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Debt Counselling Debt counselling is a process that has been introduced to assist and relieve consumers who are in financial difficulty, IT’S NOT A LOAN. A debt counsellor is either appointed by a magistrate or you can appoint one. A Debt Counsellor will review your current financial status and make a decision if you are over – indebted or not. If you are over – indebted, the Debt Counsellor will assist you by restructuring all accounts and ensure that you have the basic requirements to LIVE with within your means. You will not receive those threatening calls from your Creditors! The legal process further assists you as a court order is requested -

PEACE OF MIND “I have learned how good it is to manage my money and understand my rights”

“I came in darkness. Like a man from the wilderness, I have gained so much that I can even be able to impart knowledge to my colleagues on interest issues and buying cash or hire purchase, because now I will take the time to make a purchase decision”

011 624-2969 / 011 046-9012 7 Kimberley Road Bertrams - JHB

7 Kimberley Road Bertrams Johannesburg 2094 PO Box 53232 Troyeville 2139

Tel: Tel: Fax: Mobile: Email: Website:

Registered Debt Counsellor (NCR DC 165)

+27 11 624 2969 +27 11 046 9012 086 569 6088 +27 71 519 9056

Randall Adams

_______________________ CEO,Debt Counsellor

7 Kimberley Road Bertrams Johannesburg 2094 PO Box 53232 Troyeville 2139 Tel: Fax: Mobile: Email:

+27 11 047 1523 086 233 9354 +27 84 068 3699

Genevieve Tyrrell (LLB)

_______________________ Attorney

Debt Counselling  

Assisting Debt Stressed Consumers since 2007 -

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