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Welcome I am really pleased to present to you the UCD Champions Impact Report for 2017. It is an inspiring testament to you our supporters and the transformative difference you are making to students’ lives through your continued support of UCD Foundation. Your friendship and support mean everything to our students and on behalf of everyone at UCD, I would like to personally thank you for your very special support of our University. As you will see, it has been yet another tremendous year. With 121 new scholarships – another record beaten – and almost €1.8 million raised through kind donations and pledges of future support from our incredibly supportive alumni, we have much to celebrate and to look forward to. Whilst the numbers tell an impressive story, for me, it is the students themselves who are the best possible reassurance, if it were needed, that your support really does make a difference. Often that difference is truly life-changing. When he wasn’t in university, second year International Commerce student, Micheál Markey, spent his first year working every waking hour just to pay his way through university. But now, thanks to a UCD Champions Scholarship, funded by the kindness of alumni like you, Micheál is able to devote more time to his studies. The relief for him and his family has been immense and you helped to make that possible. Thank you. You can read Micheál’s story on page 6 of this report. Claudine Duggan has also benefitted from your kindness; she is studying genetics and used to think university was only for people from privileged backgrounds. As the first in her family to go to university, she was worried she wouldn’t fit in, but thanks to your generosity, Claudine was able to thrive at UCD. You can read Claudine’s story on page 9. Our final student story on page 10 is from Irish International rugby player Garry Ringrose, who also studies Business and Law at UCD. As Garry explains his Ad Astra Scholarship has meant he was able to play for his country and study for his degree at the same time. I hope you enjoy reading about Micheál, Claudine and Garry and the many achievements you have helped to make possible. Thank you again for your wonderfully generous support of UCD – your University for life. Thank you so much.

Mark McDonnell Associate Director, UCD Foundation

2017 in numbers 121

New UCD Champions Scholarships, up 47 in just 2 years. Thank you!


of your gift goes to students

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kind supporters donated almost €1.8 million, (€1.1 million in cash & €700,000 in future pledges)

When it comes to the amazing difference you are making to today’s UCD students, the numbers speak for themselves. 2017 was yet another record-breaking year for the Foundation with 121 brand new scholarships made possible thanks to you, including more than 100 Access and Lifelong Learning Cothrom na Féinne Scholarships. Cothrom na Féinne means fair play or equality and is the new name for our Access and Lifelong Learning Scholarships. Our fantastic alumni community – of which you are such a vital part – has now given 351 young people the chance to study at UCD and to fulfil their immense promise. Thank you so much for making this possible. Every day, you are helping to change young lives and build new futures. Together with over 3,500 fellow alumni and friends, you helped us to raise almost €1.8 million in cash and pledges of future support last year. We are already devoting every cent of that money to our five priority areas: We continue to support students through our UCD Champions Changing Futures and Alumni Funds - a record number this year thanks to you. UCD Library Fund, UCD Strategic Priorities, UCD Soft Campus Development. The difference you make In addition to ongoing support for existing scholars, you helped us assign an extra €840,500 to new entrants for the academic year 2016/2017. UCD graduates also dedicated €85,000 in support of post-graduate students. Our alumni helped us to welcome 102 New Cothrom na Féinne Scholars and 19 New Ad Astra Scholars. Our alumni helped to boost our library fund by €16,800 which we spent on books and e-journals so more students, regardless of their financial background, can enjoy equal access to our learning facilities. Our alumni helped us raise €32,500 to continue our transformation of our campus so that it meets the needs of all students, including those with a disability. Thank you for changing lives. 3

UCD Champions Changing Futures Access Scholarships

The ability of a student, not their ability to pay should determine their future. That shared belief is what inspired UCD alumni just like you to ensure a record number of students were able to take up a Champions Scholarship in 2017, through UCD’s Access and Lifelong Learning Centre. Many of those 121 students were from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds and would have really struggled to go to university without your generosity. In challenging times, more and more young people need a helping hand to fulfil their promise. The much-needed financial assistance you provide our scholars really is essential. UCD’s Access and Lifelong Learning Centre also help by providing peer mentoring to help new students to settle into university life, as well as providing academic support where needed.

This support is especially important because many of our students have had to overcome significant hurdles to get as far as they have. Often the first in their family to go to university, our UCD scholars are very aware of the important example they are setting for young people in their home communities. Their success says, never give up on your dreams, no matter who you are or where you are from. By being a UCD Champion you help directly change futures and inspire change in communities across Ireland and the world. UCD is Ireland’s Global University and you are helping to strengthen its vital role in our country and beyond.

Thank you for giving our students the best possible start to their adult life – a UCD education – the foundation of a brighter, better future.


“You honestly have no idea how much it has helped me over the year” “The scholarship is assisting my studies in so many ways. In semester one, I was working in a local Centra after class each day and then would spend my weekends working in Supervalu back home in order to pay for my accommodation. After receiving this scholarship, I was able to cut down my weekly working hours and engage more with my studies and with college life in general. I was able to spend evenings in the library completing essays and projects instead of working. The scholarship has taken a huge financial strain off attending college and has undeniably aided my studies this year. I would love to take this opportunity to give a huge and sincere thank you to the UCD alumni who sponsored my scholarship. You honestly have no idea how much it has helped me over the year. It has relieved my family and I of so much financial pressure and I honestly could not have had such an amazing year if it wasn’t for this scholarship.”


Micheรกl Markey,

Commerce International student, Year 72

“My dream has become the reality that I’m living in.”

Claudine Duggan, Science student, Year 2 “I was very nervous starting in September, particularly because I had no idea what college was like. Being the first from my family to attend university, I had nobody to ask. I didn’t know a single person who would be attending college and felt completely isolated. I had this idea in my head that people who went to college must be from privileged socioeconomic backgrounds, and I wouldn’t be able to fit in easily. However, I was proven completely wrong and I ended up meeting so many people from similar backgrounds to me, people from single parent families, or DEIS schools who had initially had the same worries as myself. I ended up making so many friends and I will stay in touch with them for years to come. It’s crazy to think that as a little kid I wanted to be a scientist and now that’s the path I’m actually heading down. My dream has become the reality that I’m living in, and I’m not sure that has sunk in yet. I would just like to offer my greatest and utmost thanks to the graduates who sponsored my scholarship. I hope that they can appreciate the huge impact it has had on my first year of college, and others like me in UCD. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.” 9

UCD Ad Astra Academy Through Ad Astra Scholarships, UCD recognises exceptional students when they join, as well as those who develop their talents while studying at the University. The Academy selects scholars with exceptional talent across three strands, Academia, Performing Arts and Sport and helps them reach their potential in their chosen fields. Garry Ringrose, UCD Business & Law student & Irish International Rugby Player is in receipt of an Ad Astra Scholarship. He explains the importance of the support.

“Without the programme I truly believe this wouldn’t be possible”

“Right from day one UCD has supported my journey. When chosen to represent the Ireland U19’s v Australia in Belfast during my first ever exam period, UCD provided an exam invigilator to travel up to the team hotel along with the scripts of three of my exams. All at the same exam times as my peers, sitting their exams back in Dublin. In hindsight, UCD placed a tremendous amount of faith and support in a student, who at the time, had a slim chance of making it professionally. Fast forward four years, after 46 caps for Leinster, and 13 caps for Ireland, the UCD Ad Astra Programme is still providing the same incredible level of support. To everyone that supports the Ad Astra programme, all I can say is thank you. Sport, and especially rugby, can be cruel, from injury to selection. And for this reason, completing my degree has always been of utmost importance to me. Simply put, what the Ad Astra programme does, is allow me to continue to complete my degree while also giving me the opportunity to chase and live a childhood dream. Without the programme I truly believe this wouldn’t be possible.”


Garry Ringrose Business and Law student


You spoke, we listened We love to hear from our alumni and last year our student callers spoke to almost 15,000 UCD graduates. We wanted to know what you really think and to hear your ideas on how we can improve the student experience at UCD. Not surprisingly, you had lots to say. It was wonderful to hear your stories and to share in your fond memories of your time at the University. You told us of lunches with friends outside Earlsfort Terrace, impromptu lectures from Paddy Keogh, navigating the Belfield farmland, unforgettable sporting events and the many debates and lectures which ignited passions and careers. Not only have these calls resulted in much needed support for students, you have also given us lots of suggestions on what we can do better. As it was your feedback that initially prompted us to launch the UCD Champions appeal, we are very excited about what you have to say.

What matters to you? Here are some of the areas you would like to see developments in.

YOU SAID: you would like to see more alumni volunteering opportunities including mentoring and career support for students from graduates working within fields related to their courses. WE LISTENED: UCD Alumni Relations has teamed up with the UCD Careers office to connect UCD alumni with current students. You can learn more about our Career Mentoring Programme overleaf.


YOU SAID: you would like to see more social gatherings, talks, reunions and meaningful ways to engage with UCD and your fellow alumni, both for graduates in Ireland and abroad. WE LISTENED: We have hugely expanded the UCD Alumni Events Programme over the last year to include more tailored events, reunions and communications. One of the highlight events this year is the UCD Festival which you can learn more about on the following pages. The UCD Alumni Relations team actively support our alumni: with over a quarter of a million alumni in 165 countries and 40 UCD chapters worldwide, you can be sure you are in good company, no matter where you are.

YOU SAID: more attention should be given to helping students adapt to university life. With such a large campus and student population it can often be hard for new students to settle in and make friends. WE LISTENED: UCD has introduced peer mentoring for incoming students, assigning them a current UCD student buddy to help them navigate and integrate into the University.

It has been thanks to your willingness to share your experiences and feedback on how to improve UCD that these changes have been made possible. There is always more we can do and we look forward to hearing more of your suggestions in the future.

Keep talking to us: +353 1 716 1478 | info@ucdfoundation.ie | www.ucdfoundation.ie | 13

Volunteering Opportunities for UCD Alumni When we asked for your feedback, you said you would like to see more alumni volunteering opportunities. We are delighted to share that we are working to structure a comprehensive volunteer programme for UCD Alumni. We are working in collaboration across the University and in our networks to identify volunteer roles that will make a real difference for students and fellow alumni. There are currently many opportunities for you to volunteer (see below) and we expect to add more in due course. We would be delighted to hear if you are interested in getting involved:

Support students Mentor a UCD student Become a local buddy for International students Talk to students about your career path

Help alumni to reconnect Volunteer at UCD events Set up a special interest group Be a class agent for your reunion Support fellow alumni online at ucdalumninetwork.com

Share your experience and spread the word Contribute to a class note in UCD Connections magazine Speak at an alumni event Complete the next alumni survey Offer a testimonial for the student prospectus

Living abroad? Sit on a chapter committee Open doors in your business Host an event Offer a venue 14

Upcoming Event Volunteering | UCD Festival On Saturday 9 June 2018, the UCD Festival will welcome up to 16,000 visitors to campus for free events showcasing the best and the brightest of the UCD community! Behind the scenes, over 500 people will work in collaboration to make this year’s event the most exciting, diverse and vibrant yet. There are many roles available and we’d love to include you in the event. Find out more at: www.ucd.ie/festival

For more information, please visit the volunteer page on our website alumni.ucd.ie, email Ria Flom at alumnivolunteer@ucd.ie, or call Ria on +353 1 716 1232



Meet our Student Callers Left to right, Robert (English and Philosophy), Aisling (Science), Christina (Physiotherapy), Leon (Science) & Nicola (Economics and Finance) Members of our student caller team outside our office in the Tierney Building, Belfield.

Below Robert shares his experience from working as a student caller. “I get the chance to learn from those who have come before me and hope that we can pave the way for those who’ll come after. It’s great to hear about people’s experiences, the memories that last throughout the years and the effects their time in UCD has had on their lives. Learning from our graduates and the stories of our scholarship students helps to put my worries today into perspective. I now see that college is not just about the books and grades, it’s an experience to shape minds and change lives.” 17

For decades, philanthropic support from alumni has had a transformative effect on future students and has enabled UCD to compete on the global stage through a combination of the best students, staff, teaching facilities and research, allowing UCD to truly become a Global University. By leaving a planned gift, living legacy or memorial gift to UCD, you can play an important part in maintaining this success and let the University’s standard of education continue to flourish for years to come. By leaving a gift, you extend your kindness and generosity beyond your lifetime. Every legacy gift we receive no matter the size is of great significance to the University. With your help, we can shape the future. Your gift can reflect what matters to you and how you wish to be remembered.

“I am tomorrow or some future day what I establish today”

If you would like more information on leaving a gift in your will or establishing a memorial gift to honour a loved one, colleague or friend who has passed away please fill out the below and return it in the Freepost envelope.

James Joyce, BA 1902

Alternatively you can contact Mark McDonnell on +353 1 716 1286 or email: mark.mcdonnell@ucdfoundation.ie Please send me information about leaving a legacy or memorial gift to UCD NAME: ADDRESS:



By filling out a form, you can help even more students Your generosity has already made such a difference. You can, however, make an even bigger impact and it will not cost you a cent more. If you have supported UCD Foundation in the past 4 years, taking just a moment of your time now to complete a form could allow us to increase your donation by 45%, at no extra cost to you. All donations over €250 in a year are now worth 45% extra to UCD Foundation. If all of our supporters who donated over €250 last year did this, we would receive more than €350,000, this could be enough money to fund an additional 43 scholarships at no extra cost to you.

Tax efficient giving in the Republic of Ireland: Both PAYE and self-assessed supporters can avail of the scheme. If you would like to participate, we will post you out a CHY3 tax in ROI form, which you then fill out and return to us. We can then apply to Revenue for tax relief on your donations over €250. The form is very simple and will take approximately one minute to fill out. Once you sign it, the new enduring tax relief form will last for five years, it can also be back dated to the last 4 years.


Tax back in the UK For every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer, we can claim an extra 25p back from HMRC. You just need to complete a Gift Aid declaration form. The form only needs to be filled out once and covers you for life. There is no minimum amount you need to donate; the only requirement is that you are a UK tax payer. If you would like to receive a CHY3 form or a Gift Aid Declaration form, please contact Patrick Clarke on (+353) 1 716 1478 or email: info@ucdfoundation.ie

+25% in UK

You can also get the CHY3 form online at: https://www.revenue.ie/en/companies-and-charities/ documents/charities/chy3-enduring-certificate.pdf and post it back to us in the freepost envelope.

UCD Affinity Credit Card We would like to recognise the fantastic support UCD has received this year from our AIB and Bank of Ireland Affinity credit card holders. Our scholarship and student support programmes, as well as the UCD Sports Development Fund, benefit every time someone uses their Affinity card. Our Affinity cardholders are undeniably UCD Champions, and they are changing futures everyday simply by using the card to make transactions. Taking out an Affinity credit card is a great way to show your support for UCD, as well as a nice reminder of all the good times you had at your University. To apply for a UCD Affinity credit card, you can call Bank of Ireland 19 Montrose at 01 2697455 or find out more at http://alumni.ucd.ie/ucd-affinity-credit-card/

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UCD Champions - Changing Futures Impact Report 2017 - 2018  

UCD Champions - Changing Futures Impact Report 2017 - 2018