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29F-22: The Hack Harvard Awards Act UC Vice President Eric Hysen ‘11 Student Initiatives Chair David Gonzalez (Quincy ’11)

Co-Sponsors: David Kosslyn (Eliot ‘11) Daniel Sullivan (Dunster ‘11), Co-President, Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum Jim McKellar, CEO / General Manager, Harvard Student Agencies Paul Bottino, Executive Director, Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard David Malan (Mather ‘99), Instructor, CS50 Whereas individual students create online apps and offline projects each year that have the potential to dramatically improve campus life, and Whereas the UC has the ability to foster the launch of more projects to students; Be it therefore resolved that the Hack Harvard Campus Awards program, as described in the attached proposal, be created; and

Be it further resolved that $4,000 be allocated from the Student Initiatives Fund to cover costs of the Campus Awards.

SIC Docketed & Recommended: Unanimous Consent Exec Docketed: Unanimous Consent

Why? Every year, Harvard students make awesome web apps for their CS50 final projects and on their own time. These have the potential to truly improve campus life. Some catch on, but others don’t have the resources necessary to reach the entire campus and exist for the long haul. Part 2: Campus Project Awards In the spring, the UC will sponsor a portion of the I3 awards to recognize the student web apps and offline projects that have had or have the potential to make the most impact on campus. Anyone may nominate apps and projects for these awards. Startup Incubator apps that successfully launched will be automatically nominated, and the UC may also nominate projects that it notices having an impact on campus. Awards will run around $500-$1000, and will be judged by UC representatives and approved by the Student Initiatives Committee. The UC is the official elected undergraduate student government, and will be judging the projects that have the most impact on student life. Calendar December 21, 2010: Plans finalized January 2011: Applications open Spring 2011: Judging and announcement occurs on I3 timeline. Additional Details The UC is not investing in these projects in any formal way and will not take any ownership or revenue percentage. At least 3/4 of project teams must be current Harvard undergrads. Projects must be launched at Harvard for the Harvard community. (This doesn’t preclude plans for future expansion.)


Be it therefore resolved that the Hack Harvard Campus Awards program, as described in the attached proposal, be created; and Whereas individ...