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29F-05: The 2010 PBHA Block Grant Act UC Treasurer Brad Paraszczak (Kirkland ’11) FiCom Chair Luis Martinez (Leverett ’12) Representative Pratyusha Yalamanchi (Dunster ’13)

Whereas the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) provides valuable services to the undergraduate community and is a responsible, transparent and innovative umbrella organization for student volunteer efforts on campus; and Whereas the Finance Committee is committed to allocating grants in support of student groups and to the support of student life in general; Be it therefore resolved, pursuant to 28S-31: The PBHA Block Grant Act, that $20,000 be allocated from the Grants Fund and that the Council Treasurer immediately disburse said funds to the Phillips Brooks House Association. FiCom Docketed & Recommended: Unanimous Consent Exec Board Docketed: Unanimous Consent