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Ubuntu Education Fund 2012 Annual Report

Should your birthplace determine your future?

86% of children are on track to succeed after 4 years in Ubuntu’s programs.

Dear Friends, Over the last 14 years, we have watched a project launched in a broom closet grow into a world-class institution operating within a community where few other resources exist. Although Ubuntu Education Fund provides complex, comprehensive interventions, our model is guided by a simple core philosophy: to raise healthy, stable children by providing township children with what all children deserve–everything. Ubuntu is the most ambitious social project that the continent of Africa has ever seen. Our sustainability is inextricably linked to the Ubuntu Model: our flexible, community-based strategy providing individualized, cradle to career care to orphaned and vulnerable children. We do not measure our success by the number of pills we distribute or by how many students we enroll in our educational programs. Rather, our strength lies in the depth of our impact and in the quality of our interventions. By professionalizing our grassroots service delivery model and investing in local leadership, we have created an institution that is able to outperform every other in the region and achieve unprecedented results. Ubuntu’s strategy can and will be replicated in disadvantaged communities around the world. This past year, we launched U.ME.WE, our 3-year, $25 million campaign that will take another 2,000 children and their families on the pathway out of poverty. In transforming the lives of these children, the Ubuntu Model is proving that our birthplaces do not have to define our futures. Thank you for your continued support,

Malizole Banks Gwaxula, Founder and Senior Advisor

Jacob Lief, Founder and CEO


Our Community

The Ubuntu Model OUR CLIENTS

The Ubuntu Model marks the difference between merely touching a child’s life and

Life in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South

fundamentally changing it.

Africa is not easy. HIV/AIDS, unemployment, poverty, sexual violence, and apartheid’s crippling legacy continue to devastate our community of 400,000 people.

BUILDing a sustainable institution

31% Child-headed households

Impact through depth

Invest in people and a centre that inspires the highest standard

Produce lasting change through significant and focused investment

64% Have lost

Based in the community

Listen to the townships’ needs and utilize its resources through strategic partnerships

one or both parents

Cradle to career

Create individualized pathways to meet each client’s household, health and educational needs



In 2012 we launched U.ME.WE, a 3-year campaign that will transform the lives of 2,000 more children from cradle to career.

31% Infected with 100% Affected by




From Cradle

Household Stability




To Career

Household Stability At Ubuntu, we understand that many factors impact our children’s academic success; students who do not feel safe and cared for at home struggle in the classroom. Ubuntu creates individualized plans to protect,

In 2012 Ubuntu provided:

1,539 Home Assessments Including: security, safety, hygiene, family health, financial needs, family member alcohol use & overall living standards.

feed and counsel—whatever it takes to stabilize every child’s life.

1,414 Child Protection Services Including: food packages, home security, passports, birth certificates, assistance accessing government grants & trauma management.

1,511 Psychosocial Services Including: counseling, memory box therapy, mental health screening, support groups, wellness retreats & HIV status acceptance.



Health Children need healthy bodies and minds to

services 8,205 clinical provided in 2012 from HIV & TB treatment to eye/dental exams & nutrition.

succeed. The Ubuntu clinic provides comprehensive medical care to ensure that every client can lead a healthy life.

Our prenatal care unit has the first ultrasound in the Port Elizabeth townships.


of our HIV+ mothers gave birth to virusfree babies.

tests conducted 4,095 HIV & we maintained a 97% drug adherence rate. 6



Our early childhood development class spent

20,120 hours

Educating the next generation at Ubuntu is about equipping our students for a lifetime of stable

learning letters, numbers & social skills.

employment. For some, that’s academic preparation for university; for others it’s life skills and job placement. For our littlest learners, it means

AGE 2–4

everything from ABCs to motor skills.

10,890 meals were served to nourish growing minds and bodies. 90% of parents started reading to their child.

After-school program scholars spent

50,941 hours

in academic programs, holiday camps & enrichment activities. AGE 5–18

72% of Ubuntu students passed grade 12 exams compared to 37% of their peers.

Out-of-school youth spent

3,750 hours

developing interview readiness, CV skills & networking abilities to help them find & keep jobs. AGE 18+


32 students on university scholarships. 43 employed Ubuntu clients. 9

BUILD Ubuntu is an organization and a philosophy of human interaction. Nowhere is that marriage of professionalism and fraternity more alive than in our team. BUILD (Bertha-Ubuntu Internal Leadership Development) is a dynamic initiative

In BUILD’s first 2 years, Ubuntu invested


in training, wellness programs, coaching and performance assessments.

that identifies and develops leaders and creates an environment of productivity and accountability unparalleled in the development sector.

As a result, our managers’ performance improved


Over 95%

of our staff come from the communities we serve.



The Ubuntu Centre The Ubuntu Centre, our 25,000 square-foot headquarters, represents our long-term commitment to the community. The centre is our statement that access to world-class health care and education is a right, not a privilege.

Community Theatre

Ecoefficient Solar Panels

Early Childhood Development Classroom

Rooftop Garden

Pediatric Clinic Technology Wing



Your birthplace should not determine your future.





Ubuntu Education Fund, Inc. and Affiliates Year Ending June 30, 2012


Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of grants receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total current assets



Temporarily Restricted


$ 3,009,212 655,927 383,728 869,890 377,127 (82,531) 53,360 5,266,713

$ 230,630 (53,360) 177,270

$ 3,239,842 655,927 383,728 869,890 377,127 (82,531) 5,443,983





Program services Supporting services: Management and general services Fundraising Total supporting services Total expenses CHANGE IN NET ASSETS

Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

Long-term portion of grants receivable, net

502,976 902,282 1,405,258


502,976 902,282 1,405,258







6,986,064 $ 7,223,997

223,925 $ 401,195

7,209,989 $ 7,625,192

987,124 593,798 49,728 1,630,650 204,978

Property and equipment, net (see Note)


Contributions Grants Capital campaign Government funding Special event revenue Donated goods and services Other income (loss) Net assets released from restrictions Total public support and revenue



Security deposits and other assets

14,500 $ 8,080,357


Accounts payable and accrued expenses Current portion of deferred rent Total current liabilities


451,403 325 451,728

Deferred Rent




There is nothing more sustainable than investing in a child every day


Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets

of her life.

7,223,997 401,195 7,625,192 $ 8,080,357

reproductive health services

dental and eye exams

after-school program

job readiness/skills

scholarship programs



At June 30, 2012, property and equipment consists of: Land and buildings $ 6,062,627 Equipment 644,032 Furniture and fixtures 200,435 Motor vehicles 80,002 6,987,096 Less: Accumulated depreciation 756,867 $ 6,230,229


prenatal care


early childhood development

HIV/AIDS treatment

household support

Return per Dollar


career guidance


increased client lifetime earnings and $2.20 net gain to society

investment in Ubuntu child


Leadership PATR ON


Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Dr. Mary Frances Berry University of Pennsylvania


Ashley Bryan Artist, Writer, Educator

Paulo Eapen GSO Capital Partners

Mzimkhlulu Dilima Private Doctor

Winston Ginsberg (Finance & Audit Committee) TowerBrook Capital Partners

Tom Jaffe Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate

Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula (Founder & Senior Advisor) Ubuntu Education Fund

Dr. Kas Kasongo Pathcare Laboratories Cynthia & Daniel Lief Islesford Dock Restaurant

Kim Howard (Finance & Audit Committee) University of the Witwatersrand

Stuart Litwin Suredeposit, LLC

David Lamond Lamond Capital Partners, LLC

Dr. Monica Menell Kinberg Social Activist

Kevin Law Uncommon Advisors

Tovah Klein Professor, Barnard College

Jacob Lief (Founder & CEO) Ubuntu Education Fund

Merafe Moloto Standard Bank, South Africa

Dr. Frank Lipman Eleven Eleven Wellness Center Rush McCloy (Treasurer, Finance & Audit Committee) Eyewitness Surveillance Peter Michau (Legal & Governance Committee) New Media Law, LLP

Weza Moss Volkswagen South Africa Dr. Lungisa Nojoko Private Doctor Mandlakazi Skefile Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Board

Ziyanda Ntshona (Secretary, Legal & Governance Committee) Webber Wentzel Nomkhita Nqweni (SA Chair, U.ME.WE. Committee) Barclays Group Daniel Osorio Andean Capital Management

EXE CUTIV E TEAM Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder and Senior Advisor Jordan Levy Managing Director, External Relations

Andrew Rolfe (Chairman) TowerBrook Capital Partners

Jacob Lief Founder and CEO

Stephen Schaffer Private Investor

Tarryn Mthimkhulu Chief Financial Officer

Katherine Scott The Knowledge to Action Foundation

Jana Zindell Managing Director, Programs

Scott Shleifer Tiger Global Management

Gcobani Zonke Deputy President

Ciko Thomas Nedbank Group Philip Vassiliou Legatum Limited Bill Voge (Legal & Governance Committee) Latham & Watkins, LLP



Donors IN-KIND DONORS Ubuntu is grateful to those who donated their time or resources to support our vital work in Port Elizabeth. Your contribution has allowed us to fundraise effectively, provide quality materials, and focus our attention on addressing the needs of our community. Absente Absolute Travel The American School in London Aris Vrakas Arizona Beverages Ark Cambridge Becton Dickinson & Company The Bertha Foundation Beverley Knight Blue Ribbon Broomberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Restaurants Cape Classics Carrol Boyes Functional Art Chappell Productions Charlie Ross Chris Clark Christie’s Clarendon Ensemble Clyde May’s Whiskey CMIT Solutions The Core Group Colin Cowie Lifestyle Crillon Importers Daniel Schey De Beers DeFrancis Carbone Delaire Graff Estate Directions DocHouse The Dorchester Collection Eastern Cape Department of Health Erik Niemi Essentially Group ETX Capital Evolve Events & Venues Francois Pienaar Francois Steyn Haxnicks Heartland Brewery Hermès Paris Hotel Gansevoort IML Limited Insight Media Group Intersys Itch Films, Ltd.

Jean-Philippe Gallay Jet Blue Jonathan Schey The Knowledge to Action Foundation Kurland Hotel Landhaus L’Arpège Latham & Watkins, LLP Laurian Consultancy, Ltd. Le Bristol Paris Leopard Print Limited Lievland Wine Estate Loud Communications Madiba Restaurant Magellan Mandarin Oriental Paris Mark Seliger Marques Toliver Maureen Smith & Ivan Gazidis Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari Mount Nelson Hotel Nicole Lana Nobu London Pernod Ricard UK Pertwee Anderson and Gold PHA Media Philippe Dubreuille Philips The Pro Football Hall of Fame Publicis Red Carnation Hotels Remi Tissa Rent-a-Keg Restaurant Jean-François Piège Riazul Tequila SA Wines Online, Ltd. The SACT Tracker Academy Samara Private Game Reserve Savanna Private Hotel Game Reserve Sharon & Peter Honig Singita Game Reserve Sony Starr African Rum The Stars from the Commitments Stormfield StormStudios Terry Gladis The-Recipe Tim Hans Photography Tim Sealy-Fisher Tinsel Edwards Tracy & Jacques Tredoux Twinkle Troughton United Airlines Victoria's Secret Warner Bros. Entertainment Webber Wentzel Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House The Zest Group Zodiak Media ZYR Vodka

Board member Philip Vassiliou and wife Tammy hosted an event in Dubai. 18


Anonymous (1) Fabiola and Andrew Rolfe The Bertha Foundation Marco Drago The Knowledge to Action Foundation Kelsey and David Lamond Kathleen and Edward Ludwig Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Elena and Scott Shleifer TowerBrook Foundation The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Melissa and John Vaske GIFTS OF $50,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) ABSA Foundation Alison Blood The Boeing Company Canadian International Development Agency DG Murray Trust Lisa and David Issroff Julienne and Peter Kuttel Mai Family Foundation Milde McWilliams Trust Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals Terre des Hommes Sue and David Viniar Vitol Foundation GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) Farah and Hassan Alaghband Anglo American Chairman’s Fund Becton Dickinson and Company Amy and Ed Brakeman Cecily Cameron and Derek Schrier Discovery Health Fund Edcon Stephanie and Aaron Goldman Kara and Richard Gnodde Helen and William Mazer Foundation The Lake Foundation Charitable Trust Barbara and Todd Leland Cynthia and Dan Lief Laura and Stuart Litwin The Make A Difference Trust Nicky and Charles Manby Mimi & Peter Haas Fund Momentum Health Fund Mutual and Federal Insurance Company, Ltd. The Nedbank Foundation Kirsten and Dwight Poler Jennifer and David Puritz Kerri Ratcliffe and Doug Henderson Rivendell Foundation Stephen Schaffer Kathleen and Scott Simpson Tiziana and Ramez Sousou Tracy and Jacques Tredoux Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Vital Projects Fund


Anonymous (3) AAJ Trust Agar-Johnson Family Foundation Aid for Africa Federation Aspen Pharmaceutical Group Ariela and Derrick Beare Caryn and Jonathan Bilzin Charles Blackburn Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Karen and David Brush Lori and Gary Cohen Continental Tyres Faith and Peter Coolidge Dr. Ann Coxon Daffy’s Foundation Republic of South Africa Department of Health Megan and Mark Dowley Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller Jennifer and Jim Esposito Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger Wendy Fisher Claire and Jeff Fluhr The Foschini Group Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. Isabelle Georgeaux-Healy and Patrick Healy Gibb Engineering & Science Danielle and Brian Gootzeit Amy and Michael Gordon Beth Ann and David Greenwald The Hadley Trust Interactive Data Desktop Solutions (Europe), Ltd. Jill and Kenneth Iscol Isibindi Trust Jessica and Jason Karp John Khoury Dr. Monica Menell Kinberg Kirsh Family Foundation Avril and Monty Koppel Kathy and Brian Kronick Latham & Watkins, LLP Dina Lichtman-Smith and Laurence M. Smith Kristi and Kevin Law The Lawrenceville School Janice and Frank Lipman Dottie Litwin Dr. Marc Lowenberg Julie McDermott and Marcus Reis Mishcon de Reya Patricia and Peter Murphy Averill Ogden and Winston Ginsberg Daniel and Danielle Osorio Caroline and John Pallat Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen Dusty Philip Jean and Douglas Renfield-Miller Rightlane, Ltd. Santa Maria Foundation Janie Schaffer, Inc. Lynne and Herman Schey The Segal Family Foundation The Shumway Capital Foundation Tripp Smith Sonja Standberg Kholisa and Ciko Thomas Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones Maggie and Ashok Varadhan

Jami and Bill Voge Susi and Peter Wunsch Josefine and Chris Young GIFTS OF $5,000 OR MORE

Elaine S. and Hirschel B. Abelson The American School in London Ubuntu Club Baskes Family Foundation David Blitzer Buthelezi Family Foundation Patricia and Clive Calder Nikola Duravcevic Execution Charitable Trust Luci and Simon Eyers Formex L. Scott Frantz FX de Mallman and N. Elkon General Atlantic Max Gloor Anne and Randall Greene Susan and Richard Hayden HCI Foundation The Horizon Foundation IRB Sevens World Rugby Series Islesford Dock Restaurant Brette Kameny and Gordon Holmes Michiel Lap Ruth Lief Jamie and Michael Lynton Jackie Macleod and Brian Lippey Erich Mauff Mitchell P. Rales Family Foundation Olga and Eric Mounier The Overbrook Foundation Catherine Pawson Robert and Toni Bader Charitable Foundation Rushmere Noach, Inc. Shihab Shobokski Mary and David Solomon St James’s Place Partnership Time Warner Agnes and Basil Vassiliou Warby Parker Amy and John Weinberg Zest Group Mary and Jeffrey Zients


Anonymous (2) Adil Abdulali Jill and John Adelman Christie and Mark Adelman Marjan and Mohsen Alaghband Emily and Ron Axelrod Karen and James Baigrie Linda and Fred Barnes Justin Barocas Mark Bartels Caroline and Dietrich Becker Alain Bellemare Helen Benham Scott Berg Terry Bernard Chris Blackwell The Block Grausman Fund David Boehmer Tracy and Charles Brymer Terri and Ted Burke Susan and John Burns Diana and Ryan Byrne Eileen and Jason Cancella Laurie Cancellieri Colbert Cannon Judy and David Capes The Chelsea Austin Foundation Andrew Chisholm Sung Hee Choe and Adam Ring Gretchen and Walter Clayton Paulette Cole Kate Collins Sonia and Lorenzo Corte The Costa Family Charitable Trust Colin Cowie Ashley Dartnell and Bruce Steinberg Ingrid and Graham Davin Gale and Shelby Davis Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Dimention Data Cas Donald Christine Downton Education Services Linda and Richard Ely ETDP ETX Capital

Ubuntu board member Kim Howard (right) stands with fellow board member Nomkhita Nqweni (left) at an event she held at her home in Johannesburg.


Exprodat Technology Rebecca Falik Ghassan W. Farha Ladan and Shahriar Farrokhzadeh Anne and David Fass Renee and Leonard Feinstein Katherine and Frank Forelle The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago Dominique Gayrard Samantha Gerber and Eric Levine Ken Goldman Peter Gottsegen David Graber Louisiana and Julian Granville Natalie and Langdon Greenhalgh Jill Hackel Zarzycki Rotana Hafiz Half Moon Foundation Joan and Larry Hatheway Eve and Tom Henderson Shyla and Doug Hendrickson Highland-Mills Foundation Stephanie and Scott Hoffman Cheryl Howard Jr. Kim Howard Caroline and Nick Howe Orton P. Jackson Mandy and Thomas Jaffe James Caan Foundation Suzie and Max Jellinick Joseph & Felicia Weber Family Foundation The Kamba Trust Jennifer and Timothy Kingston Mia and Charles Koppel Mo Koyfman Elizabeth and Sol Kumin Jared M. Lans Robert and Nora Leary Legal & General Assurance Society, Ltd. Jennifer and Howard Leigh Judy and Ken Levy Marie and Paul Lewis

Darlene and Jason Liebman Lindsay and Jake Lief Monte Lipman Diana Lipton Lady Rosa and Sir Sydney Lipworth Kate and Bob Lyons Kevin Mahaney Linda H. and Warrington Malpass Marina and Bill Marcoux Ian Marcus Marco Masotti Pamela and Kelly Mayer Susan Mayer and Steve Cowan Alison and James McArthur Conor McCarthy Brooke and Rush McCloy Sharon McClymonds Audrey McNiff Rita and Peter Michau Adam Mirels Jennifer Morrison MTN Foundation Sally and John Munro Emilie Murphy and Byron Nimocks Sandra and Philip Myburgh Anne and Charles Neimeth Angela and Mark Newton Wendy Noble Hillary Noble Sukey Novogratz Nomkhita Nqweni Ziyanda Ntshonda Carmen and Cenk Oguz Mirinda Page and Richard Smith Kevin Pamensky Elena and Mark Patterson Nancy Pavlisko and Tom Dondero Eve and Alasdair Pein Kate and Gareth Penny Kealy and David Prager Laura and Howard Prato Jane and Kevin Quinn Hillary and John Reimnitz Donna and David Reis Robin Roberts

Ubuntu’s 2012 London gala was chaired by Stephen Schaffer, Katherine Scott and Greg Secker, Kathleen and Scott Simpson, and Tracy and Jacques Tredoux.


Renee Rolleri and Matt Goldman Sigal and Daniel Rudd SAB Miller David Saltz Susan and Bob Saudek David Schaefer Susan and Martin Schmitt Sandra Scott and Jonathan Putsman Frank Seidman Jenny and David Selvers Rebecca and Peter Shapiro Robin and Howard Sheer Sidemark Corporation Horton SNC-Lavalin, Inc. Valerie Southgate and Bruce Rodney Elizabeth and Daniel Squadron Staples Jocelyn and Elliot Steelman Robert Stilin Barbara Stoller and Myles Wittenstein Ann and Dick Sullivan Eleanor and John Sullivan Aimee Telsey and Richard Friesner Robert Thielen Tias Arms Nicola Tredoux Bill and Perry Trimble Gabby and Glenn Unterhalter USABCO (Pty), Ltd. Hans Utsch Valley Boys Association Jill and William Vernon Brad Walsh The Walsh Family Foundation Warner Bros. Entertainment Sally and Mark Weinstein Barbara Wells Lise and Jeffrey Wilks Marcia Wilson Mercedes Zobel GIFTS UP TO $1,000

Anonymous (126) James Adams Ethan Addes Martin and Lois Agran David Aidi AIG Chartis Aisha Caan Foundation M. Aleksieva Mahmoud Ali Ruth Allard and Erik Schickedanz Tony Allen Jamil Alsarabi Diane C. Altman and Stuart L. Dautoff Maria Alvarado Brenda Amarant American Express Jeremy Andersen Kay and Gary Anderson Kim and Chad Anderson Carol Anderson Mwanza Angela Richard Arnall Jenna Arnold and Jeremy Goldberg Janyth and Charlie Arvidson Kyle Ashley

Stephanie Austin and Robin Fernarld Backabuddy Prab Bahth Sonya Baker Marian Baker and Chris Wriggins Douglas Balfour Larry Bambrick Kenneth Bambrick Townsend Bancroft Bank of America Vicky Baqueriza Nadim Barakat Donna Barkman Kathy P. Barnes Kara and Dov Barnett Marc Barney John Caroline and Emily Barr Thomas Barry Joanne Bartlemay Jason Baseden Bianca and Michael Bator Denise and John Battersby Shawn Bean Dan Beckerleg Adam Beckerman Abigail Becraft BECU Elizabeth Beinfield Paul Belisle Alexia Belisle Nicolas Bellemare Adam Bellin Moira and Victor Benigson James Benjamin Mary Benjamin and Richard Gottfried Dorris and Edward Berger Louise and Steven Bergerson Ilana Berlin Cheryl Bernard-Smith Dr. Mary Frances Berry Miles Berry Jared Bieberich Matt Bijur Estelle Bingham Daniel Bitar William A. Blackwell Gregory Blair Stacy Blasi Edward Bloom Eileen and Jay Bloom Verna Bloom and Jay Cocks Patricia And Tom Blount Jeffrey Bluestein Robert Bluestein Lawrence A. Blum Fatou B’niang Mary Boakye P.M Boerner Michael Bogdan Carroll Bogert Pam Bolton and Nicholas Radcliffe Ebenezer Bond Craig Bonder Sarah Booth Elena Bowes Marano Tamer Boyaci Daniella Boyd Christopher Bradford Helen and Mervyn Bradlow Michelle Branaman

Marion Brecht Sophia Brenner Geoffrey Breskal Starr and Clayton Bright Sarah Brinker Ann Brinker Barbara and Albert Brodbeck Christopher Brookfield Emily Brooks Mark Brown Janet L. Brown Jordan Brown Geoffrey Brown Melita Brownrigg and John Hopwood Ashley Bryan David Bryant Alex Buckley Yan Budman Paola Buendia Mey Bulgurlu Craig Bunnell Rosie Burbidge Karolyn Burgos Harriet and Tom Burnett Peter Burnett Genova Burns and Giantomasi Steve Burrows Juliana Bush Louise Butler Dana Buttlar Terry Byrne Natasha Caine and Michael Hall Barbara and Victor Calaba Sidney and Daniel Callahan Bill Campbell Barbara W. and Mark D. Campbell Sheila Cancella Jacqueline Cannon Courtney Caplan Lauren Capozzi Maria Carbone Stephanie Cardarelli Lisa and Charles Carey Roderick Carter Alan Castaneda Dorrit Castle Mara Castro Wilfred Cather Ana Cebrian Jocelyn Charnas and Jason Rubin Coralie Charriol and Dennis Paul Robert Chatham Parrish Chilcoat Laurel Choate Hernan Ciechanowiecki Caitlyn Citrin Sara Clark Sara Clarke Lindsey and Bobby Clennell Kim Clover Helen Coffey Guy P. Coghlan Lisa Cohen Madeleine and Des Cohen Joanne and Elliot Cohen Lewis Cohen Joan and Benjamin Cohen Jeffrey Cohn Lynda Cole and Paul Malbeouf Laurie Coleman Jameson and Thomas Collingham 21

Brian Collins Lucy Collins Catherine M. and John F. Collins Eileen Commorato Peter Conn Peter Connellan Lydia and Allan Cooper Marcia Cooper Sophie Cooper June and Derrick Cowan Robbie Cowan Edward Cowen Lucia and Neil Crichton-Miller Benjamin Croitoru Michael Crowder Megan Crowley James Cullen Malek Dabbous Tarek Dabbous James Dahlfred Charles Dalglish Lauren Dangoor Bettina Darrell Elizabeth and Paul Daugherty Stuart Daun Anthony D’Avella Christine Davies Sandra Davis Frances Davis Sydney and Andrew Davis Nancy and Jon Dawson Elizabeth Dawson Lewis Day Christian De Bruin Helaine Dean Barbara and Philip Deckowitz Robert Della Vecchia Denali Delmar Deloitte FAS Women’s Initiative Pollyann Demartine Damien Devine Beth Dewoody Dino and Leigh Diana David Dichiacchio Ross Dines Bernice Dinsdale Al Dipierro Tara Dixon Stephen Dizard DocHouse, Ltd. Charles Dodson Joanna Dolgin Wendy Doniger Menaye Donkor and Sully Montari Veronica and Andrew Douglas Hollie and Paul Downey Margarete Drake Joan and Brian Drum Ron Duerksen Laura Durington Gareth Eagles Shaun Earl Clare Eason Eastern Effects, Inc. Verna Eastman Juliet Eccleston Andrew Edelson Jonas Edgeworth Claudia and Greg Egleston Rebecca and Benjamin Egozi Jane and Howard Ehrenkranz Kathleen Ehrling

Elizabeth Elam and Rachel Latham Janet Elby Claire Ellman Mary Ellen and Mark Emerson Engine Petroleum, Ltd. Robby Enthoven Ali Erkmen Joan and David Evans Sarah Evans Judi Evans and Roger Newell Mary and Timothy Evnin Mary Farland Richard Fava Janet Felker and Harvey Kantor Stuart Fern Barb and Bruce Fernald Anna Fernald Manuel Fernandez Jean Findlay Jason Fine Leah Finity Chris Finnegan Philip Fishel Avram Fisher Nora Fitzpatrick Florence V. Burden Foundation Rob Flowers Andrew Foreman Louis Fortin Genevieve Fortin William and Wendy Foulke Jean Benoit Fournier Keith and Joan Fowler Steven and Linda Fox Mary Beth Foxworth Eric Francois Susan and Gerald Franklin Isabel and Bernard Freeman Robert French Jane and Kenneth S. Friedland Cara and Scott Fudemberg Brian Fujito Bernadette and Nelson Gales Kevin Gallagher Alistair Galloway Patti and Martin Ganek Brian Gannon Hiram Garamez Dominick Gauthier Moira Gavin Brit and Mary Sue Geiger Angelo Genova Elizabeth Genovese Tammy Ghassan Hannah Gibson Lynn and John Gilbert Steve Ginther Stephanie and Terry Gladis Sophie Glander Beth Glanville Patsy Glazer and Richard Mittenthal Susan and Harvey Glick Lynn and Geoff Gluckman Goba Pty, Ltd. Peter Godfrey Emma and Kevin Gold Dana Gold Jean and Morris Goldberg Stephen Goldenring James Golding Laurel Gonsalves Lynn and Anthony Goodchild

Norma and Phillip Gordon Sara Ann Grace Barbara and David Greenberg Myrna and Bob Greenhall Linda Greenwall Marilu Gregory Claude Grunitzky Corey and Matt Guenin Jackie and Tom Guilfoyle Julie and Alexis Gurdjian Norene Haberski Carla Hagelthorn Celeste and Victor Haghani Steven Hainzl Theresa and Brian Hall Lili Hall Scarpa Laura and Bernard Hamilton Josh Hamilton Laura and Zayd Hammam Nadim Hammam Dina Hammam Samar Hammam and Matthew Turner Christine Han Sue Hancock Cindy Hanig Jennifer Hanser Jeanne and Skip Hansford Christa Harder Matthew Harris Natasha Harris Holly Hartley Anne Hartman Judy and Elliot Hartstein Jennifer Heil Randall Heil Maryann and Clovis Heimsath Joseph Heinrich Sally Heintz Jami Heldt Ginger Helfrich Bradley Hennick James David Henry Louis Henston Melissa and Douglas Henston Trish Heraghty The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund Erin Herrera Marie-Pierre Herve Thom Heyer Dawn Hirasawa Sueko Hirasawa Kathryn Hoenig and Douglass Maynard Dr. and Rhonda Hoffman Lindsay Holas Jennifer Holland Cindi Holland Rachel Holland John Holland Greg Holstein Sharon and Peter Honig Beth Honig Heather Hooper Katherine Horton Kristin and Jim Howard Mark Howard Susan and Morton Howard Emily Hu Dara Huang Tom Hughes Amy Hughey 22

Zoe Hunt Rebecca Hurley Jessica Iliffe Stuart Iliffe Steven Inman Nicole Intile Donna and Henry Isaacs Liza and Simon Isaacs Olive Isaacs Steve Isaacs Saul Issroff Anthony Issroff William B. Izard Steve Jack Scott Jackson Becky Jackson David Jacobs David Jacobson Gail Jaffe Kate Jainchill Christina James Lynn and Stuart Janney Harold Jarmon Seiler-Regnier Jasmine Tema and Ken Javerbaum Ralph Jeanbart Garry Jenkins Loretta Jergensen Sarah Johnson Mary B. and Robert L. Johnstone Amy and Matthew Jones Lamar Jones Laurence Jones Suzanne Jones and Ross Pooley Yasmin Joomraty Damian Jordan John Joseph Eamon Joyce Beverley Julius Katarina Julius Johanna Jyners Pam and Dan Kaplan Alain Kassangana Lori and David Kaufthal Daniel H. Kayfetz T. Keating Ross Kedl Geoff Keegan Helen Kellett Zoe Kelly Nannerl and Robert Keohane Trisha and Ed Kessler Amy and David Keyes Russell and Virginia Keys Shameema Khan Amit Khanna Layla Khosrovani Kids N U, Inc. Elliott Kiger Melinda Kimble and Jim Phippard April King Regina King Jeremy Klein Barbara Knight Marjorie and Dan Kobrin Anna Kolosovsky Ann Kopple Cora Kopple Natalia Korol Sarah and Victor Kovner Francisca Kozijn Howard Kozloff

David Kretzmar Scott Kronick Peggy and Peter Kronick Erika Kuis Anjali Kumar Alykhan Kurji Leah Labbe Barry Lafer Denise Lalonde Heather Lamasz Sean Lamasz Rob Lane Meg Lane Nicole Lane and Matthew Lief Nancy Lang Rosanna Lapaix Gertrude Lasden Laurian Consultancy Ltd. Gilles Laverdure Ian Le Pelley Theresa M. Lee ThÊrèse Lefaivre Josef Leifer Rosanne Lemansky Brian Lennon Judith Lerman Kathryn Levene Alexandre Leviant Anne and Todd Levine Susan Leviton and Jeff Lauren Adam Levy Joyce Levy Elliot A. F. Lewis Donna Lewis Laura Libby and Andrea Himmel Allan Lichtenstein Elana Lichtman Allison Lickley Mimi and Charles Lieber Deborah Lincoln Kelsey Lindstrom Alison Lipman Mathew Lira Sharon Little Emily Litwin Mary Lohmus Joan Lonergan Robert Long Fernando Lopez-Ona Robert Lotinsky Rebecca Lovitz Jennifer Lucas Richard Luft William Lundy Garrett Lynch Catherine MacAulay Emma Macintyre N. Macrae Susan Magazine Matt Maitland Teresa Maloney Juman Malouf Sheila Malovany-Chevallier Sebastien Manigat Richard Mansell Lesley Mansford Barbara Marcus Carol and Robert Marcus Agata Marczak Justine Markovitz Sparkle Marple Joanne Marren and Alan Goldman

Peter Marsden Mary and Reid Marsh Joe and Westy Marshall Stephen Martenson Jeff Martin Melissa and Dennis Martini Brian Masefield David and Dawn Mason The Masters School Jane Masterson Rita and Sid Mathias David Matthew Stephanie McCallum Franceziska and Kevin McCarthy Conor McCluskey Alan McCormick Windy and William McCracken Avenel Mcdermid Rachel McEwan McGill MBA Student Association Scarlett McGwire Molly Eileen McHale Dennis Mckenna Margaret McKinley Sarah McKnight Chantal McLaughlin Amy and Peter McNaughton Heather Mcsporran-Heil Melanie Melvill Bryce Melvin Arjun Menon Lucy A. Meoni and Michael J. Klag Diane and David Merkel Lauren Merkel Erica M. and Jack L. Merrill Molly Mesnard H. Metcalfe Jason Metters Lynne Meyer John Paul Micallef Daniel Michelson Holly Milazo

Steven Miller Andrea and JD Miller Jodi Miller Peter Mills John Mills Toby and Charles Milner Sunjay Mishra Ethel Mittenthal David Modiano Kerry Monaghan Kurt Mooney Joan Moore Erik Moore Claire Moore Valerie Mora Morgan Stanley Amanda Moritz Chris Morley Francesco Moro Greg Morris Sarah Morrison Andrew Morritt Marsha Mosely Jennifer Moses Jonathan Mosher Dagmara Mroczkowska Vuvu Msingizana Ashesh Mukherjee Doreen Murdoch Christopher Murphy Katie Murphy R. Murphy Joanne Murray Anne Murray David Musick Vageesh Naik Sandy Navarro William Nemeth Wanda Nevett Joshua Newcomer Gareth Newton Shannon and Trevor Norwitz

2012 New York Gala Chairs Kevin and Kristi Law and Frank and Janice Lipman.


Daniel Novak Raysa Nuñez Julio Nuñez Julissa Nuñez Berta Nuñez Dorothy Nutkis Chris O’Hare and Iain Renwick Richard Oates Carol O’Brien Andrea and Stuart Odell Madeline Oden Deborah J. Oestreicher and Victor S. Magar Betsy O’Herin Joan Ohlson Marni Okun and Adam Perloff Sophia Ollivierre Taevian Ollivierre Christine Olver Omar Omais Denise Orlando Mary Beth and Ralph Orlando Laszlo Orosz Amy and Joe Orr Elizabeth Osder Nestor Osorio AnaMaria Osorio Bobbi and Barry Ostrowsky Mary and David Otto Hakan Ozsancak Pace Academy Benvir Padda Patricia Page Elizabeth Palten Clara Pang Rebecca Parekh Michelle Parlebeen and David Norton Roshan Paul James Pearson Nichol Pelchat Marc-Stephane Pennee Carol and David Pensky Miriam Peretsman and Paul Breene Kelly Perin David Perpich

Mary Esther Perry Anne Petersen Patricia Phillips Kyra Phillips Kelly Loyd Pieczonka Leslie Piedra Soli Pierce Elizabeth Pigott Anne Pigott Daniel Pike Julia Pines Alan Pinto Adam Plotkin Susan and Judah Plotner Sam Plotner Anne and Bruce Pomeroy Thelma and Leonard Pottruck Steffi Powell Bradley Powell Alice and Mel Prager Pratt Family Fund Kate Press and Daniel Friedland Barbara Pringle Deborah Prinz and Lawrence Neher Elaine and David Proctor-Bonbright Anne Pyke Joanna Pylak Iqbal Quadir Antoinette Quarshie Whitney Quillen Jaclyn and Derek Rabin Alexander Rabinovich Karen and Peter Rabins Jane Rahman Susan and Kanti Rai Nick Ramphal Abby Rand Jay Randall Jaime and Travis Randall Randy and Hedi Ilich Foundation, Inc. Sue Rankin Brendan Ravenhill Sam and Franklin Reece Alistair Reeder David Reichley Janet and Peter Reilly

Learn to Trade CEO, Greg Secker, and Ubuntu board member, Katherine Scott, presented a Knowledge to Action Foundation grant at the Ubuntu Centre.


Linda and Don Reinfeld Charlotte Renfield-Miller Joshua Renzi Marcia Resnick Nancy and Rod Reynolds Christine and Stephen Rhodes Samuel Richards Sara and Eric Richelson Stephanie Riddell Mary Jo Riddle Josh Rider Jennifer M. Ries Robert Riganati Sonal and John Rinello Phyllis and Ernest Ring Meredith Ring Olivier Rioux Renee Rizzuto Eileen Robin Natasha and Keith Robinson Jennifer Robinson Keith Robinson Philippa Robinson Alana Rodriguez David Rogers Susie Rogers Smith Vanessa Romero Joseph Rooney Hilary Rosenman Beverly and Melvin Rosenthal Donald Rosenthal D. Ross Claire Ross Delilah Rothenberg Andrea Rowan Julia Rowan Gerry Rowan Sheldon Rowan Martha and Richard Rowland Frédéric Roy Brigitte Roy Royal Commonwealth Society Montreal Branch Roxanne Roy-Lizotte Dee Dee and Michael Rubin Linda Russell Tom Ryan Liana Ryan Kate Ryan Enian Sacks Laurie Sadove Samar Salehi Jessica Salerno Terry and Timothy Sammons Shelley Sanders Kehl Sanga Music, Inc. Ambassador Baso Sangqu Wendy and Jerome Santoro Mark Sapsford Sabrina Sargeant and Noel Baboolal John Saroff Caroline Saudek Gene Schatz Susan J. Schoenfeld Harrington School of the Holy Child Felicity and Stanley Schwartz Michael Schwartz Leigh and Jay Schwartzreich Douglas Scott Tim Sealy-Fisher Adi Segal and David Sullivan Gil Seltzer

Brandon Shainfeld Nisha Shankar Jonathan Shapiro Dhawal Sharma Charles Shelton Amanda Shepherd The Shepherd Foundation Paul Sheppard Elisabeth Sherwood Anne Sherwood and Otto Pohl David Shing Tammy Shoranick James Shrum Irada Shukurova Greg Shunick Sibanye Service Station Diann Sichel Jane M Siebels David Siegel Nathalie Siegel Jonathan Silberman Jeff Silver Rebecca Simson Glynis Sive Azra and Eugene Skeef Fern and James Skelly Sara Slatter Arlene and William Sloan Amy Slutzky Kim and Bret Smith Albert Smith Joan Smith Heather Smith Richard Smullen Joseph Snider Heather and Scott Solish Ayse Sorusbay Gopika Spaenle Sandra Spangler Stephanie Sprague and Joe Chodl Denise Henquet Sprengers Alysa Stafford Ruby and Stanley Strauss Jutta Stehl Joanna Steinberg The Steven M. and Anita C. Heller Family Foundation Melissa and Mike Stewart Karis Stiebel JK Stoleson Katya and Mark Stoleson Jenny and Lawrence Stolzenberg Stone Presbyterian Church Fair Trade Shop Jason Straker Anne Strickland Squadron Ben Strutt Justin Sullivan Stephen Summers Alykhan Sunderji Janet Suzman Cheryl Sweeney Rosemary Swope Marisa Swope Synergos Institute Bernard Tabatznik Lara Tabatznik Seth Tabatznik Ali Tabbal Caroline Talboys Scott Tallman Allison Tang

John Tarraf Eric Taub Debbie Taus-Kahn and Richard Kahn Amy Taylor Leonora Teale Cindy and David Teicher Bernard and Yudit Terry Andrea Thomas Alan Thompson Soham Thorat Karen Tinebra Andrew Tinkham Remi Tissa Edwin Tollman Melanie Tranter and Peter Patsalides Barbara and David Treasure Jessica Tredoux T. Treslove Twinkle Troughton Stephanie Tumba Lee Turay Tracy and Christopher Turner Matt Turner Joshua Ufberg Giedre Valentaite Alexa Van Gilder Conrad Van Loggerenberg Sarah and Kevin Vandrau Kim and Matthew Vandrau Vicki Vaughn Robert C Vickers Dorothy and Carol Victor Gary Vizioli John Voigtmann and Ondine Cohane Ruthie Wahl Peter and Reggie Waldren Lee and John Walker Vivien Wallace Melanie Walsh Anna Kay Walsh David Walter John Walter Susan and Rodman Ward Eve Warren Dr. Susan Waserman Sam Waserman Raymond Washmera Joanna Watson Helen and Peter Waxman Thomas Weber Elizabeth Weber Kathie Weibel and Randall Trathen Heidi and Patrick Weinberg Susan and Arvin Weindruch Laura Weinrauch Mary Ellen Welch Nancy Wells Dawn and Mark Werner Claire Werner Gretchen Werwaiss Robin Westhaver Andrew Wetzler Corky White White Plains High School Whoolhope Senior Secondary School Taylor Wielage William Wiener Sara and Daniel Wigutow Heather Wiley

Reggie Williams Jonathan Williams Jill and Andrew Williamson K. Willmer E.S.J. Willson Joanne Wilson Gabriel Wilson John Witte Meggie Wolcott Marni Wolfe Kenneth Wolff April and David Wolitzky Kyle Wood Krystal Woodley Rob Woolfe Edith and Charles Wright Emily Wright and Luke Abell Stephanie Wu Zachary Yamba Jun Yeo Katrina Yoder Michelle and Ben Yogel Hassan Zaza Michael Zerda Marjan Ziadlou Adriane and Steve Zindell Jana Zindell and Jordan Levy Margaret Zuraw This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012.

President Clinton invited Ubuntu CEO, Jacob Lief, to join the Clinton Global Initiative Advisory Committee.

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Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization providing world-class health and educational support to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu’s mission is simple, all-encompassing, yet radical: to help raise township children by providing what all children deserve—everything.



Ubuntu Education Fund 5 QeQe Street Zwide Township Port Elizabeth, 6201 +27 (0)41 409 2700

Ubuntu Education Fund 7 Cavendish Square London, W1G 0P E +44 (0)207 612 7610



Ubuntu Education Fund 32 Broadway, Suite 414 New York, NY 10004 +1 646 827 1190

Ubuntu Education Fund 2012 Annual Report  

Ubuntu Education Fund 2012 Annual Report

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