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Student Organizations Afghan Student Association

Epsilon Alpha Sigma, Arab Sorority The Afghan Student Association (ASA) promotes awareness of issues relating to Afghanistan to UC Davis and the surrounding communities. ASA’s mission includes promoting peace and tolerance through understanding of Afghan religion, culture and politics. Epsilon Alpha Sigma unites its members in a sisterhood based on sincere and lasting friendship. It celebrates the importance of heritage, the diversity of the Arab world and the strength and accomplishments of Arab women.

Arab Student Union The Arab Student Union unites and serves the Arab community on campus, while educating the UC Davis student body about Arab culture.

Armenian Student Association The Armenian Student Association cultivates appreciation of Armenian history, heritage and culture through historical and political awareness and social and recreational events.

Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative provides basic healthcare screenings and general health and nutrition advice to underserved and neglected communities.

Imani Clinic Imani Clinic is a student-run clinic started by UC Davis students in 1994 to deliver episodic primary care to the underserved and multicultural population in the Oak Park community of South Sacramento. Undergraduates have the opportunity to volunteer in a number of positions and earn workload units.

Indian Student Association The Indian Student Association unites Indians and those interested in Indian culture. It aims to bring the UC Davis community closer through social events for cultural awareness and fundraisers for the underprivileged community.

Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization The Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization works to create a united Persian community, both on and off the UC Davis campus. It seeks to educate the community about the Persian culture, its practices and its illustrious history.

Jakara Movement Club The Jakara Movement seeks to encourage engagement with Sikh culture through education, research and community outreach initiatives. This is the first official collegiate chapter of the Jakara Movement.

Jhankaar Jhankaar is a competitive South Asian a cappella team that aims to promote rhythmic unity among Bollywood, Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Western music. It blends the influences of these powerful styles and unites people from different backgrounds through music.


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