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Manifesto-Joel Carey. Table of contents 1: Who I am 2: Experience 3: Commercial 4: Communications 5: Why you should choose me

Who I am Â

My name is Joel Carey and I am a second year Commerce student with many ambitions and goals for the year ahead in terms of the role of Communications and Communications Commercial officer. I am majorly involved in student life in UCC including clubs, societies and also work in the college bar. This means that I am always up to date on student activities and trends, allowing me to cater to the needs and wants. I have also worked outside Ireland in places such as Amsterdam, so will bring fresh new ideas not used here.

My Experience Â

My experience in terms of both commercial and communications is very broad and includes a variety of paid and unpaid work experience. First off I am a Commerce Student and have a great understanding of the Commercial world. I will approach this job in a professional and efficient manner and will bring a business style attitude to my work. I have huge experience in the organization of events ranging from event management within my secondary school, raising money for a new autism unit within the school by hosting a race day in Clonmel race track, to Head of We:Sessions Cork, a nationwide student music festival. I also have a lot of knowledge about communications and have worked in hospitality in both Ireland and Holland. I have learned a huge amount about communications from my college work. I study modules focused on communication and commercial skills and believe this will enable me to get the job done in a concise and practical manner.

Commercial My plans in terms of the commercial side of the role are as follows: • Create a team of dedicated students working with me brainstorming for events and creating better organized and bigger events. • Work towards creating a UCC card (the UCCard) which can be topped up and used around campus in areas such as the print shops, Student centre etc allowing students to better manage their expenses. • The commercial element of the role will allow me to introduce a real offers scheme for students that will provide discounts on services they really need; ink refills, stationary, food and travel. • I will organise better entertainment while hosting more charity events on campus. • A greater awareness and improved events during SU events like R&G and SHAG Week. • Attracting bigger and better sponsors for UCC events, so as we can run the greatest events possible.

Communications In terms of Communications my goals are as follows • Work from the ground up with students creating a better relationship between the Students Union, creating a more approachable side and encouraging ideas from within the student population • I plan to create better communications through the creation of an online student forum that will allow students to submit their ideas for what they from their Student’s Union.

• At the moment within UCC students rarely read Emails they receive from clubs, societies and the students union due to the sheer volume which is sent out. I plan to cut down on this by limiting the number of emails sent out allowing all parties concerned to get the message across when they really need to. • I plan to work closely with the UCC Express and the Motley Magazine, taking their ideas on board and helping them to improve the media side of UCC. • I plan to greatly improve the online aspects of the UCC Student Union through the College Road Facebook, Twitter Account and Website, making them more interactive and user friendly.

Why you should choose me If chosen as the SU’s next Communications and commercial officer I would dedicate myself to making the changes needed around UCC. • I would also use the year to help define this new role and shape it for future officers. • As a member of this year’s Raise & Give committee I would strive to continue with the very high standard that was set this year. • I am a very approachable and person and I am willing to listen to anyone’s idea on how to improve both myself and UCC. This, along with the reasons written above, is why I believe you should choose me as next year’s Comms officer.

Comms - Joel Carey  
Comms - Joel Carey