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UC DAVIS QUARTER ABROAD 2016 UC Davis Quarter Abroad offers a chance for students from all UC campuses to earn UC Davis units while participating in quarter-length programs designed by UC Davis faculty and taught in an international setting. Programs run 10-16 weeks and allow students to earn 13-24 quarter units straight from the UC Davis Course Catalog.


SPRING QUARTER 2016 Kyoto, Japan Japanese Language and Culture...........................................................2 Madrid, Spain Spanish Language and Culture.............................................................3 Taipei, Taiwan Pharmaceutical Chemistry.....................................................................4 London, United Kingdom British Culture and Internships...............................................................5

FALL QUARTER 2016 Mendoza, Argentina Spanish Language and Culture............................................................6 Sydney, Australia Australian Internships and Writing.......................................................7 Florence, Italy Italian Language and Culture..............................................................10 Oaxaca, Mexico Latino/a Health Internship....................................................................11 London, United Kingdom London School of Economics...............................................................12 Nottingham, United Kingdom Organic Chemistry...............................................................................13

OTHER ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES Summer Abroad Internships...............................................................8-9 UC Davis Summer Abroad.............................................................14-15 | QUARTER ABROAD 2016



Japanese Language and Culture in Kyoto SPRING QUARTER 2016 MARCH 25 – JUNE 3, 2016 JOSEPH SORENSEN ( Japan—Kyoto This program takes place in beautiful Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital. While attending Kyoto Seika University, students will enroll in accelerated language and culture courses, participate in exciting excursions, and spend spring quarter exploring the cultural riches that Kyoto and the surrounding regions have to offer. The program is divided into two levels, consisting of courses for those who have completed Japanese 2 or Japanese 5. In Japan, students will complete an entire year of Japanese in only one quarter.

Courses (19 - 22 units) Intermediate – JPN 3, 4, 5, 6, 15S (22) Advanced – JPN 6, 15S, 111, 112, 113 (19) Prerequisites* Intermediate – Completion of JPN 2** Advanced – Completion of JPN 5** * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students ** A grade of B- or better in all Japanese courses is required.




Spanish Language and Culture in Madrid SPRING QUARTER 2016 MARCH 28 – JUNE 3, 2016 CRISTINA MARTINEZ-CARAZO ( Spain—Madrid Spain—the very name conjures images of sun-drenched beaches, Moorish castles, and a rich cultural and artistic heritage. In Madrid, students will walk through history itself—down stone-paved streets and past countless flowering balconies of 18th-century buildings before arriving in Madrid’s city center, famous for tapas, shopping, and entertainment. The unique spirit of Madrid is both serene and lively, making it a captivating place to learn Spanish and absorb centuries of Iberian culture.

Courses (17 - 21 units) Level 1 – SPA 1S, 2S, 3S, 141S, 199 (20-21) Level 2 – SPA 100S, 141S, 143, 148S, 199 (17-18) Prerequisites* Level 1 – No prerequisites Level 2 – SPA 24 * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students | QUARTER ABROAD 2016



Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taipei SPRING QUARTER 2016 MARCH 31 – JUNE 7, 2016 JACQUELYN GERVAY-HAGUE ( NEIL SCHORE ( DEAN TANTILLO ( Taiwan—Taipei Spend spring quarter in Taipei studying pharmaceutical chemistry at one of the top 20 research institutions in the world. This specialized program offers students the opportunity to earn UC Davis chemistry units and participate in optional research internships at Academia Sinica. In addition, it allows chemistry majors with the necessary coursework to achieve a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. The in-depth research experience provides greater exposure to the process of drug discovery and helps students clarify career goals in a myriad of scientific professions.

Courses (13 - 18 units) CHE 130A – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Part A (3) CHE 130B – Pharmaceutical Chemistry Part B (3) CHE 130C – Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1) CHE 135 – Advanced Bio-Organic Chemistry Lab (3) CHE 198 – Chemistry and Culture (3) CHE 199 – Study/Research Internship (optional, 1-5) Prerequisites* CHE 118C or 129C No language requirement * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students




British Culture and Internships in London SPRING QUARTER 2016 MARCH 23 – JUNE 4, 2016 DAVID SIMPSON ( United Kingdom—London Spend spring quarter in the heart of London while taking two upperdivision English courses focusing on the rich culture, literature, and history of England—with a special focus this year on how literature and film reflect the social, political, and cultural history of the city. Students will take classes in the fashionable borough of Kensington and participate in a professional internship for 18-20 hours a week. Excursions out and about in London are an integral part of the program. Internship Areas Include Advertising Film Broadcasting Fundraising Business/Economics Healthcare Hospitality Education Interior Design Fashion

Journalism Politics/Policy Public Relations Publishing ...and many more

Courses (14 units) ENL 149 – London in Print, on Stage, on Screen (4) ENL 163 – British Life and Culture (4) ENL 192 – Internship (6) Prerequisites* ENL 3 or UWP 1 or equivalent * Equivalent courses include: Comparative Literature 1, 2, 3; Native American Studies 5; or equivalent courses for non-UC Davis students | QUARTER ABROAD 2016



Spanish Language and Culture in Mendoza FALL QUARTER 2016 SEPTEMBER 24 – DECEMBER 3, 2016 CECILIA COLOMBI ( Argentina—Mendoza Let your adventurous spirit soar in beautiful Mendoza, Argentina. At the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, students will take accelerated courses in Spanish language and Latin American culture. As part of the program, students will participate in many special hikes and excursions, including a trip to Patagonia, visits to regional vineyards, and much more. The program offers three Spanish levels. All students will also take an upper division course in Spanish American culture.

Courses (18 - 21 units) Level 1 – SPA 3S, 21S, 22S, 98, 148S (21) Level 2 – SPA 22S, 23S, 24S, 98, 148S (19) Level 3 – SPA 116, 148S, 159S, 170S, 198 (18) Prerequisites* Level 1 – SPA 2 Level 2 – SPA 21 Level 3 – LIN 1 & SPA 24/33 * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students




Australian Internships and Writing in Sydney FALL QUARTER 2016 SEPTEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 3, 2016 LAURIE GLOVER ( Australia—Sydney From a base on Sydney’s North Shore, students will take three upper division courses on travel writing, film, and Australian culture from the nationally ranked UC Davis University Writing Program (UWP). Additionally, students will participate in a professional internship for 18 hours a week. Excursions in and around Sydney are an integral part of the program. Internship Areas Include Advertising Broadcasting Business/Economics Education Fashion

Film Fundraising Healthcare Hospitality Interior Design

Nonprofit Politics/Policy Public Relations Publishing ...and many more

Courses (18 units) UWP 102A – Writing About Australian Film (4) UWP 110 – Travel Writing (4) UWP 192 and/or EAP 192 – Internship (6) UWP 198 – Australian Life and Culture (4) Prerequisites* Completion of UWP 1, ENL 3 * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students | QUARTER ABROAD 2016


SUMMER ABROAD INTERNSHIPS Summer Abroad Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in diverse fields at locations around the globe. Conveniently offered during the summer, the internships are a great opportunity to gain experience in the job market and to enhance applications to professional schools. UC Davis faculty work with students online during the internship to help them get the most out of their experience. Students earn UC Davis credits and are supported 24/7 on-site by trusted program providers. Program lengths vary from 5 to 8 weeks.


QUARTER ABROAD 2016 2015 |

BUSINESS AND COMMUNICATION New Zealand Placements are offered in a variety of organizations in multiple cities. Students gain professional experience in a range of fields, including Marketing, Communication, Web Design, Event Management, Hospitality and Tourism, and more. Stunning landscapes and natural beauty offer extensive opportunities for exploration during free time. Hong Kong Intern in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, where English is the language of business. Placement opportunities are available in Accounting, Finance, Advertising, Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Trade, Hospitality and Tourism, and more. Companies range from small start-ups to large global organizations.

ENGINEERING Australia, Engineering in Sydney Spend the summer in beautiful Sydney as an engineering intern. Placements are customized according to students’ experiences, career goals, interests and skills, and are available at large and small companies in a variety of areas, including Environmental Science, Urban & Design, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Robotics, Food, and more.

GLOBAL HEALTH Bolivia, Pediatric Health in La Paz Experience the challenges of providing pediatric care to diverse low-income populations, including indigenous groups, and rotate alongside local pediatricians at clinics and hospitals, including the country’s largest children’s hospital, a major research facility that influences national health policy. Beginner Spanish proficiency required.

South Africa, Healthcare in Cape Town Work alongside local healthcare professionals in Cape Town’s public hospitals providing care for the underserved. Includes the opportunity to rotate through a variety of wards, such as emergency, outpatient, and surgery. Immerse yourself in the diverse culture of South Africa and learn about ongoing efforts to address the legacy of Apartheid.

Bolivia, Primary Care and Health Justice Based in Tarija in picturesque southern Bolivia, this program focuses on doing more with less and addressing healthcare inequities, with rotations at community clinics, secondary/tertiary level hospitals, and a leading facility for the treatment of Chagas Disease. Includes one week orientation in La Paz. Beginner Spanish proficiency required.

South Africa, HIV/AIDS in Durban See firsthand the effects of HIV/AIDS on the healthcare system in Durban, in the heartland of Zulu culture. Join healthcare professionals at the city’s oldest teaching hospital and rotate at a comprehensive care center for HIV/AIDS, an example of a nonprofit providing psycho-social support, substance abuse programs, and more.

India, Public Health, Rural/Urban Medicine A unique opportunity to study healthcare challenges in New Delhi and the northern Himalayan region. The first two weeks in New Delhi include visits to NGOs tackling the most significant public health challenges facing India, while the next three weeks include rotations through clinics/hospitals in urban and rural settings in the north.

Philippines, Remote Island Medicine Experience first-hand the daily healthcare challenges faced by villages on remote islands where hospitals and clinics lack infrastructure and investment, as well as supplies and personnel. Rotate at community level clinics, participate in public health activities, and learn how resources and services vary between remote islands and the mainland.

Note: All Summer Abroad Internships information listed here is subject to change. Please check the website for the most current program information.

Hong Kong | QUARTER ABROAD 2016



Italian Language and Culture in Florence FALL QUARTER 2016 AUGUST 29 – DECEMBER 17, 2016 MARGHERITA HEYER-CAPUT ( Italy—Florence This 16-week program takes place in the beautiful city of Florence, where you will take accelerated Italian language, film, and culture courses, and explore electives such as art history, food studies, fashion marketing, and more. Many of your courses will be taught outside—taking advantage of the beautiful setting of Florence and surrounding areas in Tuscany. Quarter Abroad partners with CEA, an organization well-known for its high quality study abroad programs, in-country coordination of housing, and language instruction.

Courses (20 - 24 units) Level 1 – ITA 1S, 2S, 3S, 108S, ITA/FMS 121S, 192S (optional) Level 2 – ITA 4S, 5S, 9S, 108S, ITA/FMS 121S, 192S (optional) Level 3 – ITA 8AS, 8BS, 101S, 108S, ITA/FMS 121S, ITA 145S, 192S (required) ALL LEVELS – All students have the option to enroll in 192S (cultural internship in the Florentine community and in approved electives offered through the host provider). Prerequisites* Level 1 – No Italian required Level 2 – Completion of ITA 3 Level 3 – Completion of ITA 9 * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students




Latino/a Health Internship in Oaxaca FALL QUARTER 2016 SEPTEMBER 10 – NOVEMBER 26, 2016 ADELA DE LA TORRE ( YVETTE FLORES ( Mexico—Oaxaca This specialized program offers students the opportunity to take UC Davis classes on transnational (US-Mexico) health issues and participate in approximately 180 hours of clinical rotations through internships in hospitals and clinics in Oaxaca, Mexico. The courses offered provide students with cultural competencies that are crucial for effective health care professionals. This program is also designed to provide in-depth clinical experience that will not only lead to greater Spanish fluency, but help participants clarify career goals.

Courses (20 units) CHI 21S – Latino/a Health Care Issues (4) CHI 145S – Bi-National Health (5) CHI 147S – Indigenous Healing and Biodiversity in Latin America (5) CHI 192S – Clinical Rotation Internship (6) Prerequisites* BIS 1A & 1B or BIS 2A & 2B; SPA 21 or 31 * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students | QUARTER ABROAD 2016



Political Science at the London School of Economics FALL QUARTER 2016 SEPTEMBER 24 – DECEMBER 3, 2016 ZEEV MAOZ ( United Kingdom—London Spend fall quarter studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of the most prestigious institutions in the world and an ideal setting to focus on the politics and international relations of Britain and Western Europe. A unique opportunity led by a faculty member from the UC Davis Department of Political Science and taught in conjunction with LSE faculty. Political Science (POL) 190 includes guest talks by distinguished speakers and excursions to sites in London.

Courses (16 units) POL 121 – Scientific Study of War (4) POL 137 – International Relations in Western Europe (4) POL 147A – West European Politics (4) POL 190 – International Relations (4) Prerequisites* POL 2 and 3; or consent of the instructor * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students




Organic Chemistry in Nottingham FALL QUARTER 2016 SEPTEMBER 12 – DECEMBER 9, 2016 MARK MASCAL ( United Kingdom—Nottingham Complete a key UC Davis organic chemistry sequence in one quarter while studying in historic England. The 128ABC plus 129A(lab) sequence serves chemistry, chemical engineering, and food science majors and satisfies the organic chemistry requirement for professional schools such as UC Davis VetMed. The courses are taught by UC Davis instructors on-site and are accompanied by a course on the local industry, history, and culture. The University of Nottingham is a leader in the field of sustainable chemistry and the East Midlands region is rich in history and natural beauty. Nottingham is two hours from London by train.

Courses (14 units) CHE 128A – Organic Chemistry (3) CHE 128B – Organic Chemistry (3) CHE 128C – Organic Chemistry (3) CHE 129A – Organic Chemistry Lab (2) CHE 198 – Chemistry and Culture (3) Prerequisites* CHE 2A, 2B, 2C or CHE 2HA, 2HB, 2HC * or equivalent for non-UC Davis students | QUARTER ABROAD 2016


UC DAVIS SUMMER ABROAD 2016 UC Davis Summer Abroad programs offer students short, intensive academic courses that are complemented with a wealth of excursions and cultural activities. All of our programs are built around UC Davis courses and are led by UC Davis faculty. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small—18-30 students—allowing for an intimate learning experience. UC Davis Summer Abroad is open to students from all University of California campuses and other US institutions.

AFRICA & THE MIDDLE EAST Ghana Accra • Culture and Development South Africa Cape Town • City to Safari

Japan Kusatsu • Life Sciences

Cape Town • Healthcare (Internship)

Tokyo • Engineering

Durban • HIV/AIDS (Internship)

New Zealand Auckland & more • Business and Communication (Internship)

ASIA & OCEANIA Australia Sydney • Engineering (Internship) China Wuxi & more • A Taste of China Hong Kong Hong Kong • Business and Communication (Internship)


India New Delhi, Himalayas • Public Health, Rural/Urban Medicine (Internship)


Philippines Manila, Quezon, Romblon • Remote Island Medicine (Internship) South Korea Seoul • Sustainable Energy Taiwan Taipei • Literature and Film Thailand Bangkok • Microbiology Lab Vietnam Hanoi • MatLab—Visualization

EUROPE Austria Vienna •  Crossroads of Central Europe France Dijon • Introduction to Winemaking Paris • Americans in Paris Paris, French Riviera • Art Studio Paris • Fashion Marketing Germany Berlin • Culture After the Wall Greece Athens & more • Travelers in Greece Iceland Reykjavik • Thermodynamics Ireland Dublin • Filmmaking Italy Florence • Modern Europe (Honors)


Spain Barcelona • Urbanism Burgos & more • Spanish Art Salamanca & more • Medieval Spain UK Oxford • Portal to Fantasy London • Gender and Communication Nottingham • Brewing Science

EUROPE — MULTI-COUNTRY France, Switzerland • World Cinema Ireland, France, Spain • Celtic Connections Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland • Sustainable Cities of Europe UK, France, Austria, Sweden • Genetics—Global Language/Biology UK, France, Italy • The Grand Tour

Argentina Buenos Aires • Music, Film and Culture Bolivia La Paz • Pediatric Health (Internship) Tarija • Primary Care and Health Justice (Internship) Cuba Havana • Narratives of Resistance Ecuador Quito • Sustainable Ecuador Guatemala Lake Atitlan • Ecological/Social Issues Peru Cuzco • History of Andean Region

Rome • Engineering Rome • Italian Culture and Institutions | QUARTER ABROAD 2016


UC DAVIS QUARTER ABROAD ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS To be eligible to participate in a UC Davis Quarter Abroad program, you must • be a registered student at a Univeristy of California (UC) campus • be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above • be in good disciplinary standing • meet any program-specific requirements or prerequisites ENROLLMENT To enroll in a UC Davis Quarter Abroad program, you must complete an online application at The enrollment period for Spring 2016 programs is September 24 – December 4, 2015. The enrollment period for Fall 2016 programs is January 6 – April 1, 2016. Please note that programs fill on a first-completed, first-reserved basis. If you do not have a valid passport, apply for one or renew your current one as soon as possible. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the program end date. Please keep your post office receipt as proof of application. Program details are subject to change. Please consult the UC Davis Quarter Abroad website for the most current program information.

FEES Fees vary by program and include the program fee, course fee, and campus-based fee as well as the cost of accommodations, excursions, select meals, and other program materials and services abroad. Airfare, textbooks, and spending money are not included. Submitting your complete enrollment online includes a $300 non-refundable deposit and secures your space in the program.



FINANCIAL AID Financial Aid is available to qualified students. To be eligible for aid, students must have submitted a FAFSA for the 2015–2016 academic year. Work with the Financial Aid office at UC Davis and on your home campus regarding eligibility, supplemental applications for aid, deadlines, etc. STUDY ABROAD AWARDS All enrolled students are eligible to apply for a Study Abroad Award. To qualify, you must log into your Study Abroad account, click on the “Search Scholarships” tab, and click “Apply Now.” You must submit a completed award application and be enrolled in a Quarter Abroad program by November 4, 2015 (for Spring programs) and March 1, 2016 (for Fall programs). NEXT STEPS Visit the Quarter Abroad website to learn more about program excursions, instructor(s), course requirements and prerequisites, fees, accommodations, and activities. Create a UC Davis Study Abroad account online to access enrollment forms and register for email updates about specific programs. Other UC Davis campus-based programs include Summer Abroad (40+ programs in 20+ countries; p. 14-15) and Summer Abroad Internships (p.8-9). Explore all your study abroad options:


UC Davis Quarter Abroad is now open to students from other UC campuses.

Quarter Abroad programs are led by UC Davis faculty and are unique opportunities to participate in language, science, humanities, and internship programs across the world.

You will need to complete the Intercampus Visitor (ICV) approval process concurrently with your UC Davis Quarter Abroad enrollment process. ICV form and special instructions for how to complete the form are located within the Quarter Abroad online application. It’s important to start the ICV process early!

Students must satisfy both UC Davis Quarter Abroad eligibility requirements and Intercampus Visitor requirements.

Meet first with your home campus major/academic advisor to determine if the UC Davis Quarter Abroad program fits into your academic plans and to get a letter of support.

Financial aid for Intercampus Visitors is handled by UC Davis in coordination with your home campus Financial Aid office. Contact the UC Davis Quarter Abroad financial aid advisor (Soua Lo,

Please check the UC Davis Quarter Abroad webpage ( for the most up to date information on programs and the enrollment process. Contact us with any of your questions.

Enrollment, eligibility, or prerequisite questions? Contact: Nicole Uhlinger (

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UC DAVIS STUDY ABROAD 207 Third Street, Suite 120 Davis, CA 95616 PHONE: (530) 297-4633

Spring 2016 Enrollment Deadline: December 4, 2015 Fall 2016 Enrollment Deadline: April 1, 2016

• Open to all UC students • Financial aid applies • Learn with UC Davis faculty Create a UC Davis Study Abroad Account

UC Davis Quarter Abroad 2016  

UC Davis Quarter Abroad offers students a chance to earn UC Davis units while participating in quarter-length programs designed by UC Davis...

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