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上海᠋᠌᠍᠎ 艺术设计展 DESIGN SHANGHAI 2013

UK China Art and Design Association

上海艺术设计展 Design Shanghai 2013  November 30th 2013– March 30th 2014  上海当代艺术博物馆 Power Station of Art  4 months, 122 days 


After the success of Beijing International Design Triennial and China Design Exhibition in Shenzhen, 2013 comes China’s landmark design event: Design Shanghai 2013. 2013上海艺术设计展是继“北京国际设计三年展”和深圳“中国设计大展”之后中国 设计领域的又一重大设计展事。 For the first time, Design Shanghai 2013 will take over the impressive 15,000 sqm at The Power Station of Art to host a professional, pioneering and innovative art and design biennial opening to designers and academic home and abroad. 2013年首次在展厅面积达15000㎡的上海当代艺术博物馆举办,为期4个月,是创 办以来展期最长、面积最大的一届,面向国内外设计师和学者,致力于打造具有 专业性、创新性、引领性的当代艺术设计双年展。 Themed “Aesthetics City”, Design Shanghai 2013 aims at promoting the idea about a promising future, that is, design brings creativity to life while an ideal city is built upon aesthetics, as well as exploring a way of modernization through design which makes human and nature, cities and countries exist in harmony. 本届展览以“美学城市Aesthe/cs   City”为主题,旨在提倡“设计引领创意生活,美学 建构理想城市”的美好愿景,“通过“设计”探索人与自然和谐相处、城乡共荣的城 市化模式。  

VISION •  •  • 

To catalyse the diversification of design as a concept 激活设计理念的多元化


To share education models across leading design institutes from the UK and China 分享中英领先设计学院的教育模式

•  • 

To compare design methodologies under different culture 比较不同文化语境下的设计方法


To facilitate dialogues between creative individuals and the public 促成创意人才与公众展开对话

AUDIENCE 观众分析 5,000,000+ visitors including: 展览吸引5,000,000入场观众,其中包括: 60,000+ VIPs for opening/closing ceremony 开闭幕典礼贵宾 250,000+ high-profile visitors from art and design industry 艺术设计行业专业人士 Plus a diverse mix of officials and decision makers, professionals and enthusiasts in art, design, fashion and architecture and China's most affluent design conscious consumers. 多元化背景和身份的观众,包括政府官员和决策者, 艺术、设计、时尚、建筑行业的专业人士和学生, 及追求高品质消费的人群。

Creative UK @DESIGN SHANGHAI 2013 Supported by the 2013 Shanghai Design Exhibition Committee, the UK China Art and Design Association is curating Creative UK as part of the ‘Inter-School Community’ unit of Design Shanghai 2013. 由2013上海艺术设计展主办单位支持、英中艺术设计协会负责策划的“英国创意 力量”是隶属于2013上海艺术设计展"校际社区"单元下的重要组成部份。   Creative UK facilitates dialogues and exchange of ideas of their ongoing and/or past academic achievement between leading academic institutions from China and the UK. Visitors can also stroll through a wide range of original works of art by Chinese artists and designers with experiences studying in the UK, as well as explore methodologies behind their creative approaches. Subjects span from product, furniture, fashion, jewellery, spatial, architecture, to visual communication. “英国创意力量”旨在促进中英领先学术机构及个人间的交通和对话,观众可以饱 览一系列旅英华人设计师原的创艺术及设计作品,并探讨其创作背后的故事及方 法,展览包含以下设计领域:产品、家俱、时装、珠宝、空间、建筑及视觉交流 等。 

Creative UK @DESIGN SHANGHAI 2013 FEATURES 内容包括  • ‘Aesthetics City’ Themed Installation “美学城市”主题装置 • Inter-School Workshops 校际社区工作坊 • Showcase of Works from UK-based Emerging Design Talents 旅英华人设计师群展 • Fashion-on-the-Stage 时尚舞台剧 • Interactive Design Playground 互动设计体验场 • UK-China Design Conference 英中设计论坛 

‘Aesthetics City’ Themed Exhibition “美学城市”主题展区 结合上海艺术设计展主题”美学城市”,联 合艺术家、设计师、设计品牌进行相关的特 别创作,从而突出主题,鼓励互动、启发思 考。多为较大件的可体验性装置,可置于展 览厅内或展览馆外空地。 In consistence with the theme “Aesthetics City”, artists, designers and design brands are invited to create interactive and inspiring special projects that can be placed in the museum and surrounded areas.

URBAN FOCUS 城市观察 “Urban Focus” will extend an invitation to twelve design institutes from China and around the world for an open collaboration on the topic of the “Aesthetics City”, employing the observations of the city by expertise of these schools to promote philosophical and cultural exchange between China and the World. The “Urban Focus” segment will also engage public participation. “城市观察”针对“美学城市”主题概念分别邀请中 外十二所设计院校进行一次开放式的合作,通过他们 对城市的观察来阐述东西方思想的碰撞与文化的差 异,并将合作过程与公众进行交流。 

Pop Culture and Sustainability in Design: Social and Environmental Concerns in Design Shanghai Institute of Visual Art x Chelsea College of Art and Design Design Interaction: Design Influenced by Advanced in Biological Techniques & Complex Needs China Academy of Art x Royal College of Arts Urban Planning: Public Engagement and Dialogues Between Designers and Users Central Academy of Art x Architectural Association

TransMedia: Art x Fashion Shanghai Theatre Academy x l'Université de la Mode Industrial Design related subjects

School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology x Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

City Anthropology: Allocation of Spaces for Economical, Political, Cultural sectors etc. Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University x NABA x Domus

Regeneration of Old Town: Regenerating Chongqing Old City and Slums in Mumbai Sichuan Fine Arts Institute x Mumbai College of Architecture x Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Design for After-Disaster Cities: Rebuilding Christchurch & Resistance Disaster Houses in Shanghai

Fine Art College of Shanghai University x National Institute of Creative Arts & Industries, the University of Auckland

De-Urbanisation: Countryside Lifestyle in Metropolis Shangdong University of Art and Design x School of Design, Kyushu University

Spatial Design: Deconstructing Tradition to Reconstruct the Contemporary Concept of Space Central Academy of Fine Art x Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London Fashion & Design Informatics: Designing with Data Harnessing from Analytical Tools Edinburgh College of Art, Univerisity of Edinburgh x Donghua University

中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院(Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design,简称CSM)作为英国最 大艺术与设计学院,则因其卓越的教学特色成为了 世界顶级时装设计师的摇篮和全世界艺术设计学子 的梦之地,放眼当今时尚圈各行各业,圣马丁学子 无一不占据着其中的顶梁柱地位。

英国皇家艺术学院交互设计专业研究电脑、生物等科 技领域,现有和将会出现的新角色,新语境和新途径, 以及其对社会、文化和道德产生的影响。研究课题往 往带有预见性和批判性,目的是激发对未来科技为人 类带来后果的探讨-无论正面或负面,作品涉及多元 的媒介表达, 包括原型设计,录像、摄影等。 


英国建筑联盟多年坚持独立的办学理念, 其教育系统具有相当灵活性与竞争力,成 为创新萌芽的摇篮,培养出一批建筑规划、 景观设计领域的国际级顶尖人物,在国际 设计教育领域确立了领袖地位。  

CITY UNDERTHE MICROSCOPE 微观城市 “City Under the Microscope” will invite graduates from leading design institutions in China and other countries to scrutinize and experience urban aesthetics, putting their focus on the city in the light of their own experience. “微观城市”邀请毕业于国内外著名设计院校的新锐设计 师,对城市的美学进行微观的体验考察,以实验探索的设 计微距对焦城市内外。

UCADA UCADA 英中艺术设计协会  The UK China Art and Design Association supports and highlights the work of Chinese artists and designers that have gained experience within creative industries, either through educational or professional sources, whilst living in the UK. Through doing so, the UCADA aims to aggregate the creative power from a group of hybrid China UK cross-cultural artists and designers by accommodating such unity of creative talents.  The Association’s main scope includes fine art, visual communication, product design, fashion design, architecture and performing art. It works to integrate industrial structure and resources, to act as a catalyst for collaboration between art and design, to optimise the process of matching projects with talent and to build a primary interactive platform for facilitating the mutual development of art and design industries in the UK and China. 英中艺术设计协会成立于2009年,旨在团结有英国学习、工作、生活经验的 华人艺术家和设计师,凝聚英国华人创意力量。英中艺术设计协会主要涉及当 代艺术、建筑设计、产品设计、时装设计、平面沟通、视觉影像等相关领域。 整合产业结构资源,催化艺术与设计的互动,优化人才与项目的对接,致力于 打造英中艺术设计产业第一平台,推动英中文化创意产业的交流和发展。 UCADA’s partners include British Council, Chinese Embassy in the UK, London Design Festival, Beijing International Design Week, Shanghai International Creative Industry Week etc. 英中艺术设计协会过往合作伙伴包括:英国文化协会、 中国驻英大使馆、英国大使馆文化教育处、 伦敦设计节、北京国际设计周、 上海国际创意产业周等。 


Lucy Shum Swani Yip



Project Co-ordinator