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University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union Annual General Meeting Minutes of the meeting of the adjourned AGM held on 8th may 2014 via 5 campus video link Present: Executive Officers Farnham Epsom Maidstone Rochester Canterbury

Steve Martin Ed Hewison Luke Frost Dean Smith Lewis Barton

Students Rochester

1 student


6 students


2 students


0 students


3 students

Chair Deputy Chair

Total Students Present 12

In Attendance:

Matthew Butt

Political and Policy Coordinator (minute taking)

Scott Cannie

Chief Executive

Andy Squire

Media and Communications Coordinator

1. Welcome/Guide to  Accountability   SM  –  Welcomed  students  and  notified  attendees  that  AGM  had  not  meet  1%  of   members  eligible  to  vote  as  quoracy.  However,  as  tis  was  the  adjourned  meeting  in   line  with  article  31  of  the  constitution  the  10  members  present  shall  be  quoram.     2. Confirmation  of  General  Meeting  Rules   SM  -­‐  announced  housekeeping  and  Confirmation  of  General  meeting  rules   LF  -­‐  was  appointed  as  deputy  chair.  

3. Presentation of  Accounts   EH  -­‐  presented  the  accounts.     Questions:  No  questions  received     Vote:  Approved   4. Approval  of  Affiliations   SM  –  presented  the  list  of  affiliations  for  member  approval:  National  Union  of   Students,  Nightline,  British  Universities  &  College  Sport,  Surrey  Football  Association,   Surrey  Rugby   Questions:  No  Questions  raised   Vote:  Approved   5. Canterbury  Campus  Officer  &  Community  Engagement  Committee  Report   and  Questions   LB  -­‐  delivered  Canterbury  Officers  &  CEC  report.     Questions:  No  questions  received   Vote:  Approved   6. Epsom  Campus  Officer  &  Finance  Committee  Report  and  Questions   EH  -­‐  delivered  Epsom  Officers  &  Finance  Committee  report.   Questions:  No  questions  received   Vote:  Approved   7. Farnham  Campus  Officer  &  Trustee  Board  Report  and  Questions   SM  -­‐  delivered  Farnham  Officers  &  Trustee  Board  report.   Questions:     A  student  asked  for  SM  to  explain  what  the  QERP  process  was?     SM-­‐  Outline  that  this  was  a  Quality  Enhancement  Review  that  could  be  triggered  by   a  number  of  factors  such  as  poor  NSS/IS  score.   Vote:  approved   8. Maidstone  Campus  Officer  &  Executive  Committee  Report  and  Questions   LF  -­‐  delivered  Maidstone  Officers  report  and  UCASU  Executive  Report.   Questions:  No  questions  received  

Vote: Approved   9. Rochester  Campus  Officer  &  Clubs  and  Societies  Report  and  Questions   DS  –  delivered  Rochester  Officers  &  Clubs  and  Societies  report.   Questions:  No  questions  received   Vote:  Approved   10. • • •

Member Motions     Resolution  against  the  PSA   Resolution  for  a  referendum  on  affiliation  to  the  National  Union  of  Students   Resolution  on  the  continuation  of  Maidstone  Campus  Officer  position  

LF –  requested  a  procedural  motion  to  make  an  announcement  on  the  Maidstone   Campus.     Vote:  Approved   LF  –  announced  that  UCA  would  be  fully  removing  from  the  Maidstone  campus  at   the  end  of  13/14  academic  year,  outlining  that  is  was  a  shame  for  art  education  in   the  town,  Further  Education  at  the  campus  but  that  the  13/14  3rd  year  &  FE   experienced  would  be  maintained.     LF  –in  light  of  this  I  would  like  to  remove  the  Maidstone  Motion  and  refer  this   discussion  to  UCASU  Trustee  Board   Vote:  Approved   SM  –  proposed  that  due  to  the  small  number  of  members  to  debate  the  motions   that  the  two  other  motions  should  also  be  referred  for  discussion  to  Trustee  Board   Vote:  Approved     Meeting  closed    

AGM Minutes - 8 May 2013  
AGM Minutes - 8 May 2013