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29F-27: Student Initiatives Pitch Meeting Act Student Initiatives Chair David Gonzalez (Quincy ‘11) Whereas, pursuant to Section 1.4 of the Undergraduate Council constitution, the Student Initiatives Committee “shall provide meaningful services to the Harvard and undergraduate communities through creating and operating Council initiatives and partnering with other initiatives started by undergraduates and other interested parties,” and Whereas, the solicitation of ideas from “undergraduates and other interested parties” is integral to this task;

Be it therefore resolved that, the Student Initiatives Committee designates its November 18th meeting, at 6pm, in the Bullitt Room of Quincy House to be an “Open Pitch Meeting,” and Be it further resolved that undergraduates of Harvard College are invited to present their proposals for innovative campus services to the Student Initiatives Committee, as time permits by e-mailing BY NO LATER THAN November 16th at 7 pm, with a priority deadline of November 11th, at 5.30 pm with a brief description of their idea, and Be it further resolved that those who cannot be scheduled for the November 18th meeting be encouraged to participate in next semester’s HackHarvard programming, and

Be it further resolved that the Student Initiatives Committee does not allocate funds in advance of hearing these proposals, but may choose to fund proposals that are viable, innovative and beneficial to the undergraduate student body. SIC Docketed & Recommended: Unanimous Consent Exec Docketed: Unanimous Consent