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A $30 Million Campaign To change the lives of over 2000 children and their families

Will fund Ubuntu Education Fund from FY12 through FY15 Will transform the Ubuntu Centre into a world-class health and education campus

could transform the lives of over 2,000 vulnerable children and their families

and Ubuntu – a story of hope “I was just another township child, going nowhere. Then Ubuntu found me. They nurtured me. Counseled me. Educated me. Now I’m a student at Rhodes University, one of South Africa’s finest educational institutions. I might become a journalist. I might become a poet. Whichever career path I choose, the decision will be mine. Because Ubuntu gave me the most precious thing of all: the gift of choice.”

but, this is my community Health crisis

Education crisis

Social crisis

40% of community is HIV-positive

Physical abuse by teachers is rampant and often goes unreported

Unemployment rate hovers around 80%

In 2009, ~28% of pregnant mothers in province were HIV-positive 1 in 4 girls are abused by age of 18

The national government declared a state of emergency for the province's department of education

Children suffer from diarrhea, pneumonia, severe malnutrition, and mental health issues related totrauma

Study done by JET Education services showed average teacher scored 67% on math and 55% on English assessments for grade 6

All of Ubuntu’s children are abused and/or lost parents/caregivers to HIV/AIDS

0 of 1,042 children assessed by Kip McGrath Education Consultants could do math at their current grade level in our area

Lack of sanitation, insufficient water, and consistent electricity Inadequate housing— average of 8 people living in one room home Every child is directly infected or affected by HIV Children are exposed to rampant alcoholism, sex, and violence at young age Child-headed households are a growing issue

A snapshot of our clients

HIV infected or affected (100%)

Highly unsafe, unstable home 1 (76%)

1 or more years older than correct age for grade (42%)

Reading behind correct age level2 (100%)

Fits description Does not fit description

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company 1 Defined as home which is not secure against intrusion of persons or the elements, is highly unhygienic, and requires significant support to progress 2 As measured on Kip McGrath proficiency assessments

broke the mold Ignoring the traditional development models, we redefined the concept of “going to scale.� Rather than expand geographically, Ubuntu drew a seven-kilometer radius through a community of 400,000 people. We built an integrated system of medical, educational, and social interventions to ensure that an orphaned or vulnerable child could succeed in the worlds of higher education and employment.

recent achievements and recognition Internal achievements

External recognition

2,000 children enrolled in Ubuntu’s cradle-to career program

Ubuntu was highlighted at the 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Clinton Global Initiatives

132 students enrolled in university on full scholarships $6.5 million capital campaign completed 25,000 ft Ubuntu Centre opened in Zwide Township Launched BUILD program to create a transformative HR department focused on developing new leaders within the organization Engaged in partnership with McKinsey and Company to assess Ubuntu’s impact and develop a model for quantifying success

Jacob Lief, Ubuntu Co-Founder and President was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2010 Young Global Leader Jacob was selected as an Aspen Global Fellow through the Aspen Institute Banks Gwaxula, Ubuntu Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, was named 2010 Herald General Motors Citizen of the Year – the highest civic award in Port Elizabeth

can see our innovation In September 2010, we opened the Ubuntu Centre. From the outside, the Centre is spectacular. But what goes on inside, is even more impressive. The Pediatric HIV Clinic and Pharmacy literally save lives. Families and individuals receive life-changing counseling. The Education Wing transforms vulnerable children into confident scholars. The Theatre is a platform for children to act out their hopes and dreams. The Centre is our home. It enables us to provide our comprehensive intervention model under one roof.

The Ubuntu Centre

and my team created the Ubuntu model for community development

Ubuntu’s highly effective and innovative model is built on 5 core principles…

1 Investing in staff development through training, upskilling and mentoring Committed to building institutional capacity Staff “grow with Ubuntu”

Individualised cradle-career care

BUILDing a sustainable institution


Tailored support services targeted to specific needs of client Individual development plans for optimal progress

Health 2


y ilit

Integrated client services

Sta b

Focused on changing lives, not just touching lives

Scale in impact through depth, not breadth

Clients Providing clients with health, education and household stability interventions

Based in the community 3

Long-term development strategy with deep community roots Ensuring people are at the center of their own development

Core principles Core service areas

the Ubuntu model ... to career

From cradle...

Health support

Household Stability


Ubuntu's Impact Ubuntu's model stabilizes clients health over time Percent 100% On track Slightly off track



96% 52


of Ubuntu clients are adhering to their HIV drug regimen compared to 57% adherence rate Port Elizabeth and 75% adherence rate in South Africa

76 92

1 Significantly off track

92% 4

72 47


4 20





Years with Ubuntu

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company

of Ubuntu clients are adherent to TB Treatment, compared to 56% in Eastern Cape Province


8 4


of TB treatment is successful, vs 41% in Eastern Cape, 76% in SA, 80% global

Ubuntu's Impact Ubuntu clients on treatment for HIV and TB are far more adherent than those who do not have Ubuntu support TB treatment adherence Percent

ART adherence Percent


PE average

SA average

96 1






Ubuntu clients are more adherent than comparators Clients are above the threshold required to keep viral load at undetectable levels


Eastern Cape


Ubuntu clients are more adherent than comparators Clients are kept from developing resistant strains through Ubuntu s intensive support

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company 1 Calculated as share of clients on treatment who are fully adherent to treatment; non-adherent clients became adherent within 1 year

Ubuntu's Impact 72% of our clients have passed the secondary school matriculation exam, compared to 35% of students in schools that our clients attend

Matric pass rate Percent 37%


Ubuntu clients see a matric pass rate which is significantly better than average at their schools 35

Ubuntu's students have a pass rate which is better than any school from which it’s clients are drawn

Ubuntu clients 1 Community 2

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company 1 % of Ubuntu clients in 2009 passing matric 2 Weighted average of schools (from which Ubuntu clients are drawn) pass rates excluding Ubuntu clients

Ubuntu's Impact Ubuntu’s clients make a full year’s worth of progress in a year, as opposed to other students in the community who progress at only 0.5 years gain in a year Average gains made by students in 1 school year for English proficiency Years

Ubuntu client accelerates ahead of student who is not with Ubuntu, achieving greater academic success1 Progress from age 10 to age 18




Ubuntu clients

Non-Ubuntu students in community

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company 1 Assuming client joins Ubuntu at age 10, at same starting point as other student (reading age of 5)

Reading age

13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 10










Cost of Raising an Ubuntu Child Other geographies cost 1.5-4 times as much to raise a child than to raise an Ubuntu child Total cost per child 1 $’0006 3.9x 500

2.5x 320


Private college

2.4x Public college

1.5x 190 310

130 35

55 35 Ubuntu

Johannesburg 3

London 4 Middle-income families


1 Cost of raising child from age 0-22, including four years of university education 2 Programme cost divided over no. of clients accessing activity/service + cost to raise a child in SA in low-income family 3 Modeled bottom-up using assumptions of middle-income family 4 Taken top-down for middle-income cost to raise a child in London, including university tuition fees of £9k p.a. 5 Taken top-down for middle income cost to raise a child in US, including private university 6 R7.868 – 1$ US

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company

Scholarship Programme cost2 Cost to raise

Cost of Raising an Ubuntu Child A child raised through Ubuntu has a significant positive impact on South Africa over their lifetime Net lifetime contribution/(cost) to society excluding Ubuntu cost $’0001, Real 2010 195 Thuli Ubuntu client in Zwide HIV+ Adherent to ART University degree – BCom Accounts Starts working age 22 Pays for own home Stays safe from TB Lives to 50 Supports own children Pays tax Increases earnings rapidly in 20s, tapering off by 40




-9 Ubuntu client

1 R7.868 – 1$ US SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company

Not Ubuntu client, in Zwide HIV+ Non-adherent to ART Doesn’t get a job Receives an RDP house at age 25 Gets TB 3 times Lives to 35 Has 1 child by age 24, for whom he receives child support grants

Not Ubuntu client

Cost of Raising an Ubuntu Child * Cost of raising an Ubuntu child is small relative to benefit of having an Ubuntu child in society Cost/benefit comparison $’000 1 Net cost to society of nonUEF child

204 9

55 35

Net benefit to society of UEF child

Lifetime cost of Ubuntu support



Lifetime cost of Ubuntu scholarship programme

195 Net value creation from investing in Ubuntu

Ubuntu’s model of depth rather than breadth leads to creation of $114k per client for society If a donor invests $1 with Ubuntu (including the scholarship programme), a net gain for society of $2.20 occurs, while for that $1, the client will earn $8.70 in real terms over their lifetime

*Illustrative model 1 R7.868 – 1$ US SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company

Ubuntu’s theory of change guides how we think about measuring impact We do  not  measure  success  by  the  number  of  classes  taught  or  meals  served,  but  rather  by  the  number  of   lives  that  have  fundamentally  been  changed.              –  Ubuntu  Education  Fund  

Deliver impact…   Inputs  

Activities Education:   ECD,  ASP,   Scholarships  

Anchor facility   in  Zwide  with   holistic  high-­ quality   services  

Health:  both   physical   (clinical  care   and  nutrition   for  clients  &   their  families)   and  psycho-­ social  support   for  clients  and   families  

Motivated clients  

Facilitate access  to   gov’t  services  

Client who  have   completed   educational   programmes     Client  &  families   receiving  care  &   treatment   Homes  that  are   safe  and   monitored   Clients  who   receive   government   services  due   them  

SOURCE: Analysis by McKinsey & Company 1 Ubuntu  primary  and  ECD  programmes  presently  ramping  up

Intermediate Outcomes   Ultimate  Outcomes   Healthy  individual   Stable  household/   environment   Educational  progress   –




Post-­Secondary (University,   Technical  college,   or  Learnerships)  

Our ‘north  star’  is   developing  clients   into  healthy  adults   with  stable  jobs  

High quality,   skilled  staff   (largely  local)  


campaign objectives transforming the lives of over 2,000 children and their families


Education: Pre-school—Grade 12

Develop the province’s leading HIV health clinic for vulnerable children and their caregivers:

Provide intensive, high-quality education from early childhood through grade 12 to ensure access to university and employment:

Increase access to lifesaving medicine for HIVpositive children and their caregivers. Ensure HIV-positive pregnant women have access to drugs that prevent transmission of the virus to their children. Provide access to HIV testing for our children and their families. Ensure each child in our program is regularly seen by a doctor.

Education: University & Training Programs Strengthen our university scholarship program:

Household stability


Strengthen our household stability initiative providing comprehensive social, medical and nutritional interventions in all our children’s homes:

Invest in Ubuntu’s institutional capacity to ensure we develop into a truly sustainable organization:

Improve academic performance.

Ensure our high school counseling program prepares students to make informed decisions about their future.

Provide after-school and weekend programing as well as holiday camps to ensure our children are both safe and are learning during non-school hours.

Provide over 100 scholarships per year.

Improve food security for vulnerable households.

Provide financial, emotional, social, and medical support for our children throughout university.

Decrease levels of transactional sex for girls in vulnerable households.

Improve students’ level of life skills and self-confidence.

Ensure students are paired with peer mentors from their communities to assist with difficult life choices.

Improve school attendance.

Increase the number of vulnerable children graduating from high school and university. Ensure our students secure employment upon graduating.

Ensure the homes of our children are healthy, clean, safe and TB-free.

Ensure all child-headed households are secure and have adequate resources to adequately support the family.

Create a foundation of systems, policies and protocols to further strengthen our HR department and inculcate our unique management culture. Empower our team and ensure succession planning by further developing and training our staff. Re-brand Ubuntu and launch a digital platform to further mobilize a community of global supporters. Complete physical upgrades and renovations of the Ubuntu Centre to transform the complex into a world-class health and education campus.

Financials campaign will provide financial stability...



...and transform the Ubuntu Centre into a world-class health and education campus



External Relations


Upgrade of Campus Infrastructure

$6,000,000 $20,000,000

FY14 $15,000,000


Household Stability




$3,000,000 Pediatric Clinic $2,000,000


FY12 $0

Program Management & Staff Development (BUILD)









University Scholarships

have mobilized a growing network of supporters

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

President Bill Clinton

“Ubuntu marries best practices from the business world and the NGO world. It is accountable to the people it serves, its donors, and its staff. And it retains its youthful idealism – the belief that challenges are meant to be overcome and that one small group of people can make a difference in the future of a nation.”

“Zethu lost both her parents to AIDS and had to raise her two young siblings. Ubuntu helped Zethu to stay in school and work through her emotional and financial issues. Zethu passed along the gift by creating a support group for 10 younger orphaned girls.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu “Ubuntu helps children reclaim some of the freedom and the joy that comes from knowing that you have someone to rely on, someone to help you face the difficult tasks, listen to your deepest fears, share in the pleasure of learning and revel in the delight of play."

Andrew Rolfe “As Chairman of Ubuntu's Board of Directors, I am conscious that we need to pursue our philanthropic mission with tough, goal-oriented operational practices. The executive team's management discipline leads to remarkable, tangible results. I invest because I can see our impact.”

Dr. Frank Lipman “I advise my patients on how to get well and stay healthy. I believe in providing holistic wellness. Children in the townships of Port Elizabeth deserve the same standard of care. These children can only thrive when they are looked after in every aspect of their lives. The Ubuntu model is based on the premise that health, education, and stability are all necessary for a child to prosper. This is why it works.”

Donna Karan “ I am a proud supporter of Ubuntu. Jacob and Banks have taken Ubuntu from a simple desire to improve township children’s access to education to an internationally recognized model of successful community development."

Hugh Masekela “I was so proud to play at the Ubuntu Center. Today’s world could use the spirit of ubuntu. Maybe we can re-teach the world what it is really that a human being should do to make the world a better place to live in. If we are not in tune with the community we live in, we are not with the program.”

Ciko Thomas “I grew up in the township where the Ubuntu Centre now stands. I understand the poverty that these children must overcome. This is why I dedicate my time to helping Ubuntu. I know that defeating poverty requires hard work and that our children have astonishing potential. As an entrepreneur, I found my pathway to success. With our help, these children will find theirs. I see the proof every day in Port Elizabeth.”

invest in the campaign

Healthy Bodies + Inspired Minds = Bright Futures

U.ME.WE Campaign DRAFT  
U.ME.WE Campaign DRAFT  

A $30 Million Campaign To change the lives of over 2000 children and their families Will transform the Ubuntu Centre into a world-class heal...