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Campaign Manifesto   • • •

The College  of  Business  and  Law  has  a  prestigious  past.  I  hope  to  see  it  have  a  prestigious   future  and  to  bring  a  fresh  perspective  to  this  post.     I  wish  to  see  the  college  further  promoted,  with  its  courses,  the  potential  that  they  have  and   the  variety  that  they  serve  brought  into  further  prominence.     I  wish  to  see  an  emphasis  put  on  employment  in  these  troubling  times.  This  would  include:   o Employment  seminars  for  everyone  doing  a  degree  within  the  college  of  Business   and  Law   o Better  ties  between  potential  employers  and  the  students  of  the  college.     o Analysis  of  the  benefit  of  work  experience  within  the  courses  of  business  and  law,  as   well  as  or  instead  of  studying  abroad.     Real  representation  on  the  SU.   o  I  wish  to  see  my  role  as  representative  being  brought  into  more  prominence  and  for   there  to  be  real  accountability  between  the  decisions  that  I  am  making  on  your   behalf  within  the  SU  and  what  you  yourself  feel  that  I  should  be  doing.  If  I  am  doing   something  that  you  do  not  agree  with,  I  wish  to  know  so  that  I  may  represent  you  to   the  best  of  my  ability.     o Further  on  this  point,  I  will  make  sure  that  there  is  regular  correspondence  between   myself  and  the  college  telling  you  what  I  am  up  to,  what  I  have  achieved  thus  far  and   what  my  plans  are  for  the  immediate  future.     o I  wish  to  be  approachable.  The  same  way  as  you  would  approach  a  class   representative  with  any  problems  that  you  are  having  with  your  course.  I  wish  to  be   there  so  that  any  problems  that  you  may  have  with  the  SU  can  be  brought  to  me.     I  wish  to  have  the  value  of  postgraduate  work  here  within  UCC  further  promoted  and  to  see   that  a  person  can  feel  that  if  they  are  unable  to  get  a  job  out  of  their  degree  that  there  is  still   opportunities  there  for  them  outside  of  social  welfare.     So  vote  Christopher  Boyle  as  your  Representative  in  the  upcoming  elections,  for  a  fresh   perspective  and  a  new  beginning  for  our  prestigious  college.    

Bus+Law - Chris Boyle  
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