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UCD students from 1992 leading the way in haute couture fashion with their stylish shell tracksuits

Memories of UCD from the 1980s and 1990s

Wish you were here?

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“Long discussions + debates about anything + everything in the canteen with friends some of whom missed their lectures but came in for the discussions! While around us some students didn’t do much talking but engaged in heavy snogging”.

Food on the run! By consensus most graduates remember the egg and chips student special as the meal of choice at the UCD Canteen.

Vanessa Pearse, BComm, 1984

We think that the students from the UCD 1989 disco look effortlessly cool.

Do you remember UCD Science day? A long held tradition, you may remember students running about campus dressed in white clothes and colourful clothes having a roaring time and fundraising for a good cause!

Can you see familiar faces or sights? These photos were taken during the 80s and 90s in UCD and recently graduates have got in touch to let us know about their fondest memories of UCD. An additional thank you to the UCD Hidden History blog for their memories.

UCD has always attracted the hottest bands, who did you see during your time at UCD?

“Hot house flowers playing (busking) on the steps into the Arts Block circa 1980s”

Anne Murphy, BA, 1989

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UCD Student Bar - UFO!

“John Teeling made the world of business, and in particular entrepreneurship, come alive. Interesting, entertaining and inspiring”.

Graduate, 1986

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Were you living on a grant? In the late 1980s and early 1990s grants were as much of a hot topic as they are today in 2014.

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an, BA, 1997

Noeleen Hartig

And in case you forgot, it was a time of study! “Brian Farrell ‘tick the lads for sendingingpapoff’er aeroplanes from the back of Theatre L.”

Kathleen Kelly, BsocSc, 1983

“Hanging out in the sunshine by the lake while I should have been studying” John Fleming, BComm, 1990

Wish You Were Here?  

Memories of UCD from the 1980s and 1990s

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