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Student Creative Team

Student Editorial Team

Left to right: Elijah Tech, Alexander Park, Jie Song, Solon Yiu, Karissa Tom, Melanie Zelaya, Cindy Cheung, Emma Hoppough, Jeremy Dang, Nicole Sullivan

Left to right: Naman Ajmera, Carmina Acebu, Luana Xiong, Denise Castro, Tara Saghir, Ellen Sanders-Raigosa

Not pictured: Bernice Lacerna, Morgan Tieu, Michael Chow

Students representing the UCÂ Davis community resource and retention centers formed the student editorial team. As members of the team, these students provided guidance for content development, design, photos and student profiles. With their contributions, this guide is reflective of the ME/SA community and student voice.

The Student Affairs Marketing and Communications student design, photography, marketing and editorial assistants collaborated on the production of The Middle Eastern and South Asian Pages and fashioned it into what it is now. The student creative team produced a unique design tailored to the needs of the MESA community. The creative team hopes you enjoy the aesthetic experience of the guide and use it as a resource for your life at UCÂ Davis.


The MESA Pages: The Middle Eastern and South Asian Cultural Guide  
The MESA Pages: The Middle Eastern and South Asian Cultural Guide