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E-NEWS MAY 12, 2011

Thoughts, questions, concerns, suggestions? Please feel free to swing by the center or drop us a line anytime! LGBT Resource Center !University House Annex,! One Shields Avenue,! Davis, CA 95616 Phone: 530.752.2452! Fax: 530.752.5067 !Email: The center is open from Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We are located on the UC Davis main campus, on the corner of 1st Street and A Street, across from Voorhies Hall.  


JEZZIE FULMEN The LGBTRC has a counselor available on-site to provide information, support and referrals to students. You can often find Jezzie at Center events and Crafternoons, or drop by her office at 102 North Hall (in the Womenʼs Resources and Research Center). No intake or paperwork is required. For an appointment, contact Jezzie directly at or 530.754.5958. You can also make appointments by contacting the office coordinator at the LGBTRC.

Clinton Andor, Graphic Design Intern !! Sheri Atkinson, Director!! Cameron de Leon, Community Intern! !! Michelle Didero, Community Intern Cory Dostie, Community Intern! c ! Sara Farooqi, Office Coordinator! Jezzie Fulmen, Community Counselor c ! Shauna Madison, Community Intern! s !! Leanne Soter, Community Intern! l! Laura Megumi Thatcher, Community Intern! !  

POPCORN MOVIE NOON CRAFTERNOON PICTURE FRAMES Crafternoons is a weekly social and crafting event that runs from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. New craft projects are taught each week, and all supplies are provided. We encourage folks to stop in and check out the event. Crafternoons are a great way to meet people and de-stress at the end of the week! For more information or if you're interested in collaborating with us, contact Sarah Maritza Hernandez:

Playing this Fri from 11am–1pm

Rise UP! A Queer Dialogue


Wednesdays at 12pm @ the LGBT Resource Center Rise Up! is a weekly discussion series that is open to everybody and anybody. This is a great way to come and check out the LGBTRC as well as join in on casual discussions that are related to the Queer community. This is a brown bag lunch discussion, meaning you should bring your lunch and be ready for some good peoples and good talks. We will also bring some snacks for people to munch on!

For a list of Queer Student Orgs please visit: resources/organizations

COMMUNITY ANNOUCEMENTS CONTENTS:   Jobs,  Internships,  Scholarships:   -­  Intern  for  Book/Oral  History  Project  on  '90's  Queer  Punk/Activist  set  in   San  Francisco   -­  UCLA  Queer  Studies  Conference   -­  Sacramento  Pride  needs  volunteers!   -­  Sac  Pride  Parade  &  Festival   -­  McNair  Scholars  Program   -­  LGBTQQ  org  LYRIC  seeking  Youth  Advocate    

Events: -­  La  Semana  De  La  Raza  2011   -­  Chicana/Latina  Research  Center:  Spring  Quarter  End  of  Year   Celebration   -­  sista  docta:  Performing  Black  Feminisms   -­  Black  Family  Day   -­  Sacramento  Gay  Men's  Chorus   -­  Social  Justice  Career  Advising  and  Resume  Review    

Research Studies:  

-­ How  financial  increase/decrease/stability  effects  community   involvement   -­  Life  Experiences  &  Well-­Being  of  Lesbian  &  Bisexual  Women  of  Color   -­  Volunteers  Needed  for  LGBQ  Minority  Stress  Study   -­  Lesbian  Women's  Perceptions  of  Counselors   -­  Seeking…  "A  Few  Good  Men"  

SEEKING INTERN  FOR  BOOK/  ORAL  HISTORY  PROJECT  ON  ‘90’s  QUEER   PUNK/ACTIVIST  set  in  SAN  FRANCISCO   BOOK TITLE: THANK YOU FOR BEING URGENT AUTHOR: SILAS HOWARD INTERN TASKS: Transcribing interviews between Silas Howard and various queer art stars, rock stars and literati. INTERVIEWEES: Kathleen Hanna (musician), Justin Bond (singer), Cathy Opie (photographer), Nao Bustamante (performance artist) PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Inspired by the brash, proud, often humorous secondgeneration AIDS activism in San Francisco in the ‘90’s and the burgeoning homocore scene this project is part oral history and part memoir following the scene created in the vacuum of grief left from the aids crisis. Short Bio on Silas Howard: SILAS HOWARD’S, (writer, director, and musician), first feature, By Hook Or By Crook, was a 2002 Sundance Film Festival premiere and five-time Best Feature winner. The film secured theatrical release and was the picked up by the Sundance Channel. His next film, Exactly Like You, (co-written with Nina Landey), was a Nantucket Screenwriters Colony fellow and Sundance Lab finalist. Howard’s first short documentary, What I Love About Dying, premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Howard’s music videos have aired on MTV and LOGO networks, as did his short musical, How do I Say This?, made for MTV Networks. Silas is currently in post production on his second feature, Cooler, and his short film, Blink, is still on the festival circuit. Howard received an MFA in directing at UCLA, was awarded the Kovler Family Fellowship in Film & Television, the Wasserman Film Production award and twice nominated for the Rockefeller New Media award. Internship is unpaid but can earn college credit. Interested interns send resume to


UCLA’s 13 Annual Queer Studies Conference October 14-15, 2011       Call  for  Papers     Deadline  May  13,  2011   th


UCLA’s LGBTS  Program  is  pleased  to  announce  a  Call  for  Papers  for  its  upcoming   Queer  Studies  Conference  featuring  presentations  by  graduate  students  as  well  as   faculty  and  advanced  undergraduates.       This  year’s  conference  will  explore  and  exploit  issues  of  fashion,  queerly  construed.       We  wish  to  invite  a  wide  range  of  questions  and  panels  on  subject  topics  as  drag,   female  masculinities,  male  femininities,  queer  making  and  self-­‐fashioning,  cloning   and  styling,  and,  of  course,  the  culture  and  politics  of  the  fashion  industry  itself.     Questions  of  class,  economics,  history,  ethnicity,  race,  (im)migration,  geography,   exploitation,  and  sublimation  are  at  the  forefront  of  our  query.    We  seek  to  know   what  might  be  a  new  analytic  or  interdisciplinary  methodology  through  which  to   attend  to  multiple  registers  of  fashion.       Keynote Speakers:   Jack  Halberstam,  Monica  Miller,  Mignon  R.  Moore,     Karen Leigh Tongson, and Deborah R. Vargas       Closing Performance:   Queerture: A night of rocket science and fashion design   with artistic director Tania Hammidi       Proposals  for  individual  papers  should  take  the  form  of  abstracts;  panel   proposals  should  also  include  both  a  list  of  participants  and  paper  abstracts.    CVs   must  accompany  all  abstracts.    Submissions  from  undergraduates  should  be   accompanied  by  a  brief  letter  from  a  faculty  member  highlighting  the  strengths  of   both  the  student  and  the  student’s  proposal.       Deadline for abstracts and CVs: May 13, 2011   Send  abstracts  and  CVs  to   Contact:  Catharine  McGraw  (310)  206-­1145    &    

Sacramento Pride Needs Volunteers Just Like You! A note from Margo Beatty, Pride Volunteer Manager… Last year’s Pride was an amazing success. It took a lot of planning, organizing and hard work, but it all paid off. Volunteers played a vital role in making it happen. It’s a cliche, but so true……….. WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! Working with the volunteers last year, was the highlight of 2010 for me. The excitement, energy, can-do and what-doyou-need attitudes still makes me smile. I am so excited and honored to be back working amongst this fantastic group of people. A new database has been bought to help volunteers sign up and get their schedules. There will be newsletters and schedule reminders. You will be able to look online and see what you have been scheduled for. It should make life logistically easier. Are you ready to come and play (volunteer) with us? I sure do hope so. Just go to to sign up. Shortly after filling out the application, you will receive instructions as to where to sign up for Orientation. I am also looking for team leaders and co-team leaders for Pride. If you are interested, please send an email to with “Team Lead” in the Subject line. Sign up now. Orientations have already started! Questions? Please call the Volunteer Information Hotline at 916-243-0781. I can’t  wait  to  work  with  you!  

Sacramento ‘s  GLBTQ  Pride  Celebration   Saturday,  June  4th,  2011    

This event  draws  10,000-­‐12,000  people;  although  may  hit  15k  this   year.    We  still  have  space  available  in  both  our  parade  and  our  festival.     The  parade  and  festival  are  a  great  way  to  show  your  support  of  the   GLBTQ  community,  as  well  as  gain  exposure  to  your  individual   organization.  We  would  like  to  invite  you  to  check  out  our  website  and   reserve  space  in  the  parade  or  festival  if  you  are  able  to  do  so.   Information  about  the  parade  and  festival  is  available  via  our  website;   As  of  today,  our  headliners  are:   Luciana   Miss  Coco  Peru   • Raquela   Xavier  Toscano   •

We are  looking  to  have  all  participants  confirmed  within  the  next   couple  of  weeks.    If  you  have  any  questions  please  call  or  email.    We   look  forward  to  seeing  you  at  Pride.   Thank  you,     Ryan  Pritchard   Cell:    (530)  321-­‐0567   Sacramento  Pride  2011   Service  of  the  Sacramento  Gay  and  Lesbian  Center    

If you  are  interested  in  applying  to  the  Ronald  E.  McNair  Scholars  Program.  We   provide  a  $2,800  stipend  and  pair  you  with  a  faculty  mentor  for  two  years  in   preparation  for  applying  to  Graduate  School.        This  program  also  includes  GRE   Preparation  and  Conference  participation..   Please  go  to    and  complete  an  application  by   Thursday,  June  30th,  2011.   If  you  have  any  questions  please  drop  by  our  main  office  in  86B  Hutchison  Hall.      Come  and  talk  to  one  of  our  advisors  on  hand  8-­5  pm  Monday  –  Friday.    Come  and   see  the  current  student  photos  and  their  faculty  mentors  located  in  the  hallway   outside  our  office.   The  deadline  to  apply  is;  June  30th…so  don’t  delay.    

Hello Staff,  Board,  Youth,  Community  Partners,  Supporters  and  Allies,     LYRIC is searching for a Youth Advocate (1 FTE) to join our team! Interested candidates may view the complete job description and application instructions on our website at:     Please pass along this email to your colleagues, community and network. Thank you!     -­‐-­‐   Lisa Chandler   Operations Manager     LYRIC   Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center   127 Collingwood Street   San Francisco, CA   (415) 703-6150 ex.14   (415) 703-6153 fax      

La Raza  Cultural  Days  de  UC  Davis  &  The  Cross  Cultural  Center  Present:  

La Semana  De  La  Raza  2011   May  9th-­14th   "Unidos  podemos  liberarnos  con  educación  y  celebración"   “Together  we  can  liberate  ourselves  with  education  and  celebration”   MONDAY  May  9th,  2011   La  Raza    Es  Politica;  “Representa  a  nuestra  Gente”  4-­‐6pm  114  South  Hall   An  open  discussion  on  political  issues  affecting  the  Chicana/o  Latina/o  community.  It  will  be  a   space  where  the  community  as  an  entirety  can  come  together  to  dialogue  about  hot  topics   (like  immigration,  education,  and  economics)  and  provide  possible  solutions  or  support  for   one  another.  'Know  Your  Rights!'   M.E.Ch.A    de  UC  Davis  and  La  Raza  Pre-­Law  Student  Association   LRCD  Baskin  Robbins  fundraiser  at  the  E  st.  location  in  Davis  4-­‐8pm   Please  present  flier  at  purchase  (see  attached  flyer)   TUESDAY  MAY  10TH,  2011   "Why  Are  All  the  Latin@  Students  Sitting  Together  in  the  Cafeteria?"  3-­‐5pm    MU  Moss  Room   Having  trouble  staying  true  to  your  culture  while  trying  to  bridge  to  other  communities?  Come   share  your  experiences  and  learn  about  the  process  of  building  communities  and   Relationships.   Counseling  and  psychological  services’  Multicultural  Immersion  program   Breaking  down  our  bodies:  the  exploration  of  sexuality  and  Self  Image  in  the  Chican@/Latin@   community  4-­‐6pm  Olson  158   An  interactive  safe  place  program  dedicated  to  exploring  and  learning  about  the  intersection   of  sexuality  and  self-­‐image  in  the  Chican@/Latin@  Community  in  today's  society.   Cross  cultural  Centers  and  the  Women’s  Resources  and  research  Center   continued  on  next  page    

What is Love Workshop III: Balancing School and Familia 5-7pm 114 South Hall Have  you  ever  felt  homesick  and  needed  a  home  away  from  home,  or  is  school  getting  in  the   way  of  valuable  family  time?  Psychologists  will  provide  a  presentation  dealing  with  the   difficulties  students  face  throughout  their  college  years  due  to  changes  in  their  choices,   priorities,  and  goals,  and  give  advice  on  how  to  ease  the  tension  on  family  bonding  due  to   school  interference.   Interested  Ladies  of  Lambda  Theta  Alpha  Latin  Sorority,  Inc.   Women  of  Color  poetry  night  7-­‐10pm  Griffin  Lounge   Let  your  voice,  mind,  and  soul  be  heard  in  this  annual  Women  of  Color  Poetry  Night.  During   this  evening  of  empowerment  we  will  share  the  struggles,  accomplishments  and  identities  of   colored  women.  Anyone  and  everyone  is  welcomed  and  invited  to  participate  on  stage  or  in   the  audience.   Lambda  Theta  Nu  Sorority,  Inc.   WEDNESDAY  MAY  11TH,  2011   UC  Davis  Chicano/a  Studies  Symposium:  Featuring  the  Magdalena  Art  Exhibit   “Seguimos  La  Lucha  Por  La  Educación”    MU  II  12-­‐2pm   Exploration  of  current  issues  within  the  Chicana/o  Studies  field.  A  discussion  panel  of  UCD   Chicana/o  Studies  faculty  as  well  as  hosting  presentations  by  speakers  who  will  acknowledge   issues  on  the  diverse  amount  of  struggles  in  education  within  the  Raza  community.  The   Magdalena  Mora  Art  Exhibit  aims  to  pay  homage  to  a  great  Chicana  activist  of  the  past,   Magdalena  Mora,  through  the  work  of  student  and  community  artists’  of  today.  Will  offer  a   venue  for  discussion  on  issues  that  are  most  prominent  within  the  community  (e.g.  war,   sexuality  and  gender,  discrimination,  etc).   Chicano/a  studies  Department,  UC  Davis  and  Hermanos  Macehual  de  UC  Davis   Piñata  Workshop  4-­‐6pm  114    South  Hall   Chicano/a’s  and  Latino/a’s  in  Health  Education  is  putting  on  a  Piñata  building  workshop.  Bring   your  Family  and  Friends  to  learn  how  to  make  traditional  Piñatas.   CHE   “Education  for  the  Soul”  healthy  lifestyle  workshop  5-­‐7pm  5  lower  freeborn   An  exciting  yoga  workshop  that  benefits  you  both  mentally  and  physically.  There  will  be  a   variety  of  exercises  to  improve  your  daily  life  and  promote  a  healthy  lifestyle  within  the   community.  It  is  highly  recommended  to  bring  comfortable  clothing/shoes  and  a  yoga  mat.   Sigma  Pi  Alpha  Chicana/Latina  sorority    

Noche De  Estrella’s  7-­‐10pm,  Freeborn  Hall   Stemming  from  the  vision  of  the  founding  brothers  of  the  Theta  Chapter,  “Noche  de  Estrellas”   is  meant  as  an  opportunity  for  us  to  provide  a  multitude  of  our  cultures  to  the  UC  Davis  and   neighboring  communities.    Through  the  celebration  of  their  talents,  we  aspire  to  bring  the   community  together  to  recognize  different  aspects  of  Latin  American  culture  today.   Gamma  Zeta  Alpha  Fraternity,  Inc   THURSDAY  MAY  12TH,  2011   15th  Annual  Youth  Conference  8a-­‐3pm  Art  Annex,  King  Lounge  and  MU  II   The  Youth  Conference  is  a  day  long  program  in  which  high  school  students  from  the   surrounding  area  visit  the  UC  Davis  campus  and  learn  about  issues  facing  Chican@/Latin@   students'  access  to  universities.  Many  students  drop  out  of  school  when  their  prospects  for  the   future  appear  limited,  and  attending  culturally  sensitive  conferences,  such  as  Youth   Conference,  are  a  key  way  of  providing  hope  and  access  to  students.  Mujeres  Ayudando  la  Raza   will  be  providing  breakfast,  lunch,  workshops,  a  tour  of  the  campus  and  a  presentation  with  a   keynote  speaker.   Mujeres  Ayudando  La  Raza   “La  Lucha  Del  Immigrante”  4-­‐6pm  MUII   "Learn  the  struggles  and  issues  that  undocumented  students  face  every  day  in  their  lives  and   how  this  affects  their  families  and  our  communities  by  coming  out  and  watching  S.P.E.A.K.'s   annual  play.   SPEAK,  Scholars  promoting  education,  awareness  and  knowledge   Queer  Latinidad    6-­‐9pm  ARC  Ballroom   "La  vida  sin  juicio:  Libre  de  ser  Xicana/o  y  LGBTQIA",  "Life  without  prosecution:  Free  to  be  a   Queer  Xicana/o"   "Vengan  a  celebrar,  educarse  y  expresar  su  Queer  Xicanismo.  Personas  que  se  identifican  como   Queer  Indígena/o  y/o   Xicanas/os  leerán  poesía  y  spoken  word,  bailaran,  tocaran  música,  y  mucho  más!  La  noche  será   una  colección  de  performances  por  profesionales  y  estudiantes  que  gritaran:  “SOY  JOTO,  ¿Y   QUE?”."   Come  celebrate,  learn,  appreciate,  and  express  your  Queer  Xicanismo.  Self  identified  Queer   Indigenas/os  y  Xicana/o’s  will  be  reading  poetry,  performing  spoken  word,  dancing,  playing   instruments,  and  much  more.  The  night  will  be  a  collection  of  professional  and  student   performances  that  will  scream  “SOY  JOTA/O,  ¿Y  QUE?"   The  Student  Recruitment  and  Retention  Centers’,  Yik’al  Kuyum    

FRIDAY MAY  13TH,  2011   “From  the  Barrio”  10:30a-­‐1:30pm  Wellman  2   A  youth  empowerment  conference.    It  will  be  involving  workshops,  guest  speakers,  and   discussions  on  problems  affecting  our  youth  and  how  we,  as  scholars,  can  act  to  help  them   pursue  a  higher  education.   Lambda  Theta  Phi  Latin  Fraternity,  Inc   Latin  Dance  101  4-­‐6pm  Tercero  main  Lounge     Come  join  us  for  our  annual  cultural  event,  Latin  Dance  101!  This  dance  workshop  is   a  fun  and  interactive  way  to  learn  a  specific  cultural  dance  from  a  Latin  American  region.  This   year  our  theme  will  be  punta,  which  will  be  taught  by  MOB  Legacy  along  with  a  Nutritional   Presentation  by  Danzantes  del  Alma  de  UC  Davis.  Come  on  by  and  finish  off  Semana  De  La  Raza   with  some  fun  by  dancing  the  night  away!   Sigma  Lambda  Gamma  National  Sorority,  Inc.  and  Sigma  Lambda  Beta  International  Fraternity,   Inc.   SATURDAY  MAY  14TH,  2011   FAMILY  EVENT  –  please  invite  friends,  family  and  neighbors  

LA GRAN  TARDEADA  10am-­‐5pm   Free  community  event  on  the  UC  Davis  East  Quad  celebrating  the  Chican@/Latin@  culture  and   including  entertainment,  food,  a  Children's  fair,  a  health  fair  and  much  much  more!   Cuauhtémoc  Run  on  campus  begins  7  am   Annual  Cuauhtémoc  Run  the  morning  of  La  Gran  Tardeada.  Participants  have  the  option  of   running  or  walking  a  5K  or  10K  race.  Will  be  around  the  arboretum  starting  behind  Mrak  hall   near  music  building.   M.E.Ch.A  de  UC  Davis   Health  Fair  All  Day  MU  Patio   Take  blood  pressure,  glucose  levels  and  other  vitals  of  people  from  the  community  while   educating  them  on  health  issues  and  ways  to  be  and  stay  healthy.   Clinica  Tepati  and  Chican@’s  in  Health  Education  [CHE]  

Sponsored and supported by the Chican@/Latin@ Community, ASUCD, Office of Campus and Community relations [OCCR] & Hate Free Initiative, Student Affairs and the Hemispheric Institute for the Americas.  

Dear Community,  

The Chicana/  Latina  Research  Center  (C/LRC)  cordially  invites  you  to  the  Spring   Quarter  End  of  Year  Celebration  on  Thursday,  May  12th  at  12:30-­2:30pm  in  the   Garrison  Room,  2nd  floor  of    Memorial  Union  (MU).  Join  us  as  we  say  farewell  to  the   center  after  20  years  of  service.    Celebrate the achievements of Chicanas, Latinas & Indigenous Women at UC Davis. Meet Chicana/Latina/Native women faculty, staff, grads & undergrads and strengthen the network of Chicanas, Latinas, & Indigenous women on campus. Refreshments will be served. For more info call (530) 752-8882. Remember: C/LRC Spring Quarter End of Year Celebration Thursday, May 12th at 12:30-2:30pm Garrison Room, 2nd floor of MU Thank you!  


sista docta:  Performing  Black  Feminisms   Wednesday,  May  18,  2011 8:00pm,  GIEDT  1001      

WRRC presents  a  performance  by  Omi  Osun  Joni  L.  Jones,  Associate  Professor  and  Director  of     The  John  L.  Warfield  Center  for  African  and  African  American  Studies  at  the  University  of  Texas,  Austin.     This  performance  offers  a  personal  commentary  on  being  an  African  American  woman  professor     at  a  predominately  European  American  academic  institution.    Dr.  Jones  visit  to  UCD  is  made  possible  by     the  generous  support  of  the  Target  Corporations'  Target  Campus  Grants.       Co-­‐sponsored  by  the  Cross  Cultural  Center,  and  the  African  American  and  African  Studies  Department.   RSVP  for  this  event  on  Facebook:   Biography   Dr.  Jones  (Ph.D.,  New  York  University)  specializes  in  performance  scholarship  that  focuses  on  identity,   ethnography,  Yoruba-­‐based  performance  aesthetics,  Black  Feminisms  and  Theatre  for  Social  Change.     She  teaches  courses  in  African-­‐American  theatre  history,  the  performance  of  race,  performance   ethnography,  performing  Black  Feminisms,  Yoruba  performance,  and  performance  and  activism.  She  was  a     Fulbright  Fellow  in  Nigeria  ,  1997-­‐1998.  While  in  Nigeria  ,  Dr.  Jones  taught  at  Obafemi  Awolowo  University   and  contributed  Theatre  for  Social  Change  workshops  to  the  Forum  on  Governance  and  Democracy  in  Ile-­‐ Ife.     In  Austin,  Texas  and  Washington  ,  D.C.  she  has  received  acting  awards  for  her  work  in  professional  theatre.   Dr.  Jones  was  the  opening  plenary  performer  at  the  Second  Annual  Performance  Studies  Conference  at     Northwestern  University  with  "sista  docta."  She  is  currently  working  on  a  book  on  the  use  of  a  jazz  aesthetic   among  theatre  artists  with  particular  attention  to  Laurie  Carlos,  Daniel  Alexander  Jones,  and  Sharon   Bridgforth,  as  well  as  a  book  documenting  the  work  of  The  Austin  Project-­‐-­‐-­‐a  collaborative  venture  among   women  of  color  artists,  scholars  and  activists.  


The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus Presents: One For The Road Songs of traveling, destinations, and the call of the open road. Get in and buckle up, it's going to be a fun ride!!!! Order tickets below. Davis: Sunday - May 15 - 4 PM Tickets available through: Sacramento: Friday - April 29th - 8 PM Friday - May 13 - 8 PM Saturday - May 14 - 8 PM Tickets available through: Loomis: Saturday - April 30th - 7 PM Tickets available through: Stockton: Sunday - May 1 - 3 PM Tickets available through:

Hello and  Happy  Spring  Quarter!     This  quarter  I  am  taking  a  research  class  on  how  "a  Community"   changes/developments  overtime.  For  my  personal  project,  I  have  chosen  to  study   how  financial  increase/decrease/stability  effects  community  involvement.     Below,  I  have  created  a  survey  composed  of  6  questions.  When  time  permits,   please  fill  out  the  questionnaire.  Thank  you  in  advance!  :-­‐)     Student  involvement  and  Budget  cuts     -­‐-­‐     Melissa  Muganzo   Community  and  Regional  Development-­‐  Major  (June  2011)   Student  Assistant  to  the  Chancellor  (2010-­‐2011)    

Need help figuring out what you will do when you graduate this June?

Social Justice Career Advising (and Resume Review!)        Make  an  appointment  this  Spring  to  discuss:   • How  to  include  your  leadership  experience  on  your  resume.     • How  to  build  professional  relationships  with  community  activists.     • Where  to  look  for  social  justice  related  jobs.       • How  the  ICC  can  support  you  in  your  career  exploration.     • What  social  justice  careers  are  available  given  your  major  and  

experience.     E-mail Career Advisor, Lisa Sanders, at: and mention that you want to explore social justice careers in a 15 minute appointment. Lisa is available to meet you for a 1:1 session at any of the following centers:      

Cross Cultural Center Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center Internship and Career Center   Student Recruitment and Retention Center   Women's Resources and Research Center       Lisa M. Sanders, M.S. Program Coordinator Liberal Arts and Business Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Internship and Career Center 209 South Hall Group Advising Schedule:

Hello! My  name  is  Cirleen  DeBlaere,  and  I  am  an  assistant  professor  in  the  College  of  Education   at  Lehigh  University.  My  research  team  and  I  are  conducting  a  study  on  the  life  experiences  and   well-­‐being  of  lesbian  and  bisexual  women  of  color.  It  is  our  hope  that  with  this  study,  we  can   contribute  to  the  understanding  of  the  experiences  of  individuals  with  multiple  and   intersecting  minority  identities.  Your  participation  is  essential  to  achieving  this  goal,  so  we   hope  that  you  will  take  part  in  our  study.   In  order  to  participate,  you  must  identify  as  lesbian  or  bisexual,  as  a  woman  of  color  (i.e.,   racial/ethnic  minority  woman),  currently  live  in  North  America,  and  be  18  years  of  age  or   older.  If  you  would  like  to  participate  in  our  study,  please  click  on  the  link  below  and  you  will   be  directed  to  the  online  survey:     Thank  you  VERY  much  in  advance  for  your  time!    Please  feel  free  to  pass  on  this  link  to  other   people  who  might  be  eligible.  If  you  have  any  question  about  this  study,  please  feel  free  to   contact  me  at  This  research  has  been  approved  by  the  Lehigh  University   Institutional  Review  Board  (IRB#  10/211  R).     Sincerely,   Cirleen  DeBlaere,  Ph.D.    

Volunteers Needed  for  LGBQ  Minority  Stress  Study       If  you  are  lesbian,  gay,  bisexual,  or  questioning,  please  participate  in  a  national   and  anonymous  on-­‐line  survey  study  on  the  psychological  effects  of  sexual   minority  stress  on  LGBQ  people’s  mental  health  and  identity.    The  purpose  of  the   study  is  to  better  understand  interrelationships  among  shame,  emotional   ambivalence,  internalized  homophobia,  personal  mastery,  and  the  process  of   positive  identity  formation.     The  study  is  being  conducted  by  Dr.  Darrell  Greene  and  Dr.  Paula  Britton,  through   John  Carroll  University  and  the  JCU  Education  and  Allied  Studies  Department.     The  study  will  take  about  20  to  30  minutes  to  complete.    Benefit  to  you  as  a   participant  involves  contributing  to  our  understanding  of  the  psychological   effects  of  sexual  minority  stress  in  our  communities,  and  your  knowledge  of   helping  counselors  to  know  how  better  to  help  LGB  and  questioning  people  with   positive  identity  development.    Complete  the  survey,  and  be  eligible  to  win  from   $10  to  up  to  $50  in  gift  cards.    If  interested,  please  go  to  the  following  survey   link:           (Recruitment  Statement:  LGBQ  Minority  Stress  Survey  IRB#  2011-­047)      

My name  is  Kari  Keller  and  I  am  a  graduate  student  in  the  Department  of   Psychology  at  Southern  Illinois  University-­‐Carbondale.  Your  email  address  was   obtained  through  the  Consortium  of  Higher  Education  LGBT   Resource  Professionals.  I  am  currently  working  on  my  master’s  thesis,  chaired  by   Dr.  Ann  R.  Fischer,  and  would  like  to  ask  you  to  forward  this  message  on  to   individuals  who  may  be  interested  in  participating  in  my  research  study   examining  self-­identified  lesbian  women’s  perceptions  of  various   counselors.       Your  participation  in  this  study  is  completely  voluntary  and  you  may  withdraw  at   any  time  without  penalty.    If  you  choose  to  participate,  it  will  take  approximately   30  minutes  of  your  time.    All  of  your  responses  will  be  kept  confidential  and  will   only  be  available  to  the  researchers  in  this  study.  Upon  completion  of  the  survey,   you  will  have  the  option  of  submitting  your  email  address  to  the  researcher  to   enter  into  a  drawing  for  a  chance  to  win  one  of  three  gift  certificates  for  $15  from   Barnes  &  Noble.  However,  your  responses  will  remain  anonymous  and  not  be   linked  to  your  email.       If  you  know  other  lesbian-­‐identified  women  who  may  be  interested  in   participating  in  this  study,  please  feel  free  to  pass  along  this  email  advertisement   or  post  the  link  to  a  social  networking  website.       If  you  would  like  to  participate  in  this  study,  please  visit  the  following  website  :       To  encourage  participation,  you  may  be  contacted  up  to  2  more  times;  however,   your  email  address  will  not  be  used  for  any  other  purposes.  If  you  enter  into  the   drawing,  you  will  be  contacted  if  your  name  is  randomly  chosen.       If  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns  about  this  study,  please  feel  free  to  contact   me  by  email  at  or  by  phone  at  (920)  946-­‐5800.  You  may  also   contact  Dr.  Fischer  by  email  at                             Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  assist  me  in  this  research.       Kari  Keller     This study has been reviewed and approved by the SIUC Human Subjects Committee. Questions concerning your rights as a participant in this research may be addressed to the Committee Chairperson, Office of Research Development  and  Administration,  SIUC,   Carbondale,  IL  62901-­‐4709.    Phone  (618)  453-­‐4533.    E-­‐mail:    

Dear students,     I  would  like  to  invite  you  to  participate  in  a  research  study  that  is  being  conducted  by  a   doctoral  student  at  the  Pennsylvania  State  University.  Participation  is  voluntary,  consists  of  an   online  survey,  and  should  take  approximately  10  minutes  to  complete.  As  a  participant,  you   will  be  eligible  to  enter  a  raffle  in  which  you  may  be  selected  to  receive  your  choice  of  either  a   $40  Starbucks  giftcard  or  a  Rainbow  Pride  Flag  ($40  value).  Please  see  below  for  more   information.  You  can  click  on  the  web  link  to  learn  more  about  the  study,  and  to  participate  if   you’d  like.     I  hope  you  will  consider  participating,    

Seeking .  .  .  “A  Few  Good  Men”     I  am  conducting  a  research  study  to  learn  about  the  factors  that  influence  how  gay  men  feel   about  themselves.         I  am  seeking  voluntary  participants  who  are  male,  self-­‐identify  as  gay,  and  who  are  between   the  ages  of  18  and  25  years.     This  is  an  online  survey  that  will  take  about  10  minutes  to  complete.     No  self-­‐identifying  information  will  be  asked,  and  your  decision  to  participate  as  well  as  your   responses  will  be  kept  private,  and  confidential.     To  participate,  click  on  the  web  link!    As  thanks  for  your  participation,  you  will  be  given  the  opportunity  at  the  end  of  the  survey  to   enter  a  raffle.  For  every  50  participants,  one  individual  will  be  randomly  selected  to  receive  his   choice  of  a  Rainbow  Pride  Flag  (valued  at  $40)  or  a  $40  Starbucks  giftcard.       If  you  know  other  males  who  may  be  less  open  or  out  regarding  their  sexual  orientation,  I  am   greatly  interested  in  receiving  their  input  –  please  forward  this  information  to  them!   This  research  study  has  received  an  exemption  determination  by  the  Office  of  Research   Protections  at  The  Pennsylvania  State  University.   This  research  study  is  being  conducted  by  Mark  Patishnock  who  is  a  doctoral  student  at  the   Pennsylvania  State  University,  and  is  being  supervised  by  Dr.  Kathleen  Bieschke,  who  is  a   faculty  member  in  the  department  of  Counselor  Education,  Counseling  Psychology,  and   Rehabilitation  Services  at  the  Pennsylvania  State  University.  Should  you  have  any  questions  or   concerns,  please  feel  free  to  contact  her  at  or  myself  at   Sincerely,   Mark  F.  Patishnock,  M.A.      

E-NEWS MAY 12, 2011