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Annual Report  2013     Dear  Friends,     I   am   pleased   to   offer   your   UCAN’s   Annual   Report   for     2013.     But   for   this   year,   we   thought   we   would   depart   from   our    usual   focus   on   what   we   are,   to   tell   you   who     we  are  and  something  about  our  impact.       We   are   a     news   service   to   the   Church   in   Asia   that     operates  in  a  context   of  dynamic  change  –   the  cultures     and  economies  of  Asia,  a  Church  being  led  in  fresh  and     decisive   ways   and   a   world   of   technology   that   impacts     on   all   of   us   but   especially   in   the   area   of   information     services.         find   our   account   of   ourselves   informative,   I   hope   you     encouraging.   honest  and     Chainarong   Monthienvichienchai       Chair  UCAN  Board      

Sri Lanka  -­‐  Photographer  -­‐  Will  Baxter  UCAN    

Our People    

Fr. William  Grimm  MM  is  UCAN’s  Publisher.    He  lives  in   Japan,  writes  for  UCAN,  reviews  the  work  of  our  offices   and  is  involved  in  training  our  reporters.     He  also  serves   the   Church   in   Japan   in   a   variety   of   pastoral   and   media   activities.  

Fr. Michael   Kelly   SJ   is   UCAN’s   Executive   Director   who   has   worked   in   print,   radio   and   television   media   for   over   30   years,   half   of   them   in   digital   media.    

Mr. Philip  Bader  is  UCAN’s  Editor  in  Chief.    A  native  of  the   USA,   he   has   worked   for   a   variety   of   English   language   publishers   in   Thailand,   Cambodia   and   Myanmar   for   eight   years.    He  is  responsible  for  overall  editorial  quality  control   and  supervising  training  of  reporters.     Mr.   Con   Koulouris,   an   accountant   by   training   who   has   worked  for  telecommunications  companies  and  on  internet   related   projects   for   over   20   years,   is   UCAN’s   Chief   Operating   Officer   responsible   for   finance,   human   resource   management  and  training  in  business  management.    

Our Board    

Chair: Chainarong   Monthienvichienchai   is   the   Chancellor   of   St   John’s   University   in   Bangkok   as   well   as   an   experienced   communicator   who     worked  for  five  years  on  the  BBC’s  Thai  service  in  London.    He  is  also  a     consultant  to  the  Pontifical  Council  for  Social  Communications.       Virginia   Saldanha   lives   in   Mumbai,   she   is   an   activist   who   writes   and     speaks   on     women's   &   justice   issues.   She   is   the   former   Executive   Secretary  of  the  FABC  Office  of  Laity  &  Family  and  Women's  Desk,  as     well  of  the     CBCI  Commission  for  Women.           Professor   Yoshio   Oyanagi   is   Professor   in   the   Graduate   School   of     System   Informatics   at   Kobe   University,   Emeritus   Professor   in   Tokyo     University,   specializes   in   computer   science   and   the   super   computer.     He  is  also  a  Consultant  to  the  Pontifical  Council  for  Culture.     Rachada     Monthienvichienchai  has  a  doctorate  in  computer  science     from  the  university  college  London.    He  is  the  Director  of  St  Johns     International   School  and  the  University’s  Chief  Information  Officer       Fr.   Edward   Szendrey   MM   is   a   former   missioner   in   Hong     Kong   and   is   now   the   Internal   Auditor   for   the   Maryknoll     Missioners.       Fr.  Paul    Billaud  MEP  is  a  member  of  the  Paris  Foreign     Missio   Society   working  as   a   missioner   in   Indonesia   and   a   member     of  his  Society’s   Finance  Committee.         Ms.  Fong  Wai  Wong  lives  in  Hong  Kong  and  has  a     working  career  in  journalism  and  marketing  and  is     currently  employed  in  the  cosmetics  industry.        





New  Developments     An  area  of  special  focus  in  2013  has  been  in  the  development  of  UCAN’s  capacity  in  providing  in  depth   features   and  properly   researched  opinion   and   analysis.    With  the   prolific  production  of  news  stories   available  extensively  through  the  internet,  UCAN  has  decided  to  concentrate  in  areas  not  well  covered   in  Asia  in  ways  that  fit  our  mission  –  on  the  people  in  the  midst  of  well  reported  news,  on  the  human   side  of  major  events  and  issues  and  on  how  the  Church  is  responding  constructively  to  the  challenges   presented  in  the  world  it  is  part  of.    With  an  extensive  reach  of  reporters,  analysts  and  commentators   UCAN  is  well  positioned  to  a  make  a  distinctive  contribution  in  this  area.  

Asian Catholic  Directory  (ACD)   The   ACD   is   an   online   detailed   list   of   Catholic   dioceses   in   Asia   (451   across   Asia,   with   an   extra   138   in   China,   many   of   which   are   not   staffed   or   operating)   UCAN’s   Catholic   Directory   is   a   unique   resource   requiring   constant   attention   to   maintain.     Interest   in   the   directory   has   quadrupled   with   the   introduction  of  local  news  stories  on  the  pages  of  the  ACD  over  the  second  half  of  2013.  

Stories published           Videos  published         Photo  galleries        


2652 152 25

Stories published    


681 1538 524 1117


Stories published China               Indonesia             Vietnam             Philippines          


Top Coverage  for  2013   Typhoon   Haiyan   -­‐   the   Philippines,   November   2013.     Joe   Torres   provided   on   the   spot   reporting   from   Tacloban  as  the  people  of  the  area  tried  to  come  to  grips  with  the  event  that  w as  surrounding  them.   Papal  election  of  Pope  Francis  –  March  2013,  covered  by  Alessandro  Speciale  from  Vatican  City.    

Top Photo,  Typhoon  Haiyan,  Photographer  Joe  Torres  UCAN   Bottom  Photo,  P ope  Francis,  AFP  Photo/Tiziana  Fabi    





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  Our  T  eam       The  National   Correspondent  role  in  UCAN  are  the  specific  country  correspondents  who  are  working     journalists  assigned  to  cover  all  issues  in  their  country  relevant  to  the  editorial  mission  of         They  are  responsible  for  tracking  local  news  trends  from  each  part  of  the  country  to  identify  any  issues     or  events  that  would  bear  further  investigation.           Joseph   Rock  Ronald  Rozario   Joe  Torres   Christopher   John  Zaw   Quintus  Colombage   Zahid  Hussein  Khan   India     The  Philippines   Bangladesh   Myanmar   Sri  Lanka   Pakistan             Maria  Young   Siktus  Harson   Lucia  Cheung   Project  M   anagement  and  Marketing   Hong  Kong   Indonesia       Our  Mission   and  Vision     Our  Mission     UCAN  is  a     Catholic  information  agency  that  provides  news  from,  for  or  of  relevance  to  the  Church  in  Asia   for  an  international   audience.             Our  Vision We   aim    to   be   a   trusted   and   up-­‐to-­‐date   observer,   reporter   and   commentator   –   informing,   serving   and     engaging  people  interested  in  issues  that  impact  the  Church  as  well  as  issues  which  are  impacted  by  the     Asia.   We   seek   to   provide   a   voice   for   the   Church   in   Asia   -­‐   its   struggles,   triumphs   and   Church   in     disappointments   -­‐  from  the  people  vitally  and  directly  involved.         Average     Facebook   Twitter   UCAN  Website visits  per   %  Growth Likes Followers   month Our  Impact 85008 10% 2040 875 25246 75% N/A N/A   UCAN  India 63999 10% 3947 2383     UCAN  India  mobile 15350 62% N/A N/A

UCAN Annual Report 2013  
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