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U N I V E R S I T Y O F C AL I F OR N I A 2 010 M B A P R O G R A M

Ideas into Action

Welcome from Dean Steven C. Currall As a prospective MBA student, you’re looking for the highest quality program that will challenge you, stretch you and welcome you into a community of the best and brightest colleagues. These are the same reasons I recently decided to come from London Business School to become dean of the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis. I am honored to have this opportunity. Like me, you’ll find that UC Davis is unlike any other business school in the world. We have extraordinary people, programs and potential: an internationally renowned faculty, top MBA candidates, a dedicated and far-reaching alumni network and an ever-expanding constellation of corporate partners. Our approach to teaching emphasizes the art and science of putting management theory into practice—turning ideas into action— within a dynamic, interactive learning environment founded on three pillars.

INNOVATION From a student-run business plan competition to a successful program linking scientists and engineers with MBA students to move breakthrough discoveries from the lab to the marketplace, encouraging new ways of thinking and doing business is a hallmark of our community.

COLLABORATION Our team-focused approach inside and outside the classroom encourages practical and innovative solutions for today’s business challenges.

EXCELLENCE Our MBA students are high achievers who are motivated to contribute their best. Our faculty is accessible and committed to both cutting-edge research and excellence in the classroom. In addition, our students benefit from the rich offerings of the entire UC Davis campus—and our prime locations in Northern California. The San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento region business communities are economic engines linked to global markets. Our linkages to the Bay Area give you access to the world’s largest hot-bed of innovative start-ups. As a student you’ll have access to leading financial, energy and consumer companies, Fortune 500 firms, cutting-edge technology and biotech leaders, top venture capitalists, and the nation’s wine and agricultural centers. The values and principles of social and environmental responsibility are woven into the very fabric of our business school community and the campus. Our culture prepares globally aware leaders who change the world. Already ranked and recognized nationally and globally, the Graduate School of Management is positioned for even greater impact on the state, national and international stages. I’m thrilled to be at UC Davis, and I hope you can join us as a member of the incoming Class of 2010. .

STEVEN C. CURRALL Dean and Professor of Management

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INSIDE We invite you to read through this brochure to learn more about the UC Davis MBA experience and meet some of our students, alumni, faculty and corporate partners. It’s a community unmatched at any other business school in the world. UC Davis MBA Academics. . . . . . . . . . 2 Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Invest in Your Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Ideas into Action . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Student Life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Accelerate Your Career . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Powerful Alumni Network . . . . . . . . . 14 Strategic Corporate Connections . . . . . 16 International Accolades . . . . . . . . . . . 18 MOR E ONLI NE Flash-based, interactive brochure features video, live links and PDF version.


THE UC DAVIS MBA The UC Davis MBA prepares you for a range of careers and develops your ability to deal effectively with the challenges of today’s continually changing, increasingly competitive global business environment. Through our curriculum, you build a foundation of basic knowledge and skills. You can then pursue a concentration in business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance/accounting, general management, marketing, strategy, public health or technology management. Through courses and experiences outside the classroom, you develop expertise to use in real-world situations. Specialized courses, independent studies and field work further your knowledge in a selected field and prepare you for the next stage of your career. Applied courses—covering key topics such as leadership, innovation, ethics and communication—round out your education. The Lam Research Leadership Skills Program complements the MBA curriculum and helps strengthen and refine your practical skills for management and leadership success.


UC Davis MBA students emerge having actually

built businesses

from the ground up and developed close and lasting

relationships with

faculty, their peers and the entrepreneurial

community both inside


outside the campus.

— ANDREW HARGADON Professor of Management Faculty Director, UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship Director, Technology Management Programs UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow Ph.D., Stanford University

Andrew Hargadon: An Agent of Innovation Managers often challenge their staff to think outside the box in search of innovative solutions, but Professor Andrew Hargadon wants to put a lid on that kind of thinking. After a decade and a half studying the origins of historic inventions and modern innovations, Hargadon argues that most breakthroughs depend on teams of individuals who bring together existing ideas, combine and apply them in new ways and places. That’s the mission behind the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship, which Hargadon founded in 2006. The center serves as the university’s nexus for entrepreneurship education and research—and as a springboard for entrepreneurial initiatives. The center’s Entrepreneurship Academies and Business Development Programs bring MBA students and venture capitalists together with engineers and scientists from around the world to develop the commercial potential of cutting-edge research. The dynamic, interactive environment blends effective theory with hands-on participation and solution-driven innovation. “Our MBA students experience first-hand what it takes for an idea to become a product in the market,” says Hargadon, who received the prestigious 2009 Olympus Emerging Educational Leader Award for inspiring innovative thinking in students and for his potential to make even greater future contributions to the field.

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What makes a city work? Los Angeles native Jane Kruse has been fascinated by this puzzle since visiting London while a teen. “I was wowed by everything, from its public infrastructure system to its architectural aesthetic,” she recalls. After earning a degree in art history from Georgetown University, Kruse embarked on a career in the built environment. Working for architectural design and construction firms in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, she refined her direction but realized she needed solid business skills to advance. A self-described “urbanista,” Kruse says she was drawn to the UC Davis MBA program for “its smart, motivated, collaborative students,” and has thrived in the college-town environment. She’s set her goal: to become a “green” urban developer, spearheading projects that encourage community and that use sustainable methods and materials. Both in the classroom and beyond, Kruse is taking every opportunity to grow her skill set—from serving as co-president of the campus’ Net Impact chapter to volunteering on the West Village community development project with the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center. As an intern at San Francisco Bay Area consulting firm Livingston Energy Innovations, Kruse will deepen her understanding of energy efficiency’s crucial


Urbanista Jane Kruse Builds Future as “Green” Developer

role in “green” cities. Her future looks bright, indeed.

The UC Davis MBA has helped me

fill in the gaps and grow my

skill set. More importantly, it’s opened so many doors that will take me where I want to be professionally a lot faster. — JANE KRUSE Daytime MBA Student Faculty Scholar Summer Internship: Livingston Energy Innovations, Mill Valley, Calif. B.A., Art History, Georgetown University

UC Davis MBA students have recently won or been finalists in the Global Social Venture Competition, Global Citizen Challenge, Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit, CFA Bay Area MBA Portfolio Challenge, DFJ Venture Challenge, Project Pyramid Case Competition and Bank of America Low-Income Housing Challenge.


ADMISSIONS The Admissions Committee seeks individuals with demonstrated records of achievement and selects applicants whose academic preparation, communication skills, professional experience, intellectual capacity and leadership qualities have prepared them to meet the challenging demands of our MBA program and a career in management. Admission is based on work experience, academic record, GMAT results, personal essays, recommendations and interviews. Applications are reviewed in rounds, based on the Application Deadlines (see page 20).

UC Davis played a very big role in taking my interest to the

level. What better way of giving back to society than using my engineering skills, my MBA skills and putting them all together in a

MEET WARREN Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffett has hosted 185 UC Davis MBA students to meet with him in Nebraska the past three years. Impressed by the groups, the “Oracle of Omaha” has invited more students to return in fall 2009.

Special Note for JointDegree Candidates Some students choose to combine their MBA studies with another graduate program. While the Graduate School of Management has several established joint degrees, you may also create your own. Existing programs include law, engineering and medicine. To be considered for a joint-degree program, students must be admitted to both the MBA and the other program.



socially responsible business. — MOHOR BANERJEE Bay Area Working Professional MBA Student Software Development Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc. M.S., Information and Communications Engineering, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany B.E., Electronics and Communications Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, India

Mohor Banerjee Streamlines Success at Cisco Coordinating a software testing group in India with development teams in Ohio and Silicon Valley can easily lead to misunderstandings and missteps. Overseeing this far-flung Cisco Systems project to update the operating system for a wireless router, software development engineer Mohor Banerjee opened her organizational behavior and marketing management notes— putting into action her lessons learned as a Bay Area Working Professional MBA student. She realized that to create a cohesive team, her colleagues needed to be able to take ownership of their work, while keeping the project on track. “That built trust and also led to these remote teams reaching consensus and being able to deliver their work on time,” says Banjeree, who hopes to become a business unit general manager at Cisco, supervising some 1,000 employees in various divisions. She also dreams of launching a company that would help those in need. Listening to inspirational speakers and entrepreneurial leaders at UC Davis and watching her classmates start their own socially responsible businesses, she says, “fills me with a lot of hope, information and confidence.”


P ofessor Prasad Naik has been blazing trails in marketing research, giving managers powerful new tools and innovative approaches to determine the most strategic media mix for ad campaigns and measure the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications. Naik, who joined the Graduate School of Management 12 years ago, has won accolades for his cutting-edge—and often counter-intuitive—research. Most recently, Naik was one of the top-five finalists for the American Marketing Association’s prestigious William F. O’Dell Award. The award honors articles published in the Journal of Marketing Research over the last five years that are judged as the “most significant, long-term contribution” to the field. Popular with students, Naik’s goal is to prepare them to think critically, learn from each other and enrich themselves through discovery. “I see research and teaching as two sides of the same coin. They are identical activities; the only difference is the audience,” says Naik. “Research is about changing peoples’ beliefs, which is what makes it valuable. Teaching involves changing students’ beliefs. They come with limited knowledge and a desire to learn, and you transport them into a world of knowledge.”

inspired and be enlightened. I want them to go out and make actual change in the practice of I want UC Davis MBA students to be

management because of what they learn here. That’s my




Marketing Professor Prasad Naik Pioneers New Methods

— PRASAD NAIK Professor of Management UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville

Net Impact, the global network of leaders who are changing the world through business, has recognized the UC Davis chapter as “Best Small Chapter of the Year,” “Trailblazer Chapter of the Year” and among the nation’s top five graduate school chapters.


INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE Your MBA is one of the biggest commitments and most significant investments of time and resources you will ever make. UC Davis offers comprehensive financial assistance to enable you to enroll in the UC Davis MBA program. The types of assistance available to you depend on which program you choose.

Daytime MBA Program Students enrolling in the Daytime MBA program are eligible for a variety of grants and scholarships, as well as deferred-interest federal and private loans. These include: •

Dean’s and Faculty Scholarships

Innovator Fellowships

Donor and Alumni Scholarships

University Grants

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships

Student Loans (government and private)

Working Professional MBA Program Many Working Professional MBA students receive financial support from their employers. Other financial assistance includes: •

Student Loans (government and private) UC Davis MBA Grant Program Golden State Management Scholars Program Donor and Alumni Scholarships

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At UC Davis, I’m getting a

world-class MBA education in a close-knit community of extremely bright and caring people. Inside and outside the classroom, we’re always being asked about the


implications of our actions and decisions. — ELENA CHAVEZ CAREY Daytime MBA Student UC Davis MBA Scholar Summer Internship: Blue Shield of California A.B., Social Studies, Harvard University

Elena Chavez Carey: Healing the Healthcare System Daytime MBA student Elena Chavez Carey likes challenges—and she’s determined to help heal our ailing healthcare system. Chavez Carey arrived with valuable experience gained at the intersection of health care, policy advocacy and marketing as a senior program planning and budget administrator at Planned Parenthood’s New York City headquarters. She’s blazing a trail as one of the first students in a new MBA concentration drawing on UC Davis’ strength in the public health field. And, she’ll put those skills to work as an intern with Blue Cross of California. “As a second-generation Mexican-American, I struggle with the fact that rates of diabetes and obesity-related illnesses are growing in my community. Although we live in such a wealthy country, we are becoming less healthy with each generation,” Chavez Carey says. “I want to be a leader in promoting affordable, sustainable and preventative healthcare solutions, which will probably take on different forms throughout my career. My UC Davis MBA is giving me the tools to succeed as health care evolves.”


Charles Madison Powers Up Energy-Efficiency Solutions I t’s not on his resume, but “miniature airplane builderr extraordinaire” is the skill Charles Madison’s fouryear-old daughter, Grace, most appreciates. She loves to chase and crush his aerodynamic creations. After all, Madison did receive a mechanical engi-neering degree from UC Davis in 1994. He returned to Davis a decade later as an energy engineer for the e campus’ utility department and in 2004 enrolled in the Sacramento Working Professional MBA program.. Today he is a senior project manager in PG&E’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. From his San Francisco office and on-site in California’s San Joaquin Valley, he helps Chevron and others to identify and develop energy-efficiency measures in the oil fields that surround Bakersfield. “My greatest challenge is helping my customers reconcile the trade-offs between energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions,” Madison explains. “Hopefully, we are able to green light projects that can maximize the benefits of both.” Madison credits the organizational behavior course-work and team-building skills honed at the Graduate School of Management with helping him achieve thiss goal. “The program’s close-knit community of diverse, high-performing professionals has made the UC Davis MBA a highly prized degree.”

While I was a UC Davis MBA student, I was able to

immediately apply

work environment. The courses that focused on leadership and teamwork helped me hit the ground running and accelerate into the position I have now.

what I had learned in the classroom to my

— CHARLES MADISON ’07 Senior Project Manager, Pacific Gas and Electric Company B.S., Mechanical Engineering, UC Davis

Nine out of 10 entering Daytime MBA program students receive at least one type of grant or scholarship to cover their living expenses or educational fees. Two-thirds of UC Davis Working Professional MBA students receive financial support from their employers.


IDEAS INTO ACTION UC Davis is known for giving students compelling opportunities to put theory into practice—what we like to call Ideas into Action. Here are some highlights:

MBA Consulting Center This enterprise creates unique opportunities for MBAs to gain practical, hands-on experience while earning course credit. Students work in small teams with field advisors to solve critical management challenges for organizations ranging from Fortune 500s and established businesses to nonprofits, government agencies and recently launched start-ups.

Big Bang! Business Plan Competition Charged-up students combine their collective marketing, strategic planning and networking power to create their own Big Bang !—the annual UC Davis Business Plan Competition designed to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and research commercialization.

Learning Around the World You can gain international experience and exposure by studying for an academic quarter at one of our partner schools. Our partners include Fundaçao Getulio Vargas in Brazil, Group HEC in France and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Other students create a live case study on international business that culminates in a two-week study trip abroad. Past groups have visited Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama and Singapore (see page 11).


culture at the Graduate School of Management is team-

oriented and we recruit and attract students and faculty who want to be

team players. In my research, I’ve done my

best work when I’ve collaborated. It’s harder to see and explore all the ideas by yourself. You need the insights of others. — KIMBERLY D. ELSBACH

Kim Elsbach and Beth Bechky Harness the Power of Collaboration

Professor of Management UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Ph.D., Stanford University

Getting the most from employees might involve more than a motivational speech, incentives or praise. Instead, think design. After studying alternatives to the Dilbert-style cubicle, Professor Kim Elsbach and Associate Professor Beth Bechky determined systematic ways managers can reconfigure office space to enhance employee collaboration, encourage group problem solving, and boost both productivity and company loyalty. Their findings—published in California Management Review w and recognized by—are borne out by recent experiments and changes in some of Silicon Valley’s most famous cubicle farms. Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Intel and others have found a new bottom line: liberated cube dwellers simply work smarter. In their research and in the classroom, Elsbach and Bechky share an appreciation for the power of collaboration to broaden the scope of ideas. “It helps you focus your attention on what’s important and new in the topics you’re looking at,” says Bechky, who completed her Ph.D. at Stanford. The pair also has teamed up to host the annual Davis Conference on Qualitative Research conference, helping create a community of top international scholars who share their work and brainstorm new theories on social and organizational structures.



MBA Skills Help Vasu Trisal Shift into Sales

As a Sacramento Working Professional MBA student, Vasu Trisal has gained

valuable experience in group dynamics that she’s put to work in her new position as a sales account manager at Procter & Gamble. Trisal partnered with three class-

mates on an ambitious marketing plan

for the proposed high-speed rail system running from San Francisco to Sacramento. A large-scale and stressful class assignment, the project proved an

important lesson in time management and teamwork, she says. Born in India, Trisal moved to the

Midwest when she was 13. She earned a bachelor of science in biochemical engineering at the University of Missouri, interning at P&G as a student and joining the company full time after graduation. She later transferred to its state-of-the-art plant in Sacramento.

The ability to

collaborate well is a critical

succeed in the UC Davis MBA program and in our professional careers. Every class project is an opportunity to team up with colleagues who come from diverse backgrounds and phases of their lives. This has enriched my experience. skill to

Last year, aided by her growing business skills, she moved into sales, working with one of P&G’s leading Northern California wholesalers. “My MBA education has taught

me the how and why behind business decisions, and the critical importance of teamwork and collaboration. I use these knowledge and skills everyday to create win-win situations for my company and its customers.”

— VASU TRISAL Working Professional MBA Student Sales Account Manager, Procter & Gamble B.S., Biochemical Engineering, University of Missouri

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management ranks among the top U.S. business schools for the number of citations and faculty research papers downloaded from the Social Science Research Network, which measures more than 500 business schools.


STUDENT LIFE Business school is much more than case studies, lectures and team projects. Our MBAs pour their energy into business plan competitions, networking events, community service, intramural sports and, of course, student clubs. Here is just a sample of activities you can get involved in:

Student Leadership Elected and appointed student leaders provide a framework for incorporating student ideas into the MBA program, networking with alumni, engaging in philanthropic activities, and coordinating extracurricular and social events. Professional Clubs These student-run groups create opportunities in their fields, from marketing and finance to technology and consulting. By linking students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals, these clubs help grow future leaders, enhance career options and build valuable connections. Community Service Drawing on their considerable talents, energy and philanthropic efforts, UC Davis MBA students give back to their communities through a wide range of initiatives and activities. Net Impact Net Impact fosters a new generation of leaders who use the power of business to create a better world. Net Impact’s programs help members broaden their business education, refine their leadership skills, pursue their professional goals and build their network.

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Claire Kurmel Weathers Financial Storm at Barclays A t San Francisco–based Barclays Global Investors (BGI), the asset management subsidiary of British bank Barclays PLC, alumna Claire Kurmel oversees U.S. marketing for two worldwide products—cash investments and transition management. She’s had a front row seat to the global financial meltdown. Managing $1.5 trillion in assets for nearly 3,000 clients in more than 50 countries, BGI is among the biggest in its field. As the recession hit and record deposits flooded money market mutual funds, Kurmel said the unit shuttered two popular funds to protect liquidity and yield for existing investors. With the markets in turmoil, Kurmel’s team worked overtime to keep communication flowing to its worldwide clients. Today, few things are certain, and Barclays has sold BGI to BlackRock for $13.5 billion in one of the largest deals in the money management industry. While the deal whirlwinds leave Kurmel’s future uncertain, she’s well prepared to weather whatever comes her way—and is grateful for her BGI experience. “I work with bright, collaborative people,” she says. “Nice and smart with fire in the belly. It really mirrors my UC Davis experience.”

At Barclays Global Investors we have a very scientific


process. We crunch a lot of data. My UC Davis MBA provided me the skills I need to succeed

weather the current crisis.

at BGI—and to

— CLAIRE KURMEL ‘04 Institutional Marketing Manager, Barclays Global Investors B.A. Visual Communications, California State University, Chico

As the global recession rocked world trade, 16 UC Davis MBA students joined Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart and Wil Agatstein, executive director of the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship, on a 10-day tour of two of Latin America’s diverse and very different lands. After an intensive quarter studying Panama and Ecuador’s economies and cultures, the group hit the ground running for meetings with executives at large multinationals, local business leaders, international trade experts—and tours of a cacao growers’ cooperative and a Dole banana plantation. They came away not only with a better understanding of both local issues and the global market, but also with new awareness of the factors that define business success. “In many ways our MBA students embarked on this trip already knowledgeable about global trade and its impact, as a result of their business experience and their studies,” says Biggart. “But through their travels they’re discovering


International Study Practicum

opens a

unique window onto the world

of business. There is nothing quite like seeing

dozens of ships queued up to enter the Panama Canal, or standing in the midst of thousands of containers bring moved at the Port of Balboa to

appreciate the enormity and

connectedness of global exchange.

the enormity and connectedness of global exchange in a way we cannot teach them in the classroom. We gain so much by meeting people in their own settings and asking them about their world and


Immersed in the Culture: Nicole Woolsey Biggart Leads International Study Trip


Professor of Management and Sociology Jerome J. and Elsie Suran Chair in Technology Management Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

how it operates.”


At the equator, Ecuador

Great Wall, China

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

MBA students enjoy all the benefits and academic riches of UC Davis, including a world-class performing arts center, a state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center, and the culture and lifestyle of Northern California.

Iguaçu Falls, Brazil


ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER UC Davis MBAs have a reputation for driving results in the workplace and collaborating effectively with their colleagues. Recruiters seek them for a wide range of positions in a variety of industries. Whether looking to move up the ladder or move in a new direction, a UC Davis MBA will set you on the right course.

Our Philosophy The Career Services Center team believes that career development is a lifelong and multidimensional process of making choices and taking action. We provide students with the skills and opportunities to advance as they make the transition into management careers and then throughout their professional lives.

Cathinka Wahlstrom Lives High Performance Life in New York For the past 13 years, GSM alumna Cathinka Wahlstrom has called Manhattan home. She admits to being “hooked on the pulse and speed” of the world’s most energetic metropolis. Before earning her UC Davis MBA in 1991, Wahlstrom worked at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. Later, she returned to the nation’s capital to begin a rewarding career in consulting and financial services that also took her to London for several years. “The Graduate School off Management helped make me a well-rounded professional with the confidence to push the bigger ideas,” she says. A veteran in the financial services industry, Wahlstrom became managing director at Accenture’s New York Metro offices two years ago. She’s keenly aware of the unprecedented upheavals in the industry. As a leader at the Big Apple’s largest consulting firm, with more than 3,000 employees, she is passionate about how Accenture contributes to the local community. “Accenture thrives by constantly adapting, adjusting and changing strategies,” she sayys. s “II llo ove the bu uzz an nd being g su surr rrou oun nded ed by lot ots of sma mart rt

Our Approach

peo pe ople,, al alll fo ocu cuse sed d

Building on a critical self-assessment sequence, our career counselors work with each student to create a personal development plan, research career options and refine their job search strategy. Partnering with students, Career Services leverages existing recruiter relationships and cultivates new ones based on current student interests. We draw on our alumni network, corporate partners, and the personal and professional networks that each student brings.

on hel elpi ping ng make e

>> careers


comp mpan anie ies, clilien ents ts and d th he co comm mm mun unit ityy it more mo r ssuc re u ce uc cess ssfu sfu ul.””

The Graduate School of Management has a very

effective alumni and career

counseling of its

network that is an extension

collaborative student experience.

I get frequent calls and e-mails asking for advice about how to get into the services industry, the


consulting market

or simply moving to Manhattan. —CATHINKA WAHLSTROM ’91 Managing Director, Accenture, New York, N.Y. B.A., Journalism and B.A., Economics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Chrys Komodikis decided to pursue a UC Davis MBA after spending a year teaming up with politicians, planners, attorneys, environmentalists and investors to drive land use projects forward at AKT Development in Sacramento. That experience whetted his appetite for a career in the real estate business. Through networking and pure initiative, he landed a coveted summer internship at Ernst & Young’s Real Estate Advisory Services in New York. In two short months at Ernst & Young, Komodikis audited dozens of transactions for a large national bank and recovered half a million dollars in broker commission fees for the client institution. “I was working on an understaffed team and felt I played an important role,” Komodikis says. “That was the greatest incentive to perform.” His dedication paid off. After earning

as an associate. He’s now helping major

experience is all about teamwork and a sense

clients streamline operations and make


his MBA in June 2009, Komodikis joined the same team at Ernst & Young

strategic decisions. “That’s the plus of consulting work,” he says. “You get to look with them from the inside.”

The UC Davis MBA

camaraderie that leads to our


success. Working with so


Chrys Komodikis Builds Real Estate Consulting Career

many of my classmates these past two years, I

well prepared for the constant collaboration so critical at Ernst


& Young’s Manhattan offices. — CHRYS KOMODIKIS ‘09 Innovator Fellow Associate, Ernst & Young, Real Estate Advisory Services, New York, N.Y. B.A., Classical Studies, Wake Forest University

Over the past 10 years, UC Davis MBA students and graduates have secured internship and career positions at more than 350 U.S. and international organizations and companies.


POWERFUL ALUMNI NETWORK UC Davis Graduate School of Management alumni are CEOs, vice presidents, chief financial officers, chief operating officers and entrepreneurs. Around the globe, they hold prominent roles in a wide range of industries and organizations.

Giving Back Alumni make important contributions to the UC Davis MBA experience. They mentor students, hire interns and graduates, speak in classes and make generous financial gifts that support the School’s programs. Anchored by close personal connections and a convenient online directory, the alumni network is a critical resource for our MBA students.

Alumni Association The Graduate School of Management Alumni Association provides a lifelong, global community of professional contacts and friends who help each other as their careers progress. The association helps maintain graduates’ connection to the School and develops programs between alumni and students.


I had a

fantastic experience at the Graduate School of

Management; it was everything I expected—and more. Earning a UC Davis MBA helped

launch the next phase of my career

and gave me a tool set to make that


— CATHERINE SYLVESTER ’03 Brand Direct Marketing Manager, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. B.A., Communications, UC Santa Barbara

Catherine Sylvester’s Recipe for Success Is Retail Catherine Sylvester initially found her classmates at the Graduate School of Management slightly intimidating. Many had high-profile corporate experiences that were very different from the skills she developed as a manager at the Gap, Macy’s and other retailers. But Sylvester settled in, enjoying the fellowship and collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and many countries. After all, she had attended 13 schools around the world by the time she graduated from high school and had learned to fit into new situations quickly. Since earning her MBA with a concentration in marketing in 2003, she’s

POWER OF THE NETWORK Alumni at Fortune 500 firms host students to give them a taste of company operations, culture and values. Raymond Austin ’00 (right), a group marketing manager at Sun Microsystems, leads a tour of the company’s Executive Briefing Center, where he describes how Sun’s technology is used in corporate data centers.


enjoyed success at Williams -Sonoma, Inc., the home furnishing specialist that also owns Pottery Barn, PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, Williams-Sonoma Home and West Elm. Now the parent of two young sons, Sylvester says working at WilliamsSonoma in San Francisco has been the perfect fit for her lifestyle. She’s moved up from marketing planner for Pottery Barn Kids to brand direct marketing manager for the West Elm brand of affordable furniture and accessories.

For alumnus Chris Welsh, setting a standard of excellence is paramount in striving for personal and professional success. The week before starting the UC Davis MBA program, he completed a tour as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and rated among the top 10 percent of his peers. He says his military background helped him handle the rigors of business school. “Both military training and the way many military service people are wired with respect to discipline means that veterans ought to adapt well.” Within days of earning his MBA in 2005, Welsh joined IBM in San Francisco, where he graduated with distinction—among the top in his class—from the company’s six-month Global Sales School. Welsh had a blockbuster first year as a software account manager, earning an IBM Leadership Award, which recognizes the top two percent of employees from North and South America. He’s since been promoted to focus on a large enterprise account. The UC Davis MBA program helped Welsh define his interests and find the right fit at Big Blue. “The Graduate School of Management’s close-knit community fosters camaraderie and excellence—we demanded it of each other,” Welsh says. “The teamoriented culture helps you develop skills that make you a stronger person a d mana an agerr.””

In the military, I set the


Chris Welsh: Disciplined Leader at Big Blue

vision and led a team

of Marines and sailors. Business school takes these fundamental

leadership talents and reinforces

them. With the

knowledge and skills

I learned as a UC Davis MBA student, I can now

lead teams in finding and solving client business problems for IBM. —CHRIS WELSH ’05 Software Client Manager, IBM Corporation B.A., English, Carleton College

UC Davis MBA graduates enter an influential global network. More than 2,400 UC Davis Graduate School of Management alumni play leading roles in nearly 1,000 companies and organizations worldwide.


CORPORATE CONNECTIONS Distinguished Speakers The Graduate School of Management has developed close ties with high-profile executives and leaders throughout business and government. They enhance the learning experience as guest lecturers in classes and keynote speakers at special events.

Business schools play a Michael Mondavi

Nora Denzel

Founder and Coach Folio Fine Wine Partners

Senior Vice President Intuit, Inc.

critical role in developing strong leaders.

I’m impressed by the Graduate School of Management’s


its responsiveness to the business community and, specifically, its recognition of the importance of leadership. UC Davis MBA students are


articulate, motivated and diverse. The School offers a powerful William Sullivan

Robert Eckert

President & CEO Agilent Technologies

Chairman & CEO Mattel, Inc.

Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence Each year the School hosts a respected senior executive to teach a course on management strategy. It‘s a unique opportunity for students to work closely with a top business leader. Executive Leadership Seminar This seminar brings successful corporate leaders to the Bay Area MBA program to teach important lessons from the frontlines of industry. Dean’s Advisory Council More than 35 top business leaders serve on this council, building a strong connection between the School and the corporate world. Business Partnership Program More than 50 companies have formed strategic partnerships with the School as corporate affiliates, offering students opportunities from consulting projects to internship and career positions.

>> connections 16

learning experience, and it’s great to be a part of this. — STEPHEN G. NEWBERRY President and CEO Lam Research Corporation, Fremont, Calif.

Stephen Newberry Puts Values-Based Leadership First There is no question that the fundamental principles of successful leadership can be taught, says Stephen Newberry, president and CEO of Lam Research Corp., a major supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the world’s semiconductor industry. Underscoring the importance of leadership at UC Davis, Newberry and his wife, Shelley, have pledged $1.5 million to endow a faculty chair in leadership and a fellowship that will support students who have great potential as team leaders in business. On many occasions, Newberry has shared his leadership vision with UC Davis MBA students, stressing the benefits of building a strong, values-based company and how values are critical to personal success. He also has been a point of inspiration for the Lam Research Leadership Skills Program, a year-long series of professional workshops for UC Davis MBA students that offer elite leadership training in an interactive format. An online self-assessment tool helps incoming students measure their leadership strengths and weaknesses. Led by experts in leadership, executive coaching and human resources, the workshops include “Business Excellence through Emotional Intelligence,” “Leading and Facilitating a Team,” “Leader as Communicator” and “Coaching for Excellence.”

From investigating new markets for Fortune 500

The UC Davis MBA consulting project helped me explore and solve a


MBA Consulting Teams Deliver Winning Solutions firms to exploring financing scenarios for start-ups,

real-world, cutting-edge

teams of UC Davis MBA students are generating

business issue in energy strategy.

winning solutions. Since the UC Davis MBA Consulting Center opened four years ago, student teams have tackled projects in strategic planning, financial evaluation, marketing research and organizational issues. More than 80 percent of the center’s clients have adopted

As a team, we applied concepts of corporate finance, accounting, sustainability, energy strategy and

organizational behavior

or implemented the students’ recommendations. Field study advisors—executives with deep consulting and industry experience—play a critical role as a sounding board. Students call it their “gut-check.” Most recently, a team of students from all three UC Davis MBA programs (pictured below) analyzed fuel cell technology to help Safeway, one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America, meet its goals to hold down energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint. Security software giant Symantec benefitted from students’ strategic plan to expand its Global Women’s Initiative to hire and retain women.

to solve this issue. I was able to add a

hands-on dimension to my

classroom education—undoubtedly a highlight of my MBA experience. — HARPREET SINGH ’10

Daytime MBA Student Faculty Scholar Safeway Fuel Cell Project Team Member Summer Internship: Energy Efficiency, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif. (Climate Corps Fellows Program of Environmental Defense Fund) Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology

Students also solved critical financing and marketing issues in energy efficiency and sustainability for Silicon Valley–based Solar City, one of the nation’s largest installers of residential photovoltaics, and for Pacific Gas and Electric Company, one of the nation’s largest utilities.


UC Davis MBA Consulting Team for Safeway: (from left to right) Students Steve Barnett, Mananya Chansanchai, Terence Fleischer, Jane Kruse, Harpreet Singh and Diana Auyang.

In the past year, our students had the opportunity to meet and learn from more than 70 influential business leaders, innovative managers and Fortune 500 CEOs who were guest lecturers, mentors and speakers at special events.


INTERNATIONAL ACCOLADES The UC Davis Graduate School of Management is consistently recognized as one of the best business schools in the nation and the world. The growing international reputation of the UC Davis MBA reflects the quality of our students and their experiences, our world-class faculty, corporate recruiters’ high regard for our graduates, and the success of our alumni.


Recent accolades include:

my position at CalPERS. My studies at the Graduate School of Management

skills that I gained in the UC Davis MBA program are essential to

have given me the

ability to analyze and gain a deeper understanding

of what is happening in the nation’s largest public pension fund portfolio—

maximizing returns for state employees. — COLIN CRANE ’09

Investment Officer, California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Faculty Scholar CalPERS Fellow B.A., Business Management, Eckerd College

U.S.News & World Report Top 40 in U.S. in 2009 Top 50 for 14 consecutive years

The Economist Intelligence Unit Top 40 MBA program in U.S. (71st worldwide)

Aspen Institute Beyond Grey Pinstripes Top 30 worldwide for integrating issues of social and environmental stewardship into curricula and research

Colin Crane Paves Way to Career at Nation’s Largest Pension Fund Just as global financial markets began to crater in mid-2008, Daytime MBA student Colin Crane landed a golden opportunity to gain experience in private equity as a UC Davis fellow with the California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s (CalPERS) Alternative Investments Management (AIM) program. With more than $180 billion in assets, Sacramento-based CalPERS is the nation’s largest public pension fund, serving 1.6 million clients. It proved

The Princeton Review

the perfect setting for Crane to develop management skills he’d nurtured first

Top 10 MBA program with greatest opportunity for women

as a financial analyst and then with an early-stage angel investment firm in

Forbes “Best Business Schools”

Working Professional MBA Program 16th in U.S.

the Midwest. In early 2009 Crane accepted an offer to continue as a full-time investment officer with CalPERS’ AIM group, successfully balancing the demands of both his fellowship work and his studies. “This is a perfect environment to learn and be involved in the financial

>> mbarankings

markets today,” Crane says. “I often sit across from some of the most accomplished investors in the world—the real movers and shakers in this field— and I get to ask them their thoughts on the market.”



Davis MBA students gain an edge by being the first to learn about groundbreaking

research by professors such as Brad Barber, an internationally renowned finance expert who teaches popular courses on investment analysis and corporate financial policy. While Wall Street urges investors to trade and trade often, Barber’s often-cited studies offer fresh insights on the effect of expenses on mutual funds investments, gender-related overconfidence in stock trading, reliability of stock analysts’ recommendations and how active trading of equities is “hazardous to your wealth.” In the wake of recent corporate scandals, Barber established the Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility, one of the School’s Centers of Excellence. The center advocates for improved corporate practices, educates investors and better prepares MBA students for the he challenges in today today’ss global business arena. The center has provided valuable data and perspective, and expert commentary for media during the current global financial crisis. The center also has parttnered with CalPERS and CalSTRS, the nation’s two largest pension funds, to awa ard fellowships to select MBA interns. Such opportunities, says Barber, make the Grad duate School of Management a compelling choice for prospective students.



Finance Expert Brad Barber Invests Time with Students

I am proud of the Graduate School of Management’s

emphasis on

excellence. We take care to hire

top-notch faculty members who are strong teachers and world-class scholars. More than anything, your MBA

experience is shaped

by your student colleagues and your instructors. —BRAD BARBER Professor of Finance Maurice J. and Marcia G. Gallagher Chair in Finance Director, Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility Ph.D., University of Chicago

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management provides management education to 120 Daytime MBA students on the UC Davis campus and more than 400 Working Professional MBA students in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.





The UC Davis MBA curriculum provides a comprehensive management education leading to a University of California Master of Business Administration. Students in all three locations—Davis, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area—complete the same rigorous requirements. Each location also offers unique opportunities inside and outside the classroom to personalize and enrich the UC Davis MBA experience. Students choose the program that best complements their professional and personal goals.


Admissions Deadlines

Two-year, full-time MBA with summer internship. Classes and activities take place Monday through Friday and some weekends at newly constructed Gallagher Hall on campus in Davis.

Round 1* . . . . . . . . . . November 4 Round 2*. . . . . . . . . . January 6 Round 3 . . . . . . . . . . March 3 Late Round . . . . . . . . May 5

*Priority for scholarship consideration

Current Daytime MBA Program Fees (per year) ‡ California Residents . . $28,991 Non-Residents . . . . . . $41,236


Sacramento Working Professional MBA Program

WORKING PROFESSIONAL MBA PROGRAM (part time) Admissions Deadlines

Part-time MBA while working full time. Most classes meet one evening per week at our Sacramento campus. Students complete the degree in two to three years.

Round 1 . . . . . . . . . . December 2 Round 2 . . . . . . . . . . March 31 Late Round . . . . . . . . June 2


Current Sacramento Working Professional MBA Program Fees ‡ Per Unit . . . . . . . . . . . $936 Degree . . . . . . . . . . . $67,392

Current Bay Area Working Professional MBA Program Fees ‡ Per Unit . . . . . . . . . . . $1,190 Degree . . . . . . . . . . . $85,680 ‡ (Fees are for 2009–2010 academic year.

Fees for 2010 –2011 not set at the time of publication.)


San Francisco Bay Area Working Professional MBA Program Part-time MBA while working full time. Most classes meet twice monthly on Friday afternoon and evening and allday Saturday at Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon. Students complete the degree in two to three years.


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UC Davis Education Building Working Professional MBA Program


BAY AREA CAMPUS Bishop Ranch, San Ramon Working Professional MBA Program

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