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February 2012 -



An Interview with Innes Van Nostrand

LUCAS MANUCHA Staff Reporter On Thursday, February 16th, 2012, I made my way into the memorial wing, where Mr. Innes van Nostrand resides. Mr. van Nostrand has been a member of the UCC community for over 20 years and has taken an offer to become the Principal of Appelby College. Lucas Manucha: How many years have you worked at UCC? Innes Van Nostrand: Good question Lucas. I have worked here as a Vice Principal for 13 Years, but previous to that I was a volunteer for about 5 years and I was a student for about 10.  LM: What is your favorite aspect of UCC? IVN: There are two parts of UCC that stand out to me. Firstly, there is a brotherhood that is formed at early ages, even  at SK. It evolves and morphs in different ways. By the time the boys graduate from the Upper School, they have incredible bonds and these bonds carry on beyond the school. I work with old boys and I realize how important it is to strengthen those relationships. Secondly, UCC may not be the best at anyone thing, like athletics, or academics or the arts, but we are the very top in every category. UCC is a blend of things.  LM: What have u seen change from when you were a student to now, as a Vice Principal?

Innes Van Nostrand

IVN: When you come back, understand-

month assessment process. That consisted

IVN: I got approached, I had never thought

ing whats changed and stayed the same

of interviews and me deciding whether or

about it before. I am not a teacher, It is

is a fascinating journey. Some of my old

not I wanted to leave UCC.

rare for a school to apply a principal who

teachers are still here. The academics have

LM: What do you plan to take from UCC

is not a teacher. I was encouraged by my

changed, the arts programs have improved.

and apply to Appelby?

friends and colleagues. It’s a whole differ-

I really enjoyed my UCC experience as a

IVN: Well, Lucas, UCC and Appelby are

ent thing. UCC has been my life and made

student, but it was traditional. The school

completely different places. They have dif-

me who I am. My sons are going to con-

has become far more innovative. The Prep

ferent DNA’s. For example, Appelby is co-

tinue being students here. I want this for

is a very nurturing place.

ed from grades 7-12. They are very differ-

personal opportunity and challenge.

LM: When did you get the job offer from

ent. I want to get to understand them first.

LM: What will you miss about UCC?


I will say that I have learned a lot from

IVN: Whole bunch of very close friends.

IVN: I think, Lemme check, it was in the

people at UCC. I’ve learned a lot from

Faculty, parents and old boys, strong re-

fall, let me get my month right, late spring

Dr. Power, Mr. Blakey, and many others.

lationships with. Dr. Power and him are


I have leanred a combination of many dif-

very close, won’t be working with him.

LM: When did you agree to take the Job

ferent skills. I want to apply of Hybrid of

You hate leaving strong relationships.


everything I’ve learned from.

LM: Thank you so much, I wish you the

LM: What made you want to switch from

best of luck with your new career.

Innes: It was a long process, about a 3

UCC to appelby?



February 2012 -



House System in Disrepair

CALEB GUTHRIE News Editor In the olden times, before the iDiv was even conceived, the advising group used to be a strong, thriving institution, comprising students from Y2 to IB2, and meeting regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now, advising groups have lost the Y2s, and have seen Tuesdays become “individual advising days”. Thursdays, of course, are for mentors and mentees to meet in the form rooms, so the only remnants of the group that meet regularly are the FYs and IB2s. IB2 attendance is, to put it politely, inconsistent, leaving the FYs to sit and converse awkwardly with the advisor and one or two particularly keen IB2s. The advising group, once a place for younger students to befriend and lean from older students, has become a selection of people who don’t know each other but happen to meet the same advisor. The group has shrunken, and most weeks, it never even meets as a whole. The relationships across grades no longer materialize, or even if they do, they are broken apart when the year ends. The advising group is the principal casualty of the administration’s iDiv policies,

which are designed to ease the transition

tem is that it tries to do too much as once.

of students to the Upper School. Y1s main

It wants to have strong small groups for

allegiance is to their forms, which are out-

all ages, create a strong house system and

side of the house system. Their integration

develop individual relationships between

in to the house system is put on the back-

mentors and mentees as well as between

burner for a year. They still belong to hous-

advisors and advising groups. The intro-

es, but the house only meets one a week.

duction of forms and individual advis-

Forms, on the other hand, meet every day,

ing sessions has served to weaken the in-

and go to all their classes together. It is no

stitutions that were in existence before.

surprise that the main support group for

People have a limited capacity to form

Y1s is the form, and that the house plays

relationships, and being expected to in-

a very minor role in the lives of Y1s. This,

tegrate into multiple groups simultane-

I would argue, is a bad thing. Houses are

ously will result in the existence of mul-

permanent; friendships within a house

tiple weak ties, rather than a few strong

will be maintained throughout a students

ties. Since the school is invested in pro-

entire Upper School career. Forms, on the

moting a “small school feel”, I would ar-

other hand, disappear completely after Y1.

gue that the system fails on these grounds.

The system as it currently stands has a

The house system as we have it now

terrible habit of creating groups and rela-

is not something anyone would’ve logi-

tionships that disappear at the end of the

cally designed. It has evolved, year-by-

year. No student is a part of the same small

year, following shifting goals, different

group for more than one year. Y2s instead

interest groups and differing ideals. It

of Y1s now meet with the senior house

represents the outcome of years of com-

advisor. FYs and IB2s have house advis-

promises and incremental changes. In its

ing, and IB1s go to mentoring with their

present form, it fails to accomplish most

mentees. The key thing to note is that

of its goals, and is in grave need of a re-

there is no longer any continuity between

design with an overarching vision, rather

different years. Relationships form and

than continuing the incrementalist ap-

are then broken as soon as the year ends.

proach that has given us the current mess.

The main problem of the current sys-

Steward’s Poll Over the past couple of weeks, 90 UCC students were asked to rate the current 2011-2012 stewards, 10 being the highest on the scale and 0 being the lowest on the scale. The averages were then taken, all being between 5 and 8. The results are shown below:





A Look into the Recent Past

AMRITHAL BACHRA Entertainment Editor During UCC’s 183 years of history, our halls have seen eighteen headmasters. We walk by their names everyday on our way to the UDH but rarely do we stop to glance at our school’s historic past. After hearing Mr. van Nostrand’s speech at our Founder’s Assembly, I decided to do a bit of research on our school’s past and decided that it was important to share what I could about a few of our past Headmasters. Before Dr. Power took command in 2004 there was Mr. J. Douglas Blakey. Mr Blakey spent over 25 years at the College and was Headmaster from 1991-2004. A fervent environmentalist and founder of the Green School, Mr. Blakey taught Biology at the College and eventually became the chair of the Science

ties at the time in both the Upper School and

lor and community service work abroad.

Prep. In 1985, Mr. Blakey took over as Senior

In 1975 Mr. Richard H. Sadlier was the

Boarding Housemaster in Seaton’s, which was “the most rewarding experience he has had at the College” – Old Times June 1991. Mr. Blakey also played a major role in adopting the International Baccalaureate program at UCC as he also held the role of Vice-Principal Academic. Not only did Mr. Blakey ride a Harley, he was also an artist, musician and strove to make UCC the best school in Canada. Prior to Mr. Blakey was Mr. Eric Barton. Mr. Barton was in fact an Old Boy, first attending the College in 1951 after being enrolled in Grade 7 at the Prep. After tranton joined the First Hockey, Cricket and Football Teams, as well as being a Stew-

English Department for eight years prior to taking the position of Headmaster, which

Park C.I. he originally intended on becom-

he would hold for thirteen years until 1988.

ing a veterinarian after working in a pet store

During his time as Headmaster, Mr. Sad-

in order to put himself through university.

lier was responsible for the redesign and re-

Mr. Blakey joined the College in 1975 after

modelling of the entire third floor in order

teaching for three years at the East Northum-

to expand the Science Department. Further,

berland Secondary School. After joining the

Mr. Sadlier was a major advocate of the Arts,

College, Mr. Blakey divulged into every as-

promoting music in Laidlaw Hall during as-

pect of life at the College. In addition to his

sembly and the growth of the Arts Festival’s

influential role in the Science Department,

popularity in order to showcase the talents

Mr. Blakey coached the First and Second

and artistic ability of students at the College.

Swim Team, Under 16 Squash Team, superclub, and was housemaster in McHugh’s. As chair of the Science Department, Mr. Blakey was responsible for the planning, promotion and design of the new science facili-

man in charge. Mr. Sadlier was a Junior Housemaster in Seaton’s and a part of the

tor, during his high school days at Lawrence

vised College photography and the SCUBA

Mr. Richard Sadlier

sitioning into the Upper School, Mr. Bar-

Department. Despite his success as an educa-

Mr. J. Douglas Blakely

February 2012 -

Mr. Eric Barton

Mr. Sadlier was also in charge during the College’s Jubilee Year when the school’s

ard in his final year as Head of McHugh’s.

Official Visitor, Prince Philip visited the

After graduating from UCC and obtaining

school on the first Association Day during

his degree in sociology from the University of

the celebration of its 150th anniversary.

Toronto, Mr. Barton was a Marketing Director

Further, Mr. Sadlier’s belief in the impor-

with Aetna Life when he became concerned

tance of the College being an independent

about the welfare of executives who had

school saw him take up a vital role in the

been fired. Mr. Barton founded a counselling

Canadian Educational Standards Institute

service in order to help individuals find new

when the Ministry of Education issued

careers, which led to Mr. Barton’s documen-

new policies that threatened the values for

tary, After the Axe, for which he was granted

which Mr. Sadlier and the College stood for.

an Academy Award nomination in 1982.

Mr. Sadlier will be remembered for his belief

During his time as Headmaster from

that “example is the essence of leadership.”

1988-1991, Mr. Barton was known for his

Many great individuals have walked these

commitment to community service and

halls and it is important to remember the im-

responsibility, and in his honour the an-

pact and dedication they once put in towards

nual Barton Lecture has been named for

making this institution as great as it is today.

him. After parting ways with the College,

A special thank you goes to Ms.

he was awarded the Order of Canada in


1995 for his work as a relocation counsel-



for our










February 2012 -



Syrian Spring: The Right Intervention


tator cannot occur in Syria, the military is

tional legitimacy being guaranteed through

World Editor The arrival of the “Syrian Spring” onto

the right hand of al-Assad. The reaction of al-

UN Resolution 1973, a broad coalition of

Assad to the breakout of mostly peaceful pro-

nations administering aid to the rebel forc-

the world stage has created a predicament

tests across his nation speaks for itself. The

es (through a no-fly zone, bombardment of

for the international community. Begin-

use of snipers to break up demonstrations, the

government armored and artillery units, and

ning in January 2011, the uprisings against

“besieging” of major cities throughout the

military aid to rebels), should be a frame-

the government of President Bashar al-

country such as Homs, Daraa, and Douma,

work for the military aspects of any inter-

Assad have shone a spotlight on the calls

the cutting off of electricity and water to in-

vention. They succeeded in Libya because

of the disenfranchised, and the world’s

nocent civilians throughout the nations, are

they allowed the rebels to take control of

will to act. So far, we have failed to answer

actions of a genocidal dictator, not a leader.

the situation on the ground while still guar-

that call, one that millions of Syrians have

The reason why the Syrians cannot ef-

anteeing that Gaddafi’s forces wouldn’t de-

made while struggling for freedom and dig-

fectively revolt is that the Free Syrian Army

stroy the rebels. They created a mutual trust

nity. Those trying to answer seem bent on

(FSA), the armed wing of the Syrian op-

between the international community and

repeating the mistakes of decades past, like

position, is not strong enough to fight the

the Libyan opposition, a trust that must

situations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Soma-

organized, professional forces of the Syr-

be fostered in any intervention in Syria.

lia. We, as the people of the West, must

ian army. Even with weapons and sup-

However, what was left out of the re-

answer their call. We must answer it with

plies coming in from nations such as Tur-

sponse in Libya was an endgame. That is,

the right response, the right intervention.

key and Qatar, the FSA does not have the


Syria is the one nation that could gar-

manpower nor equipment to defeat the

once Gaddafi was defeated, and hoped that

ner an international consensus on the

security forces of the Syrian government.

Libya, a nation with no experience with de-

Any intervention into a sovereign nation

mocracy, would magically form a Western-

need for intervention.

It has proven it-






self hostile to both the interests of democ-



style liberal democracy. There have been

racy and freedom abroad, as well as those

out it, international cooperation quickly

no elections yet, but all eyes are on sev-

same qualities within its own borders.

falls apart and one nation is left to shoul-

eral Islamic fundamentalist political par-

Syria is unequivocal in its support of for-

der the burden of the intervention. Inter-

ties which might well soon rise to power.

eign terror; it has helped to sow the seeds of

national backing for a full-scale military

Instead of leaving, the “West” must pre-

chaos and anarchy across the Middle East.

invasion would be impossible to acquire,

pare an exit strategy. After deposing the

Together with Iran, it has helped to smug-

as the vetoing of recent UN resolutions by

regime of al-Assad, they must send in hu-

gle weapons to Hezbollah, a terrorist group

China and Russia would attest to. However,

manitarian, infrastructure, and military ad-

based in Lebanon that advocates for the

UN resolutions allowing for the establish-

visors to help Syrians craft a new govern-

complete destruction of Israel. Al-Assad has

ment of no-fly zones above Syria and aid

ment and society that is democratic and

even gone so far as to praise the organiza-

to rebels are enough to get the ball rolling.

free in nature. We must help the people

tion’s “successful resistance” against Israel

An intervention such as the one mounted

of Syria to free themselves, but can only

and considers himself to be “anti-Israel” and

in Libya in recent months, with interna-

do that through the right intervention.

“anti-West.” Even more alarming, Syria considers itself to be Iran’s “closest ally,” a scary thought given that Iran has threatened to wipe America off of the map. The two nations have military bases in each other’s nations, and the Iranian Republic Guard has been rumored to be training Syrian security forces to deal with the “Syrian Spring.” The Syrian government under Al-Assad has been hostile towards democracy and liberty within Syria. The government has been controlled by the Al-Assad family since 1970, when Bashar’s father took power. The Syrian military and internal security services have become closely intertwined with the Syrian presidency (meaning the al-Assad family). As a result, the situations in Tunisia and Egypt where military forces revolted against a dic-

Syrian Protesters



February 2012 -



The Liberal Party Revival Meeting


public polls showing support for abandoning

The party hopes this will lead to increased

News Editor The Liberal party of Canada has suffered

the monarchy in favour of a Canadian head

membership, and hopefully revitalize the

of state after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

party’s support outside of its base in Toronto.

two disastrous elections in a row, losing

The second and higher profile resolution was

The election of a party president to oversee

their Quebec base, along with the rest of

to support the legalization of marijuana, and

fundraising and organization was also a vic-

their presence outside Ontario. Long identi-

it passed with over 70% of the vote. While

tory for the “outsiders”. By electing Mike

fied as the party of “reasonable compromise”

there is substantial risk of the party becom-

Crawley (ex-head of the electorally successful

they used to be able to draw favourable con-

ing stereotyped as the “pot party”, this pro-

Ontario Liberals) over Sheila Copps (a Chre-

trasts to the fractious and conservative par-

posal is in tune with public opinion as mea-

tien-era former Cabinet Minister), delegates

ties and to the radical, untested NDP. More

sured by national polls. The Liberals would

voted to move beyond the Chretien/Martin

recently the unification of the Conservatives

likely have wanted at least one other ma-

feud that had so divided the party in the

and moderation of the NDP have shrunk

jor policy proposal to share the headlines.

past. The new president has the difficult task

the centre that the Liberals used to represent

Both these resolutions are non-binding;

of closing a decade long gap in fundraising

and left them with few policies to call their

there is no requirement for the Party to in-

between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

own. The Liberal party has been left with-

clude the legalization of marijuana in its

One issue on which there was surprisingly

out a constituency, and is in danger of effec-

party platform. However, the expression of

little progress was the search for a permanent

tively becoming a regional party, confined

overwhelming delegate support combined

leader to replace interim leader Bob Rae. All of

to a few dozen seats in and around Toronto.

with the policy’s popularity in national opin-

these reforms and proposals will be for naught

It was against this backdrop that the 2012 Lib-

ion polls makes it likely that the issue will

unless the Liberals can find a leader that can

eral party convention took place. Aimed heav-

at least be addressed in the next election.

avoid being defined by Mr. Harper’s attack ads.

ily at “renewal” the convention included a dis-

The change most likely to make a significant

If the Liberals are to avoid a rebuilding

proportionately high representation of Liberal

difference to the Liberals’ long-term viabil-

phase as perpetual as the Leafs’, the new poli-

Youth, and the agenda reflected this. The con-

ity was an amendment to the party’s mem-

cies and relaxed membership requirements

vention was dominated by three proposals.

bership rules. Previously, only dues-paying

will have to revitalize the party’s base. It is

The first was a resolution calling on Canada

members were able to participate in the se-

in Canada’s interest for the Liberals to sur-

to abandon the monarchy. Members of the

lection of a party leader. Many have argued

vive; without a viable centrist party, Cana-

Monarchist Club will be happy to note that

that this has contributed to over 100 of the

dian politics will become increasingly polar-

this failed to achieve majority support, with

party’s riding associations evaporating. Now,

ized between the extremes of right and left,

the vote splitting overwhelmingly along the

the party has created a new class of non-

and Canada will lose a part of its identity.

lines of age. This result was reached despite

paying “supporters” who are eligible to vote.

Interim party leader Bob Rae speaking at the 2012 convention



The Rise of Jeremy Lin

February 2012 -



While many compare Jeremy Lin to Tim Tebow’s dramatic rise in popularity, it is not possible to compare the two. Sure, they both play different sports and they both support Christianity religiously, but it goes beyond that. First of all, Tim Tebow had the spotlight on him throughout his entire career. Coming out of high school, he was considered one of if not the best prospect to ever come out and play the game of football. He was recruited to every single major Football University, receiving full scholarships from each of them. Sure, no one believed in his throwing mechanics, but he was still taken in the first round by the Denver Broncos. Everybody knew that Tim Tebow was going to play in the NFL, people just weren’t sure which position he would play. Contrasting this story to Lin’s is ridiculous, even borderline absurd. As mentioned, Lin worked for everything he had, failing to get into any school to play meaningful college basketball. Struggling to find a stable job, he couldn’t even afford a place to stay, as he needed to “crash” at teammate Landry Fields

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields of the New York Knicks reads Time magazine’s cover feature. (NBAE via Getty Images) MICHAEL KIM Sports Editor

home before getting his chance of glory. Up to that point, Lin had never been considered

ers to get undrafted, and decided then to

for major minutes, but he has now flour-

pursue his dream of becoming a profes-

ished under the starting role he is now in.

sional basketball player. This dream was

While both athletes are similar, in that it is

Jeremy Lin has come nothing short of su-

realized when he eventually signed his

possible for them to drop significantly in the

perstardom. While his journey to get there

first NBA contract to play for the Golden

depth charts on their respective teams, both

may have been vastly different than oth-

State Warriors in 2010, playing his first

seem to be fan favourites. Both players have

ers, he has emerged gracefully yet hum-

game with the Warriors as well as getting

major flaws, in that it is generally agreed upon



his first points. While his tenure with the

that Tebow is inconsistent and does not pro-







Jeremy Lin is no ordinary athlete. Born in

Warriors was a short one, he bounced

duce numbers until the 4th quarter, and Lin

the United States through Taiwanese descent,

around teams finally founding a home for

has way too many turnovers. Regardless of

he developed the game of basketball at a young

the desperate New York Knicks, who were

the fact, both players have seemed to shown

age, and decided to apply to most basketball

searching for point guards due to their

tremendous leadership in their ability to

schools for an athletic scholarship. After get-

injury riddled backcourt. Finally getting

command respect from their teammates and

ting rejected by every college, Lin decided to

his first chance to play some real minutes

have been able to elevate their teammates’

go to Harvard University in order to study Eco-

in an NBA game, Lin seized the opportu-

play along the way. Most importantly, both

nomics while playing basketball on the side.

nity and scored 25 points, grabbed 5 re-

teams have been able to win games, and “lin-

Surprisingly, Lin surpassed all expectations at

bounds, and dished out 7 assists for the

ning” is all that matters in the end, right?

Harvard, being chosen for the All-Ivey League

victory against All-Star Deron Williams

No matter what happens to Jeremy Lin, he is

First Team, as well as being considered for the

and the New Jersey Nets. Lin would lead

an inspiration to all being able to fight his way

Bob Cousy Award. However, playing on the

the Knicks to a 7 game win streak (start-

through diversity and challenges in order to

Harvard Basketball team had its limitations in

ing the next 6 games) largely without

achieve his goals. The beauty of this story is not

that although he became a premier player, the

the help of fellow superstars Amare Stou-

the fact that everyone can relate to it, but the

fact that he played for Harvard limited his op-

demire and Carmelo Anthony. From this,

fact that it gives everyone that slight bit of con-

portunities for the future. When the NBA draft

fans from Madison Square Garden dubbed

fidence that they too can achieve the unthink-

came around, Lin was one of the many play-

this miracle nothing short of “Linsanity.”

able. It just kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?



Tuesday Night Volleyball


February 2012 -



hopes to inspire boys to play volley-

So far, 16 boys have attended Tuesday

ball seriously, like the hockey play-

Night Volleyball. Provided the interest

ers play hockey outside of school.

is strong, this program might continue

When growing up, we naturally kick a

Coach Poon plans to get old boy

in the spring term. Please contact Coach

ball at some stage, swing a bat or jump up

Jessie Mighton and some of the top

Poon, if interested. Also, in May, Toronto

and try to throw a ball in a hoop. From



is hosting the qualifying matches for the

then on many of us dream to become a star

help train the emerging talent. Ex-

Olympics at the Ricoh Centre. This is top

player in the NFL, NHL, NBA and so on.

UCC Varsity Volleyball MVP (Most

caliber volleyball which would be really



exciting to watch. Top players such as Giba

To aspire to be on a national volley-






ball team is not really the norm, and



and Dante (Brazil) are going to be there.

most of us have not been exposed to the

volleyball in Europe. For those of

Recently at an iDiv assembly we had

sport, except through one of the units

you who don’t know, volleyball is

some of the best volleyball players in

in a P.E. class (which isn’t really volley-

one the biggest sports in Europe.

Canada show off their skills. The high-

ball). For those of you who think volley-

Volleyball in Europe is the same

light was Terrel Bramwell, jumping over

ball is a sport for females, think again,

as Lacrosse or Soccer in Canada.

Y1 student Max Taylor, and spiking the

the birth of Beach Volleyball is due al-

Members of the UCC Varsity Vol-

ball all in one action. The footage was

most entirely in part to WWII soldiers.

leyball team also come out to the

captured and posted on youtube: “Ter-

‘Tuesday Night Volleyball” at UCC, aims

Tuesday night sessions, to help the

rel Bramwell at Upper Canada College”.

to give an insight about what volleyball re-

beginners and younger players. If we

Maybe, one day you could jump as

ally is. It’s a free skills clinic that is currently

keep up the momentum, and focus on

high (45 inch vertical) and hit a volley-

run by Varsity Volleyball Coach, Mr. Derek

the training, we could possibly bring

ball as hard as Terrel, or maybe one day

Poon. Coach Poon started this to grow the

back the OFSAA Championship in the

you could lead the Varsity Blues to an

sport by instilling a love for volleyball and

near future, and relive the glory of the


to improve skills in a fun environment. He

2008 UCC Varsity Volleyball Team.



Old Boy Jesse Mighton, Class of 2002






February 2012 -



Fashion Column: Batt Ball Primer


edo should be cut slim and be sharply

• Dark suit with 2 or 3 buttons. However

Staff Reporter

tailored. If you are renting, alterations

many buttons there are, do not button up

- if you

are not really a possibility, but ensure

the bottom one.

read e-mail’s that is – the dress code at

As you should know by now

that the shoulders and arms fit proper-

• A white shirt with a point collar. (French

Batt Ball this year is “Black Tie.” Here are

ly. Now, in convenient list-form, here

Cuffs are once again, up to you. Keep the

some guidelines to follow to look and

is a list on how to kill it in a tuxedo:

cufflinks like those for a tuxedo, simple and

dress your best in a “Black Tie” setting.

• A black jacket with either a shawl or

elegant. Black/Silver/White.)

The first thing to discuss is basically every-

peak lapel. It should have one button,

• A dark, long tie. Ideally, it should be the

thing, which is not related to what you wear.

with a low stance so as to create a more

same colour as your suit. So, black tie for a

You must be clean-shaven. No debate, and

flattering V-shape.

black suit, and a navy tie for a navy suit.

your hair must be cleanly and neatly arranged

• Black pants with a satin stripe. (There

• Pocket Square is at your discretion. Once

(however you do it). Furthermore, it should

should not be belt loops on it, as you

again, if you want to match anything with

go without saying that you should be respect-

will not be wearing a belt with a tux-

what your date is wearing, make it your

ful to your date and be the perfect gentleman.


pocket square.

In terms of what you wear, there is

• A white shirt with either a wing or

• Socks should match your suit colour, or

some flexibility. However, there are re-

point collar. (French Cuffs would be

can be a dark black. They should go to your

ally only two acceptable bases from which

nice, but not mandatory. Keep the cuf-

mid-calf area.

you can build off of. If available, you

flinks simple and elegant, i.e. Black/

• Shoes should be black lace-ups, and

can rent or buy a tuxedo, and if that is



not a possibility for whatever reason, a

• A black bow tie. (Do not match this

• Belt should be black as well.

dark coloured suit is perfectly acceptable.

with what your date decides to wear,

That is all there is on the front of dressing

How to Tuxedo:

this is a “Black Tie” event not, “Match

well. Remember to be the perfect gentle-

The first thing to note with formal wear like

your date’s clothing Tie” event. If you

man, and have a great time.

tuxedos is the fact that they will look dressi-

want to match something, let it be

er the slimmer they are cut. As such, the tux-

your pocket square). • Black or white braces/suspenders (you should not be wearing a belt with a tuxedo). • Cummerbund (this makes dancing easier, and is a more streamlined look). • Black lace ups, shined to the point of gleaming. Or, if you’re daring like Daniel Diamond: velvet slippers. • Black socks that go past your mid-calf area. • Pocket Square should be white silk, and done in the rectangular ‘tv’ fold. However, this is also an ideal place to match with what your date is wearing if you are so inclined. As such, you can have fun with this. The Dark Suit Alternate: If you are not going to be wearing a tuxedo for whatever reason, a dark coloured suit is a perfectly acceptable alternative. The first thing to keep in mind is that it has to be dark coloured, think a deep navy, or, black. It should also be slim. Here is a convenient list

The PlayStation Vita If in doubt, aim to dress like Drake.

on how to rock the dark suit:

Jay’s got 99 problems. But his outfit ain’t one.



February 2012 -



King Richard II Review


included Jordan Wisenberg’s impressive

this was likely to be the last UCC perfor-

Co-Editor-in-Chief I’ll be the first to admit that I know

transformation from King loyalist to lowly

mance I would get to watch. My thoughts

gardener servant, Kyla Weinrib reminding

turned towards grade 7 and I realized

very little about theatre. Besides playing

us why King Richard is a female with her

that the theatre at UCC had grown up.

the manly role of fairy King in grade 7’s

ridiculously strong delivery of the famous

Gone were the days of fairy antics

Midsummer Nights Dream and some mi-

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste


nor roles in the Year 1 and Year 2 plays,

me” monologue, Jeremy Foote’s impressive

stead been replaced with a more ma-

my greatest exposure to theatre current-

chain twirling abilities, Peter Hannon’s

ture and raw style of performance –

ly comes from being in the same advis-


one that was completely alien to me.

ing group as Dr. Churchward and An-

from-chain abilities and John Lorimer’s

drew Ricci (we talk a lot about sports).













It must have taken some very coura-


geous acting to have made the transi-

So, it will come to no one’s surprise that

Despite all the excellent action and

tion from one to the other. The cast and

my review of Richard will not be of the high-

impressive performances, I found my-

crew should take pride in King Richard;

est critical caliber. Instead, I would like to

self saddened at the end of the show be-

they delivered a kick-ass show and de-

focus on how the play was likely perceived

cause it had slowly dawned on me that

served every standing ovation they got.

by an average onlooker, such as myself, who was likely not privy to some of the subtler aspects of directing and acting that no doubt went on during the performance. From the first pulsing note of Alex Rand’s bass I was hooked. Elliot McMurchy’s harrowing violin performance at the beginning set the mood of the play very nicely and left the audience with an acute understanding of the darker nature of the material. The first act centered around the conflict between Henry Bolingbroke (Max Carnella) and Thomas Mowbray (Henry Krause) who are seeking a mediation to their conflict from their King – Richard the Second (Kyla Weinrib). The subject of the quarrel is Bolingbroke’s accusation that Mowbray had squandered money given to him by King Richard and that Mowbray is responsible for the recent murder of the Duke of Gloucester. For me, the interplay between Max and Henry was the strongest part of the first act. I could feel the anger that came with Richard’s decision to banish Bolingbroke for 6 years and I came to a better understanding of Bolingbroke’s motive for revenge against the King. If it hadn’t been for scenes like those, the list of Dukes and Duchesses and other forms of British nobility that were continually referenced in the play would have started to grow a little tiresome. If the first act was good, then the second was fantastic. As Bolingbroke successfully overthrows King Richard, loyalties are called into question and each actor shone even more in their roles. Highlights

Max Carnella, IB2, in the promotional poster for the play



February 2012 -



Person of Interest

TIMOTHY DUTTON Co-Editor-in-Chief He was out there again. Except maybe ‘he’ was a ‘she’ – it was hard to tell in the dark. Three nights in a row, I’d looked down on to the street from my bedroom window and watched the shape standing there, almost hidden behind the tree that refused to die. I got the feeling whoever they were, they were only a year or two older than me… The first night I’d just stared for a while and then got bored. The second, I’d opened the window to shout something, but there’d been nothing there to shout at. Tonight, I was going to scramble downstairs and throw open the door. Really I was. Really. All of this was perplexing and upsetting. I knew with confidence that I ought

The last fear my mouth as I begged for forgiveness… I would do whatever it wanted.

I opened my door and the crowd grew still, I had walked into Stewart… my guard: I’d forgotten he was now patrol-

to go meet the creature lingering in the shadows, but I was nervous about what

Enough, I’ve got to see this thing.

ling the halls. Before I could explain

it might reveal to me. I could imag-

As I started towards the door my fears

myself he marched in and declared,

ine it, with hideous laughter, telling

flocked out of their quarters and en-

“Ms. Kinsley? You know you’re not al-

me something and watching me recoil

circled me with their presence. They

lowed to leave your room at this time.

with ghastly embarrassment as it tears



It’s not safe for you to wander around

down the world I’ve created. Shot af-

our mysterious friend as me; each fear

by yourself. Please go back to bed.”

ter shot, its words would pour into my

hoped to become the reality of the

mind and bring me to my knees in sup-

situation that I was dreading to hear.


plication. Tortured gasps would escape




In haste I replied, “Stewart, I… I just need to check something downstairs. It will only take a minute.” “I’m sorry miss, but you can’t do that.” With that he grabbed my arm and escorted me back to bed; as we walked by the window I tried to snatch a final glance of my friend but he had already disappeared. I sunk into my bed defeated, knowing I’ll have to wait another night to see the brute. Stewart pulled open a drawer from my bedside table and pulled out one of my syringes. “I know you don’t like these, but it will help you sleep,” he said as he inserted the liquid. Soon after Stewart left laughter broke out from the crowd. The tumult dwindled as fears dissipated one by one till there was only one left standing next to my bed. It leaned down to

The person outside the window

me so its face was an inch from mine. It winked and the lights went dark.



CISAA Swimming

February 2012 -



2011/2012 - Issue 6  

Convergence - Volume 12 - Issue 6

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