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Welcome to our second edition of Better Future, a visual insight into who we are, what we believe in and what we aim to offer to the world. First of all, we want to express our gratitude towards everyone who interacted with the first edition of the magazine. It was a massive success and we are thrilled to get immense positive response on various social media platforms. Having a Mission and Vision statement of constructing a better world with our ideas, the students from MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management and MA Graphic Design reunite to launch the second issue of our creative progress at University for the Creative Arts, UK. We truly believe in: “Art creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future”. In this issue we shift from past to present and introduce our Final Major Project topics. As creative individuals, we are trying to explore our areas of interest, investigate them deeper and use the knowledge to cultivate creative concepts. Concrete expertise gained through constant exploration of these concepts will further yield in the form of our Final Major Projects. We hope you enjoy the second edition as much as you did the first. We are always seeking to improve and make each edition better for you, so we would highly appreciate all your comments and suggestions. If you wish to collaborate with us don’t be shy, check the contact page and send us line. If you like our magazine, do follow us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Youtube! Priyamvada Singh



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Angel Lugo

Graphic Design

The ‘Parallax’ effect is a term used in physics to describe the

is measured by the material possessions you own. The values

visual displacement or difference in the apparent position of

of greed and material gain are imposed on us and planned

an object. Derived from the Greek word ‘Parallaxis’ meaning

obsolescence. The mechanism used to keep the crowds

‘alteration’ here it is used in a different context - ‘Parallax Society’.

consuming, creates a desire for the latest, fastest products on the market, becoming an inseparable part of life.

What does it mean? The shifting perceptions and attitudes of the masses are defined by the dominant media corporations

We must ask, is this the world we want to live in?

and their discourse which can be described as different

In an increasingly technologically advanced age of digital

angles or views.

communication, dominated by a consumer landscape and over-saturation of media? How do we separate the truth

These are the views of the mass media which represent

from the lies?

reality through their ‘lens’, a reflection of the world around us, which can be used for the purposes of control, without

For my final major project I aim to create a story using visual

the knowledge or consent of the general public.

narratives as a medium to show these problems, which will demonstrate their extents and effects. The main themes that

How society is changing and how the media shapes our

underpin my work are; the rise of the surveillance society,

perception of reality through the particular framing of events

indoctrination by mass media,consumerist culture and covert

continues to reinforce social stereotypes, and ultimately

psychological operationsotherwise known as propaganda.

provides the masses with the ideals and beliefs of the elitist agenda. This is the consumer culture in which success



Cindy Shen

Graphic Design

Life is amazing and full of surprises. It evolves from a simple

I began to wonder‌ What if there was a utopia where the

concept to a complex scheme and it also brings the state of

creative people can cooperate, create, and live together?

mind to my true self. I was the one who, unaware of the

What if this place could be the next international state of the

changing surroundings, had an ambition to become somebody,

world? What if it can wake people up to see that the earth

someday. I never thought about investigating the work place

needs us to care for the land we step on everyday? However,

of collaborative creative communities and their co-working

all the assumptions lead me to the same direction. I would

space. But right after attending the Dutch Design Week

have to start the plan so it can have larger possibilities of

in Eindhoven, I finally made up my mind to devote myself

becoming true.

to this industry. In the next few months, during my final stage, I plan to I was shocked to see the people living in this urban center.

examine the culture of the east coast craftsman and to

Their place of cultural interests remains intact and the project

develop potential innovation. I will investigate the nature

of the local artists and designers complement each other

of the specific materials in the local area, make the elements

perfectly. It looks crazy but absolutely detailed and I couldn’t

coordinate with the main concept of my project and therefore

calm down until I realized that the paradise built for creators

be able to extend the plan to a large scale.

truly exist. Then, I started to ponder deeply over the subject of design and collaborative community. This might be the cure for all the struggling creators who are concerned about budget, networking, connections, and so forth issues in my country, Taiwan.



Gagan Kattaya

Graphic Design

I have always loved photography, just the idea of freezing

This might still seem as a weak final major project so I am

time excites me. I still remember the first time I took a photo,

trying to bring together my love for photography and

it was on a Kodak film point and shoot camera. I had to wait

graphic design.

a week to see the photo and yeah, even though I didn’t tremble, the picture still came out shaken. That was when I was 7

Nowadays, social media has created a whole new world

years old and now, 20 years later, I have done outdoor and

for photos and a way to share them. And because of it, the

indoor photoshoots, even with 2015’s Miss India runner up.

number of photos taken by people every two minutes is more than the total of photos that existed 150 years ago.

My last proposal for my final major project was to help senior citizens use technology. However it already has enough

Currently, I am looking into these photos and video-sharing

competitive work done and the audience for the project is fading.

platforms and exploring new ways to share the emotions

So, since I have learnt photography myself, I decided to go

and experience.

ahead and changed my topic to teach photography to beginners. I intend to create a website showing a series of curated tutorials, 30 days challenge and a photo series.



Guan Yuxuan

Graphic Design

The most obvious feeling that music gives me is rhythm.

it will also be the shortest note. In the end, the different

Clearly, some music notes last for a long time, while others

length represents the duration that should be used in the

just sustain for a moment. This characteristic is also reflected

characters pronunciation.

in the music notation. Therefore, I want to explore their relationship in my Final Major Project.

I also want to use this bars (lengths) to create a new line and use the divisions to turn to a new section. This part of

The first part is about the rhythm of music (it is the beat of

work is a very logical and rational system that translates

every melody and it tells how long a singer should sing

the rhythm (beat) to a visual image.

every word). It is like Chinese songs. One Chinese character represents just one pronunciation as opposed to the English language. In my study I use one music note (from Chinese songs) to represent one pronunciation. This is the shortest note in the song. For example, if a melody has a 4/4 rhythm, Ÿ of it will be the shortest note; if a song has a 2/2 rhythm, ½ of



Line Stabel

Graphic Design

Since the beginning of my course I have been interested

Lianne la Havas and Kings of Convenience. There is

in finding a way to improve the image of my hometown,

something special about the music experience; it brings

Larvik. I started diving into the history of the surf culture

people together.

as well as the summer of love, which is a very interesting topic to research. I found out about the collective “Beautiful

Well back to how I can improve the image of my hometown

Losers”, which caught my attention. They where all artists

Larvik. More ideas popped up when we had a challenge

who since the 1990s began a movement in the art world

at school to improve the community in Epsom. My group

with inspiration from skateboarding, surfing, graffiti and

ended up with the suggestion to make a tea festival. This

underground music such as punk rock and hip-hop. The man

would be to gain community pride, attract tourist and then

that inspired me the most was Geoff McFetridge. His graphics

a better income to the city council, which would go to

are raw, funny and easy to understand and I love his quirkiness.

improve social services. I turned this idea over to my city.

I look up to him, because he uses illustration as graphic

I tried to find out what was so unique about Larvik that

language, which is a way I also prefer to communicate.

could attract people, but also gain community pride. Larvik has a wonderful seaside, as well as a rich history to the

I love illustrating people, the stranger the people the better.

explorer Thor Heyerdahl, which lead the raft Kon-Tiki from

You will recognize this when you look at my manifesto from

Peru to the Polynesian Islands in 1947. I combined these

the beginning of the course “The Quirky Radiant Woman”.

two aspects and in my FMP I will be the event leader of my

When I don’t illustrate I like listening to music, but the best

festival Tikifestivalen as well as the Graphic Designer.

would be combining the both. I have a very diverse taste in music and love my dad’s old David Crosby, Eric Clapton and James Taylor albums as well as my own Alfred Hall,



Mai Bhumiwat

Graphic Design

I always had an interest in illustration, icon design and also

in art and not everyone in general. In order to connect with

in Thai pattern. Every time I went to a temple and saw all the

every lifestyle in the society, it needs to be easy to understand

patterns in the decoration, I thought that I wanted to design

and be able to associate to everyone’s daily lives.

something or create an illustration inspired by it. They are beautiful and elegant traditional designs, but how would it be

Thai pattern is the basic Thai Art that everyone is familiar

if I recreate them to be more modern but still representative

with. Even though some people aren’t into art, it has been

of our culture. I think it would be very interesting.

associated with our society since long time ago as we can see in the temples. It has also been the most used in the design

Thai people still have the mind set about Thai Art as a

industry to portray the Thai style, but it is still used in the

representation of tradition. They are used to decorate the

traditional way.

temples and present our old Thai customs. We just use it in that context and follow other trends around the world,

I want to change Thai people’s overview of Thai Art by using

except our own. I want to make Thai people realize that we

our traditional pattern and simplify it into a contemporary

have precious resources that can be developed and become

design that can fit our modern style. I will also apply it to a

a part of modern design and society.

product or/and promote it through the media so can I connect it with people lives.

In Thailand, contemporary art came into the country seven decades ago. Thai artists started to observe this new style, adapt it to Thai Art and make their name internationally. Unfortunately, most of it is fine art and it is very conceptual, or it is in the form of performing arts which is hard to connect with people. They can only reach people who are interested



May Katutondua

www.the­­­ –

Graphic Design


" ­–

Bridging the gap between politicians and the information!

The language used by senior politicians in the media is

Currently targeting the group between 18-24, who were the

absolutely dire: There seems very little effort by the media

lowest age group in 2015 to vote in the national election.

perceived gaffe or conflict. The way many politicians cope with this – by being incredibly boring – creates

I would like to know why and how i could better educate the

further distance with voters.

future voters. " – In my final major project, i will also try to answer a few

Richard Berry, a researcher for the Democratic Audit

question in regards to politics. To be continued…. Such as: How can i make a difference? Should we vote the candidates better? Are candidates true to the issues? Do we need to educate our children from a young age to better suit them to vote more clearly in the future?



Nana Aoki

Graphic Design

My FMP project started from one question, why large number

I will find a way to present an opportunity where people can

of young people commit suicide in Japan. Unfortunately,

face themselves. My final aim is to touch people through my

none of us are surprised when someone jumps onto the railway

work and make them accept their weakness and be more

track, because it happens too often. This situation is definitely

positive about their life.

not good for young people to stay mentally healthy and hold their hope in life. After I came to this country, I realized there

Moving images and motion graphics are going to be the

is big a difference in the frequency of suicide cases between

main media for my FMP. Through it I created some experimental

UK and Japan. So I felt stronger and motivated to make this

works and my knowledge and interest is getting deeper and

Japanese situation better.

bigger. So I would like to develop more of these techniques for my final outcome. Additionally, I would like to put interactive

Several sources shows that depression is one of the main

factors in the art work as much as possible. This project is

causes of suicide. Based on psychological research, I realized

challenging for me, however, if I achieve to create my FMP,

that people need to be positive about their own life. It sounds

it will be a big chance to tell Japanese society that we need

very easy to some, but it is difficult to understand the feelings

to love ourselves to live a happier life.

of others who have more sensitive and sentimental personalities. Needless to say, doing everything perfect is impossible, we all have advantages and disadvantages. However, once people fall into the mental cycle of self-denying, they strongly perceive all their weaknesses and start to get depressed.



Raven Fu

Graphic Design

The tradition to send cards started in the middle Ages,

My concept is to send cards designed to show the heart

during the 2nd century AD, and throughout history many

and emotions of the sender. This will make the person who

countries continued using cards of different styles to send

receives them feel warm and happy. Sending cards helps

a greeting. Due to Science and Technology, they have started

to bridge the distance between people and make relationships

to develop reasonably and since 2000 the cards have changed

better and closer.

a lot. They have created different styles, like 3D cards, music cards, or electronic cards. The latter one was inspired by

Ravensolo was created on my website in the summer of 2008.

the traditional cards, but nevertheless, most people still prefer

Raven is my name and Solo means individual studio. The

to receive the old-style paper based cards because they

brand focuses on graphic design and holiday illustrations for

appear to convey more feelings.

which I use softwares to design and print cards. I decided to improve and develop a new style in order to extend audiences

I love to draw and make handicraft since I was young, so I created a website to show my portfolio of greeting cards design, called Ravensolo. I made them before for my friends and family and they were surprised as well as very happy to receive them. Now I would like to develop it into a Brand.


and sell more products,


Sharely Xia

Graphic Design

I am wired about communication through design and crazy

and tutorials which help me to have an in-depth understanding

to work on multi culture. During my BA, I explored the different

of the development of relationship between both countries.

writing systems that exist in East and West - an area I would

Meanwhile, I am doing my reading list and trying to develop

like to continue to develop in the future.

a good understanding of branding which is significant to my FMP. The process takes plenty of time to explore.

On my postgraduate course, I aspire to work on a multicultural platform that fuses East and West in the areas of branding.

I am really interested in working with an international agency

Therefore, I am researching the relationship between Britain

or company, deliver branding solutions which integrate both

and China, and defining the special qualities that have

Western and Chinese culture (using Latin letter forms and

contributed to successful trade between the two countries

Chinese characters) and assisting in the conveyance of

in historical and contemporary contexts.

creative and technical output where I can make use of both my language and design skills.

I’m actively seeking to forge links in this area of industry to enhance my knowledge and design experience. The research materials are relevant to various areas, such as historical books, articles, documentaries, videos, radio, interviews, conservations



Vidhi Suneja

Graphic Design

I started off this year with a clean slate and wanted to

As a part of my research, I also wanted to study Andy Warhol’s

explore along the way. “With so much music around us,

work who was a leading designer of pop art and noticeably

I was unusually unaffected by any of it. I simply didn’t need

designed more than fifty record covers for a vast number of

it & even if I tried, I found it harder to connect with it. Most

artists and musical styles. The record covers are quintessential

songs only interrupted my thoughts and limited my ability

proof how he ‘saw’ music.

to concentrate. I thought something was so wrong with me and wanted to assure myself that I wasn’t the only one.

The book talks in detail about his design for a particular

Consequently, I came across the research by University of

record label and how he figured out the design solution.

Barcelona, which talked about Musical Anhedonia and how

It provided us with a break up solution to his design problem

5% of the people in the world were affected by it. Initially

helping me understand how he interpreted music. As a

I was so confused because not a lot was available in terms

person who can’t connect with music so deeply, this book

of research.

really helped me see music more deeply and closely.

Initial idea for my Final Major Project began with how

And last but not the least, the latest book in my possession

different people perceive music and how it has become an

is Musikraphics: The book talks about the importance of

important part of lives. To understand it better, I wanted to

Music graphics. How it’s not all glitz and no substance and

study how music originated and what was the need for it.

how it can be used to make a social impact.

While researching, I came across this book, “The Singing

As my area of research evolves and progresses, I look forward

Neanderthals- the origins of music, language, mind and

to reading and learning from a lot of wonderful books available

body” by Steven Mithen. That has you making up your own

in the university.

theories about how grunts became speech and song.



Anderson Chen

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Technology proposes itself as the architect of our intimacies.

As for my final major project, I am particularly engaged in

These days, it is suggesting substitutions of the real. The

how to provide children with interesting programmes and

advertising for Second Life, a virtual world where you get to

how to take care of children through physical community

build an avatar, a house, a family, and a social life, has a

after school. The reason is that parents in today’s society

tagline- “Finally, a place to love your body, love your friends,

are getting more engaged in their job. Obviously they do not

and love your life.” This is true and is actually happening in

have enough time to ponder over what exactly their children

our daily life. From more details, we are all cyborgs*1 now.

love to do and what kinds of problems they are confronting

Without doubt, we certainly spend a large amount of time on

now. Therefore, the after school-community will have a positive

surfing Internet every day, but we also hang out with friends,

effect on children’s education and care.

make a purchase and even show off ourselves on Internet. Similarly, some enterprises and creative industries have been

At the same time I also intend to develop an open course

engaged upon digital marketing.

platform as well. Hopefully by doing this, Tutors and volunteers could make good use of it with physical education to create

As a result many new operating models of brands have

a friendly environment and community for children. This can

suddenly started appear in the industry such as e-commerce

help children pursue a “Better Future” confidently while they

and social media. However, children and needy people have

are growing up.

almost been forgotten and neglected. We should make use of Internet to improve this society positively and make a better life, especially for children and those who need help.



Allison Zou

Design Innovation & Brand Management

“Where everything else is corporate, a single voice is appealing

pay attention to work and life balance and be dynamic and

and attractive”. I want to be an independent and interesting

static. “Orange” is the symbol of trouble, to represents sleep.

person. I have a hobby of collecting objects such as bowls,

A good way to sleep is to ensure the time and quality of sleep.

spoons, sunflower, cactus and so on. So I would like to use

“Yellow” symbolizes the green food. It is an initiative to resist

the element of cactus to convey a simple life and the attitude

consumption of fast food and other unhealthy food. The

of pursuing a better life.

“green” symbolizes self-guidance to reduce the psychological pressure. It actively responds to all kinds of pressures.

With the quickening pace of life, the modern ways of our

“Blue” represents more oxygen and being closer to nature.

lives have changed a lot. A series of new ‘urban diseases’

Adhere to a reasonable exercise every day in order to help

have also quietly wrapped the white-collar workers. Under

the body maintain immunity, resistance to diseases and

the dual influence of great work pressure and unhealthy lifestyle,

regulate endocrine system. “Indigo” pays attention to balanced

a variety of physiological and psychological disorders are

nutrition. It demands organic food, which means more

appearing. As days pass by, to live a healthy, it is becoming

vegetarian food habit and less meat. “Purple” conveys the

difficult to find a single point of balance between work and

concept of care about people’s health and helps to establish

life. The phrase, “don’t be a slave to money to enjoy life

a scientific concept of health in order to prevent chronic

happily”, shows a positive and healthy outlook. The flavor of

diseases and enjoy healthy life.

life comes when we slowly taste and aftertaste it. It is important to follow this “healthy, natural and unique” Neglecting heath and life is the price that we are paying in exchange of money and status. It is said; adding only one color in the sun doesn’t make it complete. There are seven colors in the sun, so I made a “Sunshine Rule”. “Red” means to improve work efficiency, try to avoid overtime,


concept, to advocate an active and fun way of life.


Bobo Law

Design Innovation & Brand Management

My aim for my final project is to create a platform where

as a result of his innovative combination of typical Chinese

artworks related to Chinese culture can be exhibited, advertised,

tropes and ornaments with modern shapes. In this project,

and sold. I intend to increase awareness about Chinese

I intend to analyze what will be the impact of combining

culture as a result of this event and furthermore, to prepare

various characteristics of Western and Eastern elements.

a solid ground for my career.

I plan on interviewing designers and students from both sides of the world in order to understand each individual’s

Renowned history scholar in England, Dr Toynbee, argued

perspective of their work. This will allow me to highlight

that exquisite fineries of the rich Chinese heritage would

the identical elements in both cultures since these will be the

improve life in the 21st century. Although two decades ago

key essentials to be focussed on if I wish to merge East and West.

relatively quite a few people knew much about Chinese society, today it is possible to see Chinese cultural commodities all around the globe. Numerous aspects of Chinese culture have been introduced worldwide such as uniforms, Mandarin, Chinese art and films. At the same time, many Chinese designers trained in Western countries are gaining huge popularity. Huishan Zhang, an artist currently operating in London, is quickly becoming famous



Fabby Hsiao

Design Innovation & Brand Management

At first my original idea was to augment small, new or emerging

also my future career. The spirit of my core concept is to

brands and to reposition their exiting image. I have looked

respect the value of creativity, culture and innovation, and

into different brands including products, restaurants, hotels,

this spirit can further widen and develop a brand’s value.

arts, communities, education institutions and different

In addition, one of my purposes is to make our society

promoting methods like pop-up shops, creative advertising,

become better hence more involvement of people is crucial

campaigns etc. I did not narrow down the target or methodology

in coming future. I will collaborate with industry experts,

for my Final Major Project but kept all chances open for future.

experienced professionals and people who respect their culture and spirit. Also I hope this practical project can influence

Before Easter Break, I was looking for the methodology and

some people and likewise these people can influence many more.

medium that can be addressed for branding, consulting and developing brands and business. Also my case study

Eventually, through my Final Major Project our society can

researches let me discover multiple branding solutions

become a little better and become more aware of public

from different angles. Throughout my research I found there are

values. Please follow me on Twitter and my website. If possible,

different strengths and weaknesses of branding organizations

I hope you can join me to contribute just a little towards

and there is a gap of public attention. Afterwards I was able to

making a better society.

figure out that I have a good framework for my Final Major Project. Through my Final Major Project, I hope I can build my own theory, method and model for branding, consulting and developing brands. This will be my core subject of study and



Faii Punnaroch

Design Innovation & Brand Management

When tourists come to Thailand, they usually think about it

ever before. At the same time, the idea of developing Thai

as a land of aromatic herbs or spicy tastes, but no one knows

coconut sugar could help Thai coconut sugar makers and

Thai coconut sugar. In fact, Thai coconut sugar has been a

farmers to have more jobs.

favorite traditional ingredient among Thai people and South East Asian people. Moreover, making Thai coconut sugar

In this project I will experiment with methods of making Thai

is also an important Thai artistic process as it combines

coconut sugar combining with different ingredients. The

craftsmanship and the local wisdom. The complicated

project will include exploring material of Thai coconut sugar

production process could be a fabulous story of how difficult

resulting in new recipes and products. It will study start up

it is to produce coconut sugar along with its dominant aroma

businesses along with the brand concept and the marketing

and health benefits.

methods required by a brand for right promotion. All of these topics will be considered step by step along with writing a report.

On the other hand, these complicated procedures have effected in lowering numbers of Thai coconut farmers and sugar

Finally, a solution will be drawn. It will either be a product or

makers nowadays. So, my project concept is to promote Thai

a recipe although I am still working on number of outcomes.

local culture and Thai coconut sugar as an international

It depends on the relevant supporting information and the data.

product. Thailand is a country, which produces the majority of coconut sugar along with one of the most modern countries in the tourist industry. Hence, as an exciting concept, it is a high possibility for Thai coconut sugar to gain a huge international market, which is easily accessible now than



Farm Nuchanart

Design Innovation & Brand Management

In today’s era, design has become essential. Everything

other hand, our lifestyle is changing every day. Many people

should be beautiful or have a concept. Design is vital for

want to enhance their skill set in their free time. In long-term,

every product and service to add value and make it more

I also plan to expand my business to design my signature

unique while targeting individual consumer’s need today.

products related to fine dining equipment and start my own

For example, food is not just about eating but also good

restaurant once having a committed clientele for my business.

food presentation, plate decoration, restaurant ambience

Thus, I will set up a creative business model for my final project.

and concept. All these factors make a customer choose a restaurant because they care more about feeling and

I separate my research into two parts. First is the business

experience that they will get. Another factor is social

operation research and then setting up a business plan.

network that inspires people easily and helps to absorb design.

I will research each element in my business. For styling part,

Thus they gain much better taste and can spend more

I need to think about suppliers, market, sources, staff,

money for the wonderful experience.

competitors, investment and laws. For workshop part, I have to think about content, time management, staff and

I have knowledge of interior design and also used to teach

equipment. Once I have got all the components, I will design

styling at the weekends. I want to explore scope of decoration

the way to operate and manage this business. In addition,

and make it my specialty. I focus at restaurant business

I will design the business identity as well.

because they are increasing dramatically these days. Moreover, I will add workshops at some part of my business plan to promote my services and support start up restaurant businesses as that they don’t have huge budget. On the



Jaa Suwansumrit

Design Innovation & Brand Management

These days technology is growing much faster than we

enough and worth giving a try as many companies are

expected. For me, a designer who has always been interested

getting inclined towards this idea every passing day. I was

in technological design e.g. UI/UX, interface design or even

also examining myself and I found that principally, this kind

interactive design; I always catch up the trends and possibilities

of technology is expensive. It will be great if it could be

of people’s lifestyle in the future. I always think about what if

more affordable for regular users like me. It is when I started

we have something that could make our lives easier or more

looking at how I could use it for myself in the future as well.

comfortable. From that prospect, it leads me to my final

I am interested in setting up a business but these days many

major project about virtual reality. I love digital gaming so

start-up businesses have been established in the industry

much and couldn’t help adore how technology is mixed with

more than ever before. While investigating deeper in this

it making it more realistic. I found that virtual reality including

field I found that like me, many people were interested in

augmented reality is one of the upcoming developments that

running their own business but couldn’t as a lot of funding

no industry would like to miss.

is required to set it up. This is the reason why I would like to mix my interest in technology and virtual reality with

I tried to investigate various technological tools that enable people to experience beyond the flat screen and also studied how they function. I started off with 3-D design and cameras. It was the first stage of development such as Google Street View before virtual reality became real. They were interesting


business growth as well.


Mafalda Volz Oliveira

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Starting out as an Art and Design event study, I have since

My plan will involve studies on how to hook the potential

January developed my FMP to a secret type of events

attendees with the understanding of what should be

conducted in cultural venues (museums, art galleries, etc.).

revealed to maintain the mystery; How to connect and

For that, I am searching for ways to promote ultimate

interact with the audience in order to engage them

experiences, push boundaries and catch guests off-guard.

in the atmosphere; Creative activities that bridge that gap

My main idea is to make my audience connect with art

between the costumer and entertainment with art and

and the museums exhibitions through possible scavenger

learning; A strategic promotion through social media,

hunts and/or mystery activities. One thing I promise, it will

a marketing campaign and the design for the graphic identity;

be better than a Dan Brown novel. With this, I intend to prove with my FMP that I too have the This new tendency to reveal more across the social media

needed abilities, multitasking and organizational skills to

created a society with fewer secrets. We are a culture of

one day be a successful art director and in this case, to effectively

too much information so it is only natural for people to start

direct my event.

looking for the unknown. And I want to offer that unexpected experience. Yes, market for secret events already exists and is accelerating its pace here in London, so I pretend to stand out with the union between this industry and my passion and knowledge for the arts. How? Well, I cannot tell all of my secrets, can I?



Malcishia Outerbridge

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Bermuda, the beautiful distinctively fishhook shaped

2nd year during my BA Degree called, Dipped In Culture.

Sub-tropical Island in the Atlantic Ocean that I live on is

It highlights what people don’t usually know about when

nothing but a dot on a world map. This makes the island

visiting Bermuda. It includes information, traditional recipes

a gem within itself. I want to capture the true beauty of

as well as puzzles to make it interactive for kids.

Bermuda by focusing on the hidden gems for my FMP. People know about some of these gems, but I want to show

I feel this is where my connection to my FMP is! Hidden

off what isn’t exposed for most visitors to explore. Yes,

gems do not actually have to be hidden from sight to be

I thought about the amount of people that could be passing

considered hidden because it can be something right in

through these areas, but it also gives people the chance

front of you. I believe it shows depth, the true meaning of

to grasp a different taste of Bermuda to experience.

a place and it views a different outlook on things. It can be a person, place or thing. It’s all about an experience! The

Some of the research I’ve looked at to help with my FMP

aim of my FMP is to promote and launch my brand MKO Graphics.

consisted of, anaglyph, lenticular and stereoscopic

I also want people to have a different perspective on Bermuda,

photography, the internet, hidden gems in Epsom and it

not just paradise and beautiful pink-sanded beaches, but

finished with going on the Hidden Gems Tour in Bermuda.

something much more.

Since this already exists and runs all year round, I will take a different approach to show the hidden gems. I’ve been experiencing some obstacles during the process, but I’m looking forward to the results. I’ve had conversations with many visitors who are more interested in what locals get involved in, rather than what the tourist brochures say. I had done a publication in my



Pattrawan Sukmongkol

Design Innovation & Brand Management

I love tasting food cooked by other people, not to miss,

dependent more on a strong concept or gimmick rather

cooking as well. Growing up in a family where grandmother

solely focusing on the main product or dishes on the menu.

cooked everyday, filled me with joy while having meals plus

The collaboration between different cultures and brands

conversations on table (sometimes on the floor as well). I never

present an interesting uniqueness.

believed that I am good with kitchen but love for delicious food inspires me to often cook myself. As I grew up, I expanded

Thus I decided that my FMP project is going to be related to

my area of interest much wider than just eating and cooking.

‘food’, ‘collaboration’, ‘culture’, ‘workshop’ and ‘space’. My

I like so many things such as travel, music, film, arts & craft

rough concept is to use food as a medium to bring people

and photography, so culture seems to be the right word to

together and provide space for collaboration between

describe what I am passionate about. I also realized that you

different cultures and interests. It will be a nice atmosphere

can learn to do lot of things by yourself even if you haven’t

where people can have good conversations, exchange

done them before.

what they have and fill their appetite with tasty happiness.

During my research, I was looking at DIY culture, magazines,

I do believe in the Plato’s quote “The like always likes its

pop-up and concept restaurant, cooking, collaborative culture,

like”, that is why I love to spend time with people who are

venue and space. I put myself in the place I’d love to experience

like-minded and open-minded at the same time.

with my eyes, ears, taste buds and open heart such as markets around London, secret gig like Sofar Sounds, concept restaurant like Tramshed and multi-dimension dining like Gingerline. I found that currently, the trends of the restaurants are



Phyllis Tai

Design Innovation & Brand Management

I suppose, Fashion has people’s subjective perception.

Hopefully, I can get some information to proceed to the

In my self-experience, I tend to shop from some certain

next stage that will be about how, when and who are the

brands since I can associate to the products they sell.

customers that accept their products which is related to customer behaviour and consuming psychology.

Therefore, I found that I am used to shop from the brands, which reflects how I perceive fashion and also my personality.

After a series of research, I would like to do analysis and

In my view brands are same as us. In other words, brands also

compare and contrast. Various procedures of the project

have their own personalities.

and the final outcome might help myself to know more about what is the differences between each brand and

Varied personalities of different brands help consumers to

how fashion industry manages their own identities.

find out their own representative brands. Although those

Besides, the project can become a reference for the new

brands sell similar designs products, still they express their

brands to create their own identities.

own identities and have their own market positions. That is what I would like to know why and how these brands become strong and distinctive. I have chosen three fast fashion brands- ZARA, TOPSHOP and Urban Outfitters to focus on. Furthermore, I will start from the brand identity that they present to their customers such as product styles; online-shop display, models used and the visual merchandise presentation inside their physical shops etc.



Pong soontorntumrong

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Outdoor life is about being close to nature and this informs

head. I would like to adopt this concept of outdoor shop in

everything we do. My parents brought me up with a love

the final major project as ‘Travel Selected Shop’ and ‘Outdoor

of the nature. This runs through myself when I grown up,

Creativity’ including content on innovative equipment and

I started searching outdoor gear after my first road trip in

travel experience.

2010. At the beginning I began to collect outdoor gears by brands that easy to find in department stores. Meanwhile,

In conclusion, I am creating my own website to share my

after I had experienced of products I discovered that some

travel experiences from the past few years. I would also try

of them were not good as they promoted. From this reason,

to use the photographs that I took on trips that I have been

it reminded me that not every brand are perfect in every

to. Furthermore, in future I aim to write the stories of my trip

kind of products. They should have some specialist in somewhere.

to inspire people and try to gather them on my website or fan

I started in researched and collected innovative products for

page. Although I will share my own experiences in my travel

my new adventures and inspiration in term of equipment and

stories, but comprehending that knowledge to enhance your

books until nowadays.

education is something that completely depends on you.

Its almost six years since I have been researching and testing

Finally, the knowledge that I am currently gaining from my

products that can make outdoor life easier. Since early 2015,

final major project is how to make my webpage different

I started travelling around South East Asia and Europe.

from other page in the Internet world.

During my travel, an idea to create the best community for travellers around the globe who like to experiment with various equipments and seek adventure was always in my



Priyamvada Singh

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Technology is increasingly becoming a vital part of our

effects of these connections? How to use these connections

fundamental necessities. We already exist in an era

to create compelling experiences? These are fundamental

where it has become almost impossible to perform our

prerequisites to be understood before launching a business

everyday basic jobs without the aid of technology. Given

in todays Internet savvy world. It is as equivalently important

the circumstances, I believe that technology has become

to study psychological factors as the scientific properties of

a matter of topmost priority, which demands to be

technology, to gain an understand behavioral patterns of

addressed immediately and guided towards the right

people dealing with it in creative businesses.

path. Conversely, this most intriguing field is very much surrounded by scientific theories and approaches rather than

The project “Balance” tries to find equilibrium between

being rooted towards the core of every evolution i.e. human

human interactions and technology. The project will aim to

behavior. The field of art and design is not completely

‘throw light’ on how identities and emotions change in the

devoid of technology as we can see a lot of advancements

digital world, how we live in a constant pressure of adapting

in online gaming, VFX effects in movies, animations,

technology that transforms at the speed of light, how technology

interactive smartphone apps etc. Yet it is noticeable that

is constantly bringing alterations in business models in respect

psychological aspects of technology have not been fully

to our fluctuating needs and adaptations. The underlying

explored from the perspective of behavioral science in

objective of this project is to find humanness in technology.

art and design. Everyday a new online start-up is tossed in the giant ocean of growing technology driven industries but what about the psychological study of technology? How do people connect with technology and up to what extent? What are the



Zukka Cheng

Design Innovation & Brand Management

Have you ever thought about how your products are made?

My idea is to support domestic manufacture for brands,

Will you check the label for origin before making a purchase?

which advocate a better communication, transparent

Nowadays, globalization makes huge benefits for consumers’

manufacturing process and sustainability to increase

purchase beyond geographical limitation. However, the truth

brands’ value and consumers’ loyalty. The resources I have

behind mass production is shocking.

been looking at are mainly divided into three parts, the issues in Far East manufacturers, platforms/organizations

Due to my previous experience of working between a brand’s

that support locally made products and the value of domestic

clients and manufacturers, I realized that some problems

goods. I believe that domestic and ethical manufacturing is

have resulted due to mass production. The manufacturers

a trend because it is a visible and touchable phenomenon

in the east provide lower cost for western brands, which

and consumers could engage in manufacturing process,

enables brands to cut down cost and product’s consistency

which is quite difficult to achieve. Consumers now are willing

in global business operation. Nevertheless, when brands

to pay for the products which give them transparent story

are busy sourcing manufacturers with cheaper prices,

or resonance, and they appreciate the product’s value more

brands value declines and its authenticity is lost. At the same

than its prices.

time, more problems like waste, pollution, quality and traditional skill loss takes place while chasing low cost from overseas manufacture.




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