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JUNE 2011



Men 2 ,  Women  3   at  Big  West      

CONTENTS Conference   Championships   Aggie  men  finish  second  and   the  women  third  at  the  Big   West  Conference   Championship    P1

NCAA West  Region   Seniors  Thomas  Phillips  and   Alex  Wilright  advance  out  of   the  first  round  to  Des  Moines.  


NCAA Championships   Phillips  and  Wilright  each   earn  second  team  All-­‐ American  honors  P2  

USATF Championships   Three  Aggies  to  compete  at   USATF  Championships  P2  

       Go, Ags!  

Men capture  four  individual   titles  to  help  secure  second   place  finish    

Senior Ray   Green   scored   twenty   points   for   the   Aggies   as   he  captured  both  the  men’s  long   jump   and   triple   jump   titles   at   the   2011   Big   West   Conference   Championships.   Those   points   kept  the  Aggies  in  a  close  battle   with   eventual   winner   Long   Beach   State.   Green’s   efforts   were   supported   by   two   other   titles   by   Aggie   men.   On   Friday,   senior  Calvin  Thigpen  ended  his   collegiate  career  with  a  bang  as   he   outkicked   three   other   contenders   in   the   final   400m   of   the   men’s   10k   to   win   his   first   individual  conference  title.  Only   two   seconds   separated   him   from   teammate   Axel   Stanovsky,   who   finished   in   fourth.   On   Saturday,   senior   Thomas   Phillips   narrowly   captured   the   400m   hurdles   title   ahead   of   teammate   and   defending   champion,  Alex  Wilright.  On  the  

Senior Ray  Green  won  the  long  jump  and   triple  jump  at  the  Big  West  Conference   Championships.  

women’s side,   senior   Chidinma   Onyewueni  was  the  only  Aggie   to   win   a   conference   title   as   she   won   the   shot   put.   Several   teammates   had   runner   up   finishes,   including   Lauren   Radke   in   the   pole   vault,   Ugo   Eke  in  the  400m,  and  Melanise   Chapman   in   the   100m.   On   the   men’s   side   Jon   Sees   was   2nd   in   both   the   1500m   and   5000m,   Robert  Neely    in  the  long  jump,   Eddie   Orgon   in   the   shot   put,   freshman   Karl   Moran   in   the   400m,   and   Brock   Bennett   in   the  javelin.    



JUNE 2011

Phillips and  Wilright  advance  to   NCAA  Championships     The   Aggies   sent   fourteen   individuals   to   the   first   round   of   the   NCAA   Championships,   held   in   Eugene,   Oregon   at   the   end   of   May.   In   addition   to   events   contested   as   a   final,   three   advanced  to  the  final  heats  of  competition:  Jon   Sees   in   the   1500m,   and   Thomas   Phillips   and   Alex  Wilright  in  the  400m  hurdles.    In  the  end,   Jon   Sees   finished   23rd   in   the   West   Region,   while   Phillips   and   Wilright   finished   6th  and   8th   respectively.   The   top   twelve   moved   on   to   the   NCAA   Championship   final   rounds,   held   in  Des  Moines,  Iowa  two  weeks  later.    In  the   process,   Phillips   broke   the   400m   hurdles   school   record,   previously   held   by   Wilright,   as  he  ran  50.22  to  Wilright’s  50.47.       Two  other  Aggies    finished  in  the  top   twenty  in  the  West.  Senior  Catilin  Fitzgerald   finished  19th  in  the  3000m  steeplechase  and   broke   her   own   school   record,   clocking   10:22.69.   In   addition   junior   Ethan   Ostrom   finished  19th  in  the  pole  vault  with  his  vault   of  16-­‐6.75.    

Phillips and  Wilright  each  earn   2 nd  team  All-­‐American  honors   at  NCAA  Championships  

      Seniors   Thomas   Phillips   and   Alex   Wilright   finished   13th   and   15th   respectively   in   the   400m   hurdles   at   the   NCAA   Championships,   held   in   Des   Moines,   Iowa,   June   8th-­‐11th.   Those   finishes   earned   both   athletes   second   team  All-­‐American  honors.  They  are  the  first   track   and   field   athletes   in   UC   Davis   history   to   come   away   which   such   honors.   In   the   fall,   junior   Jon   Peterson   earned   All-­‐American   status  with  his  14th  place  finish  at  the  NCAA   Cross  Country  Championships.      

Go, Ags!

Senior Thomas  Phillips  concluded  his  collegiate  career   with  the  400m  school  record,  the  400m  hurdles  school   record,  and  second  team  All-­‐American  honors.      

3 Athletes  set  to  compete  at  USATF   Championships     Three   Aggies   are   heading   to   Eugene,   Oregon   at   the   end   of   the   month   to   compete   in   the   USATF   Championships   June   23rd   through   26th.   Junior   Jon   Peterson   qualified   for   the   5000m   after   he   ran   13:41.93   at   the   Payton   Jordan   invitational  in  May.  Accompanying  Jon  will  be   junior   Ashley   Hearn,   who   qualified   in   the   discus   when   she   threw   184’3”   at   the   Brutus   Hamilton   invite   in   April.   Both   athletes   redshirted   the   2011   track   season   and   are   looking   forward   to   putting   the   UC   Davis   singlet  back  on  and  representing  the  Aggies  at   a   national   championship.   In   addition   to   Jon   and   Ashley,   freshman   Nathan   Strum   will   compete  in  the  800m  in  the  junior  division  of   the   meet.   Strum   has   enjoyed   an   exceptional   freshman  season  with  the  Aggies,  in  which  he   has  posted  himself  at  #3  All-­‐Time  at  UC  Davis   in   the   800m   and   and   #6   All-­‐Time   in   the   1500m   with   times   of   1:50.42   and   3:48.41   respectively.      



JUNE 2011

2011 End  of  Season  Awards    

Women’s  Freshman  of  the  Year   Men’s  Freshman  of  the  Year   Alycia  Cridebring   Nathan  Strum       Women’s  Most  Improved  Athlete  of  the   Men’s  Most  Improved  Athlete  of  the   Year   Year   Samantha  Kearney   Robert  Neely         Women’s  Field  Athelte  of  the  Year   Men’s  Field  Athlete  of  the  Year   Chidinma  Onyewuenyi   Ray  Green       Women’s  Track  Athlete  of  the  Year   Men’s  Track  Athlete  of  the  Year   Ugo  Eke   Thomas  Phillips      

Aggie Nation,     After  a  long  winter  that  tried  at  times  to  resemble  the  spring,  summer  has   arrived  here  in  Davis.  While  the  competitive    road  comes  to  an  end  late  this   month  at  USA  Championships,  preparations  for  fall  2011  will  go  on  all   summer  as  athletes  get  and  keep  themselves  fit  at  home  and  in  Davis.     We  want  to  thank  all  those  that  supported  the  program  in  any,  and  many,   ways    throughout  the  2010-­‐2011  year.  There  are  numerous  highlights  that   we  can  look  back  on  from  the  seasons  now  on  the  books,  and  even  with  those   moments  fresh  in  our  minds  the  staff  and  teams  now  turn  their  sights  to  the   next  chapter.     We  hope  that  everyone  has  a  pleasant  summer  and  anxiously  awaits  the   2011-­‐2012  Aggie  Cross  Country  and  Track  &  Field  seasons.  Thanks  again  and   Go,  Ags!  

Go, Ags!



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