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Table of Contents 1 About the New College of Business Building 3 Who We Are 5 Why We Matter 7 Business Centers 9 Floor Plan – 1st Floor 11 Floor Plan – 2nd Floor 12 Floor Plan – 3rd Floor 13 Naming Opportunities

ABOUT THE NEW COLLEGE OF BUSINESS BUILDING The new UCA College of Business Building is a business-like environment where students can prepare for a rewarding career in a variety of competitive fields. It has allowed the college to regain critical space for students, faculty and business leaders to gather and interact. In addition to a multitude of wireless classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs and departmental suites, the building also houses a 168-seat auditorium that will allow the college to host events such as business lectures and meetings where the business community may combine with faculty expertise for student engagement. The building will have a business center suite for the Small Business Advancement National Center, the Center for Insurance and Risk Management and the Center for Cooperative Logistics Education, Advancement and Research. The expansive facility also features study spaces, meeting places and lounges where students can gather. Corporate display cases also highlight recruiting materials, core values and opportunities for internships and careers offered through partner businesses. The building is equipped with the latest technology including wireless Internet access throughout, state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, new computers and new classroom and office furnishings similar to top-tier business schools across the country. 3

Conference rooms feature state-of-the-art audio and video including flat screen TVs in place of traditional projectors.


Who We Are The College of Business was established at UCA, then State College of Arkansas, in 1969, 24 years after a business major was first introduced at the school. It was the school’s second academic college. Programs for the college are housed in the new College of Business Building, which opened in January of 2010. Today, the college has more than 1,500 students majoring in four academic departments and more than 100 graduate students all taught by about 70 faculty. The College of Business seeks to educate students to meet the dynamic requirements of business and make positive contributions to the business community and society. The college is committed to maintaining a relevant and innovative curriculum, enhancing the learning experience, serving stakeholders and promoting life-long learning, integrity and ethical behavior. Recognizing the value of learning outside the traditional classroom, the college has one of the most active internship programs in the state. Internship opportunities permit students to enhance skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom, solidify career decisions, gain valuable work experience and develop career-related networks. Students studying within the college are finding work at major companies that recruit at UCA first in the state. Some companies that are hiring UCA business graduates include Acxiom, BKD LLP, Crews & Associates, Dillard’s, HP, J.B. Hunt Transport and Wal-Mart.


All classrooms and office spaces throughout the building have windows to allow for natural lighting. 6

Why we matter The world of business touches everyone’s life many times each day. Everything we buy, including products, services and ideas, begin with some sort of business planning. Business is at the very heart of a $13 trillion U.S. economy, plus many trillions more in international markets. The UCA College of Business recognizes that business leaders must have technical knowledge and critical thinking skills and be able to communicate ideas in a collaborative environment. College of Business graduates are equipped with a practical understanding of these and other important business concepts and skills. Teaching methods and the student advising process within the college are designed to help students discover their unique abilities, thereby enhancing their probability of success. Professors encourage students and teachers to interact and explore each student’s areas of interest. Individual degree programs include challenging course material using actual business cases and settings. Unlike the larger research-oriented, doctoral institutions, UCA’s College of Business faculty members are respected for excellence in both teaching and research. The college has a diverse body of faculty who produced more than 1,000 intellectual contributions during the previous accreditation reporting period, of which 314 were peer-reviewed journal articles. Students work closely with the faculty and receive hands-on experience by participating in practical business projects, internships and student professional organizations. The College of Business is accredited by AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International accreditation requires compliance with a rigorous set of standards and indicates that UCA succeeds in offering one of the best business programs in the nation. Maybe the best testament of the effectiveness of the college’s educational efforts is the ever increasing number of companies that come to UCA seeking College of Business students, telling us that they recruit UCA “first” in the state. 7

Thirteen spaces throughout the building allow for maximized opportunities for across-the-board collaboration.


business centers Business Centers within the College of Business are designed to give the business community access to faculty and students for research and planning. Currently, the college is home to three business centers. The new College of Business building allows for future growth in the business centers giving the college flexibility to add additional centers as opportunities arise.

Small Business Advancement National Center The college has already made its mark as home of the Small Business Advancement National Center (SBANC), which provides entrepreneurial and small business counseling as an electronic resource information center available at

Center for Insurance & Risk Management The Center for Insurance and Risk Management enhances the university’s position as the state’s only undergraduate program in insurance and risk management, and is bringing the industry and academia together. The center houses a training and testing lab and has a historical collection that facilitates research and honors the traditions of the insurance industry.

Center for Cooperative Logistics Education, Advancement and Research The Center for Cooperative Logistics Education, Advancement and Research (CLEAR) was designed to fulfill a regional need for more higher education support for the logistics field. Central Arkansas is one of few areas in the nation that can claim to be home to all five modes of transport, and logistics has been cited as a promising area of further growth. UCA’s logistics program is one of fewer than 80 programs in the country.


The advising suite is a space where undergraduate students can find mentors. Partner businesses are also invited to use the space for on-site interviews with potential employees. 10

1007 VEST

103E OFC

103G OFC

103B RECP 103A OFC

1017 CORR

103H Food PREP 1013 STAIR


102G OFC 102F OFC

102E OFC

113c 1009 VEST

1006 VEST 106 CONF



1014 stair



113a 112 cust 1015 elev

1012 VEST 116

101 WMN-RR


117 meN-RR



1001 VEST

1000 stair

1002 VEST




115c OFC 1018 CORR

115H OFC 102C OFC

115g OFC

115f OFC


115E Office

102C Office

103G Conference Room

115F Office

102D Office

105 Classroom

115G Steve Russell Office

n Student Commons Areas

102E Office

115H Office

n Meeting Spaces

102F Office

106 Charles Nabholz Conference Room

n Classrooms

n Office Spaces

115d OFC 115e OFC

Floor Plan – 1st Floor 103E Office

n Auditorium

105a Conf

115b OFC

115i studio

Naming Opportunities

114 VEnd

1011 CORR

1010 CORR

1004 CORR 102 RECP


1006 VEST

1003 Commons

1005 VEST 102H OFC

1008 VEST

107 Auditorium



103D OFC 103C OFC

109 STOr

106 STOr


102G Office 102H Office

n Graduates Lockers

103A Office

n Corporate Display Cases

103B Office 103C Office 103D Office

107 Auditorium 111 Classroom 115A Conference Room 115B Office 115C Office 115D Office

118 Classroom 1003 Commons 1004 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases:

• J.B.

Hunt Office

• Dean’s

1010 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases: • Hewlett-Packard • American Management Corporation


Furnishings were designed by a UCA interior design class and emulate top-tier business schools across the U.S.


204n OFC

204o OFC

208 Auditorium

204p OFC

204m OFC

204j OFC

207a stor

204h OFC 204g OFC

203 cust

201 WMN-RR


204d OFC

211 recp wait

2003 CORR

215 team study


211b OFC


213 meN-RR


2010 CORR

2000 stair

2007 GSA

204f OFC 204e OFC

200 team study

211r work room

2009 elev

2001 commons

2002 CORR

211q OFC



204 recp wait 204i 102H work roomOFC

209 Conf

207 Conf

211p OFC

2008 GSA

2004 stair


2006 CORR

211n OFC 211o OFC

209a stor

2005 STAIR


211m OFC

211k OFC

204q OFC

204l OFC 204k ofc

211l OFC

211d OFC

204b OFC

211i OFC

204C OFC

211h OFC

Naming Opportunities n Auditorium

200 Team Study Room

204Q Office

211M Office

201 BKD, LLP Classroom

206 Classroom

211N Office

204B Office

211O Office

n Student Commons Areas

204C Office

207 Granger & Jan, Milton & Claudia Davis Conference Room

204D Office

208 Auditorium

211Q Office

204E Office

209 Ann M. Hortillosa Conference Room

214 Classroom

n Office Spaces n Graduates Lockers n Corporate Display Cases

211e OFC 211g OFC

211f OFC

Floor Plan – 2nd Floor

n Classrooms

n Meeting Spaces

211c OFC

204F Office 204G Office 204H Office 204J Office 204K Kevin & Michele Kemp Office

210 Classroom 211B Roussel Family Office 211C Office 211D Office 211E Office

204L Office

211F Office

204M Becker Professional Review Office

211G Office

204N Mike J. Rasmussen, CPA Office

211H Office 211I Office

204O Office

211K Office

204P Office

211L Office

211P Office

215 Team Study Room 2001 Bill & Jane Hardin Student Commons 2002 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases:

• Windstream/Bell • BKD,


Co. PA

2003 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases: • Centennial Bank • First Security Bank/ Crews & Associates


308a 305n OFC

305o OFC

305m OFC

305p OFC

312l OFC

305q OFC

312k OFC

312m OFC

312o OFC

305l OFC 305k ofc 305j OFC

3004 STAIR



3003 CORR

305h OFC 305g OFC

3005 stair

310 comp lab

3002 CORR 304 cust

312q OFC


312r work room

301a stor

302 CLASS 3009 GSA

305d OFC

301 ofc 301b ofc

300 team study open to below

317 team study 3000 stairs

312 recp wait

3003 CORR

3001 commons

303 WMN-RR

312p OFC

3007 gsa

3006 elev

305f OFC 305e OFC

309 grad student lounge


305 recp wait 305i 102H work roomOFC

308 comp lab

312n OFC

314 meN-RR

316 quiet study



3008 CORR


open to below

312c OFC 312d OFC

305b OFC

312i OFC

305C OFC

312h OFC

Floor Plan – 3rd Floor

312b OFC

312e OFC 312g OFC

312f OFC

Naming Opportunities

300 Team Study Room

305Q Office

312M Office

302 Classroom

307 Classroom

312N Office

305B Office

308 Computer Lab

312O Office

305C Office

309 Graduate Student Lounge

312P Office

305D Office

312Q Office

305E Office

310 Computer Lab

315 Classroom

305F Office

311 Classroom

316 Quiet Study Room

305G Office

312B Office

317 Team Study Room

n Graduates Lockers

305H Office

312C Office

n Corporate Display Cases

305J Acxiom Office

312D Office

3001 Corridor Corporate Display Case:

305K Office

312E Office

305L Office

312F Office

305M Office

312G Office

305N Office

312H Office

305O Office

312I Office

305P Office

312K Office

Graduate Lockers

312L Office


n Auditorium n Classrooms n Student Commons Areas n Meeting Spaces

• Acxiom

3002 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases:

• Dilliards • UCA

Career Services

3003 Corridor (2) Corporate Display Cases

n Office Spaces

NAMING opportunities College of Business Building - $10 million Auditorium - $1 million Classrooms - $100,000 - $350,000 Student Commons Areas – $70,000 - $250,000 Meeting Spaces - $35,000 - $150,000

To find out more about naming opportunities within the UCA College of Business Building, contact: Bart Shaw Director of Development, College of Business 501-852-2817 •

Office Spaces - $25,000 - $100,000

Dr. Pat Cantrell

Graduates Lockers - $500/ea.

501-450-3106 •

Corporate Display Cases - $1,000/annually

201 Donaghey Ave.

Dean, College of Business

Dean’s Suite, COB 102 Conway, AR 72035



UCA College of Business | 201 Donaghey Ave. | Conway, AR 72035 |

College of Business New Building Book  

Prestige piece showcasing the new College of Business building at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

College of Business New Building Book  

Prestige piece showcasing the new College of Business building at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.