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Syllabus: Intro to Storytelling: Developing and Writing Your Own Short Stories Thursday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center Fall 2011 UCA Mr. Reginald Davis 501-952-1356 Mtgs. By appt. Wednesday 6- 7

Storytelling is an vital part of our society and culture. Storytellers have shaped our societies and the way we think for all of recorded history. Children crave stories, and will spontaneously make them up if they can't get them any other way. Every culture that exists or has been known to exist had a strong storytelling culture, one all their own that shaped and was shaped by the people. Stories are used for entertainment, for teaching, and for passing on old knowledge and wisdom. Through the writing process, we will find our creative voice and discover how to tell our story. Text Telling Your Own Stories, Donald Davis

Evaluation Attendance, participation, and assigned work will make for a more informative and enjoyable learning experience. 1. Show up for every class. Its important to stay current on all assigned homework and class work. 2. Write stories. We will write three stories during the course of the semester and discuss and share each with the class. 3. Embrace the process. Write everyday. Be an attentive reader and good listener; encourage others in your class, and keep an open mind. Explore different types of stories – how it’s told, where it’s told, when it’s told. Respect the diversity of voices, stories, and processes. 4. Trust your voice! Feel comfortable and confident in your subject matter, whatever that may be. Every piece of writing is a record of a valuable process. Be encouraged to write more. 5. Rejoice! At the end of the semester, you will have a portfolio of your efforts, short stories, revisions, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd drafts which you will turn in for me to reread for final evaluation.

Community Education  Program,  Outreach  and  Community  Engagement,  UCA   501.450.3118  |  |    |  @ucaoutreach    |  |      

Each class will consist of discussions from our textbook, the technical aspects of writing a short story, as well as writing from prompts or themes as it relates to a specific topic currently being reviewed in the book.


1. Show up for every class. Its important to stay current on all assigned homework and class work. 501-952-1356 Mtgs. By...

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