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Keyword Targeting 0 What keywords and phrases would your target

followers tweet about?

0 These are words or phrases that your target

followers would tweet about. For example, if you are Zappos, an online shoe retailer, you could target users that tweet “I need new shoes” or “I want new shoes”. Our system will then follow these users to connect with them.

Profile Info targeting 0 What keywords and phrases would be in the

profile information of your target market?

0 These are keywords and phrases that would

appear in your target market’s profile information. Back to our Zappos example, you could target users that have “Shoe lover” or just simply the word “Shoes” in their profile information.

Account targeting 0 What Twitter accounts have followers that YOU


0 In this targeting option, you provide us with

Twitter accounts which have followers that YOU want. These accounts can be individuals or businesses that have your same target audience; such as competitors or similar professionals. This method targets followers of other Twitter accounts.

0 In order to add followers for the Business package, the follow-first method is used:

Find Twitter users based on the above four targeting parameters. Follow these people and a certain percentage will follow back. Un-follow anyone that doesn't follow-back. This package is best for people, websites, or companies that are interested in building a customer base as well as obtaining quality followers.

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