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Welcome to The Brown Pages! These pages have been created to help Chicanx and Latinx students find the resources they deserve. There are a variety of academic and social organizations you can be a part of at UC Davis. The Brown Pages will help you, because it includes directories to academic resources you can utilize as well as a list of student organizations and cultural events rooted in Chicanx and Latinx culture. We have also included some fun things you can do on or off campus! We hope these pages lead you to the community you seek to find and to excel academically at UC Davis. These resources have been compiled to help you foster your success and academic excellence. We hope the amazing narratives of the Chicanx and Latinx students at UC Davis inspire you, as they inspire us.

What Does the “x” Mean in Chicanx? The purpose of using “x” in “Chicanx/Latinx” is to allow for the Chicano, Chicana, Latino, Latina community to be gender expansive, meaning it includes all those who identify and don’t identify within the gender spectrum. This can include, but is not limited to trans and gender-queer folx.


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Welcome Letters


Student Life


Annual Cultural Events

4 Student Organizations and Greek Life 8

Things to Do

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Dear UC Davis Students,

Dear Latinx and Chicanx Students,

On behalf of our Chicanx and Latinx community, I would like to invite you to consider The Brown Pages a resource for your personal, cultural and academic development at UC Davis. As a former first- generation Latino student, I benefited tremendously from resources at four-year universities and cannot express enough about how important it is for you all, regardless of your personal backgrounds, to take advantage of these valuable services.

On behalf of the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success, known informally as el centro, we want you to know that we are here to support you academically, personally and emotionally. Our services include a range of programs and activities that are meant to help you succeed at UC Davis.

As a UC Davis alumnus, I would like to recommend The Brown Pages to you because, within this resource guide, you will discover that the leadership and academic opportunities for Chicanx and Latinx students are vast and diverse. I encourage you to use these opportunities to help you accomplish your career and educational endeavors. UC Davis is an institution committed to the academic success and personal empowerment of our Chicanx and Latinx community. I hope to meet you soon and see you be successful at UC Davis! In gratitude, Cirilo Cortez, M.A. ’08, Ph.D. ’12 Director Strategic Chicanx and Latinx Retention Initiatives Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success | 530-752-3823

We have staff that provide academic advising, counseling, internship and career services, specialist support in the form of tutoring from professional staff as well as formal and informal interactions with faculty members. We want you to experience a sense of community and empowerment that will help you be successful on campus. UC Davis stands to support and provide you with an environment of diversity and inclusion. We have designed The Brown Pages as a resource book that provides you with helpful information about ways that UC Davis is prepared to guide you in building a home away from home. We encourage you to be a part of our comunidad and work with el centro as you become more involved with student organizations on campus and progress as a future scholar. We hope you stop by el centro to meet us personally, and we wish you the best of luck! Con cariño, Lina R. Mendez, Ph.D. ’10 Associate Director Strategic Chicanx and Latinx Retention Initiatives Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success | 530-752-8508


Student Life At UC Davis, students are active and involved in various activities that enhance their college experiences. From athletics to diverse student clubs and organizations, everyone can find an outlet for their interests. By becoming involved, you can explore your passion, connect with like-minded peers, engage in fun activities and make lifelong friends. 2

Annual Cultural Events

Hace mucho tiempo aprendi que para curar mis heridas precisaba tener el coraje de afrontarlas.



This event kicks off the annual events for the Chicanx and Latinx community. Taking place every fall, Bienvenida welcomes new students to our familia by providing them with information about resources, organizations and networking that can help their journey at UC Davis.

Unity in Diversity is a collaboration between the Center for Chicanx/Latinx Academic Student Success, Center for African Diaspora Student Success and Native American Academic Student Success Center. It is designed to welcome to campus our new and returning students, staff and faculty. This event promotes unity in diversity and helps remind students of their true reasons for attending UC Davis: to grow holistically and to graduate.


The Chicanx and Latinx Leadership Retreat, more commonly known as the ChiLat Retreat, is an empowerment event organized and facilitated by Yik’al Kuyum, the student-run ChiLat component of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. The retreat promotes the exploration of the sociopolitical issues at UC Davis that may affect members of the Chicanx and Latinx community. It is meant to provide holistic support for first years, transfers and reentry students. It is oriented toward nurturing students’ emotional and cultural well-being by creating a space where students can bravely speak out.

SEMANA DE LA XICANA Semana de la Xicana is an annual educational program dedicated to raising awareness about the issues that affect Xicanas. Semana de la Xicana aims to address gender violence and discrimination outside of and within the Chicanx and Latinx community. Held during winter quarter, Semana de la Xicana is an opportunity for community members to come together, create visibility and advocate for the needs of the Xicana community at large. LA RAZA CULTURAL DAYS


Our annual La Gran Tardeada, also known as Tardeada, is the culmination of La Raza Cultural Days. It is a free, day-long event, held on the UC Davis Quad and open to all, that celebrates Chicanx and Latinx culture with traditional food sold by student organizations, a children’s fair and student and professional performances.

La Raza Cultural Days (LRCD) is one of our longest standing community traditions, dating back to 1969! La Raza Cultural Days was started to educate the campus and community about the social, cultural and political issues Chicanx and Latinx students overcome daily. La Raza Cultural Days also highlights the cultural values and traditions of the Chicanx and Latinx community and our immense contributions to academia.


CHICANX STUDIES SYMPOSIUM Taking place during La Raza Cultural Days, this annual symposium allows both students, faculty and community members to gather and discuss contemporary pressing issues affecting the Chicanx and Latinx community. Past symposium topics include: SB1070 and the battle for ethnic studies in Arizona, Central/South American identities and feminism within our community. DANZANTES DEL ALMA ANNUAL SHOW

Danzantes del Alma has been showcasing their talents in Mexican folkloric dance since 1977. The troupe performs many times during the year, hosts workshops and contributes to the larger Davis and UC Davis communities. The troupe performs on campus during spring quarter. CHICANX AND LATINX GRADUATION CELEBRATION This graduation celebration is the culmination of hard work, long nights of studying and lifelong friendships. The goal is to provide students and their families a meaningful, culturally relevant reflection of the achievements of our Chicanx and Latinx students at UC Davis. It is a celebration of resistance and conquering.


Student Organizations and Greek Life


We, the ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma, pride ourselves on holding education in the highest regard. Our objectives are to promote growth in character, unity in sisterly affection and social communion among our members. In all that we do, we try to uphold God’s principles of justice and right. We seek to idealize womanhood by cultivating not only the power and passion of intellectual development but also the spirit of love and charity. ALPHA ZETA TAU

Alpha Zeta Tau is a fraternity/sorority with the purpose of empowering and encouraging the development of future leaders and professionals. Alpha Zeta Tau is organized around the following ideals, also known as the four pyramids: education, community, culture and family. We hold an intersectional approach to different perspectives and ideals. Alpha Zeta Tau aims not merely to expose members to different perspectives but also to encourage members to embrace them. CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN STUDENT ALLIANCE

Central/South American and Caribbean Student Alliance is a student-initiated group that caters to students who identify with Central/South American and Caribbean identities. It was conceived out of the need for visibility and representation of the diversity within the Chi/Lat community on campus. Come socialize and learn more about this student alliance in a safe space where we will empower, learn and


celebrate our hystories. We hope to create a space of empowerment and agency that validates our identities within the diverse Chi/Lat community as well as within UC Davis. CHICANO AND LATINO ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS SOCIETY

Chicano and Latino Engineers and Scientists Society seeks to create an industry network for students. This organization focuses on internship opportunities, a cooperative process and permanent employment. CHICAN@S/LATIN@S IN HEALTH EDUCATION

We aim to support students from the Chican@/Latin@ community who are interested in pursuing health careers. Overall, we aim to increase the number of Chican@/Latin@ students who attend medical school.

DELTA OMICRON CHI Delta Omicron Chi sorority is continually seeking women who will uphold our values of sisterhood, academic excellence, unity in diversity and, most important, pre-professionalism. Our sisterhood is committed to promoting personal and professional growth and welcomes collegiate women of all ages, ethnicities, religions, etc., to become part of our growing sisterhood. DELTA XI PHI

Delta Xi Phi is a multicultural sorority that embraces women from all ethnic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Defined by diversity, Delta Xi Phi is not only multicultural in membership but also in programming since its inception. GAMMA ZETA ALPHA

Clinica Tepati is a nonprofit, student-run clinic that provides free primary care services to the uninsured population of Sacramento and surrounding cities.

Gamma Zeta Alpha is built on the foundation of respect and brotherhood, and upheld a tradition of cultivating leaders and strengthening the Latino community for two decades. Through academic excellence, community service and the celebration of our Latino culture, we promote and establish a nurturing environment at the university and beyond.




The highly acclaimed student folkloric dance troupe of UC Davis celebrates Mexican, Chicanx and Latinx cultures by learning and performing the traditional dances of Mexico as well as contemporary dances of the Chicanx and Latinx community.

Hermanas Unidas encourages the growth of each of our members. We support the three pillars of Hermanas Unidas: academics, community service and a strong social network.

No es necesario quitar las montañas de los lugares para probar la fe. — A ORILLAS DEL RIO PIEDRA ME SENTE Y LLORE

Hermanos Macehual is a community service-based fellowship providing academic and social support to Chicano/Latino students at UC Davis.

political, cultural and social activities. We take pride in our principles of unity, love and respect. Lambda Theta Alpha recognizes the importance of reaching out to others and forming a united coalition of professional, diverse and culturally and politically conscious womxn.




La Conciencia is a group of Chicanx/Latinx students who provide a media outlet for the Chicanx/Latinx experience at UC Davis. LA FAMILIA

La Familia (LaFa) is a social support group for all Chicanx/Latinx students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and identity questioning. LaFa holds art workshops and game nights and creates a space of emotional support. LA RAZA PRE-LAW STUDENT ASSOCIATION

La Raza is a nonprofit collective of progressive undergraduates. We seek to protect and advance the civil rights of UC Davis’ underrepresented undergraduates and their respective communities. LAMBDA SIGMA GAMMA Lambda Sigma Gamma sorority is an academic, community, social and multicultural sorority—a solid network of women in higher education who have chosen to unite to enhance our college experiences. LAMBDA THETA ALPHA lambdathetaalpha.html

The ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha are committed to the growth and diversity of sisterhood. We strive to develop strong leaders who produce and engage in

The mission of the ladies of Lambda Theta Nu is to create opportunities for Latinas in the UC Davis community. We create an environment of personal growth rooted in community service. Our primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina womxn in higher education. LAMBDA THETA PHI

The brothers of Lambda Theta Phi promote power through education. We focus on scholarship, Latino unity, respect for all cultures and brotherhood through responsible sociopolitical actions. The fraternity hopes to provide a support group to help ensure that our brothers achieve their greatest potential. LATINO FELLOWSHIP

Latino Fellowship (LaFe) is committed to developing Latin@ students into leaders who embrace their Latin@ identity as a gift from God. LATINO MEDICAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION

Latino Medical Student Association is a network of students, alumni and health professionals who are interested in the health of the Latina/o community.



Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.) is a grassroots, nonprofit student organization that strives for political, social and educational consciousness and equality. MUJERES AYUDANDO LA RAZA

The objective of this organization is to promote academic excellence by aiding in the retention of our members at UC Davis. Mujeres Ayudando la Raza is dedicated to creating enduring bonds of friendship by committing to community involvement. NU ALPHA KAPPA

The brothers of Nu Alpha Kappa honor traditions that are designed to achieve goals: academic excellence, academic support among brothers and the retention of Latino culture through campus community service. Through these goals, we strengthen and maintain the bond of brotherhood with one another. Our philosophy is best summarized by our motto: Men of mind, men of culture, men of pride. SCHOLARS PROMOTING EDUCATION AWARENESS AND KNOWLEDGE

Scholars Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge (SPEAK) is a student-run organization that provides resources to support and empower undocumented students at UC Davis. It works to raise awareness of the diverse struggles undocumented students experience while


completing their undergraduate studies. SPEAK also works to create a safe environment where AB540 students can share their problems as well as their accomplishments. SPEAK strives daily to empower and help community members financially, emotionally and psychologically. SIGMA ALPHA ZETA

We stand for the empowerment of women through diversity, sisterhood, academic excellence and community service. Our purpose is to strengthen personal growth, to create networks, strive for excellence in all that we do. Our goals are maintaining academic excellence, engaging in campus life, fostering sisterhood, providing community service and increasing awareness. Our characteristics are commitment, open-mindedness, leadership, motivation, integrity and involvement. We are a unique group of women who pride ourselves on diversity of culture, personalities and interests. SIGMA DELTA ALPHA

Founded on August 8, 2014, the Iota chapter of Sigma Delta Alpha fraternity is a Latino-founded, multiculturally integrated fraternity established at the University of California, Davis. Our brothers strive for excellence in supporting each other academically, socially and personally. Brothers also reach out to serve and enrich underrepresented cultures.


The gentlemen of Sigma Lambda Beta are committed to creating and expanding multicultural leadership. We promote academic excellence through advancing our cultural awareness, community service and a dedication to supporting all collegiate men worldwide. SIGMA LAMBDA GAMMA

The ladies of Sigma Lambda Gamma are a sisterhood of womyn who strive to empower other womyn through our five principles: academics, community service, cultural awareness, social interaction and morals/ethics. Through this organization, womyn will have the opportunity to become involved in the betterment of local, regional, national and global communities. SIGMA OMEGA NU

Sigma Omega Nu is a Latina-interest sorority built on academics, culture, sisterhood and community service. We strive to collectively strengthen our cultural, personal and educational goals while promoting academic and family support. SIGMA PI ALPHA

YOUTH EMOWERMENT PROGRAM The Youth Empowerment Program is a student-volunteer organization that connects unaccompanied immigrant children in federal detention because of their immigration status to mentors and role models from UC Davis. We also provide this service to the local population in Yolo County. We volunteer our time to help these children keep fighting for their education. Our duty is to offer resources and information that motivate them to pursue higher education. We strive to make a difference in their lives by showing there is a life after federal detention. ZETA SIGMA CHI

Zeta Sigma Chi multicultural sorority unifies women from diverse cultures for one common goal: success in education. Zeta Sigma Chi is a national sisterhood that aspires to create true, lifelong friendships among women of diverse heritages while upholding the values of our eight founding mothers. Our principles are education, success, culture, service and sisterhood. As radiant ladies, we embrace diversity and invite all women to join and share their different cultures, families and backgrounds, and grow with the support and backing of a true sisterhood.

Sigma Pi Alpha is a Chicana/Latina-based sorority that seeks to empower women by offering opportunities for development, growth and success as leaders through the active implementation of our pillars: community service, campus involvement and sisterhood.


Things to Do When it’s time to put down the books, there are plenty of things to do! Explore the UC Davis Arboretum and observe friendly critters. Attend a free Taller Arte Del Nuevo Amanecer workshop or check out Third Space for a local music show. Whatever you are into, there is something to discover. 8

Things to Do | On Campus

Si crees en la victoria, la victoria creerá en ti.



The arboretum has over 100 acres of beautiful gardens for active recreation or peaceful contemplation. There are documented plant collections, exhibits and demonstration plantings where visitors can learn about sustainable gardening for the Central Valley.

The Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) is the campus gym. It holds tons of high-quality workout equipment, such as an indoor rock climbing wall, track and basketball/volleyball courts. The ARC also offers yoga classes, Zumba and kickboxing.



Located in nearby Woodland, Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer (TANA) is a partnership between the UC Davis Chicana/o Studies program and the greater Woodland community. Through exhibiting, printing, and teaching, TANA cultivates the cultural and artistic life of the community, viewing the arts as essential to a community’s development and well-being.

The Experimental College formed as part of a movement on university campuses to bring alternative voices to the university culture. Today, the Experimental College provides an outlet for individuals to share their interests and learn skills in an informal setting by offering courses in dance, martial arts, yoga and movement, holistic health, music, language and more.



The Department of Music presents more than 100 concerts each year by a range of ensembles. The department sponsors an annual artist-in-residence program, bringing internationally renowned artists for performances and lectures. The department also presents a free weekly noon-concert series, which features visiting artists, department ensembles and student performers in an informal setting. CHECK OUT THIRD SPACE ART COLLECTIVE

Located in Davis, Third Space Art Collective is a multipurpose space housing art studios, workshops, events, and more. People are able to connect in a meaningful way through artistic expression, regardless of age, economic class, or experience.

UC Davis is home to Aggie Pack, the largest student spirit organization in the nation. Aggie Pack is definitely an experience that offers the potential to meet new people. ATTEND AN EVENT AT THE ROBERT AND MARGRIT MONDAVI CENTER

The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts hosts world-renowned artists, musical concerts, dance performances, plays and lectures. All UC Davis freshmen and new transfer students are given one free ticket to any event during the current season, plus 50 percent off selected events.



The C.N. Gorman Museum is dedicated to the creative expressions of Native American artists. The museum is also open to artists from a variety of backgrounds, but its focus is Native American art. CHECK OUT THE GRADUATE’S SALSA NIGHT

Every Tuesday night, The Graduate holds salsa night. There are free lessons before the night begins. It’s an 18-and-over dance party where students and locals hang out and have fun. EXPLORE THE JAN SHREM AND MARIA MANETTI SHREM MUSEUM OF ART

The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art features innovative design and houses rotating exhibitions. MEET FRIENDS AT THE BUZZ

The BUZZ is a fun, annual Fall Welcome event that takes place in the evening on the Quad. This event is packed with activities, entertainment and information booths to help students learn more about the participating campus departments. A few of the activities include inflatable games, Eurobungy, dance battles and much more. CELEBRATE PICNIC DAY

Picnic Day celebrates student differences and a healthy campus climate with over 200 diverse exhibits and marquee events, such as the Doxie Derby and the Chemistry Magic Show.



Things to Do | Off Campus

DINING Sophia’s Thai Kitchen 129 E St.

SHOPPING A Better Place to Bead 132 E St.

PLACES TO GO Putah Creek Riparian Reserve (approximately 15 minutes)

The Hotdogger 129 E St.

Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store 920 Third St.

Lake Berryessa (approximately 30 minutes)

The Candy House of Davis 901 Third St.

Target 4601 Second St.

Taqueria Guadalajara 640 W. Covell Blvd.

Styles for Less 4647 Second St.

Lands End San Francisco (approximately 1.5 hours)

Root of Happiness 211 F St.

International Food Market 1760 E. Eighth St.

Konditorei Austrian Pastry Café 2710 E. Fifth St.

Food 4 Less 451 Pioneer Ave., Woodland

Putah Creek Winery 110 F St.

Costco 2299 Bronze Star Dr. Woodland

Let Them Eat Cake 310 C St. Taqueria Davis 505 L St. Dumpling House 129 E St. Sudwerk Dock Store 2001 Second St. Pupuseria La Chicana 9 Main St. #123, Woodland Davis Food Co-op 620 G St. Ho Ho Market 132 E St.

Lake Tahoe (approximately 2.5 hours)

El Torrito Meat Market 725 East St., Woodland La Superior 34 W. Court St., Woodland La Raza Galleria Posada 2700 Front St., Sacramento Sol Collective 2574 21st St., Sacramento Taller Arte del Nuevo Amancer 1224 Lemon Ave., Woodland Fiesta Dance ’N’ Fitness 917 Third St.


Campus Resources At UC Davis, dynamic community resource centers cater to your needs and interests. At these centers, students can explore their identities and find opportunities, including employment, academic and social advancement, community service and special programs. Discover what each center can offer you. 12


The AB540 and Undocumented Student Center empowers students to attain their educational goals, overcome legal and financial obstacles and achieve their long-term dreams. IMMIGRATION LAW CLINIC

Students at the Immigration Law Clinic are able to interview clients and witnesses, conduct factual investigations and represent immigrants at hearings at the immigration court. ACADEMIC ADVISING CENTER center.asp

Peer advisors and tutors in the Academic Advising Center provide convenient, personalized academic support for every residence hall student. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS (ASUCD)

Associated Students University of California, Davis, (ASUCD) is the official student government of UC Davis. ASUCD is student run and employs upwards of 1,500 students. ASUCD offers opportunities to engage in leadership ranging from student advocacy and management to finance and event planning.


From aquatics to sport clubs, Campus Recreation and Unions offers a variety of programs, services and facilities to help you enjoy recreation and maintain a balanced lifestyle. The Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) offers both informal and formal recreation opportunities, making it easy for you to keep fit, relax, have fun and meet your fitness goals. Access to the ARC is free to registered students. Programming within the ARC includes group exercise, dance classes, martial arts classes, personal training, rock climbing and intramural sports (may require an additional fee). CENTER FOR AFRICAN DIASPORA STUDENT SUCCESS (CADSS) The Center for African Diaspora Student Success (CADSS) is an academic retention center that provides programs and services that focus on the retention, persistence, and graduation of all undergraduate students of the African diaspora at the University of California, Davis. Through data-driven decision-making and collective and individual student engagement, we seek to understand and improve policies and practices that lead to academic excellence. As a team, we systematize institutional collaborations and academic partnerships to create a synergistic approach tailored toward African diaspora student success.

The Chicanx and Latinx living-learning community, Casa Cuauhtémoc, is a residence hall community open to first-year students of all cultures who are interested in political theory rooted in the Chicanx and Latinx struggle. Casa residents develop and participate in an extensive range of cultural, social and educational programs; past programs have included mask making for DÍa de los Muertos, Las Rosca de Reyes, participating in a kids fair during La Raza Cultural Days and in a Chicanx and Latinx Leadership Retreat. The program’s partnership with the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success and the Department of Chicana/o Studies gives residents enhanced learning and transitional support in addition to opportunities to build connections with faculty members and staff. Residents have the opportunity to take a seminar in the fall to learn more about the Chicanx and Latinx experience via art, literature, politics, health, law and history.


Cada mañana trae un milagro escondido y debemos prestar atención a ese milagro. — COLUMNA PERIODISTICA RESPETANDO EL TRABAJO


At the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), students are given valuable resources to help their student clubs and organizations operate successfully and enhance their experiences on campus. CROSS CULTURAL CENTER

Born out of student activism and political struggle, the Cross Cultural Center (CCC) offers a culturally relevant community space where student voices can be expressed and respected. The CCC cultivates critical consciousness and cultural competency by providing learning opportunities at the crossroads of the many aspects of our identities and experiences. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM

The Educational Opportunity Program provides a caring and supportive environment for students as they transition to a large university. FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS

Learn about your financial aid award and explore scholarships and various types of financial aid. INTERNSHIP AND CAREER CENTER

The Internship and Career Center (ICC) offers valuable services to students throughout their academic journeys, from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors. ICC services can help students with career decisions, resume writing, interviewing and finding an internship or job.



UC Davis is home to more than 27 intramural sports, ranging from dodgeball to water polo. If you are looking for more competition, check out the sport clubs and see how students participate in a variety of intercollegiate athletic clubs. LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, QUEER, INTERSEX, ASEXUAL RESOURCE CENTER

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center helps to create a safe, inclusive space for the community at UC Davis. The center is committed to challenging sexism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia and heterosexism. MCNAIR SCHOLARS PROGRAM

The UC Davis McNair Scholars Program is a two-year program funded by TRiO and the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to encourage students from groups often underrepresented in graduate programs to pursue doctoral degrees. About 20 UC Davis undergraduates and incoming transfer students are selected each year to participate in academic-year and summer activities. MYUCDAVIS

MyUCDavis is an Internet portal where students can access information and resources ranging from academics, such as student advising, scheduling classes and finding support, to employee services, finances and even student life.

NATIVE AMERICAN ACADEMIC STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER The Native American Academic Student Success Center is open at the University House on campus. Dedicated to the retention of Native students and to helping them achieve success at UC Davis, the center provides a space for students to explore identity and have a community on campus. Its goals are to promote academic resiliency for Native students, foster transition to higher education and beyond, and create a sense of belonging for our Native American students. OFFICE OF SORORITY AND FRATERNITY LIFE

UC Davis offers nearly 80 active fraternities and sororities that offer academic support. By joining a sorority or fraternity, students can be a part of dynamic social networks that extend beyond the university years. OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR

The registrar provides student identification cards, manages the course registration system, verifies student enrollment and provides student transcripts. ONLINE ADVISING STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM

The Online Advising Student Information System (OASIS) is a central location for students to schedule an appointment with an advisor, learn about important deadlines, submit and track forms and petitions and fill out degree worksheets to help plan their coursework.

15 15


The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) helps students thrive by providing academic, personal, social and transitional support. Utilizing a holistic approach, SASC offers services that empower students to take responsibility for their learning, and it offers trained student tutors and drop-in tutoring sessions. TRANSFER REENTRY VETERANS CENTER

Consider the Transfer Reentry Veterans Center as a home away from home. The center accommodates all transfers, veterans, dependents of veterans and reentry students. Here, students can learn how to adjust to UC Davis life and explore resources available for academic excellence. TRIO SCHOLARS PROGRAM

The TRiO Scholars Program promotes the academic, social, personal and professional success of our students by building a strong sense of community and drawing on UC Davis resources. STUDENT DISABILITY CENTER

The Student Disability Center is committed to the coordination of specialized academic support services and promoting integrated participation in campus life for students with disabilities.



UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) provides a wide variety of medical, mental health and wellness services to all registered UC Davis students, regardless of insurance coverage. Most services are provided through scheduled appointments; however, urgent care (service without an appointment) is also available for acute medical and mental health needs. Services are provided at two primary locations: the Student Health and Wellness Center and North Hall. COMMUNITY ADVISING NETWORK

Community Advising Network (CAN) counselors are a diverse group of professional staff who understand student issues and are here to help. CAN community counselors provide students with free and anonymous consultation and personal counseling in addition to programs, workshops and other campus-community outreach activities. (CAN counselors do not provide academic advising.) ST U D E N T R E C R U I T M E N T A N D RETENTION CENTER

The Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) offers student-run and student-initiated programs that foster holistic academic and personal development, while raising political and cultural awareness. The SRRC Study Lounge provides tutoring and test materials and is a great place to get your homework done.

Aquei que desee ver el arcoíris debe aprender a disfrutar de la lluvia. — ALEPH



Collective provides both academic and social support to empower transfer, reentry, parent and all nontraditional students to succeed in higher education. Collective offers all students a safe and welcoming environment to further engage students in their educational pursuits. Furthermore, Collective offers campus visits to disadvantaged students to highlight possibilities and provide insight into the opportunities available through higher education.

The Undergraduate Research Center facilitates research opportunities for UC Davis undergraduates in every major and at all class levels.


UC Davis offers a wide variety of study abroad options. Students in any major can participate for a summer, quarter or an entire year. Studying, exploring and engaging with other cultures before graduation is an incredible learning experience that will broaden your perspective of the world.


UC LEADS (Leadership Excellence Through Advanced DegreeS) is a two-year program designed to identify educationally or economically disadvantaged undergraduates in science, mathematics or engineering who show promise of succeeding in doctoral degree programs. The program provides students with educational experiences that prepare them to assume positions of leadership in industry, government, public service and academia. Additional benefits include: research experience, research stipends, GRE preparation, seminars and advising and travel to professional meetings.


The Women’s Resources and Research Center is a great place to learn about gender equity, meet friends and get involved with on-campus programs and student groups. Sexism affects everyone and students can take part in making UC Davis safer and more inclusive for everyone. Y I K ’A L K U Y U M

Yik’al Kuyum (YK), Mayan for “origin of the Light,” provides student-led, student-initiated programs to support educational attainment for Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x students. YK provides holistic support that emphasizes community awareness, advocacy, cultural affirmation and academic success.

STUDENT SUPPORT Don’t let financial needs get in the way of your health and well-being. These support services provide alternative, money-saving ways to acquire textbooks, computers and groceries to fuel your academic success. Aggie Food Connection

Cal Fresh

Computer Loan computers.html

Fruit & Veggie Up!

The Pantry

We Are Aggie Pride (WAAP)

CAMPUS SAFETY With a campus as large as UC Davis, these campus safety resources ensure a protected and secure environment for all students and faculty. Aggie Guardian

Center for Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE)

Fire Department

Police Department

Safe Party

Safe Rides security/safe_rides.html

Tipsy Taxi


Department of Chicana/o Studies

The Department of Chicana/o Studies is an international, cross-disciplinary program of research, teaching and public service intended to provide UC Davis students an opportunity to understand and work with the experiences, values, cultural representations and socio-economic issues of the Chicana/o and Latina/o community. The department includes a dedicated faculty of accomplished research scholars, inspiring avant-garde professionals, excellent support staff and a curriculum strong in the use of cultural expression, theory and analysis of the intersection of race, class, gender and sexuality. It is also dedicated to fostering excellent student research and supports community service activities. The mission of the Chicana/o Studies department is to strengthen the next generation by building knowledge about local and global Chicana/o and Latina/o communities and disseminating that information across social, intellectual and geographic boundaries.


CENTER FOR CHICANX AND LATINX ACADEMIC STUDENT SUCCESS The Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success (CCLASS) is dedicated to welcoming, supporting, retaining, and informing students as they navigate the university. It is a space for students to find community and a familia to feel a part of. The center contributes to the university’s commitment to campus diversity and inclusion. At its core, the center acts as an academic support space for students to thrive as scholars and unique individuals. TANA Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer (TANA) is a community-based art center managed by the Chicana/o Studies department at UC Davis. TANA offers a fully functioning silkscreen studio, Chicana/o and Latina/o art exhibition space and a teaching center. Through exhibiting, printing and teaching, TANA cultivates the cultural and artistic life of the community, promoting the arts as essential to a community’s development and well-being. TANA offers UC Davis students internship opportunities, art classes and materials to pursue their artistic needs.

Faculty and Staff

Luis G. Carvajal-Carmona Associate Professor Genome Center and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine 530-752-9654 Angie Chabram Professor Chicana/o Studies

530-752-2421 Marcela Cuellar Assistant Professor School of Education 530-752-5395 Natalia Deeb-Sossa Associate Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421 Sergio De La Mora Associate Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421

Yvette G. Flores Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421

Maceo Montoya Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421

Clarissa Rojas Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421

Rebecca Hernandez Assistant Professor Land, Air and Water Resources

Pablo Ortiz Professor Department of Music 530-752-7509

Cindy Rubio Gonzalez Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science

Amagda Perez Supervising Attorney and Co-Director Immigration Law Clinic

Samuel Sandoval Solis Assistant Professor Cooperative Extension Specialist in Water Resource Land, Air and Water Resources

Ines Hernandez-Avila Professor Native American Studies 530-752-4394 Kevin Johnson Professor and Dean School of Law 530-752-0243 Danny Martinez Assistant Professor School of Education 530-752-9749

Patricia Quijada Associate Professor School of Education 530-752-9377 Gloria M. Rodriguez Associate Professor and Director CANDEL (Ed.D.) Program School of Education 530-754-6256

Richard V. Pereira Assistant Professor of Clinical Livestock Herd Health Department of Population Health and Reproduction Susy Zepeda Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies 530-752-2421


Meet Current Students

Clarissa Garcia

Esperanz Fuentes Aguilera

Daniella Calixto

Having the privilege to attend Latinx retreats and conferences, learning from other communities, as well as being welcomed as a member of Scholars Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge (SPEAK), has helped tremendously. Through the people I’ve met, I have acquired a support system that I’m incredibly thankful for. The students at UC Davis have expanded my knowledge of humanity as a whole.

Being a Queer Trans Xicanx definitely impacts the way I navigate through UC Davis. I am always in search of resources that can aid in my success. For example, I attend La Familia’s and Queer Trans Femmes of Color’s meetings for community and support. I strive to be successful, because I am a child of immigrants and my success is their success, so these spaces really help.

I went from being one of the many brown kids in South Central Los Angeles to being one of the few at UC Davis. It was definitely difficult but very exciting. There was, of course, the severe homesickness at first, but also the realization of freedom I gained. I am hopeful for the future of my academics and overall growth as a person. I definitely couldn’t have done it alone.

She/Her/Hers Covina, CA Major: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior


They/Them/Theirs, She/Her/Hers Colusa, CA Major: Anthropology

She/Her/Hers Los Angeles, CA Major: Community and Regional Development and Chicana/Chicano Studies

Thank You

Student Editorial Board

Student Creative Team

Left to right: Esperanz Fuentes Aguilera, Laurence Paulite, Ellen Sanders-Raigosa, Nathalie Schrans, Tara Saghir

Left to right: Alexander Park, Melanie Zelaya, Jie Song, Jessica Lam, Casey Tsen, Jay Gelvezon, Nicole Sullivan

Not pictured: Zareen Nayyar, Rajat Paul

Students from the UC Davis community centers volunteered their time to participate in the student editorial board. As members of this board, they provided guidance for content development, design, photos and student profiles. With their contributions, this guide is reflective of the Chicanx and Latinx community and student voice.

The Student Affairs Marketing and Communications student designers and photographers collaborated on the graphic design of The Brown Pages and fashioned it into what it is now. With guidance from the student editorial board, the student designers produced a unique design tailored to the needs of the Chicanx and Latinx community. The creative team hopes you enjoy the aesthetic experience of the guide and use it as a resource for your life at UC Davis.




The Brown Pages: The Chicanx and Latinx Student Experience  
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