members are encouraged to contact Rev. Julie Ruth Harley if they need long-term support through a small group or other ministry of the church.

Union Church Boards meet on the second Tuesday of each month. For more information, please call or email: Rev. Julie Ruth Harley 630-323-4303, x14 / or Mary Ann Patterson, 630-455-0169 /

NEW MINISTERS INSTALLED NOVEMBER 21 The Rev. Dr. Thom Parrott-Sheffer and the Rev. Julie Ruth Harley will be installed as ministers at Union Church at a special worship service from 3:00–4:00 pm on Sunday, November 21, in our sanctuary. As a United Church of Christ congregation, we are inviting our members, the Hinsdale Ministerium, and other UCC churches in our cluster to attend, as well as our mission partners and former clergy staff. The Rev. Michael Denton, Co-Association minister of the Chicago Metropolitan Association UCC, will join us. Michael Surratt will give the charge to the ministers and the Rev. Verlee A. Copeland will offer the charge to the congregation. The Chancel Choir and Brandon Parrott-Sheffer will provide special music. The search committee members for both clergy are hosting a reception afterwards in the Gathering Place. Join us as we welcome our new staff!


ACCOUNTING-BUSINESS MANAGER POSITION AVAILABLE The Illinois Conference United Church of Christ office in Westchester is seeking an experienced full-time general business manager. This individual will be responsible for all aspects of accounting office, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, taxes, general journal, cash management, financial reporting and analysis, benefits administration and staff supervision. An associate degree in business preferred and experience with PC and network environments required. Competitive salary and full benefit package. Fax resume with salary expectations to 708.344.4564.

Did You Hear the News???? David and Pam are Moving...

Midnight falls on screaming ghouls Who hear the rumors of the Uth Guy’s move Terror strikes, the sun grows dark Yes, before the rumor mill gets started Pam and I thought And all around the earth’s roots part we ought to set the record straight. We are in fact moving, A breathless moment leaves youth stiff but we aren't moving away. After 15 years in our wonderful home on So Quincy Street, we've decided to expand, Till its known its just across 55th! inside and out, and have found a new home at 233 Meadowbrook Ln., just south of 55th street off of Elm. We really didn't need the space just for the two of us, but we felt strongly that we wanted to continue and expand our ministry with kids and families in our home. It became quite clear that we didn't really have the space to do that where we currently live, so we have taken a giant leap of faith. We closed on our new home on September 30th, but unfortunately the contract we had on our existing home has fallen through. So, aside from juggling two mortgages, at least for the time being we are staying in our current house hoping it shows better with us living there - and praying everyday that a wonderful family comes along (soon), to be great new stewards of a place that has meant so much to us We're trying to stay positive and faithful, trusting God that this was the right thing to do. Please keep us, and our home selling efforts, in your prayers. If you know anyone “who's looking", please let us know. We are really looking forward to having you share in, and being a part of our new home!

NEW High School Young Men's Group Let me tell you about a great new opportunity just for high school guys to "strut their stuff" around Union Church. I know you guys have asked the questions and sought the answers (if only even quietly in your own head) to stuff like…What is my faith? How do I help it grow? How do I start living that faith out without feeling like a jerk or loser about it? Who is really going to win the World Series this year? Or the Election? Join Ellis Copeland and me every Sunday morning at 9:50AM in the Union Church Library. I know this means you actually have to get up, pull yourself together, and then drag yourself over to church - but, I know it'll be worth it. There's no hard and fast agenda, no home work, just some good times with the guys to

EAT (if you want to), and sort through some of this stuff together since I know you're all asking yourselves the same things. All Guys Invited at 9:50AM - Every Sunday! (Library)

Cool Youth Stuff TNT - Middle School Fun & Fellowship / Sundays 5 -6:30PM NOV 7th > Pizza and Movie Nite!!! DISCOVERY – High School Fellowship / Sundays 7:30 -9PM NOV 7th > Special Post TRICK or TREAT NITE Everyone bring a Flashlight & Rake For an AWESOME nite of “Treating” PUSH – High School Bible Discussion Every Monday Night, 7 -8PM •3•



The Christian Education Holiday Book Sale continues through November. Books are on display in the Gathering Place from 8:30 every Sunday morning until 1:00 pm. We hope you will take the time to stop by more than once to peruse the ever-changing selections.

• 7th Grade Pre-confirmation teachers beginning January 16, 2005

The Christian Education Book Sale is not just for children. There is a wide selection of holiday books for all ages, wonderful picture books, chapter books for older children, theological and devotional materials, parenting and family life books and some things that just qualify as good reads. Many of the things offered have been recommended by someone you know at Union Church. There are a number of books that explore important family issues. ABOVE ALL, BE KIND: RAISING A HUMANE CHILD IN CHALLENGING TIMES, helps families develop compassion and empathy in a society which often seems to devalue those important characteristics. THE MIDDLE SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE covers everything your “tween” would like to know about these years and helps parents better understand the pressures their kids face. OUR LAST BEST SHOT: GUIDING OUT CHILDREN THROUGH EARLY ADOLESCENCE helps parents guide their 10-14 year olds through some difficult years for both the grown ups and the children. All the proceeds from this sale support church libraries and classrooms. Please stop by the Gathering Place for a look on Sundays in November from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. In the unlikely event that there is nothing of interest to you or someone you know, consider buying and donating a book to Aunt Mary’s Reading Program, a ministry that supports incarcerated mothers reading books to their children. We are happy to accept your cash, check or credit card (no debit cards, please) and, as always, we would be delighted to hear your comments and suggestions.

• We are in need of some volunteers to help with costumes, props and set removal for the Christmas Pageant.

• 3’s & 4’s teachers at 11:00 beginning January 9, 2005 If you can help us in any of these areas, please contact Penny Johnson or Lisa Madrigal in the office.

CHILDREN’S STEWARDSHIP During the last few weeks of October our Church School children and youth were given their own Stewardship Card. This card is provided to the children simply because we, as a Church, are engaged in our Annual Stewardship Campaign. St. Paul said that little children are to be numbered among the people of God, and so we affirm them. The purpose of this card is multidimensional: • As our children are fully an integral part of the Body of Christ, their Stewardship is as highly valued by the Church as all others; • It is an “educational” moment for the family, to discuss the meaning of faithful Stewardship and to begin to encourage a life-long pattern of generosity; and • It provides an opportunity for the children and youth to learn to appreciate that all their “wealth” comes from God; and we are responsible for giving back a portion in joyous response. It should be understood that the Church School Stewardship Projects are certainly a part of the total Stewardship of the children and youth—and should be reflected in how the cards are filled out. Participation in these projects are one way in which our children and youth are encouraged to support the ministry of Union Church and the Church Universal. Our November Stewardship Project (along with the adult members) is the collection of canned goods for the Hinsdale Community Center (see article on page 7).

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Our Christmas Pageant, “Tinsel Day,” will be held on December 24 at the 4:00 service. All children, ages 3 through 5th grades, are welcome to participate in the Pageant. Registration forms are in Lisa Madrigal's office. If you are interested in a speaking part, please fill out that section on the registration form and return it by November 14. Practices will be held during the 9:50 Christian Education hour on Sundays, December 5, 12, and 19. There is a dress rehearsal practice on Wednesday, December 22 from 11:30-2:00 with a pizza lunch. Please mark your calendars for the practices and return the registration forms as early as possible. All children are welcome during the 9:50 hour whether or not they are participating in the pageant.


BIBLE STUDY WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS “Women of a Certain Age” completed their first class this fall on Thursday morning, studying the lives and faith of women of the Bible. We welcome new members to this group as Session II begins November 11 with a study of Scoundrels of the Bible, the Bad Boys and Bad Girls of Scripture. Please join us on Thursday, November 11 at 9:00 am in the church lounge.

WE’D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING... ONE PERSON AT A TIME The Bible says, “sing unto the Lord.” It also says, “make a joyful noise.” We can help you learn to “sing a new song.” Come to Singing 101, led by Patricia Hurd. Join us on Thursdays, November 11, 18 and December 2 in the Choral Room from 6:15–7:15 pm. Prior singing experience is not required. If you have ever wanted to, thought about or seriously considered singing in a choir, this is a great first step. We guarantee you’ll have fun with hymns and Hurd!


Jack Hetherington died on October 20th; his memorial service was held on October 23rd. Barbara Schuler died on October 25th; her memorial service was held on October 30th. Barbara is the daughter of Rae Gerler and sister of Diane Stowe.

Recordings of 11:00 am worship services are available on CD or cassette tape for $2 each. Contact Michael Surratt for details.

Dick Hill’s son, Jeff died on October 18th. Win Black’s sister recently died in California.

VOLUNTEER IN 2005 TO SERVE THOSE IN NEED AT THE GOOD NEWS COMMUNITY KITCHEN On the fourth Sunday of each month, Union Church supplies the food and servers (member volunteers) for the Good New Community Kitchen (GNCK) in Rogers Park. The GNCK is open 365 evenings each year serving dinners to about 120 persons every night. Union Church has proudly supported the GNCK for the past six years. Won’t you donate a few hours of your time in 2005? This is a perfect response to the recent Time and Talents Survey! The time commitment is small (3:15–7:15 pm), but the reward is great. We need volunteers to serve on the fourth Sunday of each month in 2005. To volunteer, call Barri Maaske at 630-654-8270. Thank you for your support!

The Union Church family expresses its sympathies to these and other families who have recently lost loved ones. We keep them in our prayers.




Men’s Club Luncheon Wednesday, November 10, 2004 • 12:00 pm Michael Breier (CPA, CITP— Senior Auditing and Consulting Partner with Shepard Schwartz & Harris LLP, Chicago) presents those at or near retirement age with some common sense advice on managing their financial and tax affairs. The discussion will touch on topics such as investing and managing risk, estate plans, tax saving opportunities, charitable gifting and a couple of pitfalls to avoid. The Union Church Men’s Club meets at the church the second Wednesday of each month. Each gathering features a luncheon and meeting with speakers on a variety of subjects or musical programs, and an opportunity to enjoy good fellowship. All men of the Church and the community are invited. Friends are welcome!




How can you help your child learn about the joy of giving this Christmas without having to spend a lot of money or make a trip (or trips!) to the mall?

Don’t let your leftover Halloween candy go to “waist.” The Women’s Association will find a useful home for your candy:

Come to Rudolph’s Boutique and Bake Sale on Saturday, November 20 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, in Rowell Hall and South Parlor

Unit 4 will use some to fill coffee mugs that will be on sale on Saturday, November 20 in Rudolph’s Boutique, a unique shopping experience for young children—the rest of the candy will go to Unit 6 to help fill the stockings they prepare for disadvantaged children.

Grown-up “personal shoppers” will assist your child in selecting, purchasing and wrapping gifts gifts for everyone on his or her list. Prices are very reasonable— allow about $1–$2 for each person on the list. Meanwhile, you can browse through the delicious baked goods on sale.

You’ll find a box under the shelf in the office wing and also one in the alcove kitchen.

STOCKING STUFFERS NEEDED Unit 6 of the Women’s Association is collecting stocking stuffers for children served by City Limits Ministries. The children who will receive the stockings are living in the inner city or extremely deprived areas around Chicago. For many, the stocking stuffers are the only Christmas gifts they will receive.

Don’t miss this! It not only makes Christmas shopping with your children easy—it’s fun! All proceeds benefit the programs and benevolences of the Women’s Association.

All donations will be gratefully accepted and appreciated. Suggestions include: candy, dolls, balls, hair ribbons or barrettes, story books, coloring books and crayons, necklaces, small cars, etc. Even “necessities” are welcome: toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs, socks, gloves, shoelaces, hats, pencils, pens.




Last year members of the Women's Associaton, spearheaded by Unit 3, packed 3000 cookies for The Night Ministry, one of the missions supported by Union Church. These cookies were distributed to children and adults who visited TNM's bus which makes many nighttime stops in Chicago. These cookies were most appreciated, especially on Christmas Eve, so Unit 3 is again organizing a packing event.

Donations of stocking stuffers (for children up to age 12) should be placed in the box marked “Stocking Stuffers” located in the Gathering Place through Monday, November 29. Thank you for your generosity.

The cookie packaging takes place on Wednesday, November 10, at 9:30 am, at the home of Cathy Schultz. The packing is simple. All we do is place four Oreo cookies in a zippered plastic bag.


Oreo cookies, small donations to purchase the cookies, and people to package the cookies are all needed. Please call Cathy Schultz at 630-323-0850 if you can lend support to this effort.

Thursday, December 2 • 1:00 pm Washington Square The Reverend John Biegert is our very special guest at this year’s Women’s Association Silver Tea.

Also, a sign-up list for packers and/or cookie donators will be passed at Unit Meetings.

This is a lovely way to get into the spirit of the season. Spend a relaxing afternoon with friends, enjoy music of the season, and, of course, partake of lots of tasty goodies. Everyone is welcome!

Packing the Oreos helps The Night Ministry a great deal. Plus the event is a time to visit with church people on an informal basis. •6•

HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW: A SECRET STORY OF QUILTS AND THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD Monday, November 29 • 1:00 pm Our resident quilting expert, Grace Deal, will lead a discussion about this fascinating history by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard. The story deals with the time around the Civil War and how quilt patterns like the wagon wheel, log cabin, and shoofly signaled slaves how and when to prepare for their journey. Stitching and knots created maps, showing slaves the way to safety. The group will meet in the South Parlor at Union Church. As always, you don’t need to read the book to come. Everyone is welcome—bring a friend!

MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY Bible Inquiry meets on Mondays from 7:00–8:30 pm. We begin a new series November 1: David: From Teen through King. This is a study of the life and rule of King David. Join us for all, or part, of this lively discussion.

UNION CHURCH HOSTS COMMUNITY PRAYER SERVICE The Open and Affirming Task Force invites you to a Community Prayer Service on Wednesday, December 1: World Aids Day. Join us as we gather in the chapel at 7:00 pm to pray for healing and compassion in today’s world.

FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT SITUATION WANTED Our experienced nursery person, Pam Cole is looking for full-time employment. Pam’s qualifications include: • 15 years experience as a professional nanny • Great references • Enjoys the challenges of home-based child care • Mature, self-motivated, hard-working individual • Creative, active person with excellent communication skills • Relates well to children and adults alike • Excellent driving record For further information, contact Pam at 630.660.2872 or talk with her on Sunday mornings in the nursery after worship!

FOOD PANTRY COLLECTIONS As we prepare to celebrate the bounty that we have been given, let’s take a few moments to help those who are not as fortunate as we are. The Hinsdale Community Service Food Pantry serves an average of 21 families per day. Your donations are needed. The pantry accepts all kinds of donations, but the greatest need is for: Canned Tuna Canned Vegetables Rice

Canned Fruit Spaghetti Sauce Jelly

Canned Meat Products Peanut Butter Pasta

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Laundry Detergent, Diapers (size 4, 5, 6) Beginning November 14, gifts of non-perishable food items should be brought to the collection site in the northeast corner of the sanctuary. Cash and gift-certificates should be brought to the church office or given to Rev. Thom Parrott-Sheffer. Thank you for your generosity as we share our abundance.


Join us for a joyous, spirit-ffilled worship experience...for all ages

We will meet every Monday beginning November 15 at 6:30 am at Cosi Restaurant (at the Hinsdale train station). We use the lectionary Scripture, so we will be studying what the preacher will use the following Sunday. All men are invited and encouraged to attend—especially commuters (we ARE at the train station, after all). The breakfast is led by Dr. Thom Parrott-Sheffer.

Journey Band members (left to right): Thom Parrott-Sheffer, Cara Stevens, Kim Copeland, Pam Knecht, Ken Pletcher, Kyle Mann, and Jordan Pedersen. Not pictured: Jay Eigel and Katie Sims.


THE UNION CHURCH OF HINSDALE United Church of Christ 137 S. Garfield Ave., Hinsdale, IL 60521

Calendar of Events Sunday, November 7 8:30 am CE Book Sale 9:50 am Sunday School, Workshop Rotation and Children in Worship 9:50 am Pre-Confirmation 9:50 am High School Young Men’s Group 9:50 am Young Women’s Group 9:50 am Adult Education 11:00 am Sunday School (ages 3, 4 & 5) 11:00 am Children’s Church 12:15 pm Celebrate Stewardship Luncheon 1:00 pm Allegro Handbells Rehearsal 5:00 pm TNT 7:30 pm DISCOVERY Monday, November 8 9:30 am Yoga class 4:15 pm Sacred Arts Committee 4:45 pm Children’s Choir rehearsal 6:30 pm Tai Chi Ch’uan (beginner) 7:00 pm Bible Study 7:00 pm P.U.S.H. 7:30 pm Tai Chi Ch’uan (advanced) Tuesday, November 9 8:30 am Chapel Worship 5:00 pm Allegretto Bells Rehearsal 5:30 pm A.A. Meeting 7:00 pm All Board Ministry Meetings Wednesday, November 10 7:00 am Prayer Group 9:00 am Communion at KB and Chateau Village 9:30 am Yoga Class 9:30 am Night Ministry Cookie Packing 12:00 pm Men’s Club Luncheon 6:30 pm Youth Choir Rehearsal 7:00 pm Ministries Membership Night 7:30 pm Women’s Association Planning Meeting Thursday, November 11 9:00 am Lay Visitors Meeting 9:00 am Women’s Bible Study 1:00 pm Kerygma 6:15 pm Singing 101 7:30 pm CODA 7:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal Friday, November 12 4:00 pm Mennonite Center Seminar Saturday, November 13 7:30 am Mennonite Center Seminar 8:00 am Sharing and Caring Group 5:00 pm Journey Celebration Worship

Sunday, November 14 8:30 am CE Book Sale 9:50 am Sunday School, Workshop Rotation and Children in Worship 9:50 am Adult Education 9:50 am JAM Youth Worship 9:50 am Newcomers Group (joins today) 11:00 am Sunday School (ages 3, 4 & 5) 11:00 am Children’s Church 1:00 pm Allegro Handbells Ensemble Rehearsal 5:00 pm TNT 7:30 pm DISCOVERY Monday, November 15 9:30 am Yoga class 4:45 pm Children’s Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm Tai Chi Ch’uan (beginner) 7:00 pm Bible Study 7:00 pm P.U.S.H. 7:30 pm Tai Chi Ch’uan (advanced) Tuesday, November 16 8:30 am Chapel Worship 5:00 pm Allegretto Bells Rehearsal 5:30 pm A.A. Meeting 7:00 pm Executive Council Meeting 7:00 pm Journey Worship Team Meeting Wednesday, November 17 7:00 am Prayer Group 9:00 am Women’s Bible Study 9:30 am Yoga Class 6:30 pm Youth Choir rehearsal 7:00 pm “How Children Learn” Seminar 7:00 pm Opena and Affirming Task Force Thursday, November 18 9:00 am Women’s Bible Study 9:00 am Women’s Association Board Meeting 1:00 pm Kerygma 6:15 pm Singing 101 7:00 pm Health Ministries Team Meeting 7:30 pm CODA 7:30 pm Chancel Choir rehearsal Friday, November 19 6:30 pm Scrapbook 101 Saturday, November 20 9:00 am Rudolph’s Boutique and Bake Sale 5:00 pm Journey Celebration Worship

November 7, 2004 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  

A church newsletter published by The Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.

November 7, 2004 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  

A church newsletter published by The Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.