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Degree/Major Programs

As set forth in Missouri Revised Statues Chapter 174 at 174.160, the University of Central Missouri has been assigned the authority to confer degrees. A degree is a formal title conferred upon an individual for the completion of a program of study. Undergraduate degrees are called baccalaureate or bachelor’s degrees. A baccalaureate degree must total a minimum of 120 semester hours. Some degree programs require more than 120 semester hours. A major is a primary field of specialized study. Majors are tied to specific degrees. Some majors may be offered with multiple degree programs. For example, the history major is available as both a B.A. degree or a B.S. degree. ACCOUNTANCY, B.S.B.A. (123 hours) ACCOUNTANCY, B.S.B.A. and M.A. Accelerated (150 hours) ACTUARIAL SCIENCE AND STATISTICS, B.S. (120 hours) AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE, B.S. (120 hours)* ART, B.S.Ed. (127 hours) ATHLETIC TRAINING, B.S. (120 hours) AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, B.S. (120-122 hours) AVIATION MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT 2+2, B.S. (120121 hours) AVIATION MANAGEMENT, B.S. (120 hours) BIOCHEMISTRY, B.S. (120 hours) BIOLOGY, B.S.Ed. (124 hours) BIOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) CAREER AND TECHNOLOGY TEACHER EDUCATION, B.S.Ed. (120-123 hours) CHEMISTRY, B.S.Ed. (122 hours) CHEMISTRY, B.S. (120 hours) CHILD AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT, B.S. (120 hours) COMMUNICATION STUDIES, B.S. (120 hours) COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) COMPUTER SCIENCE, B.S. (120 hours) CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, B.S. (126 hours) COOPERATIVE ENGINEERING 2-2 Transfer Agreement (65 hours) CRIMINAL JUSTICE, B.S. (120 hours) CRIMINAL JUSTICE, B.S. and M.S. Accelerated (140 hours) CRISIS AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT, B.S. (120 hours) DESIGN & DRAFTING TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION, B.S. (120 hours) DIETETICS, B.S. (120 hours) EARTH SCIENCE, B.S.Ed. (120-122 hours) ECONOMICS, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) ELEMENTARY EDUCATION EARLY CHILDHOOD BIRTH GRADE 3, B.S.Ed. (123-127 hours) ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GRADES 1-6, B.S.Ed. (122 hours) ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (120-123 hours) ENGLISH, B.A. (120 hours) ENGLISH, B.S.Ed. (120 hours) ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) FASHION: TEXTILES AND CLOTHING IN BUSINESS, B.S. (120 hours) FINANCE, B.S.B.A. (120 hours)



FORENSIC CHEMISTRY, B.S. (120 hours) GENERAL STUDIES, B.A. (120 hours) GENERAL STUDIES, B.S. (120 hours) GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIES, B.S. (120 hours) GRAPHIC DESIGN, B.F.A. (123 hours) HEALTH STUDIES, B.S. (120 hours) HISTORY, B.A. (120 hours) HISTORY, B.S. (120 hours) HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ADMINISTRATION, B.S. (120 hours) INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, B.S. (120 hours) INTERIOR DESIGN, B.F.A. (124 hours) INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, B.A. (120 hours) MANAGEMENT, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) MARKETING, B.S.B.A. (120 hours) MATHEMATICS, B.S.Ed. (120 hours) MATHEMATICS, B.S. (120 hours) MATHEMATICS, B.S. and M.S. Accelerated (140 hours) MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (122-126 hours) MIDDLE SCHOOL-JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, B.S.Ed. (120 hours) MODERN LANGUAGES, B.A. (120 hours) MUSIC EDUCATION, B.M.E. (126.5-127.5 hours) MUSIC, B.A. (120 hours) MUSIC, B.M. (120-122.5 hours) MUSICAL THEATRE, B.F.A. (120 hours) NURSING, B.S. (120 hours) NURSING (RN-BS), B.S. (120 hours) OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION, B.S. (120 hours) OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH, B.S. (120 hours) PHILOSOPHY, B.A. (120 hours) PHYSICAL EDUCATION, B.S. (120-122 hours) PHYSICS, B.S.Ed. (120-122 hours) POLITICAL SCIENCE, B.A. (120 hours) POLITICAL SCIENCE, B.S. (120 hours) PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, B.S. (120 hours) PROFESSIONAL PILOT, B.S. (120 hours) PSYCHOLOGY, B.A. (120 hours) PSYCHOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) PUBLIC RELATIONS, B.S. (120 hours) RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (127 hours) SAFETY MANAGEMENT, B.S. (120 hours) SOCIAL STUDIES, B.S.Ed. (121-124 hours) SOCIAL WORK, B.S.W. (120 hours) SOCIOLOGY, B.A. (120 hours) SOCIOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) SPECIAL EDUCATION, B.S.Ed. (120 hours) SPEECH COMMUNICATION AND THEATRE, B.S.Ed. (126-132 hours) SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) SPORT MANAGEMENT, B.S. (120 hours) STUDIO ART, B.F.A. (123 hours) SYSTEMS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, B.S. (120 hours) TECHNOLOGY (Transfer Program), B.S. (120-122 hours) THEATRE, B.A. (120 hours) THEATRE, B.F.A. (120 hours) *NOTE: This program is pending approval from the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE).

Central Missouri 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

UCM 2014 Undergraduate Catalog