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“The Challenge of Immigrant and Refugee Resettlement in an Era of Major Social Conflict” On March 14, the CMES collaborated with the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare on a colloquium bringing together representatives from the International Rescue Committee, USCIS, and Refugee and Immigrant Services (RISE) to speak about the challenges facing immigration and refugee populations. One out of eight residents in the United States is a foreign-born immigrant or refugee, altogether making up about thirteen percent of the population. Social Service providers often find themselves ill-prepared to meet the ever changing needs of these populations. Immigrants and refugees are perhaps one of the most challenging groups to serve because they are not homogeneous: each group/sub-group brings its own unique cultural, language, belief and religious traditions. Moreover, despite experiencing numerous difficulties during the migration and resettlement process, immigrants and refugees tend not to seek services out of trauma related to previous victimization by their natal government prior to, during or after their displacement. Facing these challenges, this colloquium sought to identify strategies that can be used to improve service delivery and support to immigrant and refugee communities, and overcome the barriers preventing them from participating fully in U.S. society.

Berkeley Student’s Syrian Analysis Ph.D. Student and CMES fellowship awardee Ghaleb Attrache published a cogent examination of the political narratives around Syria in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology.

Coming up: Book Talk on Burning Country Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War explores the complicated reality of life in present-day Syria with unprecedented detail and sophistication, drawing on new first-hand testimonies from opposition fighters, exiles lost in an archipelago of refugee camps, and courageous human rights activists. Join authors Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami at the CMES on Friday, April 29 at 5:00 for a discussion of this vivid look at a modern-day political and humanitarian nightmare. This talk will be moderated by Ghaleb Attrache

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CMES Newsletter - Spring 2016  

CMES Newsletter - Spring 2016