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Acadêmicas de Pedagogia da UCDB desenvolvem materiais para os alunos...

...e aplicam com os alunos tudo o que aprendem na universidade

Initial teacher training is the focus of the Pibid


he students’ stay in schools is made possible by Pibid, of the Federal Government. UCDB participates since 2012, with undergraduate students in Biological Sciences, Philosophy, History, Literature, Pedagogy and Physical Education. “The objective is to include undergraduate students in schools, to improve initial teacher education at the higher level and to integrate higher education and basic education”, said Professor Carlos Magno Naglis Vieira, Pibid’s institutional coordinator at Catholic. The scholarship students accompany the teachers’ classes in the schools, in a permanent dialogue, elaborate didactic materials for playful and pedagogic activities, participate in planning meetings, studies and evaluations and seminars. “In Pibid, future teachers can problematize, reflect, identify and know the challenges of contemporary school, their new roles, roles, commitment, timing and


requirement. In addition, they know and understand better the school space, its tensions and conflicts and, mainly, the meaning of classroom that goes beyond the architecture of the four walls”, emphasized Carlos Magno. For students in the 4th, 6th and 8th semesters of UCDB History, the experience has been the best possible. They work in São José State School and stand out for taking differentiated projects to the students of the 6th year of elementary school. “They come with a new vision of teaching, in which the student is the protagonist and not mere spectator - and I believe that in this way the teacher also learns. The students are much more interested in the content, and the teacher gains autonomy”, said Professor Fabiana Christine Rocha, who has worked for 15 years as a teacher. Students are proud of the projects they develop. One of them was the “His-

torical Sources”, in which they encouraged the students to bring to the classroom old objects that they had at home. “Everyone brought things like clothes, coins, phones, appliances. One invited his grandmother, who came to share his story with us”, recalled Thamela Maria Godoy da Silva Oliveira, Leandro Gomes de Lima, Linkon Fanaia, Manoel Boller, Daniele Machado Domingues and Helita da Silva Igrez Branco. Always seeking to teach in a pleasant way, the group works on the project of this second semester: the 40 years of Mato Grosso do Sul. “We have the obligatory contents, but above it, we plan the differentiated classes. Let us approach, for example, the indigenous theme and we can go to the Don Bosco Museum of Cultures, for UCDB itself to know the work of the Neppi [Nucleus of Studies and Research of Indigenous Populations]”, they pointed out.

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Mazagine Inspira UCDB 2017B - INGLÊS  

Mental Health: Let's talk about it?

Mazagine Inspira UCDB 2017B - INGLÊS  

Mental Health: Let's talk about it?