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Fourth Year Major: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior NCAA: Volleyball

Fourth Year Major: International Relations NCAA: Track and Field

Third Year Major: Political Science and Psychology Intramural Sports: Flag Football and Basketball

Being a part of the UC Davis volleyball team has helped me learn more about myself as a person. I have learned how to push myself and what my limits, strengths and weaknesses are. Most importantly, it has helped me grow as an individual every single day.

Being a part of the UC Davis track team has helped me so much with learning time management. With practice six days a week, weights three days a week and class four days a week, I have learned how to make time for studying, rehabbing my body and even leisure and social time. In terms of leadership, I have learned that everyone really has the ability to be a leader. Leadership is the ability to see the leader in everyone and truly learn from others who have a lot of knowledge to share.

Being a part of intramural sports has helped me build relationships, stay in shape and make UC Davis feel like home and a place where I can thrive. Playing sports gives me an outlet to clear my mind and not worry about school for a time. This gives me something to look forward to after classes. My advice to incoming athletes is just because you are no longer playing intercollegiate athletics doesn’t mean you can’t continue playing the sports you love.



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