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REPORT 2016 - 2017

Welcome On behalf of UCD Foundation I am absolutely delighted to introduce the UCD Champions Impact Report and to thank you, our community of supporters, very warmly for your support of UCD. Your generosity is extraordinary and is deeply appreciated by everyone connected with the University and above all by our students. This report provides us with an opportunity to explain the hugely positive and tangible impact of your support and most importantly, to thank you. It also allows us to demonstrate that we are doing everything possible to maximise the impact of your support for our students. This is outlined in the year in numbers and in the testimonials of some of the students who have benefited from your generous gifts. Thanks to you, our UCD alumni and friends, we were able to exceed our scholarship goal last year and provide scholarships to 102 new students, who started in the current academic year 2016-2017. This would simply not have been possible without your support. It is because of people like you, who realise the value of education, that the UCD Champions - Changing Futures campaign continues to grow and now has an even greater impact on students than ever before. These scholarships are awarded based on merit and need and they give student recipients a powerful and motivating knowledge that someone believes in them and is willing them to succeed. With your help, we are also able to meet the full needs of our students by allocating funding to the purchase of essential books and e-journals, via the UCD James Joyce Library. We have also provided for UCD Campus priorities and thanks to an extraordinary gift, we were able to provide lecture spaces for scholarly engagement in the Ulysses Centre at Newman House, St. Stephen’s Green, the original home of UCD, where James Joyce spent his formative years as a student. Your support this year has, again, been truly amazing and its impact incredible. This booklet is both a celebration of this support and a sincere thank you to each and every one of you that contributed. Your generosity is absolutely crucial to our ongoing ability to nurture talent and to the future success of UCD. Thank you so much.

Mark McDonnell Associate Director, UCD Champions - Changing Futures

2016 in numbers 102 new


scholarships this year. An increase from 74 last year.

of your gift goes to students and student facilities.

Thank you

(0% on administration)

3,500 Supporters

In 2016, more than 3,500 alumni and friends chose to support the University by making a donation. This resulted in almost €1.4 million being raised in cash and pledged future income towards the following 6 priority areas: UCD Champions Scholarships, UCD Champions Alumni Fund, UCD Library Fund, UCD Strategic Priorities, UCD Soft Campus Development and UCD Global Development. As a result, the 230th scholar supported by UCD Champions started at UCD. With your support, UCD Foundation was able to exceed our scholarship target for the year and offer a record 102 scholarships. This support also enabled us to facilitate additional investment into our 6 priority areas. Your support has truly made a real and tangible difference to the student experience at UCD. A Breakdown of your support: In addition to ongoing support for existing scholars, €688,500 was assigned to new entrants for the academic year 2016/2017.

81 New Access Scholars 21 New Ad Astra Scholars €60,000 to Library books and e-journals (in consultation with SU class reps and UCD Library) with the aim of reducing the expense of books and journal access for our students.

€60,000 to Global Development to fund a minimum of two Global Alumni Ambassadors, to work with incoming students.

€60,000 to Soft Campus Development to help students, staff, alumni and visitors with campus wayfinding and for the upkeep of UCD’s woodland walks. An additional and significant once-off gift enabled us to assign €250,000 to the Ulysses Centre at Newman House, St Stephen’s Green, which was the original home of UCD. This will provide space and support for young scholars to engage in collaborative projects based on Ireland’s literary heritage by giving them the opportunity to study and create in the very rooms and corridors frequented by Newman, Hopkins and Joyce. This project is mainly supported by a generous contribution from philanthropists Martin and Carmel Naughton, along with funding from Fáilte Ireland.

UCD Champions – Changing Futures A record number of needs-based scholarships were awarded by UCD Foundation last year. These scholarships are awarded to students from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds that have shown great determination and drive to succeed despite the barriers that were put in their way. Supporting these students is more important than ever before, as recent years have seen rental prices and cost of living in Dublin soar.

The receiving students are often the first in their families to attend third level education and they are creating an important domino effect in their local communities by encouraging others to go to third level. This is especially important as they set a new standard for others to follow, and their presence here emphasises that financial and social circumstances need not be a barrier to academic achievement.

Access Scholarships Were it not for the support of you, our UCD Champions, many of the students would not have been able to afford to take up their place at UCD. Their potential could have been lost forever. As well as much needed financial assistance, our UCD Champions scholars receive extra forms of support from the UCD Access and Lifelong Learning Centre including peer mentoring to help them settle into university life and academic assistance where needed.

You have given these students a remarkable gift. Thanks to you they can now realise their full potential. On behalf of the students, we thank you for your generosity. It truly is life changing.

The support of alumni like you helps to make this future possible.

Lydia Sinnott-Elliott, Arts student “Receiving this scholarship has driven me, even more than before, to embrace the positivity of education in my life” “Coming from a disadvantaged area, there was never much of a great deal of importance placed on education, as not many people would go on to finish second level or progress to third level. But receiving this scholarship has driven me, even more than before, to embrace the positivity of education in my life. I want to become a teacher and give that same chance to other students.

Without this scholarship, I would be scraping together all my money to afford my weekly bus fare, which is very expensive commuting from my town every day. The one thing I would say to the person who sponsored my scholarship is thank you. From the very bottom of my heart, I could not thank you enough. You have made such a huge difference to my life.”

Alan Cosgrove, Veterinary Medicine Student “My whole life changed in that moment” “I had worked so hard to get the points and place in UCD but I couldn’t believe it when I got the letter saying I had received the scholarship. Coming from a disadvantaged background I thought coming to university was out of my reach. My whole life changed in that moment, I could hardly believe that my life long dream of becoming a Vet was now more than a possibilty. Thanks to someone I have never even met it was about to become a reality. All I need to do now is put in the hard work that is needed to progress in my course.

This scholarship has given me a new sense of pride knowing that it was also based on my individual achievements and that others understood how hard I’ve worked just to get this opportunity. I simply cannot iterate how thankful I am for this scholarship, this has opened doors that I could never have dreamt of. I intend to take full advantage of the opportunities my degree, UCD and my scholarship have given me.”

Image posed for by model and certain aspects of the story have been changed to protect identity.

Paul O’Donovan Olympic Silver Medallist and Singles World Champion.

UCD Ad Astra Academy UCD athletes were well represented in Team Ireland at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio. Of our UCD Olympians, nine are current or former Ad Astra Sports Scholars mentored in the Sports strand of the UCD Ad Astra Academy. Established in 2011, the Academy is UCD’s flagship Academic, Sports and Performing Arts honours scholarship programme. Paul O’Donovan, a Physiotherapy and Ad Astra Sports Scholar, won a silver medal in double sculls rowing at Rio alongside his brother Gary O’Donovan.

“This year, thanks to the Ad Astra Sports Academy, I slow tracked during my preparations for Rio and remained in Cork. During term time I normally stay on campus. This is great because I don’t have to worry about preparing food and means that I can train and study more effectively.” This year we were able to award 21 scholarships to students like Paul O’Donovan thanks to the support of UCD alumni.

Ulysses Centre An anonymous donation in support of scholarships and the Ulysses Centre at Newman House, St. Stephen’s Green helped UCD Foundation to exceed our target of supporting 100 scholars and expand our support for students even further through the generous gift to the Ulysses Centre. Drawing on the expertise from leading literary institutions, Newman House aims to provide a unique experience. This includes providing space and support for young scholars from Ireland and across the globe to engage in collaborative projects based on Ireland’s literary heritage. They will also be given the opportunity to study and create in the very rooms and corridors frequented by Newman, Hopkins and Joyce. We hope to open the new Ulysses Centre in 2018.

UCD Wayfinding The support of UCD Alumni will also help to fund an extensive and much needed campus signage project as well as the upkeep of UCD’s exceptional woodland walkways. Work is scheduled to begin on this project in Autumn 2017. The aim of this trail is to make the UCD campus more accessible to all its visitors, UCD graduates and students.

Newman House and The Ulysses Centre

UCD Library Fund Thanks to the UCD Alumni a fund of â‚Ź60,000 will be made available to the UCD Library to purchase books and e-journals. These materials were specifically requested by students as being essential to their learning and courses. This fund will help to ensure that the library offers the best facilities possible to students coming from a variety of different disciplines and situations. As one of the most visited buildings on campus, the support in maintaining and improving the library has an enormous impact on the UCD community.

Through the UCD Student Union, current UCD students are being asked to provide a list of books that they require access to. This initiative ensures that students regardless of their backgrounds can avail of core texts and excel in their chosen courses. This will level the playing field amongst students and enable them to succeed. The library is an integral part of university life and we want to express our gratitude, to the alumni who donated and ensured it will remain a strong resource for students now and in years to come.

Our scholarship students describe, in their own words, the impact your gift has had on their lives It is extremely important for me and if I didn´t receive it, it would have been very difficult for me to attend college. Ciåran (Law)

It mea nt so much to me. I can thro w h mys elf into my stu dies with out as muc a worry abo ut mon ey. It has bee n such grea t help to me since I beg an in U CD becaus e I know that there is alw ays me som eone there to help me and prov ide with oppo rtun ities Sean (Economics and Finance)

It eases the pressure of having to stick to a strict monthly/weekly budget so that I have money for essential items such as rent or medications. It therefore gives me the ability to have the life of a student in regards to socialising and going on class outings. Grainne (Chemical Engineering)

ce gain independen n ca I ns ea m It k with hard wor and shows that ows hievable. It sh anything is ac ns tough situatio that people in l for ugh and do wel can break thro de continue to stri d an es lv se em th er success. towards furth Vera (Commerce and Chinese)

I have never had this kind of support before. I can't describe how much it means; receiving this offer and the feeling that someone is rooting for me. Michael (Science)

hav e Th e fin anc ial and aca dem ic sup po rt I ip rec eiv ed as a res ult of thi s sch ola rsh ly is ove rw hel min g and hel ped me eno rm ous in tra nsi tio nin g fro m sec ond ar y sch ool to UC D wh ich can be dau nti ng for a 1 7 yea r old . Thomas (Medicine)

WHEREVER YOU GO WHATEVER YOU DO WE’RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU UCD Alumni Relations – supporting 239,000 alumni in 165 countries... and you. Events Library Access

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A Lasting Legacy Throughout the history of UCD, philanthropic support from alumni has had a profound effect on future generations of students and has made UCD what it is today. We know that it takes a combination of the best students, teachers, state of the art facilities, world class programmes and technology to be a truly leading University. Did you know you can also leave a planned gift or living legacy to UCD? Legacy gifts, big and small, are very important to the University. Leaving a gift to UCD in your Will extends your charitable giving beyond your lifetime. A gift can reflect your personal

interests or the areas of University life that you particularly wish to support. You may wish to leave a gift to a particular school or college, the UCD Library or a sports facility. If there is an area of research that is close to your heart, a scholarship you would like to establish for future generations, or you have just enjoyed many years of happy attachment to the University, you can make a difference to its future by leaving a gift. If you would like more information on leaving a gift in your Will please fill out the below and return it in the freepost envelope. Alternatively you can contact Mark McDonnell on +353 1 716 1286 or email:

Please send me information about Leaving a Legacy to UCD Name Address

Phone Email

Your donation may be tax efficient Your generosity has already made such a difference. You can, however, make an even bigger impact and it will not cost you a cent more. Did you know that if you have kindly donated to UCD Foundation, taking just a moment of your time now to complete a form could allow us to increase your donation by 45%, at no extra cost to you. All donations over €250 in a year are now worth 45% extra to a charity. If all of our supporters who donated over €250 did this, we would receive more than €450,000, this would be enough money to fund an additional 75 scholarships at no extra cost to you.

Tax efficient giving in the Republic of Ireland: Both PAYE and self-assessed supporters can now avail of the scheme. If you would like to participate, we will post you out a CHY3 tax form, which you then fill out and return to us. We can then apply to the Revenue for tax relief on your donations over €250. The form is very simple and will take approximately one minute to fill out. Once you sign it, the new enduring tax relief form will last for five years.

Tax back in the UK For every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer, we can claim an extra 25p back from HMRC. You just need to complete a Gift Aid declaration form. The form only needs to be filled out once and covers you for life. There is no minimum amount you need to donate; the only requirement is that you are a UK tax payer.

If you would like to receive a CHY3 form or a Gift Aid Declaration form, please contact Patrick Clarke on (+353) 1 716 1478 or email

44.9% in ROI

+25% in UK

You can also get the CHY3 form online at: and post it back to us in the freepost envelope

UCD Affinity Credit Card We would like to recognise the fantastic support UCD has received this year from our AIB and Bank of Ireland Affinity credit card holders. Our scholarship programmes, as well as the UCD Sports Development Fund, benefit every time someone uses their Affinity card. Our Affinity cardholders are undeniably UCD Champions, and they are changing futures everyday simply by using the card to make transactions. Taking out an Affinity credit card is a great way to show your support for UCD, as well as a nice reminder of all the good times you had at your University. To apply for a UCD Affinity credit card, you can call Emma or Conor in Bank of Ireland Montrose at 01 2697455 or find out more at

Newman Fellowship Programme

Newman Fellowship Programme

Newman Fellowship Programme

Newman Fellowship Programme

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UCD Champions Impact Report  
UCD Champions Impact Report