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Pakistani Student Association

Students for Justice in Palestine The Pakistani Student Association is dedicated to providing a welcoming community for Pakistani students on campus, through general meetings, quarterly events and the annual banquet. It also serves as a humanitarian organization that strives to support the people of Pakistan, financially and through communication. Students for Justice in Palestine is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff and community members organized on democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Permias at UC Davis Permias at UC Davis offers social and academic support to the Indonesian student community on campus. It is also affiliated with the San Francisco Bay Area Indonesian community.

Shifa Community Clinic Shifa Community Clinic is a nonprofit, student-run medical facility serving the diverse, medically uninsured population of the greater Sacramento area. Every Sunday, the clinic provides both basic and specialized medical services to patients of all ethnicities and backgrounds, free of charge. It also functions as a teaching center for medical students and undergraduate volunteers.

Sikh Cultural Association The Sikh Cultural Association upholds the ideals of Sikhism as well as the cultural aspects of Punjab. It hosts programs and events to celebrate Punjab’s culture and religion.

Sunatya Sunatya is a competitive Bharatanatyam dance team. In addition to participating in competitions, Sunatya performs in many events and venues and hosts an intercollegiate showcase of Indian classical dance.

Turkish Student Association The Turkish Student Association seeks to form a closer bond between UC Davis students and staff, promote Turkish culture, art and history, and guide and mentor new Turkish students and staff.

Visions Visions supports educational initiatives for disadvantaged and impoverished youth. In addition to running student leadership programs, it supports teacher trainings, youth scholarships and local non-governmental organization development.


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