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Women’s Suffrage in Saudi Arabia By: Jerrie Lowe

photo credit:

September 25, 2011 marked a significant occasion for the women of Saudi Arabia. Beginning in 2015, women will exercise their right to vote and to run as candidates for municipal office. Women will also become voting members of the Shura Council, an appointed consultative body with limited legislative powers.

These changes signify steps toward inclusion and gender equity, at a time when many social norms still restrict women’s rights. Currently in Saudia Arabia, women are not allowed to drive and are required to ask permission from their husbands, brother, sons, or other male guardians in order to leave the country and to participate in many aspects of public life. Many activists in Saudi Arabia and around the world are hopeful that this change will further gender equity and that women’s voices will be more influential in future political and legislative decisions. Naila Attar, the organizer of campaign Baladi (Arabic for “My Country”), which calls for women’s involvement in elections, stated, “Despite the issue of the effectiveness of these councils, women’s involvement in them was necessary. Maybe after women join there will be other changes…It is the top of the pyramid and a step in the direction for more decisions regarding women.”


What is WNITN? By: Rolando Pineda What is “What’s not in the News?” It is a zine style blurb that reports stories that are underreported in the media. These stories usually deal with unrecognized accomplishments of women and other underrepresented groups. It also deals with sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, and/or heterosexism in public policy; and other forms of oppression that are rarely reported in the media. How did “What’s Not in the News” start? After seeing that there was a lack of mainstream media coverage of the Uganda bill that, if passed, would result of mass genocide of LGBT folks, WNITN started as a volunteer initiative. Since then, WNITN highlights under-presented news that has to do with women, gender, or gender equity. Examples of past issues have been: “Violence Against Indigenous Women” “D.C. Activists Fight Back Against Violence Targeting Trans Women” “Heroines in Norway” 2 |



October is... By: Joy Evans

WISE kick-off By: Duyen Ho

• National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Learn about Think Before You Pink, a project of Breast Cancer Action in response to the growing concern about pink ribbon products. • LGBT History Month. At least 80 countries criminalize same-sex intimacy, but a growing movement to change that is gaining ground. Read about “Courageous Love” at World Pulse. • National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Get the facts about domestic violence. • 10th anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Read “Oxfam warns women face rising danger if excluded from Afghanistan peace talks” at Women’s News Network. • Honoring the ratification of the 19th Amendment & 1963 civil rights march on Washington, “HERvotes” stands up for U.S. women’s economic and health security. Read Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at Risk at Ms. Magazine.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a program that aims to attract to and support and retain women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) fields. WISE is comprised of a mentoring program, a seminar for first-year students, Math Café, and many workshops. These programs promote tools and skills that reduce barriers to academic and professional success, particularly, for women-identified students and scholars. WISE is glad to announce that Math Café started on Wed Oct.12th at the WRRC (1st floor of North Hall) and will occur weekly at the same time. Math Café offers free math tutoring and an opportunity to interact with math graduate students and faculty members! Bring in questions about any math course and get help. Check back for more updates about WISE!


Response to “180” By: Jessie Quinn and Daniella Moses Tuesday, October 26th 2011, an off-campus group distributed DVDs entitled “180” on our campus. We want to both share our support for the community and share our critique of “180.” The distribution of the films was deceitful and many students were misled about the film’s content. The comparison of abortion to the Holocaust is unmerited, offensive and triggering. The use of the word “choice” both in reference to a person’s choice about the outcome of their pregnancy and to Hitler’s “choice” to commit atrocities during WWII is not comparable. We stand in solidarity with students identifying as Jewish, Queer, People of Color, Women, Transgender, Romani, and folks with disAbilities for whom this film invokes histories of oppression, genocide, and erasure. We wish to express our anger that students were unable to make informed decisions about viewing the film and were left without support while watching it. Please stop by the WRRC if you are looking for additional support, information or want to talk about your experience. There are also resources in the back of this newsletter. Yours in Solidarity

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What’s been happening at the WRRC Updates, Changes & Events since the last Women’s Writes Newsletter By: The WRRC Staff

Welcome Back Women’s Writes Readers! Fall Quarter is in full swing! There have been many changes and exciting events at the WRRC.

vacancy, we hope to hold an open national search. While the position is vacant, Mari and Joy will have collaborative oversight of the WRRC. During the summer, new and returning interns were hard at work! The team was comprised of new interns: Karla Zabaleta, Jessie Quinn, and Rolando Pinedo; and returning interns Michelle Vieira, Jessica Rubio, Kristine Lee, and Sarah Laudenslayer. In September, we welcomed the rest of our new interns-Daniella Moses, Jerrie Lowe and Duyen Ho! This dynamic WRRC team has the pleasure of continuing to work side by side with our Community Counselor, Jezzie Fulmen and returning GSR Vanessa Niño-Tapia.

Staff and structure changes…

WRRC Space

Last year, the WRRC worked to create a new organizational structure to better reflect our feminist values of shared leadership, which resulted in the creation of two new, parallel assistant director positions. In May, Mari Knuth-Bouracee, M.A. accepted the Assistant Director for Outreach position and Joy Evans, M.S.W. shifted to the Assistant Director for Education position. Joy Erickson, who served as the Librarian for the Joy Fergoda Library at the WRRC, left UC Davis in April after more than 5 years of fantastic service. After nine years of service to the WRRC, Margaret (Peg) Swain, Ph.D., retired as the director of the WRRC. To fill our 4 |

This summer, with the help of amazing volunteers, we brightened and reorganized our Resource Room. We hope you find it welcoming, comfortable, calming, and energizing. Stop by and tell us what you think! WRRC also acquired two new spaces in North Hall. Our new conference room now houses Math Café and our previously basement-ridden pre-1992 Book Collection.

Fall Events

After a awesome staff retreat in Tahoe, we were energized for the Fall quarter and determined to work toward gender equity! In September, we welcomed over 200 graduate students into the WRRC for our annual WOW Ice Cream Social, and a week later welcomed another 200 people to our Fall Open House.

Thanks to all of our partner departments, student organizations and to those of you who stopped by to grab some food, play games, and connect with WRRC staff! We have also been busy with fall trainings. In September, 10 peer educators participated in a training and began preparing our six unique workshops on gender equity. In October, 35 folks went through the Graduate Ally Coalition training, which is organized in collaboration with many partners across campus, and 28 wonderful volunteers have participated in orientation and are now helping to keep the WRRC buzzing!

“Be the Change” As we face a sea of changes within the university, including budget cuts, fewer career staff, and new administrative systems, the WRRC will, continue to change and progress. Gandhi said “you must be the change you wish to see in the world,” and we are doing just that! The WRRC is attempting to re-envision how we approach and define our work with an emphasis on… • raising awareness of structural inequity and sexism • addressing historically unmet needs of our communities • engaging a broad community in defining the WRRC mission, vision, and values • empowering folks to follow their passion, and • providing students with the tools and skills to create the change they want to see. We welcome your wisdom! Send us an e-mail at, stop by North Hall, and watch for more opportunities throughout the quarter to get involved in the change! Your WRRC Staff, Daniella Moses, Duyen Ho, Jerrie Lowe, Jessie Quinn, Jezzie Fulmen, Joy Evans, Karla Zabaleta, Mari Knuth-Bouracee, Michelle Vieira, Rolando Pinedo, Sarah Laudenslayer, & Vanessa Niño-Tapia

WRRC Events SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23. 2:30-4:30PM

Jane Roberts

Women, Population, and the UN International House, 10 College Park, Davis

Celebrate United Nations Day! Jane Roberts, author and co-founder of 34 Million Friends of the UN Population Fund will speak on women, population, UN development goals.

OCT 24 - OCT 28. 10AM-4PM

October Book Fair at the WRRC First Floor, North Hall

Each quarter the WRRC Library hosts a book fair where books can be purchased for under $3.00! Proceeds will be used to buy new books for the library. Drop by and browse!


Run for a Safe Haven

Help My Sister’s House provide shelter to victims of domestic violence William Land Park, Sacramento

We are trying to get a group together to run for my sisters house. If you are interested in this event email me at before October 27th


Math Café

Free math tutoring! WRRC, 1st Floor, North Hall

Math Cafe is free math tutoring! Bring in questions about any math course (16, 17, 21 series and above). It’s a chill and relaxing space to learn. Snacks and refreshments provided!

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BOOK REVIEW By: Jessie Quinn

The Namesake I read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri in one of my very first literature classes at UC Davis. At the end of the quarter, I couldn’t bring myself to sell back the used copy I had bought from the student bookstore. The Namesake follows the Ganguli family from Calcutta to Cambridge to the Boston suburbs. It focuses on the son, Gogol Ganguli, who was named after his father’s favorite Russian novelist. As he grows up, Gogol struggles with his unusual name while his family struggles with their status as an immigrant family in their new home. There is something very intimate about the way Lahiri describes her characters; the reader is privy to both the large moments in her characters’ lives, as well as the smaller, subtler moments. This novel captivated me in its own quiet way. It’s one of my favorite books and I cannot recommend it enough.


ONLINE Search our library online at: for books lists and more, visit


The Joy Fergoda Library has course readers and textbooks on reserve! Students may borrow a reader or textbook from our reserves for 2 hours at a time. Reserves may not be taken outside our library. Currently, we have reserves for the following classes:


ENL 149 Heard ASA 1 Ho ASA 112 Ho WMS 50 Craig WMS 103 Kuhn WMS 138 Kaiser WMS 139 Nettles WMS 189 Heard


National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Ditch That Jerk: Dealing with Men Who Control and Hurt Women (Jayne), 2000 •

TIt’s My Life Now: Starting Over After An Abusive Relationship Or Domestic

Violence (Dugan, Hock), 2000

No More Secrets: Violence in Lesbian Relationships (Ristock), 2002

To Be An Anchor In the Storm: A Guide For Families And Friends Of Abused Women (Brewster), 1997

6 |

Every month beginning in November the library will raffle off a book that pertains to the month’s theme. Feel free to come into the library and add your name to our raffle FOR FREE!


What’s Up..... By: Vanessa Niño-Tapia

Hello fellow Grad-Students, my name is Vanessa. I am the Women’s Resources and Research Center’s Graduate Student Outreach Coordinator or what I like to call the WRRC’s Community GSR. As a Graduate Student Representative of the WRRC I facilitate programming focused on gender-related issues within the graduate student community. I also advocate for issues pertaining to Graduate Women. One of my main priorities is to be available to you as a peer resource. I welcome and invite you to feel free to contact me or any of the great WRRC staff if you see an unmet need within the UC Davis community, or have a question that you would like some assistance in answering. I’m all about working smarter, and building up a strong support system is a great way to accomplish that. The WRRC is available to ALL graduate students and their loved ones so keep the WRRC in mind in keeping your graduate school experience a positive one. Some of the programming you can expect to come from WRRC-Grad is a mentorship program for Women In Science and Engineering, a workshop on Navigating Faculty Relationships geared for Grads, Grad Women Wednesdays that will be a new bimonthly networking opportunity, a Grad Women Thrive in Academia Zine, and Grad Women Meet Ups. If you have the passion to get involved and have your voice heard as a Grad Woman, if you have an amazing idea to foster community and strengthen advocacy, please let the WRRC know. I hope to see you around the WRRC, and have a great year everyone.

7 |

ANNOUNCEMENTS WRRC Grad Office Hours Vanessa will be holding office hours at the Women’s Center 10am – 12pm every Tuesday beginning on November 1st. Grad Student Association Missed out on the first Graduate Student Association meeting? Click here know What’s Up with GSA.


Online Calendar Listserv signup Contact WRRC Grad


GRAD Women Wednesday 113 North Hall, UC Davis

Want to network with other graduate women? Come to the Women’s Resources and Research Center’s Grad Women Wednesdays twice a month and network with your peers in an informal setting. Light refreshments will be provided.


Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Just for Graduate Students South Silo 2nd Floor GSA Office, UC Davis

The largest Graduate Student social gathering is back to the regular time for Fall. Bring your own mug and enter a raffle to win a $5 gift card! Don’t have a mug? GSA Travel Mugs are available.

Davis Campus & Community Events TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25. 5-7PM

National Council of Negro Women Board Applications Due Online!

Hello Ladies, Its about that time for us to come together and bond. We are looking for new friendly, enthusiastic responsible ladies who with great visions to apply.


Gender & Sexuality film series Wednesdays starting OCTOBER 1 Haring 2205

Snacks will be provided! 10/19 BRIDGE - Paper Dolls 10/26 ACE - School Daze 11/2 SAFE - Yes or No 11/9 Yik’al Kuyum - Muxes de Juchitan 11/14 AIRR - Two Spirit (OCCR sponsored)


(A)sexual Screening

An exciting documentary on asexuality LGBT Resource Center, University House Annex

An exciting brand-new documentary on asexuality. Followed by a discussion further exploring the nuances of asexuality and related identities.


The Lounge Wellman Hall

Study hall, workshops, free snacks, free testing materials like and bluebooks, scantrons. Support, Networking, community building, Free and Open to the public


Prytanean Undergraduate Women’s Honor Society

The oldest women’s honorary society in the United States, welcomes high-achieving women to apply for membership during our Fall Membership Drive.

8 |


MESA Leadership Retreat Board Applications Due!

The Middle Eastern South Asian Leadership Retreat serves to provide a unique space in which to develop and empower diverse community leaders, foster self-reflection and growth, and build community through fun, inspiring, and educational activities.


Native American Cultural Days

Come together to celebrate the Native American culture and provide a platform for education for the whole campus community. This program provides an opportunity for celebration, education, and awareness while contributing to a campus climate that is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all members of the campus community.


Miracle in Rwanda

Free Matinee Show at Mondavi Center Mondavi Center

Leslie Lewis Sword brilliantly transforms herself into a host of characters to tell the incredible story of Rwandan Genocide Survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza,a real life messenger of hope.


Southeast Asian Leadership Retreat Marin Headlands Retreat, Sausalito, CA

Through recruitment, retention, resource and referral services, SAFE aims to empower Southeast Asian students to successfully enter and graduate from institutions of higher learning.



Transgender Safe Zone Training

Transgender Safe Zone is a two-hour training created to raise awareness and understanding about gender identity and issues faced by Transgender people. Transgender Safe Zone is offered once a quarter. To register for this training, call (530) 752 - 2452 or email Leanne Soter at


2nd Annual Fall Mixer

Who’s Going to Stop Me?

119 Wellman Hall

King Lounge (2nd Floor of Memorial Union)

A social/informational for students in the mixed multiethnic community to meet greet and learn more about campus resources. There will be free food, games, and representatives from the WRRC, SRRC, LGBTRC. SAC, EOP, CAN, and MIP

A forum created exclusively for African and AfricanAmerican males to address and discuss the “Black Male” experience at UC Davis. Saba Alemnew at or Hailey Caparella at


Student of Color Conference SoCC 2011 University of California, Davis

Students attending the conference will partake in community based knowledge sharing to develop a community of solidarity and alliance. Register to attend online.


Trans Action Week

Designed to raise awareness on issues impacting transgender people and to celebrate the transgender community.


APIQ General Meetings

If you are thinking of joining APIQ, we welcome new members to every meeting, so feel free to come anytime. Please don’t be shy to come alone! The location and topic of each meeting is announced weekly through our mailing list. Send an e-mail if you’re interested!


Crafternoons LGBT Resource Center, University House Annex

Crafternoons is a weekly social and crafting event that runs from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. New craft projects are taught each week, and all supplies are provided.Crafternoons are a great way to meet people and de-stress at the end of the week!

9 |


Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem a person’s opinion about themself. Usually, the causes of low self-esteem are deeply rooted in the person’s history and experiences. Low self-esteem can result from or contribute to other conditions. Remember, you can’t solve the situation for your friend. But here are some things you can do that are helpful for both of you: • You Cannot Argue Someone Better. Instead you can start by letting your friend know that you’ve noticed how hard they are on themselves. • Listen And Believe. Try not to offer solutions or interrupt, just listen to your friend without giving advice or judgment. Often people with low self esteem see others as critics, people with low self-esteem are usually afraid to share their lives. • Offer To Help Your Friend Find Appropriate Resources. Ask your friend in what ways you can help. Be clear about setting your limits about what you can and can’t do. Setting limits supports and empowers both of you. • Find Some Outside Support For Yourself While You Help Your Friend. Helping a friend in crisis can be difficult and you may experience strong emotional reactions to the situation, too. The resources listed on the next page are good places to go for more information and help for both of you.


CAPS Support Groups Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is offering several exciting groups this fall. Groups typically consist of 4-10 registered students meeting weekly. There is no cost. If you are interested in a group, please call CAPS at (530) 752-0871 or come to 219 North Hall for an initial appointment. • Women’s Group • Men’s Group • Lavender Connection: LGBTQ Student Support Group • Phoenix Rising: A Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Trauma • Sistah to Sistah: A Group for African American/Black Women • Latina Group • Grief Group 10 |

SELF-CARE TIPS By: Jezzie Fulmen

Now is an ideal time to establish some really solid habits for taking care of yourself, because it’s SO HARD to start when it’s the week before finals and we’re all flipping out. Consider these ideas: • Take 15 minutes before bed EVERY DAY to do something relaxing • Treat yourself to a bath, afternoon in the park, or movie at least once a week. • If you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself… do I need to be sleeping more, did I eat something healthy today, have I gotten any exercise lately? These are the very basics of taking care of yourself, and the easiest things to forget when we need them the most!


By: Desiré Campusano and Nick Sidney As Student Assistants to the Chancellor, we help to create an open environment for all students by advising the administration on student life and issues. We’ve attended many fall welcomes and are excited for a very busy year. We hope to work with all of you soon. Fall office hours and applications for both CUAB and funding opportunities are available at Contact us at

Resources at the WRRC OUR SPACE

Everyone is welcome to study, hang out, or nap in any of our great spaces, including the: • • • •

The Righteous Babes’ Lounge Reading Room Library Resource Room & Lounge

Interested in reserving one of our spaces? Please feel free to come in to the center and submit out a request form. A staff member will then contact you to confirm the reservation.


A chance to learn more about the resources offered to you on campus. Jezzie, Community Counselor Available for drop-in and appointments Coreen, Gender Education Specialist Wednesdays 1-3p.m., WRRC Desiré & Nick, Student Assistants to the Chancellor Tuesdays 1-2p.m., WRRC Vanessa, WRRC Grad Student Outreach Coordinator Tuesdays 10a.m.-12p.m. Beginning Nov. 1


C. Jezzie Fulmen My career has been spent working with issues of trauma and violence, and with sexual minorities of all kinds -- queer, transgender, polyamorous, and kinky. I have a strong commitment to providing accurate, nonjudgmental information about sexuality and gender. Please drop by my office in the Women’s Center anytime. If I’m not in, you can make an appointment with the Office Coordinator at the LGBT Center. The Community Advising Network (CAN) is a team of six CAPS Community Counselors. To learn more, please visit: 11 |


Campus Violence Prevention Program - UCDPD Dispatcher (530) 752-1230 UC Davis Police (530) 752-1727 Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, Woodland (530) 662-1133 Counseling and Psychological Services, UC Davis (530) 752-0871


Cal Aggie Hosts - free escorts (530) 752-1727 Sexual Harassment Anonymous Call Line 752-2255 (A-CALL) Staff Affirmitive Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Office Confidential Line 752-HELP Cross-Cultural Center 752-4287 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center 752-2452 Student Disability Center 752-3184 Women’s Clinic, Student Health & Wellness Center 752-2349 Academic and Staff Assistance 752- ASAP (2727)


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network 1.800.656.HOPE CA Youth Crisis Line 1.800.843.5200 Suicide Prevention 1.800.273.TALK GLBT National Hotline 1.888.THE.GLNH Suicide and LGBTQ Youth Crisis Line 1.800.4.U.TREVOR EXHALE, after-abortion counseling 1.866.4.EXHALE Backline, pregnancy, parenting, abortion, adoption 1.888.493.0092

Women’s Writes is a monthly online newsletter that promotes events, news, and resources that contribute to women’s rights, gender equity, and social justice. Several articles and events were written and submitted by members of the larger Davis community. Opinions and events do not necessarily reflect the views of the UC Davis Women’s Resources and Research Center. To submit an article for publication, please contact Authors may be contacted to meet with an editor prior to publication. To learn more about Women’s Writes, e-mail: To submit events for publicity, visit our website at: Still have more questions? Visit the Women’s Resources & Research Center Monday-Thursday, 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. & 12:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. Women’s Resources & Research Center 113 North Hall, One Shields Avenue  530.752.3372 530.752.0222

WRRC Women's Writes October 2011  
WRRC Women's Writes October 2011  

Women’s Writes is a monthly online newsletter that promotes events, news, and resources that contribute to women’s rights, gender equity, an...