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an online collection of message portraits to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday

Happy Birthday

MadIba 94toGram [nahyn-tee foh-toh gram] is a digital photo collection of portraits with personal birthday messages to celebrate the 94th birthday of Nelson Mandela. The collection is freely available online to the public from

Tata Madiba’s 94th birthday, Wednesday,

18 July 2012.

Please note, the collection may be freely viewed, shared or used online, but may not be sold or exchanged for any payment.

About Ubuntu Help-Portrait

A movement of volunteers using photography to give back to people and organisations in needy communities, for free! Three years ago, the Johannesburg-based group responded to a challenge by Jeremy Cowart, a celebrity photographer in the US, to “go out, find someone in need, take their picture, print it and give it to them for free”. Today the group has over 150 volunteers and it has given over 19,500 portraits to people across the South African Rainbow nation. It is part of a global movement that is now represented in over 56 countries by close to 21,500 volunteers! Ubuntu Help-Portrait is among the 10 largest HelpPortrait groups in the world and it leads in having given the most number of portraits to date. At its heart, Help-Portrait is simple – to give the gift of a free printed portrait to someone in need. Volunteers use their time, skill and equipment for free. A key aspect of this initiative is that the portraits are taken and printed for free and they are not used in any commercial manner whatsoever. This is about giving something back - giving back joy through photographs - to people in less fortunate communities.

100% volunteer-driven, 100% free

All Ubuntu Help-Portrait initiatives are undertaken and managed 100% by volunteers who use their time, skill and equipment for free. Portraits and services are also given 100% free to beneficiaries. It’s all about giving back – giving back for free.

Funding the project

The project relies on donations that are applied 100% directly towards the cost of the prints. Donations are paid directly to the print-house: Xerox South Africa a/c name XGS – FNB, account number 01020172319 held at First National Bank branch number 523142 quoting reference “UbuntuHelpPortrait”

Free Portraits

Ubuntu Help-Portrait volunteers have successfully given over 19,500 portraits at over 180 events in the past three years. In 2011 alone, over 13,000 portraits [up from 5,500 in 2010] were given, representing over 28% of the global total of 67,927 portraits for that year! Orphaned and vulnerable babies, toddlers and children, the disabled, the homeless and the elderly are the primary beneficiaries. In 2012, volunteers will spread Help-Portrait joy from Saturday, 1  September to the global Help-Portrait day on Saturday, 8 December 2012.

The 4PBO initiative

This initiative is the way in which Ubuntu Help-Portrait extends giving back, for free, to charities and public benefit organisations. Free photography services are offered at events and functions hosted by charities and PBOs that serve people in needy communities. Thanks to these volunteers for participating


an online collection of message portraits to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday

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For more information Skype “UbuntuHelpPortrait” or call our Infoline: +27 [0]79 531 7176 visit our homepage: eMail: Coordinators: Stanley-Carl du-Pont +27 [0]82 779 1910] Nathalie Boucry +27 [0]72 277 5532] Hannes Bronkhorst +27 [0]82 376 0939] Karin Olivier +27 [0]83 632 7030

94toGram Message Portraits for Madiba's 94th Birthday