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FBI Finally Calls Rape What It Is By: Jessie Quinn

On January 6th, 2012, the Justice Department announced that the FBI has updated its 85-year-old definition of rape. The definition now reads: “the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”1 This new definition should lead to a more comprehensive reporting of rape in the FBI’s annual compilation of crime statistics.

The previous definition had been written in 1929 and had defined rape as “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will.” 3 Not only was this previous definition archaic, it was extremely problematic. It excluded men, other folks who do not identify as women and minors, as well as anyone coerced to have sex by non-forcible means. Now any kind of nonconsensual penetration will be counted as rape. This definition change directly follows Ms. magazine’s eight-month-long campaign called “Rape Is Rape.” 2 More than 160,00 people signed on to the campaign and demanded that the FBI update it archaic definition. The new definition validates all survivors of rape, not only a select few, and tells them that what happened to them matters. Citations: 1 The Justice Blog 2 Ms. Magazine 3 Color Lines


Susan Allen By: Navjot Dhammi As the political climate heats up with the ongoing GOP (Grand Old Party) candidate race and subsequent presidential election, it is time to celebrate a woman who has achieved great political feats in the state of Minnesota. In a special election on January 10th, 2012, Susan Allen became the first Native American woman to be elected to the Minnesota state legislature; in addition, Allen is the first openly lesbian Native American woman on any state legislature anywhere. Representing the progressive way of thinking, Allen aims to fight Minnesota’s constitutional marriage amendment that would make same-sex marriage illegal in the state.

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Free math tutoring is available at Math Café every Wednesday from 5-7pm at the WRRC. Come check it out! The WISE Mentoring Program is currently on hold until Fall 2012. Recruitment for mentors will begin in May, and mentee applications will be available in July. The WISE Mentoring Program will now be a year-long program, starting fall quarter and ending in spring quarter. The goal of the WISE Mentoring Program is to build strong relationships between women in STEM fields in hopes of sharing wisdom and helping women scientists succeed! Returning this spring is the STEM for Girls. Girls, ages 10-13, from the Sacramento-Davis region will meet and learn about science and will participate in hands-on activities and science lab tours. If you’re UCD women in STEM and you want to be a team leader, please e-mail wrrc@

By: Karla Zabaleta

The ‘V’ in V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina! V-Day is a global activist movement, which aims to end gendered violence. “V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery” ( The V-Day movement is growing at a rapid pace throughout the world in 140 countries. To learn more about how to get involved in V-Day events sponsored by the WRRC such as Vagina:HerStories email:

By: Duyen Ho


Stop Gender Stereotyping By: Joy Evans Women’s boxing will be included in the 2012 Summer Olympics for the first time in history, but the International Boxing Association (AIBA) will soon make a decision on whether the sport will participate in the twenty-first century or not. In January, the AIBA will decide on the Olympians dress code and has suggested female boxers might be required to wear miniskirts. According to the AIBA miniskirts will make female athletes look “elegant” and “distinguish” them from their male counterparts. Elizabeth Plank, a female boxer based in London, is petitioning the AIBA to abandon the miniskirt regulation. Plank thinks “Suggesting that female boxers should wear skirts reduces skilled athletes to sexual objects…Furthermore, forcing female boxers to wear a uniform they are not comfortable in may have direct consequences on their performance.” Let’s hope folks at AIBA stop gender stereotyping about what females should wear and start focusing on the fight.

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The Joy Fergoda Vintage Collection Welcome to the Joy Fergoda Vintage Collection! Did you know that for many years, any books in the Joy Fergoda Library published before 1992 were shelved in the basement of North Hall? Well, no more! The Joy Fergoda Vintage Collection now houses our books published before 1992 above ground. Located in Room 127, on the first floor of North Hall, this is a new study space where patrons may read, eat or relax. Every book in the Vintage Collection may be checked out. Be sure to check it out!

The New WRRC Community Office

COOKIE MONDAYS Join the Women’s Resources & Research Center every Monday for free cookies!

The WRRC has a new office space! The community office, which opened on January 9th, is located in the new Student Community Center near the Silo. In the community office you can find a variety of resources such as the “How to Help a Friend” series as well as access to community resources through our website and ways in which folks can get involved in the center. In the new space we also have a community tea kettle and some teas just like in the WRRC’s Joy Fergoda Library. Also, we will be having Cookie Mondays so make sure to stop by, say hi and grab some cookies to munch on! The office will be opened on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00PM-5:00PM. Hope to see you there!



The WRRC Outreach Office

in the new Student Community Center (SCC)

& The WRRC in North Hall

WRRC News & Events JAN 30-FEB 2. 10 AM-5 PM



Winter Book Fair

Women’s Resources and Research Center The Joy Fergoda Library at the WRRC is hosting a book fair where books can be purchased for under $3.00! Proceeds will be used to buy new books for the library. Stop by and browse!

WISE Up! Workshop For Success in STEM Maximize Your Research Experience Description Learn how to find reasearch experiences, the benefits and important of research experience, and how to make the most of it!



The WRRC is Hiring Interns!

Women’s Resources & Research Center Want to get more involved with gender issues? The WRRC works to create a working and learning environment at UCD where women can thrive!

Happy Healthy Vaginas

Women’s Resources & Research Center How much do you know about your body? Join us for an informational and interactive session on health. We’ll be debunking myths and discussing cultural stigmas. All are welcome & free food will be provided.



Herstory of Feminisms & Race

Student Community Center In collaboration with Black Family Week this workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Kiburi (Sociology) and Daniella Moses (WRRC intern) and will explore herstory, well as engage participants in current community building.

Cookie Mondays

Free Cookies The WRRC Outreach Office in the new Student Community Center (SCC) & The WRRC in North Hall Join the Women’s Resources & Research Center every Monday for free cookies!




Miss Representation

Math Café

Free Screening Wellman 106 Miss Representation is a documentary that challenges the media’s disparaging message that a woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality. Discussion will take place afterward.

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Conference Room, WRRC in North Hall Math Cafe is free math tutoring! Bring in questions about any math course (16, 17, 21 series and above). At Math Cafe, students can receive one-on-one time with graduate students and faculty members. Snacks and refreshments provided.


BOOK REVIEW By: Michelle Vieira


Reinventing the Enemy’s Language


Reinventing the Enemy’s Language: Contemporary Native Women’s Writings of North America, edited by Joy Harjo, is a breathtaking anthology in which Native women tell their stories, histories, and truths in their own words. The writings in the collection take many forms, from poetry to prayer to memoirs and fictional narratives, each potent in its own right. I first read this anthology in a Native American Studies class, but it has become so much more than just a text for a class…it now sits proudly on my bookshelf at home, and I still pull it out and read it when I need a dose of strength or inspiration. The voices of the amazing women in this anthology seem to lift right off the page and envelop me; sometimes it’s raw and painful, and other times, it’s a celebration. Every time, it is transformative. I highly recommend this anthology to all.



Beyond The Binary •

Bisexual Horizons: Politics, Histories, Lives (ed. Rose, Stevens et al.) 1996

Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, & Visions (ed. Tucker, Highleyman, for books lists and more, visit


This month we are giving away Some People, Some Other Place by J. California Cooper. The novel explores a town called “Place,” on a street called “Dream Street,” and the multigenerational stories of its residents striving for a better life. Come into the library and add your name to our raffle FOR FREE!


Are you interested in being part of a reading and/or creative writing group at the WRRC? Depending on interest, this may be one or two separate groups!

and Kaplan) 1995

If you are interested in joining or have questions, please email

RePresenting Bisexualities: Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire (ed.

Hall and Pramaggiore) 1996 •

Search our library online at:

Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life (Garber) 1995

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Family Housing Demolition

WRRC Grad-Student Outreach Office Hours

By: Vanessa Niño-Tapia Have you heard the rampant rumors that Solano and Orchard Park are going to be demolished? At the Student Families Community Forum last quarter the urgency was surrounding the “targeted programmatic reductions” being considered for the Breastfeeding Support Program, the Hutchinson Child Care Center, and the Child Care Subsidy program. At the forum a student revealed that there have been plans made to tear down Solano Park to make way for more parking and that NO plans were in the works to replace these units. Many students, especially those with dependents and spouses, rely on the affordable family housing that both Solano and Orchard provide. Affordable family housing is a safeguard that student parents can count on while seeing so many other programs and resources further reduced or even made unavailable. On the 19th, a meeting organized by the Director of Business Services for Student Housing, Romana Hernandez verified that, YES, Orchard will be closed in August 2014, and Solano in August 2016. Student Housing is in the planning process with Design and Construction Management to REPLACE the “lost beds” through “redevelopment” of Orchard--which will serve graduate students with dependents, or grads in legal partnerships (married/civil union) AND “redevelopment” of Castilian Hall for “single graduate students” (no kids, no non-UCD grad student spouse). March 2012 is the time in which Student Housing will communicate current plans with all tenants of OP and SP, including people waitlisted. An email to all Orchard and Solano residents will be sent soon explaining the above information. Please fill out this survey for graduate students to provide feedback to housing on these projects. 7 |

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Wednesdays 12pm - 2pm WRRC 1st Floor North Hall Rm#108 Fridays 3pm - 4:30pm WRRC Student Community Center Office Rm #1413 or by appt e-mail

Undergrad, Graduate/Professional Student Parents Interested in organizing a group for student parents to build a network of support and community? E-mail to get involved!

Women of Color Grad/Professional Students! Interested in organizing a group of Graduate Women of Color? E-mail to get involved!


Online Calendar Listserv signup Contact WRRC Grad


Grad Student Yoga $2 Requested Donation ARC Exercise Room

the GRADUATE STUDENT APARTMENT SURVEY related to this article can be found at:

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Davis Campus & Community Events TUESDAY, JANUARY 31. 6-9PM

The Lounge

Student Community Center Study hall, workshops, free snacks, free testing materials like and bluebooks, scantrons.


Social Justice Yoga

Free! The goal is to provide a nurturing environment and self-care for students to learn or practice yoga. We will begin each class with a theme related to social justice. Sign up: If the class is full, email:



Intern Opportunity

Life Skills Yoga

At the Multicultural Immersion Program 219 North Hall MIP interns design, coordinate and implement workshops to educate other students and campus community members about fostering wellness in diverse communities.


Meals with Mrak

The Series Dining Common Each breakfast discussion will host 8-10 undergraduate students and an administrator that is eager to learn about your UC Davis experience.

Free! The ARC An all levels yoga class with a different life skill focus each week. Topics will include life skills needed to more effectively navigate situations in our academic, professional and personal lives.



LGBTRC Crafternoons is a weekly social and crafting event that runs from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. New craft projects are taught each week, and all supplies are provided.Crafternoons are a great way to meet people and de-stress at the end of the week!

FIRST MONDAY of every month. 12-1:30PM

Mental Menudo

3201 Hart Hall Come hear variety of speakers, have menudo and discuss pertinent issues affecting our community.


Free Health Care

South City Health Center 7171 Bowling Drive Sacramento, CA 95823-2034 Free Health Care! A student run clinic in association with UC Davis School of Medicine. Every Saturday from 9am-1pm and Check Ins at 8am. (916) 734-5070.

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Party Safely

Tips for Risk Management While Partying Risk management can minimize danger, intoxication is not a substitute for consent nor does it give anyone permission to harm you. However, the presence of alcohol statistically increases the likelihood of assault.

Before the Party:

• Create a plan: Where will you go? Who will drive or what transportation will you use? What will you do if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation? • Discuss how drinking and/or drugs will effect you, how much you plan to drink, or if you are taking any medications that could change the effect substances may have on you. • If you plan on engaging in sexual activity go prepared with your safer sex techniques and practice giving and obtaining consent. • Educate yourself on the effects of Date Rape Drugs.

During the Party:

• Use the Buddy System: develop code words so you know when to intervene on a friend’s behalf. • Be alert! Bystander intervention can help reduce the risk of assault. • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. • Don’t engage in sexual activity with someone who is intoxicated.

After the Party:

• Use the predetermined mode of transportation. • If you suspect your friend has alcohol poisoning, seek medical attention immediately. Resources • • • • • • •

Counseling and Psychological Services (530) 752-0871 | Student Health Services (530) 752-2300 | The House Peer Counseling (530) 752-2790 | HEP (530) 752-9652 | WRRC (530) 752-3372 | Campus Violence Prevention Program (530) 752-3299 | If in the Residents Hall, you can use your RA as a resource as well.

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SELF-CARE TIPS By: Jezzie Fulmen

Take a moment to reflect on your current habits around sleep (are you getting eight hours most nights?), eating (are you fueling your body throughout your stressful days with good food?), and around exercise (are you getting your blood pumping a little bit most days?) Finally, are you making time to do something rejuvenating for a few minutes each day, or a few hours each week? It can be easy to let this go under the reasoning that you “don’t have time,” but remember that you’ll be able to get more done overall if you are also taking care of yourself -- your brain will be clearer and you’ll have more energy. Seriously!

STUDENT ASSISTANTS TO THE CHANCELLOR Applications for the 20122013 Student Assistant to the Chancellor positions are now available and are due on February 24, 2012.

An informational meeting will be held on February 1 from 12-3pm at the SCC. Visit for more information.

Resources at the WRRC OUR SPACE

Everyone is welcome to study, hang out, or nap in any of our great spaces, including the: • • • •

The Righteous Babes’ Lounge The Joy Fegoda Library Library Vintage Collection Resource Room & Lounge

Interested in reserving one of our spaces? Please feel free to come in to the center and submit a request form. A staff member will then contact you to confirm the reservation.


A chance to learn more about the resources offered to you on campus. Jezzie, Community Counselor Available for drop-in and appointments Coreen, Gender Education Specialist Tuesdays, 12-2p.m., WRRC Community Office (SCC) Desiré & Nick, Student Assistants to the Chancellor Tuesdays 1-2p.m., WRRC Vanessa, WRRC Grad Student Outreach Coordinator Tuesdays 10a.m.-12p.m. Beginning Nov. 1


Roxana Reyes My approach to working with students includes a collaborative, nonjudgmental, and honest approach towards getting to know them. l always include culture, class, gender, and social issues in our discussion which allows us to view and manipulate the multiple psychological and social issues which influence their perspectives, behaviors, lifestyle, and overall wellbeing. I have a special interest in working with Chicano/ Latino students to help address the cultural factors associated with attending college, leaving home, choosing a major, and more. The Community Advising Network (CAN) is a team of five CAPS Community Counselors. To learn more, please visit: 11 |


Campus Violence Prevention Program - UCDPD Dispatcher (530) 752-1230 UC Davis Police (530) 752-1727 Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, Woodland (530) 662-1133 Counseling and Psychological Services, UC Davis (530) 752-0871


Cal Aggie Hosts - free escorts (530) 752-1727 Sexual Harassment Anonymous Call Line 752-2255 (A-CALL) Staff Affirmitive Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Office Confidential Line 752-HELP Cross-Cultural Center 752-4287 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center 752-2452 Student Disability Center 752-3184 Women’s Clinic, Student Health & Wellness Center 752-2349 Academic and Staff Assistance 752- ASAP (2727)


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network 1.800.656.HOPE CA Youth Crisis Line 1.800.843.5200 Suicide Prevention 1.800.273.TALK GLBT National Hotline 1.888.THE.GLNH Suicide and LGBTQ Youth Crisis Line 1.800.4.U.TREVOR EXHALE, after-abortion counseling 1.866.4.EXHALE Backline, pregnancy, parenting, abortion, adoption 1.888.493.0092

Women’s Writes is a monthly online newsletter that promotes events, news, and resources that contribute to women’s rights, gender equity, and social justice. Several articles and events were written and submitted by members of the larger Davis community. Opinions and events do not necessarily reflect the views of the UC Davis Women’s Resources and Research Center. To learn more about Women’s Writes or to contribute, visit:

Women’s Resources & Research Center 113 North Hall, One Shields Avenue  530.752.3372 530.752.0222 Monday-Thursday, 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Closed from 10 A.M. - 12 P.M.

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Women’s Writes is a monthly online newsletter that promotes events, news, and resources that contribute to women’s rights, gender equity, an...

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