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"#$%&!'()!"*+'#)*!,!-#./'*01(! ! ! 2#./*+!"#$%&3! ! I m not running for the position of welfare; I m running for YOUR welfare. I am a person who strives to make change and will do anything, no matter how hard or how many hours I have to put into it, to make that change and a difference happen. I m running for Welfare for one simple reason, I want to help my fellow students. I ve been in the position where I ve needed support and assistance in financial and health issues before and just knowing that I can help someone who needs my help is what drives me. Having studied Applied Psychology, I am not new to health problems and solutions. I am aware of the research regarding substance abuse, exam stress, physical fitness and plenty of other areas that feature in college life. Being trained as a Peer Supporter and having completed SafeTALK workshops alongside Deaf Awareness workshops, I am able to communicate effectively by just listening and dealing with issues in confidentiality. I have worked with the UCC Health M atters initiative with the objective to improve the learning and working environment for students and staff in a collaborative effort to positively influence the wider community having done case-work on the Student Community Support. I am an LGBT Ally and proud of it. I have campaigned for Marriage Equality and attended Pink Training here in UCC and support the work of the LGBT Society. I am also Secretary of the UCC Psychological Society and have worked in promoting awareness of mental health in UCC and providing educational talks and workshops regarding mental health. I have also helped in organising events during Mental Health Week and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Week I currently sit on the UCC Societies Guild Executive as Public Relations and M edia Officer and work very closely with campaigns in the Student Union such as Mental Health Week, Don t Be That Guy and even Raise & Give Week and help in promoting the work done. I m fully capable of driving any campaign and how to raise visibility of these campaigns through my knowledge of how to promote effectively.. I sat as the Auditor of the UCC Live M usic Society and galvanised how the Battle of the Bands was run and restored the society to a whole new level, which is still visible in conjunction with the massive amounts of work done this year. The society also won Best Charity Event that year.

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Support and confidentiality is key in any college welfare. I will be ensuring that any student who is in a position where they need that support and confidentiality will get exactly that in any given situation, no matter what. Be it seeking advice, having a problem or even coming in for a condom ‒ you will have full support and confidentiality. This may be a given, but I want every student in UCC to be comfortable when seeking the support every student deserves.

I want to expand and continue this confidential support to the satellite campuses (for example Brookfield) by dedicating my time there. I will ensure that campuses such as the Cork Centre for Architectural Education will get the support they deserve. I will make clinic hours readily available not only when I am in my office in the SU building but also present in satellite campuses, so students know when they have the chance to approach me. I want to set up a station/office on Brookfield, which can accommodate absolute confidentiality. The condom cart is not enough and removes any confidentiality that is needed, so this full discretionary system will give absolute confidentiality for you.

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<)1-1'+;! ! This year saw a further ೼250 added to the Student Contribution Charge. Irish colleges have seen in the past that and every time more students are unable to return to college. I hope to prevent this to ensure UCC has a fully equal opportunity college. As well as collaborating with other SU Welfare Officers and the USI to protect the grant and fight fees, I have a number of practical ideas.


For students living away from home, an annual stay in UCC can reach approximately ೼10,405. To ensure each student effectively budgets within reason and realistically (including budgeting for nights out), I will run workshops over orientation and Fáilte Fest regarding How To Budget with Money Advise & Budgeting Services (MABS). I will also produce a booklet utilisiing knowledge and tips from UCC students to be included in all Freshers packs, and make additional copies readily available all over campus.

Work with the University and with a student led working group in surveying, researching and conducting case-work in finding what aspects are most hardhitting for students financially in UCC both now and in future to successfully resolve the issues presently and for future years.

Make aware through regular campaigns (posters, videos, stalls both on campus and online) about the financial aid already available for students (grants, Student Assistance Funds, Scholarships etc) and to encourage students to seek out this aid.

Having spoken to one mature student previously, I will work to ensure that the issues with registration are not as daunting or stressful for those returning to UCC as a student. Being told to go to the office and try breaking into tears to push it forward is not good enough. I will work closely with the Mature Student Office, the Mature Student Society and other areas to prevent further instances from occurring to any student.

The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) is a rolling fund that ran out this year leaving 60 students without any financial aid for college. I will fight nationally and locally to make sure not a single student is without the aid they re entitled to. I will fight nationally with the USI and other welfare officers around the country. More close to home, I will fight to guarantee that the President of UCC delivers the ೼100,000 to the fund so that a further 200 students are not denied their right to financial aid in UCC.

The Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) delays saw 350 students without money for 3 months before Christmas. If this happens again, this will see 700 students at a financial loss ‒ which is scandalous. To counteract any hardship during delays, I will work over the summer with the USI and Finance Office to create an immediate plan to make sure that no student is without money while in UCC.

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With the Irish Fam ily Planning Association, I will provide workshops for students such as Speakeasy, Sexual Health Training, a 3rd level education Skills4life and Extra Support Needs & Sexuality Training through the entire year. This will get students removing the barriers or taboos surrounding sexual health and making UCC more educated in sexual health! ! I will make a Guide to Good and Safe Sex available to UCC students and with just 5 simple reminders. These will be literally all over campus to always remind students to always pack contraception and that they are always available from me and will remain confidential. Raise the visibility and number of events to promote sexual health and guidance for you throughout the year.

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Peer Support leaders are well skilled in identifying signs of students in distress, however, if the wider campus community were trained in the same way, UCC has the opportunity to be a more vigilant and healthier place. I want to give all SafeTalk and further ASSIST training and more to identify signs of mental health problems among the student population. Students who are seen as leaders such as SU Officers, SU College Reps, Class Reps and Society Auditors and Club Captains, who frequently deal with high levels of stress and act as leaders of a committee/team, will be trained. We can make everyone aware of mental health signs to ensure UCC is a community that looks out for another.

Continue the expansion and structuring of the invaluable service, PleaseTALK. Attach a learning and teaching approach to the programme by liaising with the Mental Health Matters Programme of Mental Health Ireland to train PleaseTALK members to be capable teachers in teaching the student population

I want to work more closely with the PleaseTALK committee in moving it more into the universities eye. I will co-ordinate the team and have more oncampus presence, liaising with the community (students, societies and clubs) to expand the programme.

As Welfare Officer, I will be including a card with all the details for services (Niteline, Samaritans, PleaseTALK, counselling services and more) and with Need A Hand? cards. This card, already in existence in UCD, will replace wristbands and will be handed out in Fresher s Packs to be put in your wallet. This will aid in anyone who either needs support or who wants to support their fellow student. This will build further on making UCC a more supportive community.


! Alcohol use in Ireland is, undeniably, embedded in our culture. Students are mostly aware that too much is dangerous and will still take a drink despite their unstable budget for the week. One way to reduce alcohol intake, voluntarily, is by raising issues concerned with over-consumption.


Adopt a campus-wide successful campaign, The Other Hangover. This will raise the awareness of the negative social and reputational effects of over-consumption. It s common to hear about a friend who did something they regretted (cheated on a partner, drunk texted an ex, fought with friends, missed an assignment) which is accompanied by shame and/or guilt and in turn, sometimes depression. This will make students have a closer look at the indirect ways at which over-consumption can harm their lives in a more downto-earth way on this social campus.



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Students are well aware that the Mardyke Arena is there to boost their physical fitness. It can be daunting to get that first initiative to go and even to stay! I will set-up a stronger presence of the Mardyke on-campus with healthy weeks throughout campus and stress during orientation to attend with friends and make it a group activity, rather than another task! Class reps and Peer Supporters will carry this message across and even get Executives involved.

I will start a term long health initiative, starting with a core group, where those involved will walk approximately 80,000 kilometres around the outskirts of campus in a set route. That is the equivalent of walking around the planet ‒ twice. More and more people can join the campaign where the main goal is to provide a fun way for people who want to get fit when the gym just isn t for them! There will also be a prize for those who did the world once and for those who stuck it out all the way!

Having worked with the UCC Operation Transformation programme with UCC Health Matters, with the right education and budget, you can eat a good healthy meal right here on campus! The dietary requirements you had at home you ll find changes to Mongkok and beer very fast in college. But for the same price as a 3 in 1, you could have something far healthier and not upsetting.

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Campaign visibility needs to be raised. Each campaign often falls into the trap of being the entire main focus for one week, and one week only during the college year and is then is unfortunately left in the background. I want to see these campaign weeks (Mental Health, S.H.A.G) more as launches full with extensive media coverage and attention, heavy loaded with talks, workshops and events run by the SU and encourage Clubs, Societies and even staff to take part. UCC Health Matters has proven that a collaborative effort can be made and is effective. I want to see substance abuse, health and even a finance campaign run throughout the year with regular awareness (via posters, videos, on campus) and services provided.

There will be constant dialogue between the Commercial & Communications Officer and Deputy & Campaigns Officer to get the full effect of any campaign. They need to be more visible, driven and clear throughout campus using all routes of promotions available (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, posters and more).

A campaign run in the University of Pittsburgh named Talk About It was a successful campaign to encourage talking openly about depression. However, as a lot of the students welfare is interconnected, I want to push this campaign further. I want to use this campaign to shatter any hesitations people may have about talking about it where it would be not afraid to seek financial aid, talk about your mental wellbeing and/or problems, talk about physical and sexual health or any other issue. I want to create a serious but fun atmosphere where students talk about the good as well as the bad, their worries and share ideas in various talks and workshops all over campus.

A voice for the students - I want to get down to what UCC believe the issues are. This campaign will get be carried out via

surveys online, talking to students and with secret submission booth where students can write down what they feel the issues are that I can focus on as Welfare Officer. This will also get people thinking about their own welfare and what could be done. •

This will tie in with What s Welfare? , a campaign driven to inform the students of what exactly the role of the welfare officer is and how it goes beyond just condoms. This will make the Welfare Officer more visible and can be done through visible promotions (which I am well equipped and capable of doing) and even through a collaborative effort with Clubs and Societies with aiding this throughout the year.

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I will work hard in co-ordinating and assisting the Equality W orking Group where I can so that UCC has full support in the areas of disability, gender, international, mature and LGBT. In conjunction with this group, I will assist in driving and supporting and campaigns such as Don t Be That Guy campaign and making sure that alongside the Communications Officer to make these campaigns as visible as possible all over campus and nationally. There should be better communication between the group, the students and the services around campus. This can be done with posters and regular updates on College Road Facebook and website.

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I want to push Marriage Equality by collaborating with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT) Society and the SU LGBT Officer in creating larger and wider campaigns in the university. This society has successfully created a national Ally Campaign, proving that the right push can m ake a difference, but we need to keep pushing. I hope to work closely with other Welfare/ Equality Officers in the country to make a stronger push nationally. Pink Training in UCC and the March for Marriage Equality has proven that there is a want for change and that we, the current generation of students, are the ones who will make this change happen.

I want to ensure that UCC is a safe space for everyone. There is a view that UCC is a bubble community and that the wider community are less accepting of LGBT being open in public. However, if we start in UCC by making our own campus a safe place, it is possible to make places outside of UCC a real safe place with the aid of Allies, LGBT and the Welfare Officers around the country.

As Welfare Officer, I will co-ordinate alongside the USI to push for a Sexual Violence Awareness cam paign via social media and posters all over

campus (including the satellite campuses). The results from the USI Sexual Violence survey will identify the key areas that need to be targeted and will be readily available for next year which will push the campaign in the right direction.


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Having completed case-work on the Student Com m unity Support and having dealt with the programme on the Societies Guild Executive, I know what needs to be done to move the programme forward, what to refine and how to manage and assist these students in supporting their fellow students. I want to work closely with the co-ordinator and next year s Societies Guild Executive to make sure that the programme is fully supporting students and that the students involved are receiving support.

Vote Waugh for Welfare on March 11th & 12th, have a nice day.

Welfare - Daniel Waugh  
Welfare - Daniel Waugh