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29F-41: John “Johnny” F. Bowman Chill Out Act UC President-Elect Senan Ebrahim ‘12 UC Vice President-Elect Bonnie Cao ‘12

Whereas the UC’s chillness is directly correlated with its productivity and enjoyability;

Whereas John F. Bowman’s presidency was marked by an epic degree of chillness in the UC; Whereas the John F. Bowman had a penchant for dirty haus music, which he shared with the 29th Council during the start of general meetings and office hours;

Be it therefore resolved that the Flores Act be amended to mandate office hours that include aforementioned music as the only kind of office hours that qualify as fulfilling the presidential duty; Be it further resolved that John F. Bowman produce a copy of his top 25 tracks on a digital media storage device to ensure its preservation for future generations; Be it further resolved that the UC stay chill, always.

SLC Docketed & Recommended: Unanimous Consent Exec Docketed: Unanimous Consent