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Executive Committee

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The family trees is a center of RCSA peer studying experience. Students were able to engage in fun activities and meet new study buddies for their classes.

The Spring Family Tree kickoff centered around the formation of the 4 year plan. Scholars were able to plan ahead to meet major requirements and plan out their lives (and their futures)

Spring Kickoff


We like to call ourself Acapea because we're awesome like that. We enjoy facilitating family trees and other peer advising events, coordinating telebears advising, providing academic resources, and truly utilizing the brilliance within RCSA. The Family Tree program was newly introduced this year and included over 100 RCSA scholars who were paired in mentorship families. We also enjoyed opening up our Telebears Advising Workshop up to the entire UC Berkeley campus and we hope that in the future some of our academic resources can be shared with the greater community. Our 8 person committee has worked remarkably hard and grown very close and we are so grateful for our experiences together. Shout-out to Sanjana, Aliza, Nica, Sundeep, Echo, Putri, Sierra, and Aditya. Forever excelling,

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The sustainability committee’s clothing swap allowed Regent Scholars to donate their used clothing to other scholars in this free exchange.. People were delighted by their finds


Clothing Swap

The food collective tour allowed scholars to learn about what it is like to live a completely sustainable life in eating. It was an eye opening experience to all those who came.


Sustainable Food Collective Tour

Sustainability committee had a great time this semester keepin' it green. After experimenting with green certifying events through the ASUC, we developed our own event green certification process for use within RCSA, which was more accessible to other RCSA committees to encourage everyone to be as green as they can, even if it's only a little. We organized a clothing swap at the end of fall semester, where many people found some great new outfits, and the clothes remaining at the end were donated. In the spring we worked with the Berkeley Student Food Collective to organize a tour of their facility to spread awareness about sustainable and healthy eating. We had a great semester with our four amazing committee members and can't wait to see how sustainability takes off next semester!

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The Official University of California Berkeley Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars Association 2013-2014 Yearbook