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29F-33: Advising Reform and Services Act Representative Jimmy Biblarz (Crimson Yard ‘14) EdCom Vice Chair Phil Yao (Winthrop ‘13) EdCom Chair Tengbo Li (Pforzheimer ‘12)

Whereas the UC has aimed to reform advising at Harvard for years but has not yet proposed concrete methods of doing so, and Whereas Education Committee Chair Tengbo Li personally surveyed over 200 freshmen and upperclassmen and found that issues related to advising were of primary educational concern, and

Whereas entering freshmen are often inadequately versed in Harvard’s academic system and unfamiliar with the advising resources available to them, and

Whereas first-year academic advising is replete with problems, including haphazard pairings between advisers and advisees, infrequent advising meetings, and incomplete knowledge among academic advisers about classes and concentrations outside their realm of experience, and Whereas the sponsors of this act had extensive discussions concerning advising with the new director of the Advising Programs Office (APO) Adela Panegos and Peer Advising Fellows Director Brooks Lambert-Sluder and found that the APO is receptive to first-year advising reform and initiatives that improve concentration and curricular advising;

Be it therefore resolved that EdCom develop a policy paper, to be completed no later than December 5, 2010 and submitted to the APO before the conclusion of the Fall 2010 semester, with 6-10 concrete proposals that seek to reform advising; Be it further resolved that EdCom continue to work closely with the APO to implement these proposals and develop an advising award specific to first-year academic advisers;

Be it further resolved that EdCom create a brief advising “dictionary,” to be distributed to incoming freshmen through the APO, that improves upon the existing advising handbook available to students. Edcom Docketed & Recommended: 6-0-0 Exec Board Docketed: