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April 17,  2011                    A  Publication  of  The  Union  Church  of  Hinsdale,  U.C.C.                    Volume  43,  Issue    8  

ON THE  WAY  WITH  JESUS   When  they  had  come  near  Jerusalem  and  had  reached  Bethphage,  at  the  Mount  of  Olives,  Jesus  sent  two  disciples,   saying   to   them,   ‘Go   into   the   village   ahead   of   you,   and   immediately   you   will   find   a   donkey   tied,   and   a   colt   with   her;   untie  them  and  bring  them  to  me.      Matthew  21:1-­‐2    

Marcus Borg,   a   New   Testament   scholar,   explains   that   on   the   same   day   that   Jesus   and   his   parade   entered   Jerusalem  from  the  east  gate,  Pontius  Pilate  and  his  troops  entered  Jerusalem  from  the  west  gate  in  preparation   of  the  Passover  festival.    One  entered  on  a  donkey,  as  a  sign  of  peace,  and  the  other  entered  in  a  show  of  force.     One  was  there  to  keep  the  peace  and  the  other  was  there  to  change  the  world.    These  two  men  would  meet  for   the  first  time  on  the  Friday  of  that  week.    That  meeting  changed  the  course  of  history.     Holy   Week   is   about   the   drama   of   life,   the   abuse   of   power   by  humanity,   the   fear   and   shortcomings   of   people,   and   the  power  of  God  through  Jesus  Christ  to  overcome  and  transform  all  of  it.    Holy  Week  is  our  opportunity  to  see   ourselves  in  the  crowds,  in  the  disciples,  in  the  Jerusalem  officials  and  in  the  Roman  oppressors.    Holy  Week  is  our   opportunity  to  be  amazed  at  God’s  redeeming  love  and  transforming  care  for  us.    Holy  Week  is  our  opportunity  to   walk   with   Jesus   one   last   time   and   be   caught   up   in   the   mystery   and   wonder   of   God   at   work   among   us.     Holy   Week   leads  to  Easter,  which  means  new  life  for  us!     I  would  like  to  invite  you  to  walk  with  Jesus  at  Union  Church  during  Holy  Week  this  year  and  be  caught  up  in  the   drama   and   meaning   of   this   holy   week.     You   can   read   more   about   Holy   Week   opportunities   in   this   issue   of   the   Good  News.     You  can  also  read  about  worship  in  May  and  June  in  this  issue  as  well.  We  have  published  the  activities  of  May   and  June  because  I  will  be  away  from  Union  Church  during  those  months  on  medical  leave.    A  removal  of  a  tumor   from   my   spinal   cord   will   require   a   10-­‐week   recovery   period.     The   staff   and   I,   with   the   help   of   lay   leadership,   have   put   things   in   place   so   the   quality   and   excitement   of   life   at   Union   Church   will   continue.     Meanwhile,   the   Transitional   Steering   Committee   will   be   planning   our   next   round   of   transition   with   cottage   meetings   for   all   members  of  the  congregation  in  the  fall.     You  have  been  very  gracious  and  supportive  of  my  medical  situation  and  I  appreciate  your  prayers  and  care  during   this   time.     I   have   established   a   “Caringbridge”   website   so   that   you   can   have   first   hand   reports   about   what   is   happening  to  me.    I  invite  you  to  visit  my  site  at         Like   the   disciples   of   Jesus,   we   ride   into   the   future   not   knowing   what   lies   ahead   but   trusting   that   God   is   with   us   to   help  us  find  our  way.     In  hope  and  peace!     Rev.  Dr.  Tom  Zoelzer   Transitional  Senior  Minister  

Invitation to Faith: Transformative Worship

Our Staff   Transitional Minister: Rev. Dr. Tom Zoelzer Associate Minister: Rev. Dr. Thom Parrott-Sheffer Director of Children’s Christian Education: Penny Johnson Director of Youth Formation: Jeremy Hylen Director of Music Ministries: Michael Surratt Director of the Chancel Choir: Todd Diehl Director of Contemporary Music: Brad Nye Director of Children and Youth Choirs: Roberta Wentling Assistant Handbell Director: Elizabeth Jung Director of Early Childhood Programs: Jennifer Keldahl Senior Operations Manager: Merrilee Hall Financial Manager: Gaby Perez Project Manager: Joel Gratcyk Communications Assistant: Melanie Burton Buildings and Grounds: Jim Vojtek, Bob Brija

Join us  for  Holy  Week  

Sunday,  April  17  –  Palm  Sunday   9:00  a.m.  –  Traditional  Worship    /    10:30  a.m.  –  Contemporary  Worship     Thursday,  April  21  –  Maundy  Thursday  –  7:00  p.m.   Join  us  in  the  sanctuary  as  we  remember  the  night  Jesus  spent  in  the  upper  room   with  his  disciples,  including  communion  and  a  Tennebrae  service.     Friday,  April  22  –  Good  Friday  –  12:00  p.m.   Join  us  in  the  chapel  for  the  seven  last  words  Jesus  spoke  from  the  cross.     Friday-­‐Sunday,  April  22-­‐24  –  Easter  Vigil  –  2:00  p.m.   Sign  up  to  be  in  Vigil.    A  time  of  reflection,  walking  the  Labyrinth,  being  in  silence  –   preparing  ourselves  to  receive  Easter.     Sunday,  April  24  –  Easter  Sunday  Worship     6:30  a.m.  -­‐  Sunrise  Service,  in  the  Youth  Room     9:00  a.m.  -­‐  Traditional  Worship,  with  Gargoyle  Brass  and  Chancel  Choir     11:00  a.m.  -­‐  A  Joyous  Blended  Worship,  with  Gargoyle  Brass,  Chancel  Choir,                                              Cantate!  and  Joyful  Noise  Band     Please  note  that  the  9  a.m.  and  11  a.m.  worships  are  NOT  the  same  style  or   content.    They  will  be  quite  different  from  each  other  but  both  powerful.  


2011 Easter  Offering     to  Benefit  HCS  Family  Services  

WORSHIP SERVICES Sunday Worship 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Prayer and Healing Service 3rd Sundays at 7:00 p.m. CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sundays 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Union Church of Hinsdale 137 S. Garfield Ave Hinsdale, IL 60521 (630) 323.4303



The Christian   Mission   Ministry   invites   you   to   support   the   2011   Easter   offering   recipient,   HCS   Family   Services.   HCS   is   a   compassionate   not-­‐for-­‐profit   organization   which   has   been   serving  the  residents  of  Southeast  DuPage  County  since  1937.       Our   offering  will   support   the   “Parent   Mentor”   program   for   any   family   in   their   service   area   wanting   to   improve   their   parenting   skills.   The   Parent   Mentor   Program   empowers   and   strengthens   the   family   unit   by   cultivating   parental   coping   skills.   Families   supported   through   mentoring   can   be   helped   to   develop   new   ways   to   perceive   and   respond   to   stressful   situations,   and   new   ways   to   effectively   parent   their   children,   thereby   reducing   the  risk  of  child  neglect.       If  you  have  any  questions  or  comments  about  this  year's  offering  please  feel  free  to   contact  Barb  Early,  HCS  Family  Services’  liaison,  from  the  Mission  Ministry.  

Invitation to  Faith:  Christian  Formation  for  Children  

Sunday, May  1,  2011    

Jesus said.  ‘Feed  my  lambs.’  John  21:15     Let  us  join  together  in  writing  letters  to  our  Nation’s  decision-­‐makers.    Our  advocacy  for   an  accountable  and  focused  effort  to  reduce  world  poverty  counts!!!!!!     Curious  for  more  information?    Go  to     “I  am  about  to  do  a  new  thing;  now  it  springs  forth,  do  you  not  perceive  it?”    Isaiah  43:  19  


Memorial Park  –  Wheaton   Free  food,  music,  and   fun  and  games  for  the  kids.    


For more  information  or  details,     please  contact  Tim  Walker  at  630  683-­‐3846  x222  or  


Cornerstone Family Health & Cornerstone Christian Health Services invite you to join us as we celebrate eight years of ministry!

Friday May 13, 2011 Doors open at 6:30 p.m. – program begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. at

Christ Church of Oakbrook

(enter south side of church building at door #2) Kindly RSVP on or before Friday May 6, 2011 at or (630) 734.3044


Invitation to Faith: Mission and Social Justice

VBS 2011:  Don’t  Monkey  Around Get Ready for Safari Fun at

Dates:  June  20-­‐24,  2011   Times:  12:45  -­‐  3:30  p.m.   Cost:  $30   Registration  is  now  open!!!  


At VBS  this  year,  the  children  will  be  embarking  on  a  prayer  safari.    Through  their  adventures,  they  will  discover  that  “God   Listens,”  “God  Provides,”  “God  Forgives,”  “God  Protects,”  and  “God  Rules.”    We  will  have  a  great  time  with  lively  songs,   hilarious  skits,  creative  crafts,  exciting  games,  Bible  stories  and  tasty  snacks  –all  of  the  things  that  make  Vacation  Bible   School  so  much  fun  for  kids.    And  we  will  be  learning  the  Lord’s  prayer.    So  don’t  monkey  around  and  sign  up  today!     registration  forms  are  outside  Penny’s  office.    If  you  are  interested  in  being  a  safari  teacher  or  junior  volunteer,  please  let   Penny  or  Melanie  know.        

Souper Stewardship      

The last  few  Sundays  of  Lent  we  will  be  finishing  our  soup  ministry  Sunday  School  offering.    Every  Monday  a  group  of  men   and  women  prepare  soup  to  be  taken  to  the  San  Lucas  soup  kitchen  on  Tuesday.    San  Lucas  is  located  in  Chicago’s  tough   Humboldt  Park  area.    It  provides  much  needed  services  to  the  community,  including  assistance  for  teenage  mothers,   alternative  programs  to  gang  membership,  emergency  food,  clothing  and  counseling.      The  3s  &  4s  Sunday  School  class   continues  to  lead.    They  are  the  Souper  Class.    Thanks  to  all  the  kids  for  continuing  to  support  the  soup  ministry.        

Seder Celebration  and  Meal   Sunday,  April  17      3:00  PM   On  Palm  Sunday,  members  are  invited  to  share  a  Seder  meal  together.    

A Seder  is  the  Jewish  Passover  meal  which  commemorates  the  delivery  of  the  Israelites   from  slavery  in  Egypt.    The  Passover  is  both  an  actual  meal  and  a  sacramental  meal.     The  Seder  service  takes  place  annually  in  the  home,  on  the  first  two  nights  of  Passover.     The  foods  eaten  are  symbols  of  spiritual  truths  and  past  events.    The  event  itself  is  an   “intergenerational”  learning  experience.         Everyone  is  invited  to  attend  the  Seder  service  and  supper.    Since  we  will  be  serving  a  meal  as  part  of  this  event,  please   let  us  know  if  you  plan  to  come.    Reservations  can  be  made  completing  a  card  that  is  on  a  table  in  the  Gathering  Place  or   by  calling  Melanie  at  630  323-­‐4303.    A  goodwill  offering  will  be  taken  to  cover  the  cost  of  the  food;  any  additional  money   received  will  be  placed  in  the  Summer  Work  Tour  fund.    

Gospel on  the  Go,  the  special  class  during  Lent  for  Middle  School  students,  will   th meet  in  the  church’s  main  kitchen  for  our  last  class  (April  17 ).    As  we  have  been   doing,  we  will  have  breakfast  and  then  we  will  prepare  some  of  the  food  and  items   needed  for  the  Seder  service  and  supper  that  will  be  held  at  3:00  pm  that   afternoon.    If  students  can’t  come  to  the  morning  class,  they  and  their  family  are   invited  to  attend  the  Seder.    Please  email  Jer  with  your  reservation  for  the  supper   and  to  also  let  him  know  if  you  will  be  there  on  Sunday  morning.     Students  who  have  not  been  able  to  attend  this  class     previously  are  welcome  to  come  to  this  last  session.  


Invitation to  Faith:  Community  &  Church  Life   Rev.  Tom  Zoelzer  will  be  on  medical  leave  in  May  and  June,  but  the  work  and  ministry     of  Union  Church  goes  on.    We  are  planning  exciting  and  powerful  worship  services     during  May  and  June.    Be  part  of  these  events:    

May 1:           May  8:       May  15:       May  22:               May  29:       June  5:                             June  12:               June  19:      

Sundays in  May  and  June:    “Being  a  Witness”  

Worship  led  by  the  Spring  Work  Tour  participants  at  both  9:00  and  10:30  a.m.   Worship  followed  by  our  Annual  Bread  for  the  World  Campaign   MUSIC  SUNDAY,  at  both  9:00  and  10:30  a.m.  will  include  the  premier  of  Psalm  46,  composed  by  Will  White  in     honor  of  Michael  Surratt’s  retirement.  The  piece  includes  choir,  brass,  organ  and  bells.     Worship  led  by  the  members  of  our  Simple  Supper  Bible  Studies  at  both  9:00  and  10:30  a.m.   CONFIRMATION  SUNDAY,  at  both  9:00  and  10:30  a.m.   The  Rite  of  Confirmation  will  be  held  at  9:00  and  the  Dedication  of  the  Confirmands  will  occur     at  10:30  p.m.    Come  for  both  services!   Memorial  Day  Worship  led  by  Jeremy  Hylen  at  9:00  and  at  10:30  a.m.   9:00  a.m.  –  DEDICATION  AND  CELEBRATION.   The  portrait  of  Rev.  Dr.  Verlee  A.  Copeland  will  be  unveiled  and  dedicated.   Rev.  Jonathan  Knight,  of  the  Illinois  Conference,  will  be  providing  the  message.   10:30  a.m.  –  CHRISTIAN  FORMATION  SUNDAY   Penny  and  Jeremy  will  lead  the  worship  in  celebration  of  our  Christian  Formation  Ministry  and     an  appreciation  of  our  teachers   PENTECOST  SUNDAY,  one  worship  service  at  10:00  a.m.  -­‐  This  service  will  be  followed  by  the  Church  Picnic.   Join  us  as  we  celebrate  the  birthday  of  the  Church,  celebrate  New  Member  Sunday  and     Commission  our  Bell  Tour.    Special  liturgy  and  special  music  is  being  planned.     Worship  is  led  by  Thom  Parrott-­‐Sheffer  at  9:00    and  Jeremy  Hylen  at  10:30.  

Thank you  for  your  support!    

I would  like  to  thank  everyone  for  your  stewardship  of  time,  talent,  and  treasure  during  the  first  three  months  of  2011!   Many  of  you  heard  the  call  for  meaningful  giving  and  joyous  Christian  service  even  in  difficult  times,  and  you  have   responded!    What  a  blessing!    In  the  next  Good  News,  our  church  treasurer  will  give  more  details  about  the  first  three   months  of  this  year.    But  for  now,  thank  you  for  your  support  and  keep  it  up!     I  can  also  report  that  in  2011  Union  Church's  Stewardship  Committee  will  be  a  year  around  ministry  of  the  congregation  to   educate  us  and  inspire  us  about  faithful  and  meaningful  sharing  as  disciples  of  Jesus  Christ.    They  will  be  including  monthly   articles  and  updates  in  the  Good  News  and  on  the  website.    Thank  you  for  your  ministry  of  stewardship  so  that  the  work  of   Christ  is  proclaimed  and  lived  in  this  place!     Rev.  Dr.  Tom  Zoelzer   Transitional  Senior  Minister  


Invitation to Faith: Mission and Social Justice

Orders due  Wednesday,  April  27   Top  three  reasons  to  order  from  Market  Day  this  month:  

1.)  Fire  up  the  grill!   Check  out  the  “Mixed  Grill”  selection.    This  is  a  variety  of  delicious  products  perfect  for  outdoor  grilling.       2.)  Dessert!   April  brings  “Dessert  Bonus  Days”  when  the  Allegro  Handbell  Ensemble  earns  extra  profit  from  sales  of  their  most   mouth-­‐watering  pies  and  cheesecakes     3.)  FREE  STUFF!  Who  can  resist  that?    If  you  place  an  order  of  $80  or  more  online  only,  and  enter  the  bonus  code   APRBONUS,  you  will  receive  a  free  2  lb.  tray  of  delicious  manicotti—a  wonderful  and  easy  family  meal.  

Orders due  April  27!   Paper  orders  may  be  dropped  off  in  the  narthex  or  just  inside   the  north  parking  lot  doors.     Online  orders  (  are  due  by  11  p.m.   Remember,  if  you’re  ordering  online,  please  specify  the   Allegro  Handbell  Ensemble  as  “your  organization.”    Our   account  number  is  1359.  If  you  have  any  questions  or   problems,  please  call  Lucy  Tarabour  at  630-­‐920-­‐0636  or  Mary   Jaworski  at  630-­‐734-­‐  1046.         th Order  pick  up  is  Saturday,  April  30  from  9:30  to  10:00  am  in   the  Garfield  St.  drive-­‐through.     The  Sweden-­‐bound  Allegro  Handbell  Ensemble  thanks  you  for  your  support!  

Help Chart  the  Destiny  for     Adult  Christian  Formation  

A short,  on-­‐line  survey  (from  Survey  Monkey)  will  be  emailed  to  those   who  receive  church  emails  in  the  very  near  future.    This  survey  will  help   the  Adult  Christian  Formation  committee  shape  the  future  of  our  adult   educational  and  formation  program.  


Please take  10  minutes  and  chart  our  course!  



If you  do  not  receive  the  church’s  emails  you  can  still  participate  by  filling  out  a  survey  on  Palm  Sunday!   Please  complete  by  April  30,  thank  you.  

Invitation to  Faith:  Community  &  Church  Life  

Youth Events  Calendar     TNT  (Sunday  Nights  5-­‐6:30pm)         High  School     April  17  –  Seder  Dinner  @  3  p.m.         April  17  –  Seder  Dinner  @  3  p.m.       (families  are  invited)           (families  are  invited)   April  24  –  NO  TNT:    Easter           April  24  –  NO  Youth  Group:    Easter     May  1  –  Mini-­‐Golf             May  1  –  Work  Tour  Sunday  @  9/10:30  worship                   May  1  –  Youth  Group  in  the  evening     Keep  an  eye  open  on  Facebook  for  details  for  Youth  Group  


Summer College  Assistant  Wanted    

JOB DESCRIPTION:  The  summer  Youth  Assistant  position  is  a  part  time  summer  position  working  with  Jeremy  Hylen,  for  three   days  per  week,  approximately  4  to  5  hours  per  day  (10-­‐15  hours  a  week).    We  are  looking  to  hire  one  male  and  one  female   assistant  to  work  from  June  6th  through  August  12th.       The  candidates  should  be:    members  of  Union  Church,  have  completed  at  least  one  year  of  college,  should  have  been  active   in  the  youth  program  at  Union  Church  in  the  past  and  are  at  least  18  years  of  age.    In  addition,  the  candidates  should  have   experience  working  with  young  people  either  at  Union  Church  and/or  while  away  at  college.         Duties  may  include  clerical  functions,  assisting  with  video  productions,  organizing  for  Summer  Work  Tour;  attendance  at   youth  functions  and  other  such  assistance  as  may  be  required  from  time  to  time.    The  assistants  will  be  paid  a  stipend  of   $1000  for  the  summer  and  will  be  asked  to  commit  to  15  hours  per  week  for  the  10-­‐week  period.       You  can  download  the  application  online  at:     Please  submit  your  application  by  May  1  to  Jeremy  Hylen,   either  by  dropping  off  your  application  at  the  church,  or  via  email  to      

A Huge  

Thank You  To  Our  Wonderful  Sponsors!  

Our Spring  Work  Tour  2011   7

Invitation to Faith: Christian Formation

Saturday, May  14,  2011   9:00am-­12:00pm      


All Union  Church  Family  &  Friends  are  welcome    

Come “travel”  with  us  to  beautiful  Union  Church  of  Hinsdale,  where  we  will  spend  the  morning  in  mission  work  around  our   Church.    We  will  be  visiting  the  gardens  of  the  Church,  the  sanctuary  and  beyond  as  we  work  toward  beautifying  our  church   home.    Both  little  and  big  hands  are  needed.  The  morning  will  end  with  a  special  service  project  of  packing  over  100  Disaster   Hygiene  Kits  for  Church  World  Service  and  a  special  worship  service  (short!)  Please  R.S.V.P.  to  Melanie  Burton  in  the  church   office  at  (630)  323.4303.     More  information  will  follow  soon  –  keep  and  eye  out  and  begin  to  make  plans  to  be  there  on  May  14!!!!  


Looking for  a  Host  Family  for  a  Foreign  Exchange  Student    

WANTED:   Host   families   to   open   their   hearts   and   homes   to   welcome   an   international   exchange   student  into  their  community  for  an  academic  school  year.    Welcoming  an  exchange  student  into  your   home  opens  a  new  window  to  the  world  for  your  family,  as  well  as  changes  the  life  of  a  young  person.     CIEE   hosts   more   than   55   nationalities   each   year,   so   we   could   easily   find   a   student   that   would   work   well  with  your  family.    Please  contact  Carrie  Brockie  630-­‐248-­‐8181  or  for  more   information  or  if  you  might  be  interested.      


Still Speaking,  Conversations  on  Faith:    

Elmhurst College  is  hosting  a  series  of  “Faith  Conversations.”    On  April  25,  2011  at  3:00   p.m.  the  conversation  will  be  “Islamophobia:  An  Inquiry,”  hosted  by  Eboo  Patel;  in  the   Frick  Center,  Founders  Lounge  at  Elmhurst  College.         A  2010  poll  revealed  that  46%  of  Americans  believe  that  Islam  is  more  likely  to  encourage  violence  than  any  other  religion.     During  this  conversation  a  distinguished  group  of  thinkers  from  several  religious  traditions  will  discuss  the  causes  and   implications  of  Islamophobia  in  America.     We  are  planning  a  carpool  of  folks  from  Union  Church  to  attend  this  event.    If  you  are  interested  contact  Pastor  Thom  (630   323-­‐4303)  for  a  reserved  spot  in  a  car.  


Invitation to Faith: Community Life Plans are  underway  for  the  Progressive  Dinner,  which  will  be  held  on   Saturday,  May  14.    The  Parish  Life  Ministry  is  looking  for  members  to  host   dinner  for  8-­‐12  people  in  their  home  or  who  would  like  to  host  the  appetizer   or  dessert  portions  of  the  evening  for  the  entire  group  of  75-­‐100  people.     Thank  you  in  advance  for  helping  to  make  this  fun  evening  a  success.    Please   contact  Jane  Hogenkamp  at  630-­‐789-­‐6326  or  

Women’s Association  Plant  Sale   Friday,  May  6,  2011  -­‐  8:30  a.m.  –  6:00  p.m.   Bronswood  Greenhouses   3805  North  Madison  St,  Oak  Brook     Spring,  happy  Spring,  and  we  get  to  play  with  flowers  again!  

As most  of  you  know,  Women’s  Association  sells  all  varieties  of  annuals,  geraniums,  beautiful  hanging  baskets,  etc.,  of   which  we  get  a  very  generous  25%  of  the  total  taken  in  that  day.         Even  better,  we  are  allowed  to  sell  our  home-­‐dug  plants  and  we  get  100%  profit!    But  first,  we  need  to  dig,  dig,  dig  from  our   yards  (and  any  friendly  neighbor’s  yard)  and  pot  them  for  the  sale.    This  often  means  one  to  two  thousand  more  dollars  in   profit.    So  you  see  that  every  plant  you  dig  and  share  with  us  is  important,  and  NOW  is  the  time  to  start  digging.    Do  you   need  help  digging?    Call  Ruth  Finlay  630-­‐323-­‐4715  or  Eleanor  Patterson  630-­‐887-­‐0978.    Need  pots?    Call  Eleanor.    Need   somebody  else  to  pot  your  plants?    No  problem.    Bring  them  to  Eleanor’s  back  patio  at  322  North  Bruner  where  the  potting   party  will  be  delighted  to  sit  in  the  spring  air  and  pot  any  plants  you  bring  us.    

CLUB ESPAÑOL   N     Tuesday,    April   26,  2011   6:30  p.m.   at  La  Fajitas   Restaurant   6510  Joliet  Rd.  –   Countryside,  IL     We  will  be  having  practice  conversations!   Orders  MUST  be  given  in  Spanish!   Spouses  &  Significant  Others  are  welcome!   Bring  cash  to  cover  your  own  food  &  beverage.    

OUR NEXT  MEET  THE  STAFF  BRUNCH     WITH  PENNY  JOHNSON     Sunday,  May  1  –  after  the  9:00  a.m.  Worship  service  at:     The  Grant  Square  Restaurant   (Chosen  because  it  has  a  great  menu,  great  parking     and  it  is  great  that  we  are  each  given  our  own  bill!)     All  who  are  interested  are  invited  to  this  brunch,  which  provides  an   opportunity  to  become  better  acquainted  with  Penny.     This  is  the  third  in  our  continuing  brunches  with  our  staff.     Call  Joan  Hurst  at  (630)  325.2548  for  reservations.  


UNION CHURCH’S     EARLY  CHILDHOOD  PROGRAM         ,     April   3 0 2011         Each   year,   local   families   and   businesses   generously   donate   new   and   gently   used   children's   clothing,   coats,  furniture,  toys,  strollers,  car  seats,  and  maternity  wear  for  the  sale.    Proceeds  benefit  the  UCECP   Scholarship  Fund  for  families  in  need.  


Please join  in  this  special  fundraising  event  to  help  children  attend  our  widely  recognized  and  NAECY-­‐ accredited  preschool,  and  to  help  meet  our  shared  goal  of  ministering  to  the  needs  of  the  whole  human   family.      

You can   help   by   donating   items   to   the   sale,   volunteering   your   time,   or   shopping   at   Petite   Repeat.     Donations  will  happily  be  accepted  starting  April  25  (receipts  will  be  available).    To  volunteer,  contact   Kristen  Ashby  at     See  you  at  Petite  Repeat!    

April 17, 2011 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  

The church newsletter published by the Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.

April 17, 2011 - Union Church of Hinsdale's Good News  

The church newsletter published by the Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.