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Farewell to the Terrace

Memories of UCD from the 1970s

Wish you were here?

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In 1970, the move to Belfield continued with the Arts, Law and Commerce facilities joining Science. While now UCD campus is considered a stone’s throw from the city centre, back in the 70s it felt like Belfield was in the countryside!

You learnt from the best!

“Trying to write quicker than Garret (FitzGerald) could talk”

John Markham, BA, 1970

“Though I wasn’t registered for John Teeling’s lectures I used to go to them all. He was a most interesting and inspiring lecturer and I loved his ‘real life’ examples of business stories”

Conall O’Morain, BA, 1979

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Do you recognise any familiar faces or memories? These memories and photos were sent to us by students who attended UCD during the 70s. An additional thank you to the UCD Hidden History blog for their memories.

You were united in protest and calling for change

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Pictured above a student arrested on Belfield campus. 1975 saw “The Battle of Belfield” – Belfield’s most serious political disturbance to date. A visit by Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave and the US ambassador saw UCD students and members of the guards clashing outside the Arts Block and the restaurant.


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Ag students march in protest at the run down conditions of Albert college and demand to move to Belfield campus.

Bread and Roses was a women’s lib fanzine published in Belfield in the mid-70s which dealt with the hot topic of feminism.

It was a place of study and learning

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It wasn’t all work and no play though The 70s in UCD saw some of Ireland’s most talented artists performing on campus including The Boomtown Rats,Thin Lizzy, Planxty, Horslips and Dermot Morgan.

“Lunchtime gigs by Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Moving Hearts.”

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BA, 1 9


Elizabeth O’Reilly, BA, 1977

It was a time of fun, friendship and love The 1970s proved to be a magnificent era for sport in UCD when not alone were 6 Sigerson cups won in 7 years, but 2 Dublin, Leinster and All Ireland club finals were captured in 1974 and 1975.

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“Colours match – UCD vs. Trinity. Met a wonderful girl there and fell madly in love…”

BComm Graduate, 1974

Wish You Were Here?  

Memories of UCD from the 1970s

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